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I need help I have 8.8K link that i’ve not told anyone. I’ve told my family members to invest but they’ve all sold their positions after a slight dip. Only my dad hasn’t.

What do I do once we make it, he and I are gonna be hassled for money... my family all works middle class jobs so they def had a chance to get more LINK than me...

I guess it true mo money mo problems.

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You're not going to make it

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Take your meds

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seething nolinkers, entertain me more, go on

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Plant the seeds telling them you’ve already sold. Don’t flash cash if / when you make it. Tell your dad to do the same.

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nothing to worry about, you won't "make it" with just 8.8k link, retard

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Yea just like how we had 0 customers right.

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lol I actually have no idea what links going to do, I don't invest in crypto currency because it is only based on itself and what tards are willing to pay for it. I prefer stocks because they're based on a company and you can use information to predict what they'll do in the next few months. Gold, Silver, Oil, and other raw materials are the same way were you can buy and sell based on what you think is going to happen in the next few months. If people are scared, gold will go up. If Saudi Arabia and Russia decide to have a dick measuring contest with oil production during a time were oil production is dropping, it's probably going to go back up since they will eventually make a deal and oil is used for literally anything. Cyrpto Currencies are based on shilling and theres like 6 million shitcoins being pushed and I have no clue what any of them will be valued at in the future. For your sake I hope link grows 6 million percent in the next 2 weeks, but I haven't the faintest fucking clue what it's going to do.

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Thank you for caring about my investment in which you do not own!

You must really love looking out for internet strangers financial well being!

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My dearest friend, 'tis with immense pleasure that I inform you that your letter has found safe travel to my destination and landed in my hands. However, this pleasure was fated to remain short lived and bittersweet, for I must also admit to you, regardless of what distress it may cause to you, knowing you went to great trouble to pen it and deliver it to me, that I in fact declined to open it and refused to read the message contained within. Surmising your intentions, there exists no doubt in my heart regarding your sincere worries for my financial well being, but alas your attempts to convince me to modify my investment strategies shall regretfully remain futile, as my stubbornness in this matter has indeed been sealed irrevocably and no other voice shall rock its imperturbable foundations. Allow me then to reiterate my will once more, and do your best to forever remember it for no change will follow: I shan't part ways with my beloved asset for it is my utmost belief that I have invested wisely and foresee infinite potential in its future, and therefore no other possession in this world shall change my decision, not even a mountain of gold! For my possessed asset is indeed fated to be worth more than any other riches in the world. We shan't speak of this no more. Sincerely yours, your beloved friend.

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No more money create more problem if your family is nigger in relationship to money

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It doesn't matter and no one cares. Stop telling people about your money that is extremely low caste behavior.

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What the fuck is you doing with 8.8k link. You need small cap coins.

E.g. XLM. Buy a fuck ton of XLM and sell it at the fucking dollar.

REN. Buy fucking REN nodes, be a god damn fucking chad. 100k ren will be worth 100 fucking grand in the year or two.

ADA, even fucking ripple

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ada and ripple have a higher mcap
are you looking at price per coin?

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