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XRP shils hands down

>> No.19362552

you forgot twu

>> No.19362563

Quant shills.

>> No.19362578

The weeb who usurped /smg/ and puts his websites in the OP

>> No.19362579

Bump we all know it the XRP schizos

>> No.19362587

How do I vote for all crypto holders

>> No.19362653

voted for BSV, but trannies should have been an option. even if it goes without saying they should be reminded as frequently as possible.

>> No.19362671

you forgot GHOST

it's XRP though. they're all fucking schizos. don't know what it is about that coin that attracts them. maybe the x at the front, but then they'd be all over monero too and stellar.

>> No.19362672

Bullshit, no one shills XRP anymore. Fuckin ghosties are the worst now

>> No.19362676

buy fantom retards

>> No.19362685

>noone shills XRP
>at any given point there are at least 3 concurrent XRP shill threads running on /biz

nice try shill

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Who is the tard that voted /smg/

>> No.19362730

get fucked boomer
this is a crypto board

>> No.19362770

>t.Zoomer i know this is crypto board, taking stock advice from here is a good way to go broke
/SMG/ Isn’t annoying that’s all, it’s got one quarantine thread that’s it.

>you’ll be the boomer soon millennial fuck. zoomers will inherit the world

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For me it was a toss up. stinkies are just dumb but xrpeasants are absolutely mental.

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so basically, board quality would go up 400% if all four of these groups were banned

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>Bullshit, no one shills XRP anymore
Time to set the pipe down.

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I hate BSV and ESH/Ghost shills equally

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where is ghost you fucking mcaffee shill

>> No.19362829

nigger, there so many fucking shitcoins being spammed on /biz/ i keep forgetting the latest flavor of the week. Hence why Other is an option

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forgetting? there have been 5000 ghost threads in the past two weeks. you might want to see a doctor about your memory issues.

>> No.19362854

its hard to tell if the shills are serious about it or not. I view GHOST like its SMUG token or something. I didnt think there were people who actually believed in it

>> No.19362879

Kleros worst shillers ever, an army of pajeet discord trannies.

>> No.19362896

/smg/fag here. i couldn't broadly vote for all crypofags, so i selected myself.

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this is probably the general consensus

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You are the scum of this board, I hate you almost as much as I hate the pajeets but you do this board a favor by (usually) staying in your containment thread. Now fuck off.

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These polls are just to show who is mad enough to spam votes with their VPN.

It's not just the fact that they are discord trannies, it's that they are openly proud and unabashed about being discord trannies specifically targeting /biz/
Total forced faggotry

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PNK shillers are exceptionally annoying.

>> No.19363114

6ix9ine coin posters and statera fags

>> No.19363157

BSV and it’s not even close

They have been relentless for years shilling their scam. At least most other coins could work in theory in some way but BSV is just a straight up glownigger scam

>> No.19363169

Why is /smg/ hated on? Stockfags literally stick to 1 thread.

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The Bulgarian Crack Whore.

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Xrp should be number one wtf

>> No.19363302

'Weebsite' amrite

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Fuck YEAH!

>> No.19363385

Harmony fags

>> No.19363579

Why no SUTERUSU? I hate, therefore I am bullish.

>> No.19363602

I dislike pajeets, and third worders, poor shitters making thread about their measly $1000 investment.

Buying one coin and bonding with it is stupid, I jump from coin to coin all the time.

>> No.19363617

This and nano pajeets

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Linkchain faggots are the worst. Such whiny little bitches.

>> No.19363683

>stinkies are just dumb
Then how did they pick out the best-performing crypto of the past two+ years?

>> No.19363704

what's this man's name???

>> No.19363710

Its called chainlink and its the future.

>> No.19363718

see >>19363683

>> No.19363754

I hear you’re enjoying the crab walk before it dies.

>> No.19363759

t.paid upwork shills

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You’ll be sucking dick for a single silver dime by December.

Formerly well to do linkie.

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I'm only jealous of the Linkies, you're actually salty.

>> No.19363809

What fucking quality you nigger? I've made 1000%+ from LINK thanks to linkers. You want to have threads on how to buy ETFs and save money? Fucking retard.

>> No.19363810

Voted other

Cardano shills are the worst bizfags dont deserve it

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>> No.19363893

i fucking hate link

>> No.19363896

Selfish (pajeets) ppl

>> No.19363901

The bulls.

>> No.19363918

tfw no janny

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