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All women are whores

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Why is 2020s culture is aids?

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Wrong thread

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So youre gay is what you want to tell us?

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Looks like he has to wait a few years

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Post tits

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>business and finance
It’s Saturday and you’re spending the day coping like the beta you are. Get a grip faggot

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Why should i post my tits fagget?

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>posts a photo of an ogre

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because we've been on a slow cultural race to the bottom from the 60s

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White women do it more openly because white men are pussies or simps.
Because white men are pussies or simps.

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unironically: irony, and the rewarding of intentional failure

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please upvote this

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Mixed with socialism in a strange disgusting blob of shit.

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Imagine being her dad.

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can you be charged for making and distributing your own lewds if you're underage?

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Lol I downvoted you. You stupid faggot just wanted to let you know who it was that gave you negative karma now you have to make five more posts on r/dank memes to recoup your losses AHAHAHAHAHA loser loser this guy’s a heckin loser you shouldn’t have made that big oof buddy boyo now the heckin emoji patrol gang and black twitter woke bois are after you......Toodles gay boiiiiiii I got that drip

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>sexual liberation
>most women decide only a small subset of men are breedable
>at the same time, men are bombarded and numbed by porn, creating unrealistic expectations of sex
>men resort to paying for porn since they can't have sex
>women find out they can monetize this
>population plummets and human relationships are in shambles
>(((they))) win

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assuming she is from the usa, yes she can

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Imagine being a prude having a problem with sexual enlightenment when you could be cooming on your screen right now instead. Whatever happened to /biz/?

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Women have been lying about their age to do porn for a long time.

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Jesus that file names

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This is the redpill.

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More like the 1860s

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It's the internet.

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She doesn't have one clearly. Dad wouldn’t let her even look like she does in the picture unless she was able to be moved out of the house and banned from family gatherings. If she does have one then he probably is a passive man who wouldn’t care if either his daughter or wife took a thousand unnamed peters up their ginas, ass, and mouth. But at that point, he’s not even a dad, he’s just some money machine. Ngl there are plenty of dads who will happily spoil their daughters and let them fuck at the age of 12 if it means they can get them to shut the fuck up for a minute so he can go and watch his joe Rogan or work on his microbrew. Men don’t want family’s anymore and either do women. Once upon a time people had children because they understood the importance of family and love. Now people have kids as a right of passage to adulthood— as something you do after you land your career. It’s like school, career, child, retirement. People don’t even realize the importance of it. Much like they don’t understand the significance of school. Children are now either conceived for the fashion of it or because they were too stupid to keep their nut in and avoid pregnancy. Never has the world seen this. There is no motivation to raise the child well. It’s something out of r/K selection. We have plenty of resources and still have kids for no reason no plan no careful choosing. Just marry the first cuck you find and have a dumb bitch daughter you can neglect just for the vapid feeling of having a normal life. Don’t have kids. Please don’t have kids unless you plan to raise them. It’s better you not raise people who will eventually destroy the world with their ignorance.

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