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stop shilling this shitcoin

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ADA is the eth killer you fucking retard

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>1 billion market cap
>no smart contracts
>no live network after 3 years of development

Harmony is 10 mil mcap, a working network, smart contracts

ADA is the quintessential normie coin and it is going to ZERO

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Another faggot who can't handle the truth
You were given 3 years to accumulate Cardano at the lowest price possible. Main net this year. Stay sour fag.

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bug riddled shitcode rushed to market trust us its (((secure)))

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>we slapdashed conplex shitcode together at brakeneck speed and asked the auditor to fix everything for us. we fixed what they told us to fix.
>this is a great platform now.
(((trust us)))

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This. Sorry Harmony anon you got BTFO. There's still time to dump your hackjob of an ethkiller and buy a properly built project like ADA though.

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There was literally one minor bug, that’s it

You can argue harmony is a shitcoin, there are ways I can agree with that. But to say ADA is better than harmony in ANY way...holy fuck my fucking sides

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Here's some advice, ONEbro; if someone can't point out flaws in one project without shilling another as its alternative, they're not worth arguing with or listening to.

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>>if someone can't point out flaws in one project without shilling another as its alternative, they're not worth arguing with or listening to.
>points out flaws in Ethereum, shills Harmony as an alternative
The irony.

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Harmony was built in ONE month
Cardano took 3 years

Which coin will get to $1 first?

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>there are people on this board who legitimately believe cardano isn’t a scam
Please go back to r*ddit

>which coin will get to $1 first
Have you taken a look at the market caps you fucking brainlet? ADA is a 100x more expensive

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It's going to be 500x expensive this year, deal with it

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>This is...
A scam.

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Has got to be a troll

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there was better fud for link. We will make it

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You already failed to make it. You didn't sell this scam after it had its scammed pump. This scam is dead.

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> Buy one coinings sirs. Coinbasings imminent again. Honestings. Moonings soon. Please buy many coinings.

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Does this look like a pajeet hand to you you fucking retard?

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First of all yes. And second of all: SCAM.

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what's wrong with your middle finger, edmund?

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Its a good project.

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Overused from flipping off fantom and harmony fudders

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