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Bitcoin is going down to $5K and it will happen violently.
Every alt that is in profit right now is going to get vacuumed down to zero.
ETH will see double digits.
Ghost will drop down to 20 cents.
I have been through this all before. I don't make predictions. I tell the truth.

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I can’t tell, is she asian?

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I want to believe. Big dick whale did say wednesday was going to be a blood bath

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it's sad that deluded bag holders won't heed this advice

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Nahhh I'm probably gonna hold and mass buy at your supposed 5K, then resell at 20k+. It might take a while (years) but it'll be worth the wait.

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that's a man.

also ONE is a scam

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i didn't listen to big dick whale when he said to hold at 7k, so I'm unironically not buying bitcoin till i see some significant price action

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You are an idiot look at the graph

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seems bearish, but what do u see anon

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That's a man!

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That's a SCAM

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Turk ofc

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why is everyone so worked up about one. it's just an ERC20 like LINK right?

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It is the same small group of faggots still holding these bags, spamming this scam now again nonstop, hoping to get you to save their losses a bit. Don't fall for it.

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I have more to lose by selling and it going up then it falling and me getting a chance to buy more for cheap

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>t. Retard

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You anons got duped HARD AF. That is actually a woman. Imagine being so deluded to think that is a man. LMAO rekt

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