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Why hasn't the SPX/DJIX fucking tanked

I'm halfway thinking ((they)) want us to think it's a recession only to pump this boomer bag higher and fully crash in 2022

but I'm also halfway thinking this shit is just the tip of the iceberg to the shitstorm that ((they))'ve been cooking up. Basically the "reverse to normal" phase before fully tanking

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unemployed =/= not working, not making money
How many times do I have to say this?

Who are these fags that keep on coming to /biz/ and post retarded unemployment rate as if it does anything? I feel like these posters are just paid bots who are trying to scare investors.

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It’s not gonna tank. Keeping it up is their solution to the pensions crisis. Imagine all those voting boomers if they didnt

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>Just buy the dip, bro

That's exactly the mindset that's propping it up.
Inexperienced investors who lived half their lives in a bull market maxing out their credit cards and dumping their life savings in to buy the dip because they think all it takes to make money is to bet everything whenever a steaming turd is on a discount.

JC Penney, Hertz, USO, Victoria Secret, etc.
the dumb money will filter out eventually and then everyone will be Poor+

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Victoria's Secret is only closing a few stores, but they won't go bankrupt as they change their business plan to online, possible negotiation with Amazon. Yeah Amazon is winning. In a few months when we go back to normalcy, most stocks will rise again which is slowly showing a V-shaped recovery right now and you'll be offing yourself next year for missing this great dip.

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Oh, Victoria secret is discussing acquisition with Amazon? Like JC Penney was?
That sounds like the same "partnership confirmed" shitcoin news that comes out.
And Amazon just had their 8th death a few days ago and refuse to disclose how many are sick, and are having warehouses threatened with closure.

Did you fool yourself into the Herd Market mentality?

Tell me, Anon.
Did you buy the top?

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