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Sup biz. I've got a new project that you're gonna want to hear about. Alt season is coming, so understandably you want to have some of the best moonshots in your portfolio to prepare. This project has been in the works for a couple of months now and has just been released so it's at the very ground floor. It's called the Pamp Network (https://pamp.network). It's a price-reactive token, meaning the coin reacts to its market price. This unironically gives me HEX vibes.
>explained below

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The concept of a 'price-reactive coin' is brand-new so let me explain it to you. When the price of the token increases (in USD/BTC/ETH), rewards are minted to holders based on how much it increased and other factors including volume. In this way it's kind of like staking, but the inflation rate is controlled by its price movement. The longer you hold, the more rewards you get. If you sell on an exchange or move your tokens around, you're charged a fee that is burned and your stakes are reset (you basically get shat on by the system). Rewards are minted every day, but if the price doesn't increase. no rewards are minted for that day. This incentivizes people to hold on positive days, and to buy on negative days so the candle turns positive and they get their rewards. It's designed to be slightly inflationary, so transfers have between 1-4% of the token burned to offset the rewards.

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They are running an airdrop right now too to bring people into the TG, but you have to have ETH in your wallet to claim it. It's more of a supplement for early buyers.
Market cap on uniswap right now is starting at $10k. Won't be there for very long. Team has committed to using 90% of funds on exchange listings and 10% on development. They are in talks with IDEX already - I'm betting it will be on there EOW. Rewards and burning are disabled at the moment while they get everything set up.
Nobody knows about this yet. Except for you, of course.

Website: https://pamp.network
Uniswap link: https://uniswap.exchange/swap?outputCurrency=0xCe833222051740Aa5427D089A46fF3918763107f

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>Rewards are minted every day, but if the price doesn't increase. no rewards are minted for that day.

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already people are trying to copy Statera.

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Another Uniswap token? Jeesh

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This is necessary to control inflation. Otherwise, the token would inflate too fast. This way, are incentivized to keep the price positive

Uniswap termoprarily yes. But it will be on IDEX soon

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are you the anon who made bazinga in 2017?

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This is necessary to control inflation. Otherwise, the token would inflate too fast. This way, holders are incentivized to keep the price positive

Uniswap termoprarily yes. But it will be on IDEX soon

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This has nothing to do with Statera. STA is a token that holds a basket of coins. This is a token that controls its inflation based on its price. While they are both 'deflationary' they are also both very different

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Is the complementary token called the Doomp Network?

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Another (possibly) unique uniswap shitcoin.

Meh, at this point you might as well throw some shekels at these and hope for the next ESH.

Excited for this one. Sensing BOMB like hype

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Looks good anon, let's do this!

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Fuck it. An airdrop is an airdrop. 6x9 coin made me a few eth.

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It's basically a combination of Bomb and Hex. It lets you stake and earn rewards based on positive price action but is also deflationary, so sellers get fucked. The system is designed to be self-sustaining

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I'd recommend anyone that had ETH in their wallet earlier today (block height 10169000) participate in the airdrop, wait a few days and it's literally free money

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did you make bomb, anon?

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The person behind pamp network scam "elvis" was also behind hex2x, bizcoin, 69, ncov, frendcoin, curry, bazinga and many other scam erc20 tokens. He makes the erc20 for $2. He can't code. He gives free tokens to people to shill for him. He usually dumps as soon as there are $200 buy orders in the order book then abandons the project. please warn other anons and report his threads

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Have you taken a look at the code? This is no regular ERC20 contract anon. I implore you or anyone else to have a look at it https://etherscan.io/address/0xCe833222051740Aa5427D089A46fF3918763107f#code

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>Have you taken a look at the code? This is no regular ERC20 contract anon. I implore you or anyone else to have a look at it https://etherscan.io/address/0xCe833222051740Aa5427D089A46fF3918763107f#code
you've got enough money from dumb fucks to hire people on upwork to make your shitcoins now

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Is it scam?
Is it a 10k marketcap on uniswap that isn't pumped yet, has only 7 token holders and is kind of unique?
Fuck yes

Thanks anon for sharing this early
Also i don't think this is (((elvis))) because they have no tranny discord

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Everything about this screams “Elvis scam”. Literal meme coin name.

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Looks good. I’m gonna load up.

Hex vibes

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I have spoken with the developer, but I did not make it, no. This is basically the second iteration - a token that is aware of its price and adjusts itself accordingly

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Slavs and pajeets on upwork don't make these kinds of shitcoins because they simply aren't able to. This kind of shit takes a much higher level of thinking anon

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Guys , only 10 of wallets is , you can still be whales ! Let's do it the easy X100

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oh shit!

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From here on out I’m gonna invest in your shitcoins and steal money away from your artificial pamps. Maybe then you’ll stop.

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just bought 2 eth worth of this coin. Thanks anon

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This project has no relation with any 'elvis' shit but do what you want. This is a brand new project that I am sharing with fellow bizpajeets so that we all make it. They are basically crowdfunding exchange listings.

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The coin and image is too autistic to be a scam. It seems like a good one.

I bought some

People will be buying this in the next few days

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I like how easy the airdrop was to receive. Anon didn’t even ask for us to copypasta our eth address like a pajeet

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Bucc making another coin huh?

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>Is it scam?
>Is it a 10k marketcap on uniswap that isn't pumped yet, has only 7 token holders and is kind of unique?
>Fuck yes
>Thanks anon for sharing this early
>Also i don't think this is (((elvis))) because they have no tranny discord
this is elvis samefagging

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Fixed the logo.

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Pajeets that have you copy and paste your ETH address don't know how cryptography works and they definitely don't know how to code. This team is the real deal, trust me

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This one is gonna run big on here just watch

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If I could sign some key to prove to you that this has nothing to do with 'elvis' I would

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They fixed the uniswap burn issue
That Sta scam needed 3 tokens for that..

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Pic related

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This was the issue of the previous deflationary tokens. Good thing they have fixed this issue. I think this has a huge potential to moon so hard.

>This is currently the ground floor.

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Yes, the team fixed this by delaying burns to the succeeding transaction. Note that burns are as of yet disabled, but you can see where they did this in the code. They worked with Uniswap devs on this.

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Always see these types of posts in Elvis threads. You are so fucking low-effort.

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>Always see these types of posts in Elvis threads. You are so fucking low-effort.
it's him samefagging on a vpn

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someone needs to report him to fbi. there is a sceenshot of his upwork post on cryptomoonshots. fbi can maybe get his info from that site/payment method. hes scammed alot of us and stinks up our board with his scamcoin posts. im too lazy to do it. someone else can

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It’s just kind of mind blowing how many of these he “pamps” out, concurrently, in a single day. Liquidity scamming 101.

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All good anon. Buy my bags at 50x in under a month

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You guys clearly have something against this project. I can't debate claims that can't be proven either way but I can debate fundamentals. Aside from your 'elvis' bullshit let's discuss what you think is technically wrong with a token that adjusts its inflation schedule based on its market activity. To me, this seems logical. But you just shout 'scam'. So what really, to you, is wrong with it?

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ill give 100 0xmonero to the first person who can dox him

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>imagine anyone buying something called pamp network, let alone, it doing a 50x

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Someone else posted a while back that his name is Karl and he would leak his shit if he kept it up. His shitcoin portfolio is aggressive. His discord army brigade legitimate threads and FUD everything they can. If anything, we are united in our hatred against this filthy cocksucker. He’s low-talent, and every single one of his scams can be spotted within mere minutes.

>> No.19432167

So you're saying that 'Karl' is 'Elvis'? If so then yeah dox him. I'm not scamming anyone here but if he has I support you doxxing him

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Kek everyone who creates a new project on biz is now called elvis

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who’s even jewing who this point

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If Elvis ya Karl, is Karl Elvis?

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Anons, you all have an opportunity here. Now, what that opportunity is worth is up to you.

I can personally say that I have not yet seen a project where the token price adjusts itself and is self reactive. This alone had the gambler in me want to throw $500 in this shitcoin.

Once burning is enabled and the other side of the world hears about this, we are going to the top!

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>Once burning is enabled
You know how movie studios have this thing called “twin movies” where they release two movies in the same time frame that are nearly identical? Well.

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Nice, just bought 10k.

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they used it for liquidity on uniswap retard

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Everything in crypto is always a a scam...

Until it isn’t

>> No.19432363

And guess what they did with it? Yep, reinserted it right back into the uniswap pool. Funny how that works huh

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lol, initially to build confidence. Anonymous team, 1 page website , and they lying about getting listed on idex. idex doesn't list without kYC now.

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Got a good one for you guys. Courtesy of a fan

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lol team had to sell to create liquidity on uniswap. idiots just creating fud.

fyi circulating right now is 400k tokens let that sink in

>> No.19432441

What is their website adddress? Looks very interesting.

>> No.19432448

>o shit i was wrong, better divert quick
new website interface coming soon according to the team. with regards to idex i havent seen the team confirm there getting listed? but perhaps if they did apply they submitted their personal info to idex? just cause theyre anonymous on telegram doesnt mean they can't do kyc for listings.

>> No.19432452

This thing will be the next hex. Can feel it. I don’t think it’s a scam. Not trying to sell bags because I literally just got them...

What happened to the biz spirit of riding some good ol PAMPS

>> No.19432493

>What happened to the biz spirit of riding some good ol PAMPS
to be fair there have been a lottt of super scammy pump n dumps here lately. because of the initial success of uniswap tokens a lot of scammers caught on and some anons got burned. so i can understand the weariness.

>> No.19432503

Ok this is just BS. There are so many tokens on IDEX that are anon.

Maybe selling in the US market, you need KYC but IDEX US market is fucked anyways

>> No.19432524

ya well if you invest in projects like biz coin and hex2x (which is a copy of hex) then you deserve to be burned.

uniswap is gaining traction invest in new ideas , new kind of tokens.

>> No.19432539

The team is comfortable with KYC for exchanges but not publicly.

>> No.19432566


day one memes. team already dumping. if you bought this coin it'll give you a quick x2 before becoming worthless. act quick!

>> No.19432587

So you would rather me not post a meme some biz anon sent me just to satisfy your totally arbitrary requirement of 'no memes on day one?' Seriously?

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its gaining traction with or without you anon. slowly buy surely

>> No.19432642

Cool bro, I'll keep that in mind. Glad you value yourself so highly.

>> No.19432652

literally the first fucking time this coin has been shilled on /biz/ and you have a pre-made meme from a "fan"? it's not a shitty copy/paste edit, either. it's high-effort. it's not organic. learn from your mistakes.

>> No.19432661

lol the state of biz right now

>> No.19432679

Pamp its

>> No.19432689

imagine seething this hard over a fucking meme

>> No.19432695

I'm reacting the same way I did when I saw coins created with names like "Stronghands" and shit back in '17. When they name entire project after buzzwords and shit, stay the fuck away.

But if there's anything I've learned from this sub recently.. Buy anything as long as it's early. So I got sum.

This thread also has strong vibes of some coordinated chills btw. Wouldn't surprise me if the creator is in here.

>> No.19432737

just brought 3 eth, this shit will fly, thanks anon.

>> No.19432755

you know uniswap buys are public don't you?

>> No.19432758

Literally every token pumps and dumps.

Its up to you to decide your risk / profit management.

it would be dumb not to sell your buy-in amount at 2x obviously.

>> No.19432776

Maybe he sent the tx but it didn't get confimed yet? Idk but I can assure you the team does not have time to sit on biz and lie about a measly 3 eth

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File: 118 KB, 1280x719, photo_2020-05-31_09-49-02.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Look at all who's buying this , this is clearly a Scam their HEX 2.0. Be careful!

>> No.19432789

i wasn't implying the team was lying. i'm implying that he is lying

>> No.19432809

wow great work anon.

so if I buy hex then ethereum that makes eth a scam?

>> No.19432831

Pamp it sta 2.0

>> No.19432834

For anyone calling this a scam, just take a look at the contract. That is all I will tell you. The smart contract is the product you are buying, therefore reading the smart contract (or even better, having someone who understands solidity read it) is your due diligence. There is no 'team promises multi-shard PoS scaleable cross-chain banker-dick-sucking blockchain and does nothing' because the contract was already written and the product actually exists. It hasn't been 'activated' yet but it already exists and is open source.

>> No.19432866

Who the hell said anything about it being the team?
Are you implying that it is a team member is "not lying" about
>just brought 3 eth, this shit will fly, thanks anon."
because it sure looks like it.

>> No.19432867

KEK. Do you really think autistic anons will read or even understand the smart contract. If only...

The vibe is strong with this one. No need to even market on Biz. Once Twitter picks up on this, it will be on an automated course

>> No.19432883

Pamp its is certainly /our coin 2.0

>> No.19432912

The only thing that stinks so far is that the team dumped some tokens after the first pump. I mean they put the ETH right back into uniswap to provide more liquidity which is a good thing but why the fuck dump the whole pump to zero again.

>> No.19432913

Up 30% in an hour if I’m not mistaken

If it just a pump and dump...

Pamp it and damp it

>> No.19432915

you're so close and yet so far.

>> No.19432927

I brought 2 eth in 2 txs of 1 eth each. changed my mind about throwing 3.

>> No.19432929

How do you provide liquidity when you don’t have any holders of the token. Do you know how uniswap works?

>> No.19432939

Sta v3 was up 1000% in the first 12 hours and wasn’t a pamp and damp.

>> No.19432940

I know. But they had enough liquidity for now and shouldn't have dumped that much at once.
But yeah, if it's not a scam, in the long run, this will be good for the project.

>> No.19432959

I agree with you ok that. They should have done it 2 eth at a time, but liquidity was very low when they did that. It won’t happen again now that enough tokens are in circulation and enough eth to back it up exist on uniswap

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Very bullish on this one. Just check out the stats.
Still ground floor anon bros

>> No.19432996

Bool flag.

>> No.19433002

why it looks exactly like the screenshots posted in the failed HEX2T thread. liquidity scam. fuck off, already.

>> No.19433005

The volume increase in such a small amount to time should give you anons the idea of where this shitcoin will be in the coming days and weeks.

This is just the smart anons from Biz getting in on the ground floor. Literally no one else knows about this project.

Once this is out in the twitter sphere / youtube / and other places, there will be tons of regrets in the same fashion as ESH.

>> No.19433008

Thanks just bought 100k

>> No.19433014

Kek, guess this guy browses biz?

>> No.19433064

Everyone browses biz

>> No.19433068

Oh shit I remember this pajeet. I bought kubo from his call at 1 wavoshi and flipped it at 35 wavoshi.

This one is going places even if pajeets help provide the initial boost

>> No.19433080

cool account. Is there a twitter bot that tracks sudden surges in volume on uniswap? I bet its easy to make one but i can't code

>> No.19433090

Did anyone dig into the smart contract for the airdrop?
If i sign it is there any chance they take my ETH and jew me? is that even possible?

>> No.19433098

God damn you autistic fucks I swear...

When you sign the damn request, it tells you what you are agreeing to.

No they aren't going to take your fucking 1.25 eth

>> No.19433104

possible but the thread is up for a few hours and there are 100 replies so if it stole the money then definitely someone would point it out.

Regardless I would advice to not hold for long

>> No.19433108

Actually it doesn’t tell you anything

>> No.19433110

No, that's not how signatures work. You sign something to prove that you own an address. That's how we know that you own the address with 5 ETH and not someone else. Then, our server validates the signature, checks your balance and sends our own signature to the smart contract approving the release of some number of tokens. The smart contract validates the signature and then sends you the tokens! This is how all airdrops should be, but most people don't know how to code. Nothing malicious here. We also don't store the signatures.

>> No.19433120

Also for anyone who did not understand a word I just said, your signature does not contain your private key and does not allow us to spend your funds!

>> No.19433125

The fomo is unreal

>> No.19433129
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but sir i don't read ?

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>> No.19433188

Ya I got the same msg

>> No.19433211

stay poor

>> No.19433214

ok i got the airdrop
this is actually working so good
no fucking pajeet scam where you have to paste your eth address in and they send it manually
The devs seem actually put work into that contract

>> No.19433222

0.10 end of day

>> No.19433248

Glad you got it to work. My jaw dropped when I went through the airdrop process. FUCK this is simple. why didn't anyone think of this before.

>> No.19433259
File: 102 KB, 1280x719, photo_2020-05-31_10-56-19.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Let's buy a

>> No.19433276

To be fair, I think it has been thought of before. But perhaps the airdrops you participated in were run by pajeets and not the devs we've got.

People will take profits, let them. This thing will still soar. By tomorrow team will have enough to list on like 2 exchanges (at no impact to the price)

>> No.19433281

nice project, could easly pump in future

>> No.19433308

tfw team added enough liquidity that a 6ETH sell doesn't crash the price
in the other uniswap shitcoins this wasn't possible
anons this might be actually the one

>> No.19433325

exactly this! If team did not add liquidity. Price would crash from that 6eth sell. The team knows what they're doing so expect this will reach heights.

>> No.19433327

My sides

>> No.19433366

Night lads. See yall tomorrow at a 5x. Easy peasy.

>> No.19433368

Holy shit, this is mooing hard and actually seems like a legit project. Can't believe it.

>> No.19433382

if this turns out not to be a scam (which it doesn't look like this far) this shit is gonna pull some hex gains

>> No.19433462

After reading the smart contract, I am 89% sure it is not a scam.

At least not until this 50x in the future. It just does not feel like it would be worth the hassle of writing up such a unique smart contract to exit scam with only a few shekels.

>> No.19433468

Do they have twitter account

>> No.19433478

not yet
they said in telegram the gonna make one
also staking and transactions burns are coming this week

>> No.19433496

teams tokens aren't locked. anonymous team. not even a twitter. it's a pump and dump

>> No.19433498

Thank you just bought 1 million

>> No.19433512

Ofc its a pump and dump lol.. seriously pamp token haha. Thanks for the free eth guys i’m out

>> No.19433524

You will cry in a few days when we 50x

>> No.19433529

got my pampies, thanks, anon

>> No.19433543

Fuck it just bought 4k

>> No.19433550


Youtube is here. going to moon hard. to bad you didn't bought earlier.

>> No.19433558

they launched before making any social media or announcements. the only thing they did was make a post on biz. it's a scam

>> No.19433572

yikes.. this is pumping hard. kingoffomo is about to shill it.

>> No.19433579

Tokens will be locked once exchange listings are final, according to the TG

>> No.19433617

My pampies stay super stinky, 1k EOM

>> No.19433624

Literally the reply before your's has a youtube video marketing it.

>> No.19433628

>Tokens will be locked once exchange listings are final, according to the TG
there will be no exchange listings. kys scammer

>> No.19433670

Have you read the smart contract? This is a FIRST of its kind. I highly doubt they would lose millions potentially for a couple of measly thousands.

>> No.19433675

Damp it

>> No.19433681

Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucking scammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmers!

>> No.19433690

Is there a min amount of ethereum needed for the airdrop or can I have just pennies of it in my metamask?

>> No.19433701

0.1 eth at certain block
check official telegram

>> No.19433704

Who cares if its a scam, stay poor faggots.

>> No.19433709

Minimum amount is 0.10 ETH to get 10 tokens. You just need the ETH amount in your wallet. Very simple airdrop!

>> No.19433730

yeah who cares, but btw, is not a scam

>> No.19433747

Daaaaamp it

>> No.19433751

cant wait to see the scammers click 1 button and dump their tokens making you lose everything within the next 24 hours

>> No.19433774

How much has it grown in the past 3 hours guys? I thought about buying 0.2 ETH and 1k something is what I can buy for that

>> No.19433797

it just dipped a lot due to early people taking profits
might be a good time to get in

>> No.19433799

Get the free airdrop first and then buy the rest.

Only biz knows about it right now so there are some early profit takers as usual who will cry tomorrow

>> No.19433827

yeah this either a scam (the contract looks too well made tho) or legitimately a 100x due to the fomo utility

>> No.19433837

Contract alone makes it a guaranteed 50x. Kek pajeets are taking their shitty 50% profits and will be crying tomorrow

>> No.19433847

Same fags replying on this thread. Daaaaamp it

>> No.19433853

hello my name is elvis and i always generated some ERC20 shitcoins without any utility but now i suddenly write well thought out smart contracts that will hex look like baby gains

>> No.19433859

Hmm I've seen this exact post in a hex2 thread. Is New FUD copypasta?

>> No.19433861

Love seeing fud on biz. Guaranteed 100x!

>> No.19433863

Have these devs done anything before this one?

>> No.19433880

Wait until biz wakes up tomorrow gonna 10 x

>> No.19433904

started dumping. I think i actually sold at the top and hour ago. I finally got blessed with quick gains, thanks Elvis

>> No.19433914

Ya wait till you wake up to see this dumped to 0 and a new token is created called “champ” token. Pump dump and repeat

>> No.19433924

twitter live

>> No.19433937

Ya dumped too. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s uniswap scam

>> No.19433982

fair enough
kinda retarted tho to dump your whole stack
just take out initial+some profits and ride the rest
if it's not a scam this will pump like crazy

>> No.19433989

does Elvis have twitter, would love to be the first to join his next great project

>> No.19433996

true, if it dumps a lot i might throw in some just to see where it ends up in a week

>> No.19434000

Ok why should I buy this shitcoin?

>> No.19434007


Sold way too early. Kinda expected that with Biz. I would look for a retrace and get back in because this will 10x from here.

>> No.19434016

Since OP and his friend are not answering I imagine it's a no or even worse

>> No.19434025

Just read the smart contract. That is all you need to understand

>> No.19434028
File: 45 KB, 1023x723, xvhh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So you just copied anpleforth? Neat (not)

>> No.19434035

The devs are anonymous so nobody knows

>> No.19434076


>> No.19434118

I just put my life savings into this...good luck everyone.

>> No.19434193

Either you make it or go broke, but you got some balls!

>> No.19434253

whats supply?

>> No.19434269

Good question! What IS a supply?
Let's hope someone qualified might be able to put our minds to rest.

>> No.19434288

this dude is selling a lot of ghost and is acumulating PAMP right now kek

>> No.19434297

I always buy either 1 eth of coins if they're like ridiculously cheap
or 10k coins if relatively expensive
2.3eth it is for now, contract looks solid and clean just like statera.
These type of projects will be very popular as covid wave 2 hits.

>> No.19434317

tried to buy 1 eth worth, keeps failing? on uniswap?

>> No.19434323

increase slippage and gas
if there is a big price move while your transaction is pending it fails

>> No.19434344

wow cool idea

>> No.19434346

I love it
First STA
as statera stands for balance
then PAMP network
But everything changed when the DAMP nation attacked.

>> No.19434424
File: 107 KB, 299x214, 55848361dabe9bd384567b884d9e3df8 (1).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think we found another Statera boisssss, I was skeptic at first but the contract is solid af, I'm almost at an x2 already

>> No.19434429

Is the airdrop safe? Like it won't empty my metamask if I sign?

>> No.19434531

yeah safe, i got 150 PAMP from my 1.5 eth

(the signing is just where their server authorizes your address, you cant lose tokens when signing)

>> No.19434571

we are pumpin bois

>> No.19434648

This is just the beginning. 25x from here

>> No.19434748

how can i claim the airrdrop? i clicked the button and have eth in my wallet

>> No.19434784

you should see a sign then a transaction in your metamask once you click it, accept those for free PAMP

>> No.19434792

i clicked it but nothing happened with my wallet though. and i added the token but theres no balance showing up
does it take a few hours?

>> No.19434800

12 Fking cents! Damn. x6 right now. thanks Team Pamp!

>> No.19435033

It just won't stop PAMPing!

>> No.19435059

14 cents now

>> No.19435061

seems insanely cheap !

>> No.19435160
File: 44 KB, 220x220, tenor (6).gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

x3.5 and going up!!! I love this alt season!

>> No.19435162
File: 174 KB, 528x321, 6D68C823-604F-4B73-9FA9-43A2C5FC97E4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We found a solid as fuck coin here. Still very early before Twitter and reddit find out

>> No.19435193

holy shit that's a solid airdrop

>> No.19435257

Honestly think STA is gonna take a hit due to this coin, too bad they had to be so close to one another, but also kinda AWESOME

>> No.19435266

I could've fucking 6x'd already if I wasn't retarded and learned uniswap earlier. Fucking poo (in the loo).

>> No.19435284

well this 10x since the thread started like 8 hours ago. Insane

>> No.19435289

ending at 100k i think, so get in while you can

>> No.19435314

This is obviously a pajeet pump.

>> No.19435322

scam. Buy Statera

>> No.19435326

I got 0.1 eth worth for free on the airdrop so I don't care

>> No.19435336

Just sold for a 300% profit, thanks

>> No.19435378

buy the top biz, get in ;-)

>> No.19435426

?? how is a airdrop + new growth gametheory a scam

>> No.19435458

scam, STA Is the original.

>> No.19435522
File: 258 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200531-134214__01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Top 5 uniswap volume
Lets fucking go
Truly hex 2.0

>> No.19435533

Fuck thanks for the 10x biz im out

>> No.19435539
File: 65 KB, 487x815, 1549149391724.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

we really living in a clown world

>> No.19435574

Thanks for all the FUD posts retards, it's just PAMPed x2 since
This coin is never gonna stop PAMPing, DYOR

>> No.19435590

genesis whale seems interested in PAMP

>> No.19435936

what genesis whale
explain for brainlet sir

>> No.19436078

Airdrop is over at the moment as all tokens have been claimed. There will be more rounds in the future. [update]

>> No.19436094
File: 276 KB, 828x962, A319376B-D67D-4DB8-95AB-DFCB9652B651.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Mass retard coin

>> No.19436165

Someone will dump on you hard soon, dont buy this scam retards

>> No.19436404

thats for rewards dummy.

>> No.19436502

the volume is insance right now
going straight to top 2 on uniswap

>> No.19436610


>> No.19436615

1.2 eth per 1k nice, 2 eth next !!

>> No.19436663
File: 9 KB, 1217x45, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You guys are going to get obliterated.

>> No.19436727


>> No.19436736

why the fuck does it ask me for 40$ of gas fee when I connect my metamask wallet

>> No.19436739

shut up and just hit confirm!

>> No.19436746

Already been done before see AMPL

>> No.19436775
File: 17 KB, 121x128, fren.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

so glad i bought last night and wake up to actual gains from a biz thread. thanks op, really, thank you!

>> No.19436776

airdrop is already over mate

>> No.19436796

anyone know when staking will go live?

>> No.19436798

Fuck I sold too early, oh well still made 5ETH

>> No.19436814

I saw next week in telegram I think, hard to keep up in their the membership is exploding

>> No.19436848

airdrop is over, no?
curries already dumped probably.
so it should get some good gains when staking goes live.
i am hodling for now.

>> No.19436943

2.4 million market cap, I don't think this is good.
But, still thrown an ETH into it, let's see where it goes.

>> No.19437068

only 1.1M is circulating so more like 250k cap

>> No.19437217
File: 92 KB, 1080x434, Screenshot_20200531-200025.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Idex will light this puppy up!

>> No.19437277

There's a couple of red flags, though:
- the staking and deflationary contract is only announced. Who know whether it will come at all.
- 90% of tokens in one account, not even in a contract.

>> No.19437312

>alt season is coming

he says for the 50th month.

fuck off and buy something that will actually moon, like $FUND

>> No.19437330

fuck why is this dumping now as soon as I bought? WTF? Stop selling you fags!

>> No.19437461

fucking had to bail, price kept dropping wtf?

>> No.19437641

its 23 cents now

>> No.19437659
File: 40 KB, 417x317, 1590474592009.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>red flags!!!!

>> No.19437698

Why do Norman's always want another fucking exchange. What the fuck is wrong with Uniswap?

>> No.19437709
File: 104 KB, 1056x696, 1513036463562.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>buys pnd after the pump
>wtf it's dumping

>> No.19437736

>90% held by one wallet
Enjoy getting dumped on, remember to cash out your 10x before next week.

>> No.19437856

Boys should I take profit or is this shit going to $1?

>> No.19437981

Nevermind its still going up. Beautiful

>> No.19438015

dont be greedy

>> No.19438046



>> No.19438140


>When MetaMask encounters an application that asks for a signature on data in a format that's not human readable, we warn our users to sign only if they fully trust the application they are interacting with. In these cases, the balance of your wallet is at stake: it's possible for a malicious actor to encode a real transaction involving Eth or tokens inside the data, ask for your signature, and submit the transaction to the blockchain as if you had signed the transaction yourself.

Anyone been blasted by this "airdrop" yet?

>> No.19438215

very weak hand

>> No.19438279
File: 15 KB, 365x365, bogged.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>he sold?
>pamp eet

>> No.19438538

It says it's only a request to read how much ETH you have.

>> No.19438815

About to reach ATH

>> No.19438849

it needs to see how much ETH you have so it can drop you 100 PAMP per ETH

>> No.19438865

I had 30k of these how much would that be worth now?

>> No.19438884


>> No.19438955

are you sure?
I've been in basically all of his discords and followed a lot of his shit, I can't see anything on this coin pointing towards his involvement and nothing has been shilled on any of the scam tranny discords

>> No.19438979

also Elvis/Bucc is way bigger than you guys give him credit for (unfortunately), if you connect the dots you'll find his main eth wallet and see how massive of a player he actually is
the fact that someone with that much is even doing these scamcoins makes me think he's actually up to something even deeper and darker

>> No.19439004

His current active discord accounts are Karl and Jack__, I doubt he ever uses his real name

>> No.19439273

Stop the FUD man it’s not this Elvis character you are talking about

Pure salt for not getting in

I’ve made 15x today

>> No.19439299

How do you get the airdrop anons?

>> No.19439311

karl Is elvis, elvis is bucc and jack

>> No.19439362

he isn't involved in PAMP afaik
happy to change my mind and dump at a 100% gain right now if proved wrong

>> No.19439364

Just sold to buy more STA but thanks for the heads up OP!!

>> No.19439375

finished now

>> No.19439438

When does the airdrop end I’m not home until tommorow

>> No.19439439

Holy shit .40 is imminent. Imagine selling a few hours ago

>> No.19439459

Really? How come the button is still green though?

>> No.19439469

I just got a little 1500 stack at $0.3. Any clue where this is headed anon?

>> No.19439512

Hex2X is Elvis's project, this one isn't.

>> No.19439703
File: 177 KB, 1920x1080, 1589434422160.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

never selling

>> No.19439756

As crazy as it sounds, $1 EOD could be possible

>> No.19439806

At $10 I will sell 15% of my bag. This is Bullish as fck.

>> No.19439817

Straight to $30

>> No.19439841

It's har to tell with something this hot. But sell when you feel satisfied to come out. But for me, I will be here for a while

>> No.19439854


>> No.19439855

goddamn! it doesn't stop!!!

>> No.19439921

I randomly threw 1 eth into this in the morning, now they are 6 wtf

>> No.19439987

wow bro this thing is getting huge !

>> No.19440003

Not cashing out until at least $3. I predict this will hit $10 at least

>> No.19440023

Thanks for the 15 x gains biz i'm out. Smells to much like curry to me

>> No.19440112

Someone else just bought your 15x bags and will 25x it!

>> No.19440113

lol i'm glad you got gains but they are in talks for bigger things. this isn't STA. it's revolutionary plug and stake code

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