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Literally who

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Digitex future bent.

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You just win

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Uhhhhhh this is basically a scam. Uh oh. I'm gettin' Confido vibes. Literally dumping my LINK right now for AAVE. See you at 20 cents.

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I’ve noticed that there’s a new integration announced every single weekday, except on days where Sergey is speaking at an event. This is clearly a marketing strategy, so that every announcement gets maximum attention, and so there’s attention on Chainlink every weekday. Thanks Adelyn!

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Oh wow.
First I thought this was some kind of Link listing, but they’re actually integrating Chainlink into their backend.

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just another project "using" Link so it gives their project exposure. Pathetic

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i would give honey-bees the edge on communismness, because they do a waggle-dance that contains information that tells others where to find resources, which economically is very social. Also they use beewax in very efficient hexagon structures for their honey-come structures, which certainly would not be possible if bees used capitalists reals-estate developers. And some ant species create special soldier ants and have armies with witch they go raid other ant colonies.

In general yes social insects have some commonalities with communism, but don't overdue it communists do not lay eggs, nor do they poop honey if they eat flowers.

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anon they're following 1.9k, they have 64.4k followers

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Whoville, by Dr. Seuss

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Not this time, buckaroonie.

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omg who cares partnering with who cares for fake news value and in hopes for a pump. shame. shame. shame.

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This is actual integration, copelet.

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i literally had no idea what digitex futures was until this thread

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if you didnt read the post, how did you know it was fud?

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That's ok anon.
You didn't know what Swift was before Chainlink either.

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who the FUCK is that? seriously how may fucking who's can chainlink partner with? HOW MANY!?!?

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many of links "partnerships" is literally just consulting work. That means they had a phone meeting where chainlinks team talked about what they can do for their oracles.
thats it. there is not integration. the proof ia reflect in abscense of network.

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>has more followers than Chainlink
>"who is that partnering with Chainlink?"

haha k anon

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>comparing a multi trillion dollar messanging standard to crypto exchange #28474
how retarded are you exactly?

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I I can smell curry through the screen

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its been confirmed here >>19326701


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sergay betrayed us all, we were supposed to be all in this together

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you just insulted chainlink itself. y know that, right?

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opps. wrong image. meant this one

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>We're integrating chainlink as an anchor to our core product offering

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Well yeah we can see jobs run and see its not particularly rising, alongside the fact that chainlink's usage is directly reflected in token price unlike stocks.

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I'm not comparing them, I'm saying you didn't know either before Chainlink.

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>Well yeah we can see jobs run and see its not particularly rising
haha ok

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ConsenSys acquires Fluidity team and tech

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chainlink is not even a finished product. It doesnt even have staking for a collateral system. What "integration" are you speaking of besides being a webscraper?
>projecting this hard

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You’re right

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>What "integration" are you speaking of
The one where Chainlink handles hundreds of millions of USD in Defi?

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>web scrapper
Good one seething faggot

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you mean all that shit sergey and synthex run (and pretend not to) that doesnt utilize the collateral system at all? that one?
wow. nice integration. It does everything a centralized oracle could do years ago

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if you didnt read the post, how did you know it was fud?

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>It does everything a centralized oracle could do years ago
Except without downtime and more accurately.

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>makerdao is the only other oracle network in existence

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>Currently, the DFE Mainnet is still closed off to the public while the company onboards users in phases.

>However, with just over 200 users currently trading on the platform, the exchange has already reached a notional value of $77mil volume in today’s 24-hour period.
>All being well, Digitex is planning to onboard another 10,000 users in weekly groups throughout the coming month of June.

Yup literal who

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btw, what exactly will be chainlinks game plan when Maker irons out all its glitches and produces a cheaper and faster system than chainlink?
>uhhhhhhhh. theyll never improve. forget it

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You have more posts itt than OP.
Did you forget to switch IDs this time in your blind rage?

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Said no-one.

>btw, what exactly will be chainlinks game plan when Maker irons out all its glitches and produces a cheaper and faster system than chainlink?
Well, what exactly will be Maker's game plan when Chainlink irons out all its glitches and produces a cheaper and faster system than Maker?

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yeah but its good for testing if you think about it.

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chainlink will never iron out its glitches because its fundamentally dog shit. heres a variety of reasons. (pic)
You linkies keep waiting for the day some big bad oracle competitor comes up and tries to take on chainlink like its a competition like that stupid BAND protocol, when in reality oracles will just be silently adopted. There wont be a giant news article. Companies will just use tokenless oracles with no news or partnerships at all. And all link will have is a no name exchanges like OP before fading away into obscurity. The oracle problem is not suppose to utilize tokens. The concept is fundamentally retarded because the system will always be able to be gamed.

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You're far more obsessed with Chainlink than me, and I'm all in.
Are you sure you're where you want to be right now?

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> cumulative
Honestly are there any whites left on /biz/ or is it all these retarded shitskins?

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t. clearly has no agenda flooding threads with fudposts

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Imagine seething so hard your bloodshot eyes can’t see the new nodes constantly being added.

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>ignores everything in the image
funny how linkies say this excuse everytime

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It’s ok anon. Go outside or something.

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checked bait taking

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You can’t post a wall of text along with an image of a wall of text and expect me to read any of it. Give the tl;dr shithead.

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every single point in your image boils down to the fact that chainlink is decentralized

your proposed solution is using a centralized oracle, which also has a litany of potential issues.
everyone here acknowledges that oracles are extremely difficult and nobody can ever make a solution that is 100% perfect, due to the nature of an oracles utility

the fact of the matter is that most people would rather use a decentralized solution, opting for the issues that they posses (source: the literal hundreds of companies deciding to use chainlink)

whether or not centralized or decentralized solutions are widely adopted, there will be concerns about the weaknesses, just depends which weaknesses people would rather have. and again, based on the laundry list of projects opting to use chainlink, it appears the early consensus is to accept decentralized weaknesses

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I can smell curry through the screen

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>Unavailable in the US
>intentionally blocks US at any cost
>send us your ETH and we give you DTX coins lolol
Literally a Chinese scam. RIP for the cucks that fall for this

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How is Link's partnership with Etha? Remember the one with the cartoon black people

or is Factom still going? It was Chainlinks first partnership announcement..... surely it is still going?

Origami is still on the community fact sheet, how is that project?

What about Olympus Labs Chainlink partnership? they don't seem to have tweeted since January 2019?

Is Gamedex still planning to build the "distributed future of digital collectible card games."?

How are those 30 THIRTY "Oracle for Startups" working out? Is gravelcoin up and running yet?

How come all the devs got laid off Market Protocol? Is that still going?

Is Scroll a good project to have a relationship with? The Twitter hasn't been active for 1 full year!

Xcard from Mobilum haven't wrote anything of note on twitter since October? Come to think of it : it looks like a scam.

github com/JohannEid/awesome-chainlink

If anyone else wants to finish it off.

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Holy obsession over here.

Protip: anyone can say they'll integrated with Chainlink, all it means is that Chainlink is a big deal.

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This sort of sentiment can be true for any new platform, the cream rises to the top in a sea of shit.

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I feel like we don’t use pic related enough

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The nodes in your picture are from august last year lmao, i didn't even think that deserved addressing when you posted accumulating totals.

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off topic, but if china is literally integrating link and even named called it.... would that mean the link crumbs with tyler technologies are probably true then? otherwise wouldn't usa get left behind by china from an economic standpoint?

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Wow... it’s amazing to reflect on how far we’ve come. The fud is now that other projects are partnering with link so they to appear legitimate. The tacit implication is that link is so legit it grants legitimacy by association. We’ve already won, just gotta be patient now.

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>The nodes in your picture are from august last year lmao
And tons of nodes, feeds, and users have been added since.

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he kinda has a point though.

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Mandiver let me help you. Those are nodes running chainlink's free price reference feeds. Post mainnet a few nodes were onboarded, not many since that summer. These nodes providing the same reference feeds that chainlink funds from selling tokens will show as an ever climbing total on a cumulative feed.

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He kinda doesn’t

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factom is pretty much done for. the only people working on it are neets who do it for free

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Hurrr durr, 90% of startups fail. If Chainlink partners with 100 startups, 10 will be successful. If 1000 partners, then 100 are successful. The sheer volume of Chainlink integrations is bullish AF because even if the vast majority of them fail, only a handful have to become successful to drive mainnet traffic and push price up.

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His point being... these other projects don't shill hard enough?
So when there's a team working on a projdct it's a centralized shitcoin, but when development is community based it's a dead project. Got it.

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>So when there's a team working on a projdct it's a centralized shitcoin, but when development is community based it's a dead project. Got it.
when i buy a car from a car manufacture and they go under i dont want random retards selling the car for people to use

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>So when there's a team working on a projdct it's a centralized shitcoin, but when development is community based it's a dead project. Got it.

im not going to buy a car from a car manufacture that went under and has complete random retards manufacturing and selling

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>Centralized control is good

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Unironically linkies btfo. Im all in link but the partnership announcements are complete crap.

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"We're in conversations with literally hundreds of teams"
We only win with link
We are going to make it frens

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Then sell

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shit im in the wrong business

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Im going to in a week or so. Im bullish on link long term but think we're in for a long slump.

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>Those are nodes running chainlink's free price reference feeds
Let me stop you right there and direct you to pic related.

>Post mainnet a few nodes were onboarded, not many since that summer.
lmao, there were 17 nodes in that pic in August, and there are 30 now.
So the node count nearly doubled.

Quit trying so damn hard.

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Most important post ITT. High IQ anons will understand.

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90-10 sounds about right if you want to be conservative; it's more pessimistic than the Pareto distribution. Which is perhaps fitting for a nascent industry like this (or perhaps not).

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Why don’t you just sell now you retard?

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I don't know who bought your village Photoshop but it was worth every Rupee.

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>I was already gonna sell anyway
you have to be 18 to post here Brandon

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its not photoshop


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