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so let's say in the next obvious bitcoin dump an alt goes to 0.01 dollars. Now, at this point bitcoin will start to climb again for a short period and alts will recover, so if this alt goes from .01 to .1 thats an x10. Is it that easy? This market seems too easy, unfortunately I'm a poorfag and I'm waiting for the absolute bottom of btc at 900 dollars so I cannot risk my money until that. But why you retard burguers aren't making money with those crazy fluctuations?

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>this market is so easy
>I cannot risk my money
Who says alts will recover? Most never do. You have to dyor and pick legit projects and filter through the pnd scams here. You are a real brainlet though, i'd advise you to just buy link and hold

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Im talking about short term trading, obviously Im not hodling alts in a bear market. you see, there is a basic pattern with the alts.

BTC dumps, alts dump.

Btc pump, alts pump a little.

Btc crab at the top of the movement, alts pump heavy.

My point is that when the alts hit lows like .01 dollars, even small movements will give you a lot of return.

And yes I know Im a retard and no Im not buying Link.

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>And yes I know Im a retard and no Im not buying Link.
the perfect sentence

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well the thing with scams like Link is that sure they can make you rich but they can also cease to exists tomorrow