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Craig is thot patrolling his own sister. The absolute mad lad.

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River BTFO

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River is his niece. She's nice as hell and her generally like her, but desu I kind of can't help agree with Craig that the whole TA bullshit needs to go.

Lisa is the sister, but surprises me that he actually blocked her lel. But yeah Lisa is not better than the army of shitcoin pump and dumpers on youtube.

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Lisa is a druggie and shills btc and other scams with her bullshit TA charts. Creg is a turboautist faggot but he is right on this one

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Imagine actually following Creg drama.

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River is smart, and instead of selling memelines on twitter and discord, she should build a real business on BSV and expand the ecosystem in a healthy way imo.

Lisa is beyond saving.

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Best part was lisa saying the halving was set to coincide with her birthday

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Now I'm starting to like Craig.

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Imagine NOT following Satoj drama.

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Craig drama is kino as fuck. Better than any movie or show out right now, and definitely the most entertaining thing happening in crypto

Even the BSV haters are hooked on it

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I wonder if he forged this email.

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haha #crypto world drama guys!!! send it to drama alert lol!

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without a doubt its pre-meditated.
standard chewbacca defense ongoing

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Craig can't spell Hear. Yes I'm sure he is the dev of Bitcoin.

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He's such a sperg he uses voice dictation and some shitty one that cant decipher he aussie retard accent

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Guy is such an autist.

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phonetic error from voice recognition software. All his social media writings are full of these.

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Turns out that Lisa blocked him first.

Lisa is ditzy, Craig is autistic ... doesn't look like they get along too well kek

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oops, wrong pic

meant to post this one

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Lmao what a fucking boomer. This right here is proof he is not a programmer and never was.

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Enjoy being crushed by your bags bsvtard?

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lol what? BSV doing better than basically every other crypto.

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>1 bsv = 0.02 btc

Lol ok shill.

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Get rekt shitcoiner lel

Keep bagholding a useless ponzi

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>Lisa is the sister, but surprises me that he actually blocked her lel
It doesn't surprise me. Craig recently said what he hates the most is drugs and gays. It's not long ago when pictures of Lisa with drugs surfaced. On top of that she is even worse than River when it comes to shilling ta and trading and cashing in on the fact that she is Craigs sister

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It was $3,000 when you forked off BTC tho. You’ve literally lost $2814 by hodling 1 BSV instead of 1 BTC

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>hates drugs/gays
pictures of him kissing dude and partner gay
pictures of him drinking and smoking cigars
what a hypocrite

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>On top of that she is even worse than River when it comes to shilling ta and trading and cashing in on the fact that she is Craigs sister
I know, I personally can't really stand Lisa, but River is cool. But if she's shitting up Satoshis slack channels with TA, then yeah I'd give her a warning too. Kinda feel bad for her though, Craig should've told her in private instead of absolutely wrecking her for the entire world to see. Huge asshole thing to do to your own niece.

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lisa totally dabbed on linkies a few weeks ago
she is based and redpilled

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Keep the pathetic cope spewing. Don't forget:

>1 hyper shitcoin BSV = 0.02 Bitcoin

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Yeah he should have, but he is autistic for real. He just don't understand that sort of stuff

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Can you post the tweet? I need it for my link FUD folder

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Worst part is that River actually admires him and always defends him. She was probably crushed by that exchange.

Another thing I found interesting, is that even after he shit on them, none of them have retracted their statement of him being Satoshi. Would be the easiest thing for them to do to get back at him.

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As if the opinion of absolute nobodies matter.

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You mean nobodies like Gavin Andresen, George Gilder, Calvin Ayre who also say he's Satoshi.

Pretty interesting that Craig who is apparently a really smart retard has manage to hypnotize them all!

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anyone can say anything. which is why asymmetric cryptography was invented.

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>She was probably crushed by that exchange.
like many before most notably Roger Ver

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>this destroys dumb bsv scam victims
"Craig Steven Wright is a liar and a fraud. He doesn't have the keys used to sign this message."

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>Worst part is that River actually admires him and always defends him. She was probably crushed by that exchange.
I must admit it broke my heart a little. I don't think it was wrong of craig to say what he said, but place and the wrapping was as bad as it could be. He needs to learn how to cull his autism and interact with people in a more polite manner. He has gotten a lot better though, I've got to give him that. I hope River can brush this off

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Not following any of these cretins. Are the for or against btc?

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Hello O1G. Nice to see you again. You should know better than anyone that most people are against btc. They literally destroyd bitcoin. BSV is the only continuing the original bitcoin as described in the whitepaper and scaling the way satoshi wanted

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Hahahahahaha holy shit that explains all the 8000 word essays on his website. I can just imagine him walking around in his office ranting into his microphone. kek

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>I must admit it broke my heart a little

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>most people are against btc
sure... just keep on dreaming!

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>a mountain of word documents to dig into
oh boy... why not a tiny little signature?

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fuck off loser

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He actually has that speech dongle in so many pictures, even ones you don't really expect. Just went through my folder to check and look what I found

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>He wears his cock as a scarf under the collar.
I work closely with Craig and can confirm this is the truth. He must attach the cock high up on his body to prevent it from popping out of his slacks and onto the floor. That would be very embarrassing and bad in meetings with high ranking investors and government officials. When the penis is secured with the cock ring collar, it is very easy and practical to use it as a scarf. The insemination part of Craig's reproductive organ is very meaty and thick with a lot of big bulging veins with a massive and powerful blood flow which make it radiate intense heat in all directions. Some of this strong heat is emitted as visible light if he is more aroused than usual. It is this bright and blinding halo that make so many people mistake him for Jesus

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File: 91 KB, 1500x1000, https%3A%2F%2Fd1e00ek4ebabms.cloudfront.net%2Fproduction%2F67a1428d-634d-459b-8daf-1b11b7b07d10_FINAL.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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Just the other day I lost ownership of my tesla as an individual stole the keys out of my bag while I was ordering my onions frappucino. Unfortunately I was unable to verify the thief's pgp key so I could not put out an anonymous hit on him. I returned home to tell my wife but to my dismay I only found a woman at home that looked exactly like my wife but was unable to publicly sign the private key I had given her to verify our marriage, claiming it had been left in my tesla. Obviously i moved out immediately as I could not trustlessly verify the identity of this woman claiming to be wife.

Some time passed and one day I was lucky enough to come across my tesla. Chasing down the young man who had parked it I demanded his pgp key so that i could initiate a ransomware smart contract to blackmail him into returning the private keys of my car to me. To my great relief it turned out this young man was my wife as before I could send the gas to the smart contract he publicly signed a message with my wifes private key. In the end we all laughed, I just have no idea how we ever trusted anyone before bitcoin.

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you do realise thats not him right

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Guys absolutely mad
I fuckin love how much Reddit hates him, I bought sub 195 BSV and equiv BSVBEAR,

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It's his best friend. He even brought it with him to Stonehenge!

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lol I never noticed. Now I understand how he was able to shitpost so much on twitter. Sometimes he had 200 tweets a day. Pic related one of my favorites

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Here's one more.

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I know dude, his twitter was the best. See>>19364678 It's a loss for humanity that it was suspended, he was an absolutely unstoppable shitposter!

One day I'll make an archive of the Craig tweets I've saved and put it on chain, I think people will find it amusing. I got a few hundred saved, most of them from the hash war. Epic shit.

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dont like it? SNIFF

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>Loss for humanity
Stfu hyperbolic Reddit

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What is this? South east Melbourne?

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Craig is such a fucking dickhead

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Craig is the most dangerous type of autismo out there.

The one with his own insane principals that he goes to any ends to enforce.

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Kek. Imagine him pacing around stone henge bellowing into his dongle
"and another thing River, you fucking slut!"

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Btw if someone still admires you even after you admonish them, that is a sign of true power and leadership.

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didn;t read. sage

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kek, does anyone know the model of that thing he wears?

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that's a funny story anon, but i really think your wife is cheating on you.

>> No.19365635

I feel like his wife lives on the moon or something. Far away from this mess

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i have to give it to him as a twitter troll he was decent enough. if only he had any other talent...

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man this whole thing just looks bad wtf, imagine having these crazy dumbass sisters

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i dont have to imagine. like craig Im a stable genius. I tried to hire my sister for a job once (to be nice to her because she was looking to make some cash). she didnt do shit, blew deadlines and when I called her out on it she gave me attitude. I got super pissed and yelled at her and she ended up calling me autistic and mentally insane, my mother even took her side. craig is living the same bullshit except on a scale times 1000x and as a public figure who gets shit on by the entire world. it must be hard to be craig I actually respect that he doesnt give a fuck about winning popularity contests and sticks to his guns

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