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Lambos and mansions seem to attract too much attention and can put a target on your back. I have hobbies that I'm into but I don't really want to shit where I eat. I'm thinking getting /fit/ and traveling hits that balance between flexing and being nigger rich. Any other suggestions though on how to stand out say on a dating app without it being too much?

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Making it means not having to do any of that shit. If you're looking for ways to flex your brand new cock extension on females then you have definitely not made it

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you're lost bud, /lgbt/ is over there
ok but how do you go about doing this? if you just drive it around college campuses making your intentions obvious it will be autistic as fuck. so this would require some socially acceptable excuse to be somewhere where women can see you driving it

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Unironically kys

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>weekend wagie id

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is that cockcoin? i heard its a smart buy

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Having a healthy body and decent hygiene unironically.

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Women are not as smart as you think they are. Once you realize that youll understand.

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He's a retard, 99.9999% of women have no idea what that is. Maybe 50% will be able to identify it as a BMW

Women look at shoes, jackets, haircuts, and watches.

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>Women look at shoes, jackets, haircuts, and watches.
good post, makes sense. need to invest in my wardrobe and accessories.

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why would womyn care about dumb superficial shit like shoes, hacket, haircut, watch. anyone cant buy any of those with a tiny amount of money

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>need to invest in my wardrobe and accessories.

Yes. Also get /fit/. The stronger you look, the more attractive women will find you. Science. Also they 'crowdsource' their attraction -- they instinctively look for proof from others that you're a good bet. A guy with a girlfriend is infinitely more attractive than the same guy single, that's science, and dogs are always a massive attractiveness booster. Basically if a dog likes you, right off the bat you're clearly a bit alpha and capable of taking care of another life, two of the main qualities that make a man attractive as a mate. Same reason why you'll see a guy with a baby getting just swarmed by girls at the park.


Is your goal to attract exclusively gold digging whores? Because that's a really terrible idea.

>dumb superficial shit

The fact that you think those choices are "dumb" and "superficial" means you need to learn more about women my nigga, those are two of the most powerful signals they have.

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Wear nicely fitting clothes, look healthy/ clean and "accidently" drop some subtle hints. Don't mention your exact net worth, just make it clear that you have enough money. Don't show too much, it will attract the wrong kind of women and it can make you seem like a douche.
I'm wealthy but I rarely mention/ imply it when I talk to women. I also just wear normal comfy clothes. One of the nice things about having /made it/ is that you can give zero fucks about what most other people think of you and don't have to chase roasties. A lot of women actually seem to be attracted to this kind of attitude.

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don't show off too much*

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>>dumb superficial shit
>The fact that you think those choices are "dumb" and "superficial" means you need to learn more about women my nigga, those are two of the most powerful signals they have.
give me 1 reason why clothes, watch, shoes matter AT ALL. its all larping social bullshit that isnt functional

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High personal hygiene. Good health. Work out a lot. And wear nice fitting clothes.

Wall into any ghetto walmart and notice how shitty all the people actually look. Unkept humans.

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A car doesnt get you females. How often does a desirable female actually see you in your car and then you actually get the chance to make conversation in a casual way.

Gtfoh. You get way more women when I worked out 6 days a week and was at 8% bodyfat.

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>am I autistic? no, social interaction is wrong

Symbols represent things. Clothes, watches, grooming and shoes etc all symbolize a bunch of things about yourself, from your level of social success to your interests and tastes and personality.

Thus your choices in grooming and wardrobe creates a description of yourself that allows others to get a rough understanding of you before you even get close enough to speak a word. A guy in a suit conveys a totally different message than the same guy wearing Yeezy everything and gold chains.

How this is not obvious to you, on even an intellectual level, is deeply concerning.

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We are not the same breed

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This. Expensive cars say absolutely nothing about you other than "I have lots of money" which actually attracts exactly the opposite kind of woman that you want.

A guy who hits the gym long and hard enough to get ripped, aside from just being physically strong which is always attractive, also shows that you're dedicated and can self-discipline, which is intensely rare these days.

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You are thinking from the perspective of a man. What you have to realise is that women are fucking retarded and on the same level of niggers in a lot of ways, in that they are attracted to materialistic shit like clothes, shoes, jewellery etc

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cause im not a nigger that judges other people based on thier appearance/looks. there is way more to a person than what they wear lmao. cope harder fag

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Are you old enough to be on this board? First off, you do judge other people on their appearance and looks. You're just too up your own ass to acknowledge that you, and every human does this. You may be autistic, but that doesn't make you special.

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>First off, you do judge other people on their appearance and looks.
your right. i do. but i try not to because in not a nigger.

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Fair enough, it's always admirable to look beyond the surface for a person's true character. I just wouldn't bank on all women doing this.

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gold teeth

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you will find happiness if you naturally fall in love with a good woman and she doesnt know about your money. simply dont tell her about it, even get a normie job to conceal your wealth but only work very part time at it keeping most of your time available to her, etc. if you start a relationship with a woman and make it known to her you have money, she'll never fall in love with you for you - money is the root of all evil and most women (i do stress most) are inherently evil and have bad intentions toward most men they "date".

good luck but the sooner you understand that money by itself cant make you happy you'll be all the more richer bc life isnt all about money its about spending our time best with ppl that we simply cant live without.

just my 2 cents.

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They saying is "greed is the root of all evil" btw

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well i misquoted the Bible about it but most anons know what im trying to say here. i dont suspect many inexperienced youngfags will understand how it applies to over 80% of women tho.

>for the love of money is the root of all evil

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>"accidently" drop some subtle hints. Don't mention your exact net worth, just make it clear that you have enough money.
Could you give an example?

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>get a job to keep up the ruse of mediocrity.
Just live below your means (a good idea even for rich people), work on self-improvement (physical, mental, spiritual) and say your a self employed financial consultant. If you have really made it, you'll have an LLC that doubles as a family trust to funnel dividends to your family and protect you from future ex-wives. Style points is your LLC is called "LASTNAME Family Trust"

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if you can't pull women when you're broke, having money isn't going to change shit

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lambos you dumb sociopath

but wouldn't matter, you aren't even in six digits yet, otherwise you would not be fantasising and asking here

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>What's the most optimal way of signaling high value to females
Your face.

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Stop fighting your human nature. Find a balance between the two, it's not black and white. Yes, it's important not to judge a book by it's cover but it's also kind of retarded to ignore the cover completely

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> Women look at shoes, jackets, haircuts, and watches.

Not watches, they don't understand watches. Shoes, clothes, face, haircut - yes and car

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dude if you're wealthy females will come to you in droves. they'll be gold diggers but i guess it's better than dying alone.

you could also travel and try to meet women in foriegn countries and not tell them that you're rich until you guys have been dating a while. again she'll probably only want to date you because she wants to live in a first world country.

unless you're chad or a normie you need every advantage you can get to get a girl's attention these days. they'd rather be in chad's harem than date a normal schlub.

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this is a common falacy. men think like that not women

women just want a guy who has it all, they don't care about effort required to attain it

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unironically this

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Lift weights. Be fun, enjoy yourself. Don't be needy, cultivate abundance.
Once you have a harem of 3 or so cuties shit gets so much easier because you stop acting weird or awkward. You already have some girls so you have nothing to lose.
Also you'll realise that women won't make you happy, they should just be a supplement to your life. You're not gonna gain lifelong fulfillment from getting attention/sex from women, or really anything external to you. Focus on your passions/longterm goals and work hard towards them whilst staying present to the moment.
>t. incel to Brad

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Working out and especially sub 10% bodyfat is the most guaranteed way to get women interested.
Women are way more superficial about looks than men are, even though they claim the opposite.

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and being tall (above 6'2'')

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if you are intelligent enough then creation of high value art

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thats a male

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a luxury car is like a first date date booster to show hey iam not poor nothing more

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It's all in the eyes you gotta look at women a certain way

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More like cuckcoin.

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sex without procreation is a larp, procreation without raising the kids is cruel, irresponsible and immature. Go find love op.

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>why would womyn care about dumb superficial shit
It's almost like you realize women are superficial

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Realize that no matter how much money you have, you will never meet a woman like my wife.


Because you need a personality for that and money can't buy you one. You'll never be funny, charismatic or have the presence of an alpha male with a big fat dick.

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Holy shit its ironic when people say "women are superficial", literally have sex. I'm a family man btw.

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I have two kids. I love my woman and I consider myself lucky of having her with me but dude, you have to grasp their true nature

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>better than dying alone
Marriagecel cope

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Men arent superficial?

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You can't buy "high value" - two minutes with your creepy incel ass, they'll be out the door.

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Because they're women, incel. They care about that shit for themselves, so they also care about it with men. Get a fucking clue. The entire fashion industry is designed for women.

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>cause im not a nigger that judges other people based on thier appearance/looks
yeah stfu dumbass. everyone judges all the time.

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real life story.
an acquaintance is rich and has an impressive car collection. long story short, one time he asked me if I would drive his ferrari between two cities about 1000 miles apart. The drive would take 2 days and he offered to pay hotels and give me couple hundred for food. I wasn't busy at time, so did it.

the memes are true. hard to describe actually. literally every female head stops and swivels when you drive by....its like YOU are the hot girl passing a construction site. you learn very quickly how to milk it for maximum effect...a soft throttle blip...a little smile and nod of the head...

I realized whats going on. it triggers the same mammalian pathways of seeing a 500lb lion walk by...its baked into them after millions of years of evolution. They are not seeing "expensive car"....they see: strength, speed, aggressiveness. They see "apex predator on the prowl" The car literally becomes an avatar and they want to fuck it and submit to it.

Guys think girls are seeing "this guy has money" I suppose its true, but thats at a much higher level in the brain. But thats NOT where the attraction is. Its primal.

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Retarded ffat boomers leather on loud Harleys also think girls look at them that way.

I dont have a ferarri but I have a BMW M2 and other things that people my age (23) don't have

This is my 'making it' I don't do most of it for the purpose of getting girls, rather to succeed in every other aspect of life as well.

>/fit/ for many years, good forearms and low bodyfat, dont skip legs
>Dress and groom nicely. No large logos, just good quality and fitted long sleeve shirt with sleaves rolled up to show off veiny forearms,nice pants,belt, boots and non bling watch. You will naturally feel important if you dress this way, people can sense VIP, its to hard to replicate, just actually believe it.
>Literally do not care about what others think of you. I achieve this by literally believing I am smarter than every person I meet. /pol/ can help if you are white and having trouble with this concept.
>Actually have passions. For me it is flying, I love just flying around at 500 feet or skimming clouds (This is a larp if CASA reads this post)
>Love your family and friends. You will get happiness every holiday and phone call (don't text). This radiates, but not in annoying way
>Treat people with respect but never at the expense of your own.

This is how I met current girl
In hometown for xmas holiday, catch up with my best friends brother as I needed to give him a talk about drug use, he invited me to his place as a few of his mates are over, new girl who moved to town there, very hot, these guys were kind of chad but thought she was out of league. I ask if she has seen local national park, ask if anyone wants to come with me, the girl and one guy say yes. Get numbers of both instead of making a set day.
Message both on day, guy backs out as I say I am not sure if girl is coming.
Pick up girl from her place
Wow nice car anon, what do you do
I am into finance, stocks and all that

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based post

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>Its stressful life but has its benefits, get to work from laptop so travel around and go to "industry conferences" in Singapore and buy cool but bad assets like this car and use as tax deduction (this is true but its fucking annoying in Aus you have to manually or use app to read odometer and note each trip as personal or business)
>Oh thats so cool, like those (some instagram meme that is actually just retards selling TA/Mentor/MLM courses to bigger retards)
>Arrive at airport "Oh yeah I thought I would get my hours up while showing you park, its cool to see it from air"
>Wow you own a plane? You can fly?
>"My finance mates say if it floats, fucks or flies it is cheaper to rent" Funny but true way to say I am too poor to afford a plane
>Put lanyard with ASIC card on and open airport gate, park BMW in hanger. (Would get a lot of shit from pilots for this, biggest larp in the world to wear ASIC at a non ATC airport, also driving car on taxi tarmac is grey area)
>"Just a security clearance as 9/11 and all that shit" For some reason this is a normie meme and security clearance carries a cool meaning rather than the money making scam that ASIC cards are. Fucking uni CCP chink got one and entered one of Aus military bases with it, no one knew until someone audited the sign in and chink has left country.
>When in plane and doing pre-flight check list, do the pax briefing in very authoritative voice. "In the unlikely event of an emergeny, undo latch here and exit rear of aircraft. During take off and landing please do not touch controls or distract me" This asserts authority and girls love it.
>Fly around and chat, let her fly plane a bit and send snapchats to friends
>"We need to descend now, you wanna see something cool?" >(If you ever been in plane and done wing over, 0 G and 90' turns you know how fun this can be)
>Some girls get scared or sick so this can backfire but luckily this one loved it and became gf soon after.
Can prove non larp of all this

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Literally just tell them you own a business and they will sweat your dick.
It’s wild how people treat you different. Everyone at the bank was sweating my buts when I opened a biz acct

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I'm trying to figure this out as well anons.
I'm 28 and already in the top 0.01% tax bracket in my country.
Anti-social as fuck.
Still khv.
Please help.

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turning up the music on your car to full blast

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Yeah true lmao

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Post wife.

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be a good person.

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Based post

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Decorate your house with authentic persian carpets. Hang them all over the walls and on the floor too. The ones made by master craftsmen and out of out pure silk. They cost thousands of dollars and look classy as hell.

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You guys are such fools I hope once you make it a black widow comes along draining your balls whilst also draining your wallets

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t. enraged beta incel

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i mean thats the dream so

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he has old cuck ferrari that is why

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>hanging carpets on walls

slavshit detected

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you mean turk dipshit

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it's all kind of retarded when you realize that all of this is just larp to get your dick wet or to get respect from women or be valued by some hot pussy. it's really kind of boring because it feels like you're playing a RPG where you just have to hit the right buttons in the correct order to win, it's the same you have to display the same behavior and the same things to get a girl to care for you. cool if you're under 25, lame afterwards.

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no difference at all when it comes to jugos/bulgars/hohols

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Be in shape
Have a tan
Have friends
Have a skill

Go to church

It is simple really. It depends on your definition of "high value", if you just mean a girl who makes you hard, it really is not that complicated. If you want a girl with morals good luck, because just by virtue of being here and asking this question you probably have no notable principles, virtues, values or morals and you don't deserve a decent woman or a family - as if we need more degenerates.

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kek imagine believing this. Are you 15?

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t. incel

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>Go to church

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t. degenerate

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1 is the only one that looks remotely ok

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no homo btw

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>Remotely ok
He looks awesome. I'm a man and I would suckhis cock no question asked. No homo of course

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>Men arent superficial?
Less than women

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Men dont virtue signal all the time about being less superficial and more into personality

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25 year old boomer here, slept with ~40 women, have had multiple long-term partners, never really struggled for female company
Money does not get you women. I got more pussy while I was homeless than I did while working a fulltime job.
I know it's a meme, but seriously confidence is the #1 ingredient for not only attracting women, but to having an easy life. If you know how to talk to people, so many door will open up for you.
I don't know how to make a guide or give examples on talking to women/people at large, but the pic is a good start. Just bee urslef, just stop giving a shit. Be relaxed, don't care about the outcome, and take it in stride.

>buying groceries
>random assortment of shit, contents of basket do not matter
>walk up to the check-out person, let's say it's just a guy
>"hey brotha, how's your day goin' so far?"
>their answer doesn't really matter
>"hell yeah, any big plans for the weekend coming up?"
>let's assume they say they don't really have plans
>"I feel it, it's always good to just chill out and get some personal time in, feels like there is always something going down online with all the craziness right now"
>pay and they give you the receipt
>"cool, thanks man, take it easy!"
I don't know if it comes across as such, but I'm very easy-going and relaxed in person. Just be laid back, always be cool, and don't stress what the random dipshit thinks about you. I go to the store in socks, sandals, a wifebeater, and floral shorts. Who cares, it's about the energy you project and how you carry yourself.
Your physicality takes up a certain amount of space in the world, but your energy should take up more than your allotment. Be loud, be funny, be the guy that everyone likes talking to. These things cant be taught, but they can be practiced and observed.
When you think of a chad, it's not because of his looks, but because of how he interacts with others. You can be a fat mexican chad, just as you can be a 10/10 nordic alphamale chad

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no puss cringing at lotta puss. The circle of life.

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You are white and 6foot please stop giving advice

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true, I suppose your mileage may vary based on various circumstances
you can always improve, though

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yeah that's one way to get women, you can also just be good looking and text them "wanna smash" or ask them to smoke weed with you if you're a weed fag

>> No.19443859

Treat them like the baby makers they are.
Bonus points:get a housewife to have your kid, then make the husband raise your bastard. The husband wont bitch if you pay him, the fair market bitch rate.

>> No.19443875

Definitely traveling.