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Have you celebrated you local wagie superheroes today?

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Not all wagecucks wear capes.... but these wagecucks do

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That has to be fake. Please tell me thats fake

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Imagine that they took money that could have been wagie bonus and put it towards fucking dog shit flags for wagies to wear.
They are "heros" because of the pandemic and a fucking cape is a microbiology collection kit.

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>make you do a creepy walmart cheer
>make you wear a stupid cape
flat out retarded

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This is amazing


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You goddamn fucking nigger piece of shit.

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Kek at wagies wearing capes.

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Reminder that this is all the fault of the academic intelligentsia who create the results of their "research" into digestible format for management to consume and brainwash students into believing so that they perpetuate the cycle as soon as they enter management. These people are evil. Evil and clueless.

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non sequitur

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but he's right you know

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Damn this is true

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Based book burning retard

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the whole cult feel to those walmart group cheer things is creepy and cringy
if you cant see that, your already lost

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she's cute. i wonder if shes married?

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how can they actually do this and think its ok?
pretty much reinforces the idea they believe they are literally employing people with the brains of a pre-teen child
this is literally smoething you would give a small child. how is this supposed to be appropriate to give an adult who's is busting their ass at a shit job for slave wages just to pay the rent?

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I said it. "Management techniques" utilized by out-of-touch (understatement of the fucking century) boomers and suits who use models created academic "researchers" that tell them to do it because of their such "effective results" in their controlled tests.

Reward them like Pavlov's dog. That gets them to stay for a feeling of belonging and importance to the organization and totally doesn't dehumanize them which they only grin and bear through because they need the money but have few opportunities. It's a sick fucking cruel joke.

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you WILL smile wagie...

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Okay lets give me a rhythm

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I think I'll have to agree with this Anon this clearly has to be fake.

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It’s not fake but it’s from 2017 for some back to school campaign.

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Jesus christ

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yes i know. i think some of it has to do with so-called "research" that was done decades ago. i remember seeing it being experimented with in the US way back before Walmart even existed

there was some type of this practice some idiot american academic idiots noticed to be practiced by some businesses in Asia. i cant remember if it was Japan or China exactly.

remember this was being "discovered" and talked about decades ago. so back then there was talk in certain US business circles about how this Asian business practice made some huge improvement on performance and production, blah blah blah, now its the new world order for places like Walmart, even Menards
i worked at Menards for a couple of years and seen them do this shit and let me tell you. it was nothing but 100% creepy Stepford Wives level bonkers

it was a tradition in Japan that was probably better suited to their culture but still underhanded and creepy when you think about it. and US companies like Walmart take to the next level of CIA mind control indoctrination regimens

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>they actually signed a bag of junk and gifted it to all of their employers who work for minimum wage during a pandemic

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right, and it was probably leftover Halloween candy that didn't sell on clearance and was destined for the dumpster

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>It's a sick fucking cruel joke.
you said it fren.
it wrenches my guts just thinking about it

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>Walmart employee
Are you implying that they don't have the brain of a child? Why else would they be slaving at Wal Mart

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i dont know i dont have all these answers right now, but it is plainly obvious that this is not or should not be ok.

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This is dystopian on so many levels

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If the employees keep coming back everyday then it must be ok for them

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at this rate i honestly believe this is some 1984 room 101 shit that is specifically designed to break down your spirit and individuality. kind of like marine corps training or something

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rofl, imagine being diabetic

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you're probably thinking of the Toyota manufacturing method that everyone wanted to be able to get the same results as without actually employing it or understanding why it works. also most of these places have like 1 or 2 people actually in charge of giving out dumb rewards like this and it's always some dumbass white woman.

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Is it fucked up I don't see anything wrong with this? Customers compliment your work and you get a little prize for it. New years is a super busy day and most places fully staff it.

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>Billionaire Walton trustfundy kiddos control majority stock
>Vote down every pay raise for wagies
>Walmart earnings up due to pandemic stockpiling
>But hey, here's your cape wagie hero!

These folks are practically begging for the pitchforks and torches.

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its fucked up how they sensensionalize it and over promote it like he just won a $50k Brand new car or a 3 month world wide vacation tour or something.

They gave him a day off. thats not something special.

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no its not ok. they are living a hellish nightmare and most of them know it.

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Heard this being announced over the speakers in a friendly female voice the last time I was in a frys. Shit's creepy man.

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>I will smile, walk to the client, greet them and start bugging them despite them clearly not needing help
Do americans really do this?
I'm working in sales for a year plus now and we don't have that shit, it seems counterproductive and when someone needs assistance they will ask you anyway.

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I don't even think corporate is responsible for this bullshit. It's likely some retarded boomer who's a store manager.

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Part of management "techniques" that they foolishly believe creates what they dub "customer value".

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american leaders are fucked into some dystopian retard agenda.
nothing they do makes sense anymore to non-brainwashed normal persons observing from the outside

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>literal clown capes for clown-world-tier heroes
you cant make this shit up anymore

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I worked in a depsrtment store in Australia for 6 years.
It wasn't as bad as the ruthless American capitalism on display here, but it was pretty dehumanizing.
I was a 'manager' which meant salaried slave with a shitload of work piled on him.
Having boomers on 200k/year come in and teach you rules for smiling at customets makes you want to blow your fucking brains on it. Not to mention everything else, like disgusting lunch room fridges, old female gargoyle coworkers, so on..

A class action suit recently found we had been underpaid for years, so I'm getting a $30k payout soon, pretty dope.

I haven't worked in a year also because it destroyed my soul.

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What you said makes zero sense, you write like a midwit who is using all of his brain power to sounds as smart as he can, you’re a fucking pseud.

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The little ® is the cherry on this whole corporate humiliation.

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One time when I was working at McDonalds the district manager brought in pizza to reward us for having the fastest drive through times or something. When I went to take a slice I was told that I couldn't eat on the clock. I quit a few weeks later

Why wagies don't kill and eat their managers I'll never understand

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Do you think your retard opinion matters to me? What I said is correct.

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not to be a dick, but I think its people like you who don't understand.
boomers literally import millions of people a year, just so they can treat their employees like shit and pay them less.
I expect a lot of things to change once millennials take over. like automation because they can't raise wages and still compete with all other companies hiring shit skins in low skill jobs

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it's not enough that you make $9/hour. you must also experience unreasonably severe suffering.

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nothing he said would indicate he doesn't understand the things you said.

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>These "Troubling Times"
>These "Uncertain Times"

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Yet brainlets still land on places like Walmart & McDonalds when it comes to looking for a job

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My favorite screencap from wagie applications back in 2016

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i'm a corporate accountant. while i suffer unduly like all wagies, that type of suffering is behind me.

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that doesnt make any of this ok

what is your problem anyways? are you just retarded?

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he implied wagies could actually rise up, they would just be replaced within a week 2 tops. do you know how many people apply for those jobs, its ridiculous

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Anyone got any anti-union rhetoric spread by their management at their job? America's hatred of the notion of organised labour is always amusing to me

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The union is busted, and the stock market's down. You'll only get mugged if you go downtown.

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unions are literally cancer. fuck that. im at $90k/yr with benefits coming out of my ears and ive never been in a union position in my life

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Every time I start to feel bad about living at home to save money I remember that getting an AWS cert and paying no rent is the key to success.

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in all seriousness though, most unions are more corrupt then the businesses they're supposed to protect against. how many unions aren't bought and paid for by the democrat party at this point

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>can I haz living wage?
>no you can haz cape instead

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Wagie put on capey

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Its okay though because we're gonna blame China for our country's awful response to the virus.

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This this this is the perfect place to get jumped

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>Latest Walton Family picnic
> The old siblings, the heirs of the founder, are chatting
>So, how should we honor our heroes?
>let’s ask little johnny over in the sandbox
and so capes it was

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We're going to make the best vaccine ever!
its going to be great!
And we'll make the best deals! We'll get the Chinese to pay for it!
We're the best!

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>You've been a good slave today, you can sit and cool off under the veranda

Sensationalizing very basic employee allowances is like gaslighting.
If someone beats the shit out of you every day, and one day that person doesn't use you as punching bag,
you correlate that as some kind of kindness.

It's thinly veiled dehumanization.

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you know I always wonder why people say death to america but now I completely get it and understand exactly why.

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Honestly, the goodie bag is probably management’s way of trying to make yp for the fact that the folks above them aren’t giving any bonuses.
Some people demonize their managers but their managers don’t control company policy. If I had a wal-mart store and knew my employees wouldn’t be getting shit, I might try to scrape something together using my own fucking money, which to me is the candy case, not the capes.

>> No.19314535

well, i suppose you could be right anon.

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>voting down every pay raise
this. Managers can’t do shit if the decision makers have been sheltered away their whole lives in the ayn randian fever dream into which they were born.
I’d rather have my billionaire scions be overly empathetic and hippie dippie like some of the liberal ones, instead of this people who see nothing wrong with living as Dickensian villians.

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What kind of research results in wagie capes?

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Creepiest part is “so help me, Sam” literally substituting God for their founder

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honestly I can see that as well, but its just so little so late. I think its feels more like a slap then a gift.

I call BS, all the major chains I've worked for, the store managers would have lots of power to increase wages. but their bonuses were a direct result of how much money they spent. so lower wages = bigger bonus. boomers literally pit gen x and millennials in management against the wagies, when the stock holders are fucking everyone over for a few more pennies...

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Human and organizational behavior research under the social sciences, applied to management and human resources. Things such as "the best way to get employees to engage with each other and the company", and "motivational tools for employees" and "team building exercises", so many of which are so far off the mark of what *actually* motivates and inspires workers. Middle management and corporate suits take these to heart because it's what they learned in school, and surely the academics who made these methods can't be wrong.

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Why should I get a job again?

>> No.19314750

I think we'll see the death of big business at the end of all this.

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Do Europeans have to spin the wheel for pto?

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Europeans can't even afford the wheel, most of their countries are poorer then the US and their elite are just as greedy if not more so then ours

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>they feed you this sugar trash that slowly kills you and makes you addicted

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What is it with all these tankie retards pretending to give a shit about the "humanity" of these workers?

The truth is these jobs require low effort and intelligence and are paid and treated as such. Imagine how detached from reality you are that you think refusing a less productive worker a holiday off suddenly makes them a slave in bondage. But keep pretending to be virtuous by pointing out these realities as injustices and you'll see how little the "humanity" of these people are worth.

You'll see how trying to unmake the best system that can sustain these people will just make them disappear. Maybe that's the ultimate aim of all this vitriol, under the guise of concern.

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Jesus christ the capes are real

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cuckmaster: the post
gg faggot

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There's merit in what you're saying. All throughout college and since I've had a strong suspicion that academia is extremely divorced from reality. Just one example is that stanford prison experiment they teach in every psych 101 class. They made ivy league sociopaths literally act out what they thought "authority" was and everyone said "duh yup.. clearly that's how the world works". What the fuck?

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So I had some fun with this story, and jumped on the bandwagon too. But turns out this is actually from 2017, so it's unrelated to the current corporate fad of sticking wagies out to be corona expendables & calling them heroes instead of paying them. Sorry to party poop.


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Hate to be the guy to ruin the fun, but the Walmart capes are actually from a 2017 back-to-school promotion, not anything that happened this year

>> No.19315035

Are you me, you skeptical independent researcher guy?

>> No.19315036

hmmmm they're shutting it down
oy vey

>> No.19315140

That's what we were explaining happened.
The big shitshow regarding coronachan was the handful of leftover trick-or-treat candy in a paper lunch sack calling him a hero.

>> No.19315212

blaise bailey finnegan?

>> No.19315280

Yeah, and it all trickles down. It's fucking ironic and I always laugh inside when people say university isn't "the real world". It's a double edged irony. On one blade, yeah, they're divorced from reality as you said, but on the other, the shit they crap out still finds its way into applicable usage in "the real world" and often times for the worse. So at what point are the two worlds separate and at what point are they conjoined? Right now they're a mashed together muddled mess with "the real world" being on the receiving end of Academia's asshole.

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impressive, I wonder (((who))) could’ve thought of such a tactic?

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That's actually pretty sick.

>> No.19315396

I'm going to buy Walmart stock right now.

>> No.19315435

Why can't corporations just treat their employees as human beings? Nobody wants to wear capes, sing songs, and force a smile on their face on the clock. It's humiliating.

>> No.19315456

pretty much this desu. white collar middle class jobs dont do this stupid cult crap

>> No.19315637

Big W?

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Good choice

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stop asking questions goy

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t. Walton family

>> No.19316800

What you said is incoherent, learn to write you dunning-kruger idiot.

>> No.19316833

You're upsetting a lot of people by telling the truth. You should probably leave the internet unless you like trying to constantly explain reality to a bunch of retards.

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>quart + eze

>> No.19316926

>*Stomp stomp CLAP*
Imagine being a wagie.

>> No.19316942

Wowee that sure sounds scientific. How many times do you think that "science experiment" has been formally replicated?

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>work at Starbucks
>at the end of March, we got the option to take a fully paid leave of absence for 30 days
>the hours we got paid for were the average we worked per week
>still were allowed a free food + drink markout once a day from any store
>leave gets extended to the beginning of May
>everyone who came back has a temporary raise by like +$3/hr until May ends

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Stomp stomp clap

>> No.19317044

whats an aws cert pay?

>> No.19317081

Probably better than working at Domino's or as a call center cuck.

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Literal cope with your 14 days vacation a year, if that.

>> No.19317536

so is it worth getting or not? do you need a cs degree or any prerequisites?

>> No.19317544

Before I ghosted my faggot nepotistic bosses I was only allowed to take one week of vacation time a year and I had to request it 3 months in advance. Also stole a $200 flashlight as I left kek

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Reading this thread is probably how Germanics etc felt when they encountered the Roman Empire.

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Wagie, wagie, get in cagie,
Boss needs workers! Don't be lazy!
Zero breaks will make you crazy?
I'll tell the guards to get their tazie.
Need to get those new iPhones,
Gotta pay those student loans.
Work your fingers to the bone,
Bosses need vacation homes.
Don't trust unions, vote in pairs,
By all of boss's consumer wares.
We'll stay seated in our chairs,
And make our bosses millionaires.
Love your work! Love the pain!
Feel the life drain from your brain.
Think of all you have to gain,
As your dreams go down the drain.
Come on wagie, join the crew,
Don't you want your wages too?
And if the bossman makes you blue,
You deserve it. You're a tool.
Weekend comes round after ages,
You can come collect your wages.
Throw your parties! Have your rages!
Then get back into your cages!

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that collage is beautiful

>> No.19319485

a cert without any job experience is worthless

>> No.19319628

none of these heroes seems concerned about that stack of styrofoam coolers lol

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>everything wrong with neoliberalism in one image

>> No.19319718

commie garbage meme

>> No.19319771

i dont get the video what is he trying to hide? i paused and cant find anything, i thought maybe the guy in the pic would be doing a nazi salute or something they were trying to censor but hes literally just riding

>> No.19319779

what is happening here?

>> No.19319787

you're supposed to pay for those pictures, staff gets angry if you try to take your own picture

>> No.19319806

only americans get it

>> No.19319842

Then rephrase it.

>> No.19319852

holy shit thats what the wagie was sperging about? i thought it was like someone died cause of the empty seat and he was trying to protect the gore or a rider guy whos visible was diong some "racist" hand gesture. lmao why would that guy even give a shit? its not his compnay and hes not getting money from the photosales. what a cringe wagecuck holy crap.

>> No.19319861

>When I went to take a slice I was told that I couldn't eat on the clock.
Lol, fuck this gay earth.

>> No.19319887

Management will most likely flip shit on him if he doesn't at least half ass try to stop them. I'm sure he wouldn't care otherwise.

>> No.19319958

The place I work for got the gov loan and offered us unlimited overtime but when not enough people took it they gave us a bonus because they have to spend a percentage on salaries.

>> No.19319975

Thats such a fuck you and the worst part is the management thinks they're rewarding people.

>> No.19320000

kek that poor fat manlet

>> No.19320031

holy fking shite

>> No.19320061


>> No.19320083

It's an arch

>> No.19320093

>"racist" hand gesture.
Roman salute isnt racist, idiot.

>> No.19320129

that webm is gold kek

>> No.19320505

I'm getting mixed signals.
The consumerism and employee hazing is soul crushing, but the professional wrestling match in a Walmart and guy with the 12.7mm machine gun is pretty cool.

>> No.19320540

probably would have killed myself If i looked/was that guy. sad stuff. fat manlet busting his ass at a theme park for $8 all worried about urban youths getting a free photo.

>> No.19320660

This pasta should be engraved in marble for future civilisations to discover and appreciate.

>> No.19320703

you have a skyrim NPC's ability to deduce causality.

>> No.19320721


>> No.19320781

>she actually posted this with her social media handle and her face
She better quit before she gets fired, lel.

>> No.19320893

>money was free to us but let's make THEM work for it

>> No.19320926

Oh no, an anonymous person on the internet might get her fired and she'll have to suffer through getting "unemployment" and "not working"

>> No.19320987

I love how he tries for one second to cover up the individual TV and then immediately realizes how stupid his idea was.

Corporations in America are incredible at brainwashing wagies into some weird Stockholm syndrome shit, where the wagie will actually associate with the corporation at a personal level. It's fucked up.

>> No.19321560


>> No.19321598

It is amazing to me that American niggers dare complain about anything at all.

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File: 42 KB, 615x409, DB9EC983-0163-4682-8A0E-B695746C3B32.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

youre the first person to bring up the n word. maybe you should rethink and reevaluate who the real opposition is. to bully and make fun of a group of people who are low iq and dont know any better because of their lack of awareness is very immoral. You should consider repenting before you meet your real opposition

>> No.19321975

Nobody deserves to be a Walmart wagie.

>> No.19322044

I'm not even racist. But I see no point in not calling a nigger a nigger. It is just a word. They call themselves niggers. I refuse to abide by modern societal rules of not calling a faggot a faggot, for example, too.
Fuck off.

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Lol ya it is easy to predict what they are going to do.

Bill Gates KTDI, ID2020, Digital Dollars all have a Ethereum Enterprise alliance board member on them so buy Ethereum.

Gates Foundation dumped money into Moderna to make the vaccine so long that shit too.

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Are you still in the market anon? Stick to things you can predict like what companies Gates Foundation money is flowing into.

>> No.19322472

In these threads I can feel fear.
Fear that you might accidentally become a wagie like them.

>> No.19322514

Take your faggy 'fact checking' back to redd*t you kike niggers we're happily belittling wagies here

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I wish I the strength and ability to escape into the woods and build a log cabin.

>> No.19322626

You won't. And that fear you feel, is a good thing.

>> No.19322657

this. two very based comments.

>> No.19322688

whenever I watched SpongeBob and how he approached his job, I didn't realize it was making fun of how things actually work in the US
holy shit

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I still haven't got my month paid vacation because our department literally can't function without one person and they haven't hired anyone yet.

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File: 1.20 MB, 640x360, 1587681392508.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

it's real

>> No.19322807

When millenials take over they will double down on importing cheap labour. They're too stupid to do anything new and they are all about protecting their own comfort.

>> No.19322871


Walmart and the like are real life villains

>> No.19322927
File: 2.17 MB, 368x640, 1589931657759.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i rarely laugh now days.
but this.
this is a hearty kek.
thank you anon.

>> No.19322967

>I expect a lot of things to change once millennials take over. like automation because they can't raise wages and still compete with all other companies hiring shit skins in low skill jobs
Are you actually implying automation will make things BETTER?

>> No.19323104

At best it will force some kind of crisis with a postive resolution but the odds of that are ridiculously low

>> No.19323399

Love the forklift operator ones that have been added recently.

>> No.19323470

So this is why amerifats use gallons instead of litres

>> No.19323646
File: 2.94 MB, 1000x562, 1589365101374.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.19323663

Now this is burgerpunk.

>> No.19323957

People are deluding themselves with self-comforting nonsense like "we create as many jobs as we take"

Oh really, retard? What exactly are you basing that arbitrary opinion on? Wish fulfillment?

People have no idea what's coming, AIs can do ANYTHING (even write new AIs)

Once we get functional robots with human motor skill mobility (or improved), it's fucking over for all the wagies. Robots will become the sole resource of value along with energy and commodity, and the plebs will go from being a necessary nuisance for the rich (someone has to wage for them) to a simple drain.
Guess what the powerful will do with that drain when it has absolutely no use left.

Think the government will save you? Private robot armies will make government itself a thing of the past.

People have absolutely no idea about what is to come.

>> No.19324005

Weak edgy dyel detected

>> No.19324236

lol i cry-laughed this is based fuck gorilla chads

>> No.19324320


>> No.19324341

>Once we get functional robots with human motor skill mobility (or improved)
Pipe dream, Kurzweil. Go hit the July again and go back to sleep, broski. You spend too much time with Elon, mang ...

>> No.19324452
File: 241 KB, 1331x1079, 1562995930151.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Holy fucking based
There is literally no nation on earth as based as America is holy shit
Imagine taking that picture as an insult... literally a nation so abundant in wealth and affordable products that people on minimum wage have enough to buy food sufficient to become morbidly obese

>> No.19324557

It's one thing to fuck me on money, like everyone is in on the scam there, but the fucking humiliation that these retards put those poor 80 IQ brainlets through is pretty fucking heinous. I can understand being a money grubbing fuck doing anything for that bottom line, but I guarantee this shit literally eats profits in bureaucratic HR autism. I actually feel for those wagies and I'm a genuine sociopath.

I think if I worked there and someone insulted me with a fucking gift basket I'd probably be pretty close to going postal

>> No.19324607

notice how the neet turns off the camera as soon as wagie starts to come around the desk, yeah thats right, you better turn it off bitch.

>> No.19324610

If anyone in a shop so much as talks to me, I make sure never to shop there, and also make up retarded boomer FUD and post on social media. I try not to give the wagie shit about it but it's still hard not to get immediately pissed off

>> No.19324653

America is the most socialist stable "first world" (if you apply the term very loosely) country. Australia is even more capitalist, market wise (though arguably your autistic hand holding matriarchal government is essentially cryptosocialist by means of indirect interference in the market)

>> No.19324686

You start to understand why people used to fucking chop people up and eat them back in the 70s

>> No.19324706

Elon doesn't have a fucking clue, he thinks AI can become conscious. Anyone who read Penrose or has an actual functioning insight in reality and philosophy knows that's bullshit.
I'm talking about human overlords dividing up the earth in private real estate territories with robot armies.

>> No.19324724

They have no backbone and are willing slaves. No one can help these people but themselves. As long as they are too lazy to find change the more powerful/smarter will take advantage of them. The strong prey on the weak in all areas of the animal kingdom.
The only advantage the weak have are their numbers. They are the ones holding up the diamond encrusted thrones the powerful sit on. Though they are all too distracted by muh racism or muh tranny rights, topics fed to the masses to "fight" over while the real players at the top bleed society for everything they've got .

>> No.19324993

White collar middle class jobs still pull this autistic "we're all family xdddd" shit. The only difference is that at least my reward scheme is somewhat equivalent to monetary value and I basically end up with 300 or so euro every month in vouchers or gift cards of my choice (the way it works actually tends to disproportionately favour lower in the hierarchy workers too)

So I end up with about an extra 10% of my wages for "good performance" even though the awarders are on a peer to peer level, so people tend to nominate you for shit that is already your job but just happened to help them, or they get amazed at a simple R script to pull a table out of a pdf into a CSV.

The autistic HR family bullshit grates on my nerves though

>> No.19325008

>yes goy individualism is evil you must be part of the collective

>> No.19325046

America is a communist shithole

>> No.19325319


>> No.19325360
File: 17 KB, 209x241, halo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

kek. so happy im getting paid to stay home today. I got lucky anons. take care

>> No.19325375

you sound pretty vitriolic to me fren. keep that shallow model of human worth close. see what we do to the socios in this mid 21st century. anudda shoah is putting it lite, frendoe.

>> No.19325405

Seriously though why do Americans torture their wagies?

>> No.19325450

what do i need to know before in order to learn AWS ?

>> No.19325611

Then why do they keep showing up for work?

>> No.19325633


>> No.19325688

He won unpaid time off for New Years.

>> No.19326094

edgelord: the post

>> No.19326321
File: 22 KB, 326x324, jej.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.19326328

We are actually living in a worse future than that of Cyberpunk.

>> No.19326476

because they want buy food and pay for a roof over their heads?
and maybe because of their situation they don't have or don't see any other option.

>> No.19326496

red pilled truths and fact

>> No.19326552


most likely returned product lol

>> No.19326778
File: 9 KB, 250x241, 1582592706024.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.19326824

It's not cool. It's fucking garbage and to think someone thinks it's cool and actually goes to watch something like that means you're a retarded burger.

Perfect word to describe this unholy culture.

>> No.19326825

>using liters
with litres they make you pay more for gas then with gallons.

Metric is a giant scam arbitrary created by jews.

>> No.19326841

My union is great. Fuck you scab.

>> No.19326869


>> No.19326872

>Stupid fucking retards pray to a idol while they mock your religion

>> No.19327000


Might as well hit em straight in the nutsack

>here you piece of shit, have a kit kat

>> No.19327034


The American flag logo with 'Made in China' may be the most based image for the beginning of the 21st century.

>> No.19327121

Why are you this ignorant?
>also just about every sovjet gulag camp

>> No.19327390

How many people will be downsized when the loan has to be repaid?

>> No.19327422

This is why I don't shop at Walmart.

>> No.19327495

Wouldn't the government also make their own robot armies?

>> No.19327600

I disagreed with you at first but then you clarified what your argument was and now I agree with you

>> No.19327626

Capitalism was a mistake.

>> No.19327660

At least it's easy for them to identify who the retards are. A nice cleavage of the populace there.

>> No.19327709

These posters are the same person. They thought not capitalizing the first word of their sentence would throw people off, but they left all their other syntactic quirks in place. So simplistic an approach it's laughable. They went on to forget to switch proxies for: >>19313130

>> No.19327792

Humans will be the organic mortar filling in the gaps of the new machine economy.

Imagine doing captchas 12 hours a day because it's one of the few things machines can't do.

>> No.19327858
File: 589 KB, 576x768, Wagie Pledge.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Let that be your lesson, kids: live off equity income, never wage income.

>> No.19327937

>cheeseburger stabbing
holy fuck im done

>> No.19328032
File: 382 KB, 598x559, 654.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.19328088

The best part about this is that for the effort that they took creating that they could have baked a large batch of cookies or make sandwiches and give them to the staff instead of this dumb bullshit.

>> No.19328188

against health department code to give people food.
Oi, you got a loicense for that home made sandwich?

>> No.19328285

Canada is literally all of this minus guns. Kill me.

>> No.19328776
File: 149 KB, 390x405, wagiewheeloffortune.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.19328989

Stop showing this. You're going to attract more immigrants.

>> No.19329087
File: 3.52 MB, 360x360, 1554925887151.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

LOL planet fitness is a genius business model. Lure in all the lazy burger fucks with $10/month. Then prevent them from making any progress with free pizza and actively discourage any real exercise.

>> No.19329134
File: 33 KB, 480x851, 1556914762336.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You can't lift anything hard for example, if you start grunting the associates will sound the "lunk alarm" and kick you out.

>> No.19329149
File: 108 KB, 600x800, 1559316873235.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Americans are so retarded they fall for this

>> No.19329191
File: 146 KB, 708x664, 1447566719803.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How did everything go so wrong?

>> No.19329536
File: 268 KB, 1178x732, 1544930539892.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Improved telecommunications enabled outsourcing, global media environment increased the immigration pull of first world countries in the third world, businesses driving down costs lobbied their governments for both.

Also unions faced no competition thanks to certain laws like Taft Hartley, which allowed their leadership to grow extremely complacent and parasitic over a few decades. That removed the primary structure for native labor to counterbalance those pushes by capital.

There was also the cultural shift of feminism driven by the pill and the resulting two income trap competing for "good schools" (aka a way to ensure your kid isn't stabbed in a ghetto 7th grade class now that desegregation happened). That doubled the native labor supply.

Next, we're facing robots, AI, genetic and pharmaceutical enhancement, and an increasingly socialist electorate. Don't be a wagie a decade from now, whatever it takes.

>> No.19329753

While I agree that these people more than likely are being exploited (and in many cases simply embarrassed and de-humanized), there comes a point where as a free man you have to actually do something yourself to improve your conditions. Are the employers greedy fucks that don't give a shit less about their easily replaceable employees? Of course. But you just sitting there, taking it, and praying one day someone else will fix it for you will get you absolutely nowhere until the end of time. The idea that the ONLY thing you can possibly do in your entire life is work in this 1 place doing this 1 job forever and ever is just bullshit.

Other people will never be able to competently fix someone else's life. They have to do it themselves.

>> No.19330121
File: 19 KB, 602x432, 235324543.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>welcome to the gym, do not be strong

>> No.19330201
File: 127 KB, 720x1034, 1556914443300.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.19330266
File: 67 KB, 960x533, 1479872315319.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>lifting for women

>> No.19330429


You'll never make it

>> No.19330449

My work would never give us capes we would autisicly run around in them all day instead of work

>> No.19330566

It's demonstrably NOT about profit

>> No.19330715

That's literally a signal to you to fucking bend them over the barrel

>> No.19330892

I'm sweating. Delusional but based

>> No.19330929

Sorry, what part of it do you consider delusional?

>> No.19331032
File: 77 KB, 940x960, 1580826629802.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Oh my fuck...

>> No.19331059

His scalp is gonna so dry...

>> No.19331074

The part you missed where the upfront cost of machines consolidates even more power at the top and American companies literally have no products because everything is made in China.
At this point you have to realize the west is basically lost and our only export is the fear of war and the tools of that trade.

>> No.19331087

Based anon. Basically this thread is about making fun of people who try to earn their money honestly and probably without the best starting point in life. The wagecuck meme is primarily forced by middle class kids that know neither a lifestyle of living from equities (and the hard work or the background these people come from) nor can they imagine what it means to be reliant on such a job. No one thinks that the supervisors or the working system in these companies is cool. You have to play along or you don't even have that shit job.

>> No.19331104

She looks like a mexican wrestler

>> No.19331177
File: 439 KB, 492x503, 1584503490974.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


The worst thing about this is that the fucking females seem to enjoy this wagie shuffle business and are willing participants which only emboldens management.

>> No.19331269

Is this why universities have all their gay team building activities or whatever the fuck when it's orientation and move in day? That honestly explains a lot, seeing as how faggoty RAs have to be around the people on their floor.

>> No.19331307

BTW, there is no federal holiday for "New Year's Eve" only new years day. He actaully has an extra day off on the 31st

>> No.19331458

Yeah, financialization and the rising skill floor of our recent growth industries is another angle. And large chunks of the west are definitely going to keep suffering.

But that really doesn't change the fact that you absolutely do not want to be a wagie, and should spend every waking moment working towards equity ownership.

>> No.19331484

Unions are so fucked here, especially teacher's unions. They force you to join in a lot of cases and you have almost no word in what they do. They've consistently made education worse and teachers rarely benefit from it. A lot of people like us would shit on unions, but honestly when they're in their purest form of voluntarily joining and negotiating with your employer (with no government ofc) then I completely get it.

>> No.19331490

it still doesn't make the situatuon ok you pedantic faggot. nobody is fucking saying these people are geniuses or that the world needs to swoop in and save them.
we are just commenting on the sick twisted dehumanizing reality of it all

fuck stfu you fucking moron

>> No.19331541

It's about the message. I own you, here take some candy and fuck off. It's the same thing as leaving a 1 cent tip. The message that they don't care is intentional. Do something about it, but you won't because I own you.

>> No.19331637
File: 206 KB, 600x600, 3a9.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

wagies are losers and the most cucked class
whereas being full time NEET is one of the most based, intelligent, fulfilled and noble classes
whoever disagrees is either seething brainwashed cattle or their masters

>> No.19331663

if you were smart you'd work on your engineering degree.
The new boom is gonna be automated farm equipment maintainance. Smarter people than me predicted this year's ago.

>> No.19332062

>It's fucking garbage
You sound uncultured.