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It would open up the files for secret dumps, expose the manipulation and the shill programs and would probably get the SEC involved. It could end DeFi and all these other little scam projects and expose the insides of cryptocurrencies; the lies, the fraud, the secret dumps and money off-shoring into the caymen's. Most of all, it would punish that fat fuck sergay for his attrocious lies and outright fraud.

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seething satsgangoid

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>banking the unbanked

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i'd shove my chainlink deep in her throat and dump if you know what i mean

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>FB moms for CL
This is when you know you're holding onto some serious cult like, heavy shit tier scamcoin bags. Fucking kek. I'm so glad I don't hold this shit, my God.

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Drown in the Ganges.

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Seething bagholder.

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Imagine thinking these twitter accounts are real users

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I bet your based mom holds Link

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>I bet your based mom holds Link
She's a woman, but she's not that stupid.

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Facebook moms for ChainLink is the most obvious troll account yet in this FUD campaign

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You can tell by the shills that they DO NOT WANT this at all.

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>Bank the unbanked.
>Ignore the FUD msg on twitter.
What to choose, bros.

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>This is what stinkies tell themselves
You're even more hopeless than the XRP crowd.

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that is that most cringe shit i have seen in a while

literally would sell had i not already

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Good luck kike, you're not getting any of my linkies. It's so obvious what you're doing.

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>"nooooo you're a shill because you recognise that LINK is a scam"
Keep 'em, faggot.

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Yeh it's a little too obvious
Or maybe we are just too detached from reality

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Elaborate nigger

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It’s hard to tell at this point

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