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Internet shutdown soon, Blackout will happen few days or a week. when it comes back on the world will be different.

make sure your crypto is off exchanges.

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Cool meme ripplefag, now $srsr fags are trying the NWO angle to fuck over schizoids

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typical ripple shill retard, conflating everything and anything happening or not happening as 100% XRP related, when in actual fact nothing even comes close. The whole universe revolves around XRP, haven't you heard?

Also, you faggot may have not heard, but the USA is not the whole internet, and the only thing they can shut down is themselves, so enjoy getting fucked by your guberment once more while the rest of the world laughs their ass of watching you

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You wouldn't know shilling if i shilled you straight to your face you fucking retard.
This has Everything to do with XRP you fucking piece of shit, go back 1 year and i told you all this would happen.
Since you are too stupid to fucking realize what is happening around you i am telling people who own XRP. if you don't like XRP then you can Easily get the fuck out of this thread and never return faggot.


Also since you are so fucking retarded and don't understand how the internet works. The United States Controls the backbone to the internet, The US military created the internet, this means ALL packets flows through one of US nodes. Every single country even china and russia flows through the US. This is why china tries to create a firewall.

US has the ability at any time to shut down the worlds internet. Allowing countries free access is more advantageous than being gatekeepers.

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>This has Everything to do with XRP
Take your meds

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Like i said you fucking retarded nigger, Get the fuck out. You braindead piece of shit.
This is all part of the plan you nigger

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>Get the fuck out.
>This is all part of the plan you nigger
You planned on taking your meds, but that never happened

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Funny how extremely touchy ripple shills are when somebody dares to call them out for the bullshitters they are

I guess kicking and screaming besides being second nature to underdeveloped minds is the only defence they have since reality sucks so much for them

kind of entertaining

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tump doesnt want to win. hes pretty sure he can scare off the under 30 voters who just want a guy to say they can be racist. hes also pretty sure he can piss of the jews enough by not starting a war with iran that evangellicals will feel like they wont get to see jesus under him. also no second impact checks so people have to go to work and die

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Funny how you are a fucking nigger and don't know what shilling is

You came into this thread to talk shit not the other way around

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>internet shutdown soon

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Easy there sweetie, remember how you always end up in that bad place when you stress too much?

I suggest upping the Abilify dosage, it seems sorely needed

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Lots of shit coming out of your mouth, every post in fact.

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XRP Literally has the Dumbest fudsters in the history of crypto.

And guess what, they are doing it for free.

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that's Your shit for brains leaving stains all over this thread get out if you are so bothered by my posts. This thread was not aimed at you.

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>they are doing it for free.
You get paid?
Do they pay you in pills? If so why didn't you take them?

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Holy shit man, The guy isn't paying anymore you are literally doing it for free. Fuck off already with your shitty fud you braindead loser.

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>anyone who calls out my bullshit conjecture must have shit for brains and is a paid fudster

maybe you should try some other website, a blog perhpas, where you can block unwanted replies. People here are going to attack you for bullshitting relentlessly.

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>MUH '13 FUD
Schizo newfag everything was FUDed back then. Try harder next time, start by taking you meds

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Maybe you shouldn't enter threads that have nothing to do with you and attack the posters like a toxic piece of shit shitposting.

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Fuck off shit for brains, What's the coin you are trying to shill for? let me guess, it has to do with a fat disgusting greasy russian scammer.

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XRP is garbage. You are thinking of BSV. Look at the logo. That'll get you started.

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Implying I even give a shit about any coin.

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oh so you are talking about the faketoshi autist who shit talked his own sister the other day and got btfo by having his own proclaimed key signed by someone else.

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Why don't you explain your theory? Please write as much detail as possible. Links would be great. All you've done so far is rant like a mad man who needs to take his meds. You've just come here & expect us to believe you.
If I have shit for brains you must be smart. Show us how smart you are.
Kek, no

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>i enter /biz/ just to shitpost on XRP but i don't care about any coin
fuck out of here already retard

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At least pretend that you can differentiate between a man and a project. BSV has won. I think XRP's rolling ico will be declared illegal at some point, assuming that it manages to overcome the current litigation that has been brought against it.

>> No.19385006

>so much pain and suppressed anger, combined with wild conjecture tinfoil hat bullshit and attacking anyone who dares to question or doubt

ouch, I can almost taste the saltiness and bile through your pathetic seething replies

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Thread was not meant for you. It has nothing to do with you. You can fuck off, i'll give you a hint. Internet Bill of rights / Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act

>ranting like a madman
I'm not taking your shit after >>19384323

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>attack person
>expect not to be attacked back
You get what you give nigger

>At least pretend that you can differentiate between a man and a project. BSV
Hilarious, BSV is garbage it's not even worth discussing.

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>everyone else is ranting like a madman but I attack everyone and anyone left and right replying to MY precious thread seething and raving, spewing vitriol

K, then. Remember those meds though

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Nope. As I've already said XRP is garbage. BSV can scale and is backed by a fortress of patents, the NSA and higher ups. Good luck with your bags :).

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Section 230
>No provider or user of an interactive computer service shall be treated as the publisher or speaker of any information provided by another information content provider"
How does this relate to XRP? Sure they have a 'interactive computer service' but how does this relate to XRP/Trump?
>I'm not taking your shit after
That wasn't me Schizo. We have IDs here

You haven't explained your theory still, you're a still raving like a lunatic though.

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If you don't want to get your shit stomped in don't shittalk me and talk like a human being. if you don't like this thread or the coin you are free to leave.

BSV can't even send 1000 transaction while xrp has no problem sending 1 million a second.

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Im not here to explain theories, i'm giving warnings. XRP and Trump go hand and hand.

>> No.19385149

>i'm giving warnings
What warning? Take your funds off exchanges? Is that it?
>XRP and Trump go hand and hand.
You're going to have to explain this theory also

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correction 1 minute.

>> No.19385155

such big and strong words threatening violence over the internet, makes you almost sound like an adult. An adult ape. However, that don't like it leave bit is definitely showing your childish, feminine side.

Are you sure you are on correct medication?

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keep your funds off exchanges, "outages" can happen at any time, Exchanges can steal from you and blame it on hacking.

If you have followed Ripple for just a while you would know ripple has had communications with the white house for years now.


>> No.19385200

wow you are such an adult, entering a thread to pick a fight like a autistic shithead.
This all started with your dumb low iq post.

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Do I have time to purchase some more? I was looking to make my paper wallet today. I just needed my funds to clear.

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Don't worry, Everything will go down Either before or after the elections.

but trump may issue an executive order due to twitter fucking up by "fact checking" his post and interfering with the election. This proved that twitter was no longer a public platform but a publisher.


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>can't take a insult
>tries desperately to dish them out back but only infuriates himself further
>but but but, I am only warning people I only have their best interest at heart, I never meant to look like a shill

I'd really can't recommend checking the medication enough

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>Deliberately enters thread they don't like
>angry someone isn't taking their shit and calls them out on it

yeah i think you are the one missing your medicine buddy.

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this fucking moron didn't read the terms of agreement.

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Already 8 posts in this thread, why do you care so much if you hate ripple? why? Why does ripple have the most persistent, passionate fudders in all of crypto?

You do realize you're bumping his thread right? lul

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If there ever was an advert against buying XRP it is how angry cripples get when you call into question their favourite shitcoin. You are just as bad as stinkers.

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>5 fudders dogpiling the OP
time to buy more...

>> No.19385385

If there was ever an advert for buying XRP its overwhelming passion of the fudsters, You will never experience this in any other coin.

>> No.19385415

>Exchanges can steal from you and blame it on hacking.
They do it all the time
>f you have followed Ripple for just a while you would know ripple has had communications with the white house for years now.
Bit of a stretch, Ripple paid for the 'communications'. Not like they were just invited.
This office is for lobbying aka ripple paid
>twitter was no longer a public platform but a publisher.
They didn't publish the fact check, merely provided a link to it. Similar to the reference section on a paper, They did publish these papers just cause they linked it them.

>Why does ripple have the most persistent, passionate fudders in all of crypto?
Schizos are always funny

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Bsv had a 200 mb block you dumbass

>> No.19385436

If XRP is legitimized it makes their muh centralized premined shitcoin FUD moot. What's really going to have them all freaking out is when XRP burns billions of coins like XLM did, then you will see next level freak out FUD.

>> No.19385448

Burn coins?

>> No.19385450

the destruction of social media would be the best thing to happen this decade

>> No.19385451

Steven Mnuchin has joined Ripple’s board of directors

>merely provided a link to it
They linked to CNN, MSNBC, and the Washington Post.

they were opinion pieces to call them facts is a laugh.

>> No.19385458

Are you saying there will be 3 days of darkness.... ohh my

>> No.19385478

XRP won't burn coins, a certain country will adopt XRP as their national currency. This will allow it to be adopted into the IMF's treasury basket.

There are quadrillions of value that will flow through XRP.

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>"Time to double down on my shitcoin pursuits because I'm an angry contrarian"
Do whatever you want, it's your money lol.

>> No.19385495

Why do you care if its our money?

>> No.19385511


>> No.19385525

>If you reply to my XRP shill thread then you care what I do with my money
10/10 logic. That's like children who say "whoever talks starting now is gay"

>> No.19385539

wow your gay

Do whatever you want, it's your money lol.

>"Time to double down on my shitcoin pursuits because I'm an angry contrarian"

>> No.19385540

Oh thank god. Fuck Twitter in their gay little assholes. Burn it all down to the ground, fuckin nuke social media

>> No.19385568

>No comeback
Ok gaylord.

>> No.19385580

>expects a comeback

>> No.19385595

>xrp has no problem sending 1 million a second
>XRP can scale up to 50,000 TPS
Kek imagine bitching about people calling you on your shit when you can't even get shit right.
>Steven Mnuchin has joined Ripple’s board of directors
nope, even if he did (he didn't) they would be paying him.
>CNN, MSNBC, and the Washington Post.
So, As I said, its a reference, twitter did not publish that. News articles are provided for references all the time.

Holy fuck schizo you are just WRONG, How can we believe anything you say when you don't even know what you're on about.
Did you find those pills yet? Look for them Anon, taking them is critical.

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Let me fact check you faggot and make your entire 1st rand moot.

and 2nd, linking an opinion to another opinion that tries to act as an authoritative source is not a reference you fucking retard.

>> No.19385623

What is a make it stack? And will it stop at 2k or go past it?

>> No.19385628

Gay confirmed.

>> No.19385648

>Let me fact check you faggot and make your entire 1st rand moot.
Please do, links will need to be provided though, can't trust a schizos view of reality.

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There is rumors that gold will hit 10k - 14k
The price of gold will correlate with XRP.

>> No.19385683

An anon said it is going to $0.1 in a few weeks. Are they legit?

>> No.19385690

ripplescam.org redirects to a porncam website

>> No.19385698

I have no clue what he's talking about. i'm not speculating short term prices

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>Typing in all caps
Literally having a meltdown lol.

>> No.19385720

Correlate at a 1:1 or 10:1 rate?

>> No.19385722

wtf is this schizo ramble

>> No.19385726

God Ripple fudders are so stupid it's not a copy pasta
Literally making fun of you dumb nigger lmao
Ripple fudders are so retarded they don't know when they got btfo

>> No.19385730

>There are rumours
You mean when someone came on biz pretending to be an insider but refused to provide any proof, those rumours? Oh nonono.

>> No.19385741

I tried going through wayback machine but i don't know if it actually captured the site or it just redirects you to a recent date.

the Internet Archive has cucked to cencosrhip.

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>"I'm making f-fun of you!"

>> No.19385766

XRP will be the new world currency, quadrillions will flow through it. i can't say how much it will be worth exactly but easily can reach 10k in the next 5 years and 2k earlier.

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FDR confiscated everyone's gold illegally with Executive Order 6102
The Gold was worth 20$ and after the act the price of gold was arbitrarily made $35

>> No.19385835

I appreciate the heads up. Maybe I will have a short term stack and a long term stack.

>> No.19385848

>The price of gold is suppressed
What does that have to do with the 'rumours' that you mentioned? Do you believe everything that is posted on the internet?

>> No.19385874

there are rumors and there are Facts.

Why have banks been buying up gold?

and why is canadian leadership under the Trudeau so stupid they sold off all their gold at a loss.


>> No.19385881

Based bearable bull poster

>> No.19385920

>Let me fact check you
Schizo I'm still waiting. You're still raving like a mad man. Stop wasting time, Tick Tock.

>> No.19385946


>> No.19385960

I already fact checked you retard. all you have to do is look. look who the real schizo is.

>> No.19385975

Are you being obtuse on purpose? Obviously they had prior knowledge that a financial collapse is coming, but any financial analyst could have told you that. I agree with you that gold is being supressed, I agree with you that banks have been buying up gold and almost certainly had prior knowledge about world events, they always do this, I haven't denied that or said anything to the contrary, however you still haven't proved how XRP ties into this without posting biz 'rumours'.

>> No.19386014

XRP is fucking gay. It’s obviously NGMI, ever. It has a reputation as being one of the most useless projects in the space. Not even a true crypto.
It’s all psychological for these holders, they feel that because they can afford 100,000 XRP tokens that there chances of making it have increased because “look how many tokens I have”.

>> No.19386064

Holy shiet, the delusion of xrp tards

>> No.19386066

So is there anything in particular we should expect during said blackouts?

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XRP is on demand liquidity.

Look into how XRP works
and Look into how banks Transfer funds within one another.
Vostro/ nostro accounts

Smaller banks don't' give a shit about larger banks using xrp its a level playing field.

Countries can't manipulate a 3rd party like xrp so they can have trust in the system and it would be in their best interest to run validator nodes making sure its decentralized. no one can manipulate the price of xrp or use it as a weapon like the USD.

>> No.19386090

I never cared shit for XRP but honestly reading this thread made me get a couple of thousand. The amount of fudding, insulting and >take your meds posting is retardedly disproportionate to the average /biz/ banter. Thanks shills I guess

>> No.19386120

how is it consistently in #3 if its useless?
>not even a true cyrpto

>> No.19386122

You haven’t fact check anything...you’ve been just rambling vomit

>> No.19386180

>look who the real schizo is.
You, obviously schizo. I provided links. Simply saying 'Fact Check' is not fact checking you total schizo.
Confirmed Schizo

>> No.19386251

How does any of this prove that it is going to be adopted on a large enough scale that it is going to become the de facto world reserve currency backed by gold? It doesn't. Do you really think China is going to adopt American tech?

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Let me fact check you faggot and make your entire 1st rand moot.


Literally not hard

>> No.19386323

Again, thats not a fact check schizo, what about the board of directors, 1MM t/s, the references?
You made these statements. they aren't true. You are behaving like a raving madman.
Take your meds

>> No.19386379

I was being sarcastic you fucking autistic retard.

btw Satoshi is David Schwartz.

>> No.19386393

The thing is that Bitcoin Maximalists said this exact same thing when it was worth 1 cent and then mooned to 3 bucks...

>> No.19386404

They arent interested in learning, no point in communicating with them. They are only here to be stupid. Once you give facts they will just move the goalposts

>> No.19386456

>I was being sarcastic
don't blame your schizo behaviour on sarcasm. You made statements that are not true.
Take your meds Anon

>> No.19386473

>Bitcoin Maximalists
Newfag spotted

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>make a thread
>"don't reply, they're just being meanies :'("
God forbid you actually justify what you say beyond posting biz 'rumours'. Circlejerk cope.

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File: 191 KB, 1407x500, sat.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you are pathethic

>> No.19386552

>Once you give facts they will just move the goalposts
P R O J E C T I N G to the highest degree
He hasn't provided facts though dumbass. You didn't even try to rebut my facts disputing your schizo reality either. >>19385616

>> No.19386570

It's obvious you're not here to learn or gather info. So why should people take you seriously?

>> No.19386575

Holy fuck schizo conformed. Ripple when that was posted wasn't even blockchain. Look up ripplepay schizo.
Fact check that you cunt

>> No.19386585

facts on what exactly? tell me

>> No.19386598

this is so fucking wrong it hurts. kill yourself you fucking retard

>> No.19386601

Xrp retards are straight up batshit insane

>> No.19386603

Havent you had enough fun? I know you're the same mentally deranged idiot thats been fudding these threads

OP its the same guy. Mentally deranged. A nutter like others have stated lol. He is samefagging this thread, same dude.

>> No.19386619

Not an argument. Why did you stop replying to my posts? >>19386251 you just conveniently dodged the question, yet you are the one's who are accusing people who ask for proof beyond biz 'rumours' of moving goalposts etc, seems very hypocritical.

>> No.19386643

That was a quote by satoshi you fucking mornic shitbag XRP was released in 2012

>> No.19386649

Please shut them down please. I want to see the normies go insane without their dopamine hits.

>> No.19386656

There is some mentally deranged fool that lurks biz and will jump on any pro xrp thread, sometimes create his own and will attempt to fud it to oblivion with childish bullshit. Hes not interested in having a discussion he just berates anyone who is pro xrp and calls them schizo. He probably lost alot of money in the last bullrun and never let it go

>> No.19386697

it hurts that you are retarded and that your commi idea that russia or china were separated and can't be under the thumb of the united states.

The US Military is the most powerful and the Most Technologically Advanced organization on earth. the US government has controls over all Internet on earth, No one can access the internet without going through US channels.

>> No.19386714


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I don't like to use the term, but you're literally behaving like a schizo if you think there is just one person that has valid criticisms about XRP, you're that sperg that was going off about PTSD the other day because some anon made you meltdown in another one of these threads, aren't you? Fucking lol. Why would anyone care about FUDing you? If XRP is going to take off it is going to take off with or without you.
>He is samefagging this thread, same dude.
You are literally a schizo lol.
>It's obvious you're not here to learn or gather info
The way you type makes it seem like you are trying to insinuate that you are privy to that kind of information that we are not, if you'd read my prior posts I've been asking questions and the OP stopped replying to them when he ran out of answers. You sound like those scientology cultists that get angry if people doubt them when they ask for actual facts and not bullshit 'rumours' that anyone could make up.

>> No.19386738

I replied to your post but its obvious you dodged the question and moved the goalpost.

>> No.19386773

>blah blah blah
We all know you're the same sperg. Its funny because you project all of your issues, you posted about being a miserable wagie, and how other people are schizo's.

That's literally you. You ran up the last thread and posted over 90 times LMAO hahhahaha. Utterly ridiculous. And you got trolled major by some other faggot. And you resorted to samefagging. pathetic rofl just like this thread

>> No.19386776

Xrp aside should I get a good hardware wallet? In these uncertain times I fear outages could financially ruin me given how much I'm starting to invest at this point

>> No.19386780

>I replied to your post but its obvious you dodged the question and moved the goalpost.
I think you have me mixed up with another poster, you did not reply back to my last post. Check again.

>> No.19386797

>It's obvious you're not here to learn or gather info.
I actually asked questions
The schizo you are white knighting for couldn't even come up with a decent rebuttal.

>Havent you had enough fun?
>He is samefagging this thread, same dude
Agreed, you might even be him. schizos are do schizo things

> fucking mornic shitbag
Projecting from a schizo

>you dodged the question and moved the goalpost.
You're the one dodging questions schizo.

>> No.19386814

If you've got more than $1000 then its a no brainer to get a hardware wallet. only cost 100$

Only buy from reputable sources, and if you do get one that's shady, reset the device even if you got it from the original source.

>> No.19386815

>Schozio samefaging OP Blames others for samefagging

>> No.19386833

but i did

>> No.19386841
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You are the same guy. The purple ID is you on the computer.

The green ID is your phone posting. It's fucking obvious because only the purple ID uses images. You can post images from your phone, but its easier to do it via desktop pc.

Look at you. You're fucking raging so hard. You're working SOOOO hard to fud this thread, Jesus christ dude, get help

>> No.19386847
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>"you're that sperg that was going off about PTSD the other day because some anon made you meltdown in another one of these threads"
>"We all know you're the same sperg."
Copying me kek, touched a nerve did I? Flattering.
>That's literally you. You ran up the last thread and posted over 90 times LMAO hahhahaha. Utterly ridiculous. And you got trolled major by some other faggot. And you resorted to samefagging. pathetic rofl just like this thread
Yeah I've seen you say this exact same thing to multiple people already across different XRP threads. Ahem TAKE, YOUR, MEDS. Imagine being so obsessed with someone that BTFO you that you still remember them weeks later or however long it has been. Literally a sperg.

>> No.19386867

>You are the same guy.
schizo projection
>You're working SOOOO hard to fud this thread
OP/You (same person) is a confirmed schizo. He/You brought this on himself

>> No.19386868
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Oh my God, you're embarrassing yourself.

>> No.19386894

We posted within seconds of each other, yet we are samefagging according to this schizo: >>19386841 he genuinely believes only one person on this board has criticisms of XRP. Kinda funny, but delusional.

>> No.19386905

Honestly social media should shut down, it's bad for the human race. The internet was better before Facebook, Twitter and 4chan.

>> No.19386913

>47 posts
This thread gave me cancer

>> No.19386916
File: 10 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]









>> No.19386922

>meanwhile im going to claim op is samefagging

>> No.19386949
File: 2.53 MB, 2077x4194, 1573323493320.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.19386954

Haha rekt

>> No.19386975

>Within seconds
Not that hard to do with a pc and a phone you tryhard

>> No.19386992

unless he's got a vpn open on his pc and has 2 browsers.

>> No.19387000
File: 41 KB, 560x375, 432.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Show me where I said that?
>Maybe if I type in all caps and type "LMAO" and "HAHAHAH" with a lot of exclamation marks they won't realise how frustrated and angry I am
I'm going to remember to do that next time multiple people disagree with me. I'm just going to accuse them all of samefagging or being 'in on it'. Tbh this is why people call some of you schizos, because you have paranoid delusions like this instead of just staying on track and debating things amicably.

>> No.19387031

these /threads fud themselves retard
XRP shills don't even know what they're shilling

>> No.19387034

Yikes. Instead of just debating properly you resort to accusing someone of something that they can't reasonably disprove. I suppose that's a good coping mechanism when multiple people disagree lol.

>> No.19387035

Its obvious its you now Green ID hasn't posted a single image

>> No.19387044
File: 11 KB, 1039x84, 342234234234234.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He's all bullshit rofl

>> No.19387062
File: 186 KB, 1774x715, 732489203748972389047823194723984.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

same wojacks, same posting style, same dude

>> No.19387068

>Its obvious its you now
What are you on about schizo?
This is '13 XRP fud tier schizo shit

>> No.19387126

I knew there was a faggot trying to shitpost in every xrp thread and that they would try to create fake threads but i never realized what a faggot he was. i thought i would leave them be and they would get found out for how retarded they were.

It's become completely obvious they are one of the stupidest retards on /biz/

Im headed to bed.

>> No.19387146
File: 110 KB, 700x751, samefag.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.19387163

>going to bed
>in the middle of the day
>pajeet confirmed

oh what a shock!

Anyhow, remember to take those meds before you go to bed

looking forward to your shilling tomorrow!

>> No.19387184

>Screencapping people that make you angry
This is what autism looks like lol. Anon must have really rocked your boat.
>Would rather engage with schizoid paranoia than answer my question
Okay well I guess you don't want to debate your point because you ran out of answers, not surprised that you're running away now lol.

>> No.19387204

Are you pretending to be a schizo or do you really only believe that one person at a time can disagree with you? Of course I will just get back a meme answer, but I am genuinely curious desu.

>> No.19387206

>Shows image of 1 ID participating in /thread, claims 2nd ID is samefagging.
Fuck me Schizo just cause he forgot an image...that doesn't = samefag. Notice those where from the same ID, image or not.

Also you MUST be OP>>19385013, he doesn't know about IDs either. thinks everyone is samefagging. propper schizo shit

>Im headed to bed.
Don't forget to take your meds

>> No.19387214

Don’t worry fren I believe :)

>> No.19387240
File: 1.79 MB, 1200x1363, XRPKING2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>oh so you don't actually believe that xrp would need something like link then? good, i was beginning to worry for your me...ental

and thanks to this anon we found out he's a shitlinker.

>> No.19387256

I stay up late i can sleep when i want
your parents set your bedtime?

>> No.19387265
File: 114 KB, 1392x617, 327429387498234.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>23 posts by this ID
>24 posts by this ID

Also the same guy, via VPN

>> No.19387277

Dude it's literally the same guy, if you read their post and yours you can easily tell just by how you speak. No one is that lame to fud for hours in a coin they don't like for no profit.

>> No.19387291
File: 456 KB, 804x876, 1574954407693.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anon, get off my phone please, I need to use it.

>> No.19387329

The same guy as what, the green ID posting in this thread? We don't even type the same wtf.. I can point out multiple differences in the way that we type. Like I said, I suppose it is easier to pretend that people who disagree are 'in on it' rather than justifying what you have to say, btw you still didn't answer my last question and you keep dodging me whenever I bring that up, you've had enough time to think of an answer.

>> No.19387332

Oh the trisamefag, very very rare. Even rarer than a sane XRP shill

>Schizo have no frame on reality
I thought you where going to bed

>> No.19387344

Lol how embarrassing

>> No.19387363

How can i go to bed when you are dogpiling the other anon with your schizo phone/vpn posting

>> No.19387383

oh god wtf is wrong with you. we really need to improve our education system if the world is churning out people like you. how do you even convince yourself that “ALL packets flows through one of US nodes” means anything or is true?

>> No.19387389
File: 107 KB, 1152x686, 928348323489432980-423980.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You know how I know its 100% you? same guy?
Because you absolutely positively cannot help yourself but to reply to every single negative comment, JUST LIKE THIS ANON POINTS OUT.

You cant help yourself. You must. You dogpile with your other VPN tags, you absolutely cannot help yourself, you cant resist. You're already racking up what, 70+ posts in another xrp thread? Bro get help. How many VPN's you using for this? Jesus

>> No.19387395

Holy fuck schizo thats me you highlighted in that pic. Is this your one fuckin shite tier rebuttal?
fuck me schizo TAKE YOUR MEDS
you clearly haven't

>> No.19387399

Answer my question if you aren't going to bed then, I've given you more than enough time and you just stopped replying to me when I countered your last argument. You XRP shills are always droning on about how we don't want to engage with you and it's all FUD and then I give you the chance and you dodge me, fucking hypocrite lol.

>> No.19387410

Schizo, is your bed even real?

>> No.19387421
File: 175 KB, 630x420, b83.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fucking hell you are actually obsessed with this guy lmao.

>> No.19387423

can we just delete any post that has random words in the middle of sentences capitalized

>> No.19387428

I already asked you wtf you were talking about and you ignored it.

>> No.19387443

Ok, Hrishikesh

>> No.19387461

Dude, how many times do I have to tell you that you are mixing me up with another ID, I even showed you the post that you didn't reply to and you still dodged it. If you don't want to answer me, fine, but then you can't cry that people don't want to engage with you, you can't have it both ways.

>> No.19387469

Get a real education you fucking parasite, if you don't understand how things work keep your mouth shut.

>> No.19387483

You are going in circles you fucking nigger. Tell me wtf you are talking about or fuck off!

>> No.19387491
File: 16 KB, 600x315, q5OL30E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's the same ID you fucking nigger look at you, keeping up the act. Pathetic

How can someone get BTFO this badly by the market they go insane? Wew

>> No.19387509

No he just btfo your sorry ass nigger

>> No.19387537

>The US Military is the most powerful and the Most Technologically Advanced organization on earth. the US government has controls over all Internet on earth, No one can access the internet without going through US channels.

nobody that types like this and capitalizes random words has a bachelor’s degree

>> No.19387563

sure he does, from University of Latcha Paratha in Mumbai

>> No.19387580

Thoughts on paper wallets?

>> No.19387598
File: 14 KB, 636x773, bc3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I pointed you to the post you fucking braindead spastic and you kept dodging it even after I did that, then you accused me of having not even done it, of course I'm going to assume you're mixing me up with someone else if you can't even see that I showed you the post that you didn't reply to: >>19386251 <- Here you fucking idiot, look at it, what more do I need to do to show you which post I mean? I've literally replied to you highlighting it you dumb faggot lol.
We're not talking about samefagging you retard, try to keep up you bandwagoning bagholder.

>> No.19387620

please get covid

>> No.19387656

>It's the same ID
Even though you're retarded and got mixed up. What is the same ID? Where? Show me.

>> No.19387660

>Anon must have really rocked your boat
You just gave yourself away right there.

>> No.19387666

its good, be sure to not lose it.


China is already using American dollars. XRP is a 3rd party that no one can control, This gives trust to the system and it gives incentive to make the system more decentralized by running validator nodes.

Ripple also has a branch in china.

>> No.19387684

Im not a pussy like you and have good immune system.

>> No.19387723

Forgot to switch his tag rofl. you're fucking up even more

>> No.19387727

You’re 1 dumb nigger huh?

>> No.19387786

Stop samefagging schizo.
Fucking hell that was hard to get you to answer, how many fucking times did I have to tell you which question I was referring to? Actually unbelievable. Anyway China is not 'using American dollars' it is operating off of the American reserve currency as a hedge, that's not the same thing as basing your entire economy off of it, that is a poor understanding of basic economics.
>XRP is a 3rd party that no one can control
Again it is American tech, it is beyond ridiculous to think that China or Russia are just going to accept further western dominance, especially over an entirely new financial system.

>> No.19387799

I'm confused, do you think 'samefagging' is when someone replies to multiple posts? Because that's not what samefagging is you dumbass lol.

>> No.19387805

You can buy a cheap usb and put Toastwallet on it, then create a rar file that is off the computer.

i fucked up and accidentally formatted my hard-drive i had one of my wallets on it with about 1000xrp

>> No.19387841

I literally answered you several posts up, you just ignored it.

And again. XRP is a 3rd party that no one can control. Even if Ripple the company went out of business, XRP would still function.

>> No.19387842
File: 10 KB, 200x253, 1590650853010.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I didnt make a mistake and forget to switch to my other IP, you gotta believe me!

>> No.19387843

>i fucked up and accidentally formatted my hard-drive i had one of my wallets on it with about 1000xrp
You could probably use something like recuva to try to retrieve it potentially.

>> No.19387882

I recovered my hard-drive but i couldn't find it.
it wasn't the majority of my xrp, i created a couple of wallets for my family and it was one of them.

>> No.19387891

>And again. XRP is a 3rd party that no one can control
Doesn't matter if no one can control it, China would not simply allow or even trust American tech just because you say "it's good bro, seriously"
You're embarrassing yourself. I asked you what you're talking about and you can't even tell me, schizo ramblings lol. Btw you shouldn't post selfies on a forum like this.

>> No.19387911

Answer the question I asked you in >>19385595 you said you would fact check.
Oh what you going to claim that wasn't you, shut up samefag
this is how you sound schizo

>> No.19387923

China will have no choice. of course china is developing a central bank digital currency but it will have to accept ISO20022 for international banking.

>> No.19387931

>I literally answered you several posts up, you just ignored it.
I just scrolled up and checked btw, if you did reply then you didn't reply to me, you must have replied to someone else.

>> No.19387964

You're still being a giant faggot and denying you're samefagging.
>Oh what you going to claim that wasn't you, shut up samefag
Lol actually, OP is not me. I could samefag with my phone, but I dont have to.

The only one samefagging here is you with your phone and/or VPN. It's obvious. Why not just cut the act already?

>> No.19387967

>China will have no choice
Of course it will, you've just said that they are developing their own.
>ISO20022 for international banking.
So why wouldn't they accept?

>> No.19387971

Im scrolling based on id,I replied to you.


>> No.19388024

CBDC are walled gardens that can't communicate with the outside world. ripple is a company trying to solve cross border transfer for banks.

Why would for example Bank of America use china's CBDC when bank of america has their own coin? why would digital Dollar use Digital Rubel?

XRP has an inbuilt exchange allowing you to exchange anything on it.
This allows for walled gardens to communicate with each other.

It doesn't matter if Ripple is an american company, it's a 3rd party that no one can control and manipulate.

>> No.19388027

>hehe ebin greentext
I'm honestly bored of your angry schizoid ramblings, you just come in these threads to post your wojak folder. I even asked you to show me what you're talking about and where and you just post wide mouthed selfies lol. In all likelihood you're probably the one samefagging and you accuse others of doing it to beat them to it.

>> No.19388028

So I downloaded toast and made a wallet, if I remove the wallet from toast it is a defacto paper wallet then? I will look into putting it on a USB and encrypting it.

>> No.19388068

>Angry schizoid ramblings
You're literally describing yourself. How badly did you lose money with XRP? Sad.

>> No.19388082

Trump won't do shit. He literally is just a whiny boomer.

>> No.19388127

Your post here was before my post, so how was this:
A reply to this:
When you didn't even tag it? I think you really do need to go to sleep desu.
>It doesn't matter if Ripple is an american company, it's a 3rd party that no one can control and manipulate.
They don't need it to participate in markets, the US can't force them to adopt their tech if there's no real leverage, if they wanted to they could still engage with legacy systems out of spite of the tech, the Chinese are notoriously stubborn and suspicious, even that woman, what's her name that used to work for SWIFT that now works for Ripple has said that SWIFT isn't going to be replaced by it and that it can work alongside it.

>> No.19388146

You are so fucking stupid it pains to think me you exist

>> No.19388151
File: 360 KB, 600x580, ohnonono.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>"no u"
Ok schizo.

>> No.19388163

XRP jews isn’t just a meme...

>> No.19388180


take your meds sweeite

>> No.19388182

LOOK AT THE LITERAL KIKES /biz/. Look at how pathetic they are .

>> No.19388183

I got bored also, its all so tiresome. I do find it funny that the XRP shills all appear to be schizos & call others samefags...really activates my almonds.
Its projecting to the highest degree.

If you look through the archives you'll see the same XRP shill MO. One of them gets in trouble a fuck load of shills jump on. I'd guess that they're all in the same internet cafe. The thought that all these schizo XRP shill are actually the same guy is worrying. They need to take their meds regardless

>> No.19388206

>shutting down social platforms because government got butthurt
What's the difference between the CCP and the US again?

>> No.19388211

They try to use the q anon thing to push their kiked XRP. Even going as far as saying q has mentioned xrp or referenced it, WHICH HAS NEVER HAPPENED

>> No.19388229

>if I remove the wallet from toast
im not sure i understand but
the XRP isn't stored on your computer.

>> No.19388233

I really do think that they are the one's samefagging because they accuse other people of it so virulently out of nowhere, it's literally just deflection to cover themselves lol.

>> No.19388238
File: 24 KB, 933x239, 3246723746328746234.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You're so stupid, rofl. You literally give yourself away. I guess you don't really care anymore.

>If you look through the archives you'll see the same XRP shill MO.

"FYI this is typical paid XRP shill MO"

HAHAHAHAHAHAH you fucking suck hahahahaha
>pretending to agree with himself
Get help

>> No.19388249


>> No.19388252

anyone telling you swift is going to be around in the next coming years is lying.

>> No.19388254

>they accuse other people of it so virulently out of nowhere
>it's literally just deflection to cover themselves lol.

>> No.19388269

The US government will be using BUCCANEER. Cope faggot

>> No.19388279

they have been abusing their power banning every conservative post and kissing ass to liberals.

My account was recently banned because i criticized the CCP, You'll see a bunch of liberals literally telling people to kill trump but its fine.

>> No.19388282

What does that image even mean, it looks like someone replied to the wrong person and then apologised for it? I'm so bored of you, you're actually a sperg lol. You didn't deny samefagging btw >>19388027 very suspicious, and you still didn't show me what you're talking about, just rambling on and on and posting wojaks, greentext and screencaps of a thread that made you angry in the past.

>> No.19388306

>anyone telling you swift is going to be around in the next coming years is lying.
Well that's not really proof, that's just an opinion. It's not going anywhere if the Chinese market refuse to adopt American tech and demand that banks allow for them to continue to use legacy methods to circumvent it.

>> No.19388337

I used to read pol a lot, even on there I didn't ever encounter such schizoid paranoia, fucking bizarre. >>19388238 look at him go, "HAHAHAHA ALL CAPS I'M TOTALLY NOT ANGRY!" lol. To think that is someone's son, very sad.

>> No.19388341

i wish i knew this before i bought xrp in mid 2019

>> No.19388380
File: 145 KB, 2048x946, 345d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.19388426

>My account was recently banned because i criticized the CCP
Try harder man. Nobody gets banned at Bilibili for spamming the Tiananmen Square meme.

>You'll see a bunch of liberals literally telling people to kill trump but its fine.
That is not the point of my post.

>> No.19388427

>XRP is good, here's an image I made on MS paint to prove it
Are you serious?

>> No.19388462

I mean I have the app and my wallet/address on the app, I then remove the wallet/address by deleting it from the toast app.

>> No.19388495
File: 20 KB, 780x146, kys.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.19388542

god you're absolutely pathetic, I feel bad for you, you have to post here just like a sperg, look at you, 80 replies by now? pathetic, I just sit back and laugh at you

>> No.19388543

why would you delete it?
it's not stored on your computer so you can close the program. next time you want to open your wallet you can enter your backup code and pin.

>> No.19388634

For paper wallets?

>> No.19388655
File: 24 KB, 480x478, 5435.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Didn't deny samefagging (again)
>Didn't tell me what he was referring to (again)
>"y-you're pathetic I'm not the sperg y-you're the sperg, you're not allowed to discuss things in this thread!"
You're letting the schizo team down, no angry post in all capitals this time? Must be getting tired. Take your meds before you rest your weary little head chief.

>> No.19388770

As a majority xrp holder, I think this internet blackout thing is absolutely fucking retarded and has nothing to do with xrp or finance in general. Stop grasping at straws and stop work the fucking conspiracy bs y'all.

>> No.19388786

You literally make up shit, I told you I didnt samefag here >>19387964
You have no credibility
no one takes you seriously
every time I look at your post I laugh at your pathetic life hahaha, time to take your meds sperg, schizo, projecting everything you are on others. How does it feel knowing that you'll never be whole again after losing all that money in the market? hahahahaha

>> No.19388837

>Getting assblasted when someone points out that he is samefagging
Pretty obvious that you're samefagging now, you gave it away chief.

>> No.19388857

hahaha, sorry buddy, I dont need to samefag, unlike you. You're the sperging rager hahahaha

>> No.19388890

46 posts, someone is invested in this thread

>> No.19389016


>> No.19389028
File: 216 KB, 500x490, 653534.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>hahaha, sorry buddy, I dont need to samefag, unlike you. You're the sperging rager hahahaha
lol k, pic related.
Been talking with OP about Ripple and replying back to schizo spergs like you and this guy who won't stop (you)ing me because you're obsessed.

>> No.19389070

>posts a wojack
>been talking with OP
You must have lost so much money hahahahaha

>> No.19389222
File: 9 KB, 205x246, seething.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.19389263

fed crypto is coming. all your bags are worthless. your existing usd will be converted into fed crypto and thats it. no more ripples or buttcorns.

>> No.19389308

The FED having their own crypto shouldn't mean anything for ripple because ripple is supposed to deal with currency exchanges across borders.

>> No.19389400

>more wojacks of denial
hahahaha, you must have been so rekt by xrp

>> No.19389446

You have no fucking clue how the internet works.

>> No.19389454
File: 173 KB, 880x795, laughingatseethingsamefagschizo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.19389481

good will anon looking out for your crypto.
listen to him - not your private key; not your crypto

>> No.19389524

>don't deny the samefagging and loss of money

>> No.19389677
File: 833 KB, 498x259, dabonthesamefag.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Denying any of your endless strawman claims would give them credibility and encourage you to make more to deflect, schizo. I call you out for samefagging then you accuse me of samefagging yadayada. Typing "hahahaha" with every post doesn't make anyone believe that you're laughing and not crying, chief. You've embarrassed yourself beyond belief in this thread, no one with an above room temp IQ is buying it lol.

>> No.19390094

>still denies samefagging
>denies he got rekt by market
damn, it must be heard being a schizo loser like you hahaha

>> No.19390141
File: 236 KB, 600x434, brappingonthesamefag.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.19390226

>I reply almost 30 min after his post
>replies 3 min after mine
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH he's obsessed and cant help himself, dance puppet

>> No.19390297
File: 215 KB, 377x485, kek.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>it must be heard being a schizo loser like you hahaha
>it must be heard
So angry you are literally shaking. How do you keep up the samefagging for so long whilst being such a nervous wreck? Do tell.

>> No.19390308

>notices my spelling error 1 post after
>Trying this hard with spelling

>> No.19390461
File: 29 KB, 486x309, yikes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>"HAHAHAHAHA hehehe heh.. *cries*"
>Doesn't deny it
Thanks for admitting that you were samefagging this entire time. Another day another meltdown, too easy. Lay off bashing on your keyboard, you take it easy schizo.

>> No.19390519

Look at this tryhard, dance puppet, you've been using graphics in nearly every post. Don't cry too much now - thank god not everyone loses this much money in the market like you did, hahaha

>> No.19391437

jesus what the fuck is wrong with xrp faggots lately?
the only try hard here is you bro, you look fucking stupid and paranoid, kill yourself

>> No.19391493
File: 35 KB, 564x823, 1589690293648.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>so mad about the samefagging he's still complaining about it
>rotates IP and attempts to save face
dance puppet dance!

>> No.19391783

wow they are right, u xrp niggers really are deluded losers, other anons have already said it all for me itt u have made urself look like a fool, cya faggot hahaha

>> No.19391842

>wow they are right
You mean your other ips?
HAHAHAHAHAH still upset I called you out on your obvious samefagging. So mad! Dance puppet dance!

>> No.19392008


>> No.19392276

>this is what the average xrp schizo believe

>> No.19392387

Bags packed locked and loaded

>> No.19392582

Typical Thursday night drunk schizo thread

>> No.19393753

So I had a thought, is xrp supposed to moon while the internet is down?

>> No.19393809
File: 851 KB, 1024x819, 1548964200266.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Trump is so much weaker than he originally appeared. It's disappointing.

>> No.19394441

God everyone in this thread is a fucking retard, can we just delete it.

>> No.19394477 [DELETED] 

>God everyone in this thread is a fucking retard
You're in this /thread Anon
Me? I'm deleting this post

>> No.19394554 [DELETED] 

u accused every person in this thread of samefagging bcuz u can't handle that everyone thinks ur autistic, ur actually retarded bro, take ur meds

>> No.19394599

>Waaaaahhhhh why are threads about crypto I can't manipulate allowed to stay up.

>> No.19394613

u accused like every person itt of samefagging bcuz u cnt handle that every person you interact with thinks ur a retard, we are not samefagging we just all agree that ur a retarded autistic schizo, do the world a favor a hang urself

>> No.19394792

this is probably the most autistic post ive seen in a long time, it should be put into a cringe compilation xrp drones seething kek

>> No.19394866
File: 54 KB, 647x740, 1590356706936.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>let me use internetz slang like "ur" "itt", "ursel, that'll showem! Now he's got lots of people attacking him, yeah!
Dance puppet dance!

>> No.19395380

Probably a 40/yr old loser ong

>> No.19395387

>i can only cope with the reality that everyone thinks im a dumbass by pretending that there is some grand conspiracy
oof you forgot ur "hahahaha" to show us how unaffected u are by being bullied into submission by everyone itt. goodnight schizo, hf finding another pic to post with ur greentext that i wont read

>> No.19395421

hahah we posted within a few secs of each other, watch this schizo accuse us of samefagging aswell, unbelievably cringe. gn anon

>> No.19395441
File: 85 KB, 596x1008, 1590414610311 (1).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>"itt", "bcuz", "hf",
>prolly a 40yr loser!
>that I won't read
>I'm different people I swear!
Still salty I called you out on samefagging ROFL he can't let it go, relax buddy

>> No.19395481

I just came to this thread hahaha
God you must be bored brother responses are fast

>> No.19395511
File: 10 KB, 187x250, 1589688544148.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>hahah we posted within a few secs of each other
>gn anon I luv you!
dance puppet dance! dance for me you giant faggot hahahahaha you got such a beatdown, make sure not to smash your keyboard
I literally spend 5 seconds responding ROFL dance puppet on your IPs

>> No.19395537
File: 405 KB, 864x349, 65C67FC7-60F1-4234-9F5D-5C8804EAEEEC.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lol at the ip part but I’m working lol no same fagging

>> No.19395582
File: 420 KB, 1200x950, 1590386344093.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I just came to this thread I swear
>I'm working
dance puppet, dance dirty wagie

>> No.19395605
File: 16 KB, 320x190, EFA1AA61-D0B0-4399-ADAF-09918D6D68C8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Xrpeeee is standard I no want wagie

>> No.19395624
File: 186 KB, 1280x800, 1590386527761.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Still upset about being exposed for being a dirty samefagger
Don't cry yourself to sleep, everything will be OK dirty wagie

>> No.19395870

I’m not a samefag ;d sorry bro

>> No.19395920

Dance puppet, you got utterly rekt

>> No.19395955
File: 732 KB, 2208x1422, 5D15D81A-15A1-43A5-802A-E1F6E9F0B64C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I’m so confused homie

>> No.19395966

Dance puppet

>> No.19396236

This thread is cancer, ripple is dog shit, but the ripple community is the worst thing about it.

>> No.19396449

thats why you are a fucking sysadmin and not a teir 1 operator

>> No.19396612

Kys nigger. The Ripple community is great and so is Ripple.

>> No.19396664

Oh wow your back. If your able mind considering this post?

>> No.19396749

>tweets war threats at 3am on the toilet
>loses mind when someone calls bullshit
this guy can be such a stupid little faggot

>> No.19397118

So aren’t you

>> No.19397156

It could happen at any time, No one can truly say when they want to flip the switch. Every day there is more news of partnerships and amazing development that if it were any other coin all of /biz/ would be foaming at the mouth. but because its xrp and ripple it doesn't matter.


>> No.19397273

Thats fair, I just imagined if this really wasn't meant for average people they would do this during an outage/blackout. I plan to slowly add each week, I hope to get 10k since I'm not wealthy.

>> No.19397299


>> No.19397388

Thing with XRP is we are so early even a teenager can become quite wealthy and take advantage.

>> No.19397438

Early is fine but by only a few months? That seems like its cutting it close imo.

>> No.19397940

Kys nigger

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