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Hi fellas, I'm still relatively new to the space. Wanted to ask whether it's still a smart approach to buy into Bitcoin? Apologies for the noob question, however I'm about to dca £1000 and perhaps more into BTC.

I've been doing my research, but it'd great to hear some advice. Cheers

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Get a job loser come back when you got at least enough for 1 fucking coin. You’ve only got enough for shitcoins. Unironically your best bet is UBT with peanuts like that

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>$1000 worth of bitcoin

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>I'm still relatively new to the space

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I mean, it's not like I haven't got the funds as most of my money is tied into ETFS. Crypto is something I'm just getting started with, thus advice is all I'm after. I'll look into UBT though, thanks

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You have to go back

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DCA'ing into BTC is just about the smartest thing a newbie can do. Consider doing like 60/40 BTC/ETH

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Dump all etf money into crypto etfs are dead crypto is the future. If you don’t don’t do this you’ll never make it

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wait until the dip

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>>Buy high
>>Sell low

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Wrong. You need at least 10 bitcoin to start or its pointless.

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Buy link, could get a nice chunk of 250 about now

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Man you gotta spend a lot of time researching to understand the wider alt market. Also being able to keep your emotions in order, being a good speculator. For the most part you want to buy low and sell high, being patient and waiting, after having done research on the project. I watch some youtubers such as datadash and chico crypto, but even them you dont treat them as smarter than you. You must always seek your own path, understand what you are investing in for yourself. I also look at what investors such as Tim draper and Peter Thiel are invested in, but even then, you must understand why you are investing in a project yourself, and feel ok disagreeing even with the bigger experts in the field.

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If you need to ask you don't know what ur doing

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Psst. Hey kid. Heard you got 1000 bucks. Interested in Bitcoin huh? Why not try something a little more...exciting? How about trying some Hex?

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>ETFS in 2020
>$1000 into BTC when it at most can manage a 10x

I'm telling you this as a neet
get a fucking job

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Step one don’t ask biz for advice
Step two do ur own research

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I'm still 19, however I do work part-time. I'll finish university in two years or so, by then I'll have a job. Hopefully

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Not now, were dumping. Wait a few weeks.

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just work on getting a better stream of income
boomer coin isn't going higher than a 10x
I imagine your ETF positions are also pennies so whatever
I guess at this point you're playing with small sums so go wild, make mistakes, buy biz shitcoins, you might learn something without really losing much

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When trying to succeed, Don't look to others beside you. Ultimately, you must look up. What you need is inside of you.

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19 huh? Looks like you got a good head on your shoulders... how about a little hex

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>1000 for btc

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>Buy link, could get a nice chunk of 250 about now

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you're probably more open to risk being young but remember not to invest anything you can't lose, make sure you keep some funds away in high interest savings for when life throws something at you.

Bitcoin won't 10x your investment in the short term and possibly not even long term, if you have the time to research you can gamble on some altcoins and low-mid cap stocks.
You should probably split your funds across 3-4 coins.

set your expectations and your exit price, don't fomo into anything because people are telling you it is 'guaranteed 100x tomorrow', beware of vaporware scam coins that people on here will spend their entire day shilling.

read stock market general threads, DYOR and put your money on something you think has growth potential, you'll likely take some losses early on but learn from them and improve for next time.

buy xmr

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Not trying to be a dick, but seriously go to erddit. They're actually helpful there, they want the karma / moons. Here people will troll you for the lulz. Run while you still can. I've been stuck here for a year I just wanted to get in on the pump and dumps and I can't get out tell my wife I love her MY LINKY STAYS SUPER STINKY 1K EOY

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Do that amount every month each time you are paid don't think about the price you are buying at

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Invest it in the stock market not the scamming market of shitcoins

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