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I locked my bitcoin at 13k, what if it keeps going up? should I unlock it?

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What do you mean? You can’t unlock it unless it hits 13 K?

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Don't unlock bro, just hold. You're lucky you locked at 13K, I unlocked as we were coming down in 2018.

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what is this cuck device

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cock cage

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just hold retard

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Someone please help, I accidently locked my coins because I was trying to see how it worked so I could be ready for the bull run. I don't remember hitting the confirm button but it now says I'm locked at 6k. I emailed trezor and they told me there is nothing they can do. Does anyone know how to hack the firmware or something? I'm going to kill myself if Bitcoin goes to 100k and I'm locked at 6k.

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did the block get mined that you locked to, you might have time to unlock somehow idk

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why the fuck would you ever want to lock up?

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Just send an unlock request 30 days before the next bull market (Winter 2021)

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so you can insulate yourself from dumps, genius. would you rather have your shit locked at 6k or be unlocked while bitcoin is at 3k?

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How are you affording the $1k/month locking interest fee

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dude what is locking haha

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I've hit the unlock button probably 100 times already but it just says "Error: Unlock not permitted" and then it crashes and reboots. My gf already caught me crying the other day so I had to lie and say my grandma died. I was going to ask her to marry me and finally prove I'm not a fuck up but now I'll probably have to break up with her and kill myself. Either that or I'm going to be stuck waging forever.

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so a trezor IS worth it, those cucks on stocktwits told me not to waste my time.
how does locking work? is it like futures contracts?

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you must have no self control

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How exactly does this work?

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Try to submit an unlock hash into the block once you see BTC confirming a bullish trend on the daily candles. Worst case scenario you can relock if it falls below the trend line and you will lose some to the lockage fees

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the trezor sends a 1x perpetual short weighted across several crypto exchanges. the benefit is you lock the price without ever giving up access to your btc and you stay in btc. the drawback the shills never mention are the unlocking fees

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The chainlink integration for the inverse swap smart contract is based tho

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heh i locked at 19k back in 2017 :) just waiting for real estate to crash so i can pick up some cheap boomer mc mansions

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This is so retarded that I refuse to believe this is a real future. If you like a price, sell it at that price.

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OP is probably interested in the stabmark bonus for selling at 0-day unlock

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is that still going on? wtf

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