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Why is the President of Brazil signing orders to arm the civilians with guns to prevent a dictatorship in a country he is supposed to be the president of?

what does this mean?


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is that real? holy shit did the founding fathers reincarnate in brazil?

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He is referring to New World Order. Some guy in my gaming teamspeak works for Microsoft. He was talking about agenda 21 and his bunker right before this all went down. I thought he overdosed on Alex Jones.

I was wrong..... so very wrong.....

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Seems so anon

tfw its true

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guns are already legal there

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The President of Brazil is Black Pilled anon he always was. Why do you think the elite are moving to places like Brazil, New Zealand, etc

Why am I still wage cucking in America

The full video is here

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Joke is the guy is himself a dictator. Plus purposely burning the Amazon forest for money, not acknowledging coronavirus (maybe he does now), etc. The guy is a living pest.
I'm not moving there.

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are they legal everywhere though? I thought it was to legalize them in cities.

kind of how like guns are legal in america unless you are in some cities.

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lol u are a retard op

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Seriously anon explain it to me. Not everyone is "Black Pilled"

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if someone started this rhetoric in australia it would be like the rebirth of sparta.
55 chinese for each aussie

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The lizard people are coming to reclaim their territory. I'm not even joking.

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>look mom I posted it again XD

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And do what with it?

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you mock agenda 21, and yet how many people if told about it, after all that's happened, would say: "wait a minute, that actually is thing?"

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it's a shit hole

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Ignore the schizo

Ya I wish Australia would wake up. They are asking for a investigation into Corona virus but it is hardly getting any attention. Your whole country's new media is cucked.

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I thought it was just billionaires LARP'ing bro just like everyone else. I never thought it would come to this. I feel like such a idiot for not listening to my gaming bro who actually works at Microsoft.

He knew what Bill Gates was doing when he was running Corona Virus drills right before this all went down and ignored him.

American deserves this we are all brainwashed. All it takes is called something a "conspiracy theory" to discredit controversial information.

I was going to leave but they denied me a Passport. No amount of money can get anyone a Passport right now. Idk what to do guys OP is right we are all fools who know nothing.

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You don't understand. The lizard people just want the world cleansed of us goys. We are expandable. We must ready the foods that are toxic to them

They now they can't eat our chicken! So they gotta find other sources of protein! They can't eat us because we're impure hence why theyre killing us! So they'll go for other sources of food! We must grind down everything they're allergic too and spread it over the earth before its too late. The bongo bongos are going to be their frontline soldiers and they'll use our fucking remains to make clothes. This wouldn't have happened if you americans hadn't elected Donald Trump. He's one of them. He's going to sale us to Putin on a silver platter. Don't you fuckers understand?! Russia was their base all along! Corona was bio-engineered there and spread everywhere elsr gfvccccccccccccccccccccccccccc

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>guns are already legal there
shut the fuck up
>t. brazilian

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Should I move to Brazil friend, How are things?

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>dont even know what to believe anymore
>barely believe in corona
>too poor to even do anything if SHTF

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Mostly depends on where you go, it's a very big country.
Rio and São Paulo are shitholes though, unless you've got loads of cash (kinda like major cities in the US, if you have enough money you can insulate yourself from the filth), just pick a second-tier city (still 1MM+ citizens, not 'flyover' boonies) not in the northeast and you're probably good.
A lot of foreigners come here and don't want to leave, so maybe we've got something going

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where are the lebanese/med population concentrated there? is it a nice place?

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i was in brazil 15 years ago. went to florianopolis, curitiba, and porto alegre. florianopolis was my favorite.

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Floripa is great
don't really know my man, I know that there are many lebanese here so you don't really need to go for SP/Rio, if you want 'meds' at least half the population claim to be some sort of Italian lol

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>Listen to me, pooleed. You must accept the chinese and not be pro-gun because guns were made for killing and are bad evil weapons. I must get off the air now my wife's boyfriend is making my favourite curry.

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So how do I get there without a Passport lol. Uncle Sam is fresh out of Passports here in the USA.

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I am having sailboat flashbacks..... Do not remind me

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Lol go away sheeple

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NWO is real, and he knows it.
Most countries are already fucked, even if doing well atm.

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Do we go where the elite are?

New Zealand or something.

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From over the years were ive heard is new zealand, switzerland, scotland(one guy who's got 400+ mil saod he moved to scotland for two reasons A: golfing capital of the world and B: if there were ever to be a worldwide holocaust, it'd be safe up here)paraphrasing of course, and now brazil I guess. To be fair the attention of the world is usually not focused on south america so I can see why it'd be potentially safer.
In my personal opinion: America's got 20-30 years probably closer to 20 before major shit goes down, God I hope i'm wrong though but I also hope i'm rich at that point and have moved myself and my family to one of the previously listed places in my post. I love America but something isn't right and i'm moving asap.

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I can't get a Passport because of Covid-19!!!!!!!!

Reeeeeee gona chimp out soon fix this shit Trump right fucking now!!!!

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Back to r.eddit with you brainwashed shill

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Oh, so only 1st world countries are allowed to use their resources and pillage the middle east and south american countries? Gotcha!

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I want to move too

No passports for Americans


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Fuck off CNN drone, drink booze and rot your brain away already

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Lol nice meme

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How about Portuguese, are there any real Portuguese left?

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reddit is the biggest shithole on the internet my god

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priviet dawarish

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Ngl the replies to your comment calling you a sheeple is the most sheeple thing I've seen in a long time

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Good. The people of Brazil have desperately needed a right to keep and bear arms for some time now, especially considering how crazy the favelas are and how corrupt the military police can be.

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popular media is all against him, such a fucking insane scenerio right now

too fucking bad he got this fucking corona bomb in his hands, everything was going so well

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Bolsonaro knows about (((them))) since they've tried to kill his family and have the communists plotting a coup against him

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Go on anon we have 'them' in the USA as well. They are rooted here.

Honestly though Bolosonaro seems way more black pilled then Trump. What is the Brazilian take on NWO bullshit?

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I was discussing this with my family sometime ago, in Brazil we have a peculiar cultural trait, we naturally disregard stupid laws (it's a necessity, considering there are more laws in our books than the top 10 other countries combined or some crazy shit like that), we even say "this law didn't stick."
It's like a slick coating of civil disobedience, without the confrontation aspect it usually entails.
I'm seeing power-hungry governors and mayors pushing draconian measures are getting ROASTED, even the lefties and the nu-lefties squirm and admit that maybe arresting old ladies walking in the park isn't a very good idea.
We'll have municipal elections this year, it's a thermometer, but my take is that anyone that ramped up a "obey and comply" rhetoric will get a rude awakening. SP mayor has been extra retarded and I don't see him being reelected
>how retarded anon?
He issued a statement: "The people of SP don't need to worry, we dug graves and bought caskets for X thousand people!"

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Kind of ironic considering nefarious agents intentionally introduced negro admixture into Americans to make them more servile, and America has become a Brazillified cesspit.

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"That law didn't stick"

Based in America they enforce the little laws and ignore the big ones. I hope you all get guns. America is so cucked that is about all we have left and it is taken from us city by city state by state slowly.

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Hey, UA.

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Don't be a retard OP, I live in Brazil, is one of the worst places to live, total shithole thirdworld. I would do anything to get out of this shit and move to a decent country like US.

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Have you never seen the famous gore video FUNKY TOWN ?
Or how about the prison film where they break guys forearms in half and jiggle it

this is by far the most. The MOST retarded post i have ever seen on /biz/, and ive been browsing since february 2017.
No. im serious. maybe its because i come from /gif/ i am biased, but this seriously the #1 dumbest fucking thread i ever came across on /biz/


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Absolutely not. Brazil is over, everyone with senses wants to leave. The economy is in shambles, foreign investors already pulled +300 billion from here since Bolsonaro took over because they realized he's an idiot without a plan and his economy minister is a meme

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