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If the spaceX launch fails, I will get rekted won’t I?

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Read the contents of the fund, it doesn't hold any SpaceX. I doubt the launch will affect price negatively, only positively.

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t. I bought into the fund myself for the first time today. Regardless of SpaceX it's easily mooning to $80 & beyond once airlines return to normalcy and the saber rattling between the US & China continues. Buy buy buy.

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I bought. Will be back here in 5 years

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You're going to make it anon, godspeed. A word of warning though, given its 3x leverage I wouldn't but a blanket on it for 5 years. When it comes to Direxion 3x's I think they're best for swinging. Check back in quarterly at least.

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Thanks for the advice. I was planning to hold at least till things get back to normal. Who knows when that will be. But it has been in an upward trend in the last couple of days and it seems to be heavily impacted by COVID. It was trading at $70 before COVID

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It just passed it's peak since the bottom in March, looks like a recovery from here, I can imagine bumpy roads ahead but I saw the holdings of the Index.

Index Top Ten Holdings %
Lockheed Martin 17.33
United Technologie 15.76
Boeing 13.48
General Dynamics 4.73
Teledyne 4.57
L3 Harris 4.53
Northrop Grumman 4.39
Transdigm Group 4.01
Raytheon 4.01
Huntington Ingralls 3.14

Seems solid in the long run from here because all these stocks were affected by COVID

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Launch is offffff

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gutted mate, i was so excited to see the launch as well

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Why did it pump after the news that the launch was off though? Lol

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launh was off due to weather, rather than an internal problem
dunno why it would actually pump though

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launch was cancelled. Great, more time to ride on the hype train, just went all in DFEN

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What hype? Did you see the holdings of DFEN? >>19374007

Those are not hype stocks

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You do realize once the airline industry recovers they're going to moon, right? They are absolutely hype stocks.... and if shit pops off with China, or Iran, or Venezuela, or North Korea... then we're going parabolic.

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Ah. Maybe I took it the wrong way, by hype stocks, I was thinking “meme stocks”, in a negative sense. Anyway, I think I’ll hold till we recover. As tensions increase with China, Iran, or Venezuela, maybe it can push it to higher highs.

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based as fuck

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That’s the first time I got called based. Cheers.

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It’s fucking mooning
Already up 11% today, Cheers MIC Chads we’re going to make it.

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OP here, whew, the green candle came out of nowhere! I bought 10 minutes before closing lol

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The balls of this man, going all in of DFEN. You will make it.

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Thanks man! Since I’m a poor fag, I do have to take some risk like that to see some gains, but I’m still a young student so I can afford to lose it, I have a lot of time ahead of me. About to graduate Mech E, so right now this is play money compared when I get a salary wage

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Bought 10 min before closing

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based and 69 checked

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he's literally the most based&chad person i've seen on /biz/ in weeks

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Yes I know. I’m poor. I need to do that to see some gains. I had holdings in most of those companies anyway, just decided to put it in a Index. >>19375034

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Thanks, I want to make it. I took a screenshot of your post, it will get me through a dark time, if I ever go through one

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Investing in companies who make bombs that blow up innocent children is well on the side of immoral, in my book. Doesn't it bother you?>>19373362

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Big fag

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Lmao not at all. I live in the most powerful empire in the history of the world, I shall revel in its conquest and subjugation of inferior insect countries.

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Agree >>19375628

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we are going to the moon again with women as pilots in 2024. Of course you hold this.

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i invest solely in defense companies and geo group. fuck brown people and fuck niggers. i enjoy profiting off of both of them

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Seethe more

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Fucking based, make sure to add CXW to that Chadfolio fellow private prison investor.

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>Avg 13.72
>AH 15.01
you are gonna make it anon

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OP is a mad man. You crazy bastard

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Lol I did not expect this pump. Glad I bought early. Hopefully we reach pre corona levels which was trading at $70!!! I will be putting more money in when I get paid!!!

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>leveraged etf

>5 years


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How long is he supposed to hold? It is an aerospace and defense stock, it seems pretty solid to hold. Defense and aerospace ain’t going nowhere and he bought it at an incredible discount.

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He should hold at least till those stocks in the index reach pre corona levels

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it literally says "daily" in the name....