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>be me, pic related
>be today late afternoon
>tired of watching the jogger chimpout news
>step outside for a smoke
>black pickup truck in driveway
>"hey i have your ubereats"
>"uhh no man i didnt order food"
>confused wagecuck.avi
>"what is the name on the order man"
>(some nigger just hacked my account and prank ordered on my credit card oh shit)
>"name on the order is anons nephew"
>yeah yeah that order goes here i guess
>nephew ordered cheesecake for granny while he was 120miles away and on the phone with her for an hour
(yea nigger 1/3rd of my millennial generation is taking care of elderly family members right now)
>drop off food inside
>think back to the more than 60 wagecuck jobs i had before making it
>go outside tell driver thanks and to "buy BTC, ETH, LINK, and RSR" (the least i could do just incase my nephew jewed him on a tip)
>driver asks me about crypto a bit
>tell him about the Reserve Protocol for about 15 mins
>"if you ever want to stop wage cucking, this is your ticket"
>Delphi Digital market analysis report.jpg
>$56.68 RSR by 2030
>"how do i buy this stuff man?"
>get my number and i'll give you my discord and i'll walk you thru the whole process man, you will /makeit/
>"you ever heard of 4chan /biz/ dude?"
>"no but i know what 4chan is"
>"well man one of the best kept secrets of 4chan is /biz/ as its the only forum thats ever made me and 50% of its userbase rich"

only told the dude that my RSR position right now is worth $45k in USD and that im still buying/swing trading for more
LINK pilled him about the derivatives mainnet and about the fabled singularity about NUMBER GO UP during the decoupling
dude has no idea how many times my picks in this market have been in the money and how in life the only thing i've ever been great at is finding value wherever it can be found

oldfrens remember, our mastery of crypto financial autism is a gift and you choose (Who) you want to make rich with it by simply shilling them blue chips.

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Big ups da holy rsr Mon we going to da moon straight Babylon high grade gains we main net soon brothas

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Quality of shilling has gone up i see..

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DAI already exists and does its job just fine.

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Weak bait but the jogger livestreams are getting tiresome so here's your (You)

DAI and MakerDAO was never intended to scale to meet a global demand.
What DeFi powered CDP based DAI is good for and always has been is a quick tool traders can use to grab instant margin for short term trades.
Outside of that very specific use case, DAI is still a decent stable coin architecture BUT it was never intended to be anything beyond a tool for traders to use.
Certainly nowhere even close to a supply cap in the trillions whereby ppl around the world would use it as a medium of exchange.
DAI can never be that because it was never designed for that - even comparing MakerDAO's DAI to the Reserve Protocol is a true grit indicator you've never even looked into Reserve.

What's more is that MakerDAO is in the process of likely losing a legal battle if the class action former customers don't cuck out for gibs (which has a high chance of happening) but even then, the tokenomics of DAI and its supply cap simply has no concession for global scaling in the market.

In short:
DAI: tool for traders, cant scale to ever be a currency used by billions worldwide
RSV: designed to be a global currency used by billions

Two entirely different use cases.

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Good post

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based, i have a 20m bag. see you on pluto fren

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Gold and Silver is going to explode once people see it going up in its traditionally lower months.

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Many OG Link holders from the original biz discord that we closed off have been accumulating RSR since last August.

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Can confirm this as well.
Lots of the guys in the RSR server are OG LINKmarines and were buying RSR bags as early as its first month of being publicly traded.

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Link to server?

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im up 52% on my rsr bag. waiting to flip some other shitcoins so i can buy more. im just hoping we got another few months of accumulation left but i think we're getting very close to a parabolic run which will break the ATH and probably push us up into .01 - .02 area for a while before mainnet.

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ik that DCA feel bro. i've bought RSR at so many prices so far, even scooped the bottom at one point. going to keep buying all the way up to $1.

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Alright old fags should I consolidate my stack into RSR and just focus on that for my alts budget? I want to set up a BTC ETH and link boomer portfolio but I like having a few alts. The LIT is staked and locked until May next year. I was planning on swinging MITX gains into RSR anyway but what about UBT? Worth holding or just going RSR and forgetting about it. Dollars are in ausfag amounts fyi

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Much appreciated fren

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Feeling good about RSR. Just not liking only 7% of the total supply has been circulated. Anyone else nervous about the other 93 billion coins?

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it was a biz social circle pnd over a year ago, you shouldnt still be holding those bags.
the actual demand for LIT's product which is a trade finance product is relatively low low low, so you could be waiting an incredibly long time before the price action you think is going to happen actually does. we'd need way higher market adoption rates essentially and a major influx of new traders using LIT's product for your position to really come in. better money makers out there than LIT but thats just my 2 cents man. and yes if that was my portfolio i would liquidate all positions into RSR and you need to focus on obtaining at least 1,000 LINK that you intend on never selling bc the singularity grows nigh.

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Honestly OP, I'm impressed and glad there are people like you to share the knowledge with those you deem worthy. This story hits home as I am a lowly wagecuck making shit money as well.

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Thanks (posted folio from phone), LIT was my first buy about a month ago so if it goes nowhere I can live with that. Its locked away and will see what the team pulls out over the next 12 months. As for the others im not married to them so may as well move them over and forget about them, thanks for the advice. Where do you actually get the good info? /biz/ is full of scams so its hard to tell

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we all start off as wage cucks bc the schools we are forced to grow up in convince us early on that we have to be wage cucks, its just part of the earthly grind. what the schools dont do a job at all of is teach us how to really use money to work for us so that we dont have to actually wage cuck until we do the die.

the common factor with all richfags is that it isnt about diversified portfolios or being born into oldmoney. its about getting into just one really good investment during the stealth phase of that asset and then buying absolutely all you possibly can of it until a few years later its the equivalent of a family fortune.

a lot of the guys ive met in biz circles have taught me so much about money and how to properly use it. it all breaks down into that one set of actions tho, buying the stealth phase of a blue chip and waiting for it to shoot the moon. some fags will tell you "it takes too long for what you are saying, i need the money now i cant wait" - and those are the guys who sell the bottom out of fear and lose it all bc they havent learned yet that there is no get rich quick scheme that isnt a scam or illegal.

warren buffet spent his lifetime chasing after gains and only in his old old age did he become a billionaire. growing wealth takes time and as buffet so famously said once, "the stock market is a mechanism by which money is transferred from the inpatient to the patient. " theres a lot of wisdom in that and anyone who has been on the losing side of a trade can tell you, hes not wrong.

i may only be worth a little over a milly in USD value (mostly thanks to ETH and LINK) but after this bull cycle is finished around 2022 i'll be sitting comfy on 8 figures. the most productive thing ive ever done with my time was buying the textbooks that institutional traders read in college along with other kino finance classics.

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I think LIT is a decent hold, their team have some good connections and the cap is still low so there's room for growth imo.

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btc and rsr. that’s all you need.

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Pretty good shill, way above the current pajeet bullshit

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I don't disagree, but he's locked in anyway so I was giving my opinion on his bag to let him know it's not that bad

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Been thinking of fomoing into RSR for while. It's only doubled since the crash. Do you feel a big green candle in the near future?
What's the suicide stack anyway? I can drop $300 on 100k. Doesnt sound too bad to me.

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LINK ICO buyer, RSR IEO buyer here. Currently holding more value in RSR than LINK.
>be me, 2017
>advisor for an ICO that later got heavily shilled on biz (early bitcoiner so I knew the market well)
>gather up team in a restaurant, we start discussing crypto marketing strategy
>server comes near the table... "hey bros, may I ask if I should sell my ETH or hold for another 2x?"?
>ETH was $400 at the time I think
>tell him to look into Antshares instead and not to get too greedy
I wonder if he left his wagecucking job as a server, lol.
He seemed like a pretty chill dude.
But I still wouldn't introduce normans to 4chin, OP, that's where you dun goofd. People have to put up 10 niggercoin threads because of snitches like you.

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What would you say is a good place to learn about how to sift out the gold nuggets from all the shit in this space? I can tell the difference between the way people talk about RSR and other pumps but thats about it. Am I right in thinking people will recommend it but wont shill the fuck out of it everyday

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General rule of thumb is
>obviously premade memes
>low market cap
Posts with
>project details laid out
>use case
>lower than average meme count
>based pepes
Good investment

Also the genuine fud to unbiased fud ratio is a good indicator. Requires you to do a little research in order to figure out what fud is unbiased and pulled out of someones ass, and what fud is genuine and wise. Getting that distinction down is key

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Thanks, I have a good chunk of RSR now, for now will just focus on getting LINK ETH and BTC folio up with the odd RSR top up as I go. Has been a fun experience so far but I can see chasing too many small caps as a dangerous game

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>>"well man one of the best kept secrets of 4chan is /biz/ as its the only forum thats ever made me and 50% of its userbase rich"
>best kept secrets of 4chan is /biz/ as its the only forum
>/biz/ a secret
>4chan a forum

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$.10 by 2020

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You just financially ruined someone, and you are acting like you’ve done them a favor

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$.10 by 2021

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Hmm, so, then I should buy RSR, NKN and what else?

And sell my ghosties? Oh my. Maybe I will.

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linko linko liiiiinnnnk

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