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>buys early rsr stack
>makes it

never felt this good anons

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fuck off pajeet

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hey poorfag, you've had over a year to fill bags on RSR.
how fucking poor are u? holding less than 1MM RSR huh? sad and pathetic.

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you had a full year, faggot.
>missing BTC despite it being shilled everywhere
>missing ETH despite it being shilled everywhere
>missing LINK despite it being shilled everywhere
and now this. It literally takes an hour to see if a project is a pajeet scam or not, and then you accumulate. How dumb are you? I'm sick of people fudding link for 2 years, this shit could have mooned much earlier and I would have already been a millionaire dumping on redditors. I want things to move more quickly with RSR, if you failed to accumulate it's your own fault.

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