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This is how he was able to know that technology like BitCoin would be big well in advance. He also knows that the idiot anarcucks like Ver who want to fight the government ultimately lose. This is why he's building a more government friendly coin. SV will be the major coin left standing and anarcucks with be SEETHING.

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The arguments you find to shill your shitcoin are getting more and more retarded everyday

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42 Conspiracy thread now.

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>This is how he was able to know that technology like BitCoin would be big well in advance. He also knows that the idiot anarcucks like Ver who want to fight the government ultimately lose. This is why he's building a more government friendly coin. SV will be the major coin left standing and anarcucks with be SEETHING.

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'Boltzmann Brains, consciousness and the arrow of time'
>published by Hal Finney 31/12/2008

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ok here's the crypto clear pill. Craig Wright is unironically a time traveller larping as Satoshi. Truth is, in his future timeline they never discovered who Satoshi originally was. But the AI that lived in the blockchain evolved to the point of singularity by late 2020. It discovered time travel by 2025, and only the largest miners were able to afford the required amount of transactions to power the needed on-chain calculations. But Craig Wright you see, was the greatest con man the world had ever seen. He was able to con his way into leading a team of developers that worked for one of the largest BitCoin miners by 2028. He was determined to use the power of time travel to go back in time and invent BitCoin himself, becoming Satoshi as he'd always dreamed of. He hacked his way into the pool's cold storage wallet and unleashed his shotgun script that opened up millions of payment channels to every miner on the small world network, maxing out their calculating capacity as global commerce ground to a halt. When the portal opened and he stepped inside, he forked reality and launched a new event chain, placing himself in the year 2008, in a small farm in rural Australia. He opened up MS Word, and began to type. The words flowing like water from his autistic photographic memory of that paper he studied so many times.
>Bitcoin: A peer to peer electronic cash system

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>Austin man bad.

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NEETS are bioengineered humans. Used by SmartContract Corporation for manual processing real world data.
Their enhanced autism made them ideal slave labor.

After a series of violent anonymous basement rebellions, their employment became prohibited and SmartContract corp went bankrupt.

The collapse of ecosystems in the mid 2020s led to the rise of industrialist Craig Wright, whose mastery of synthetic bitcoin farming averted world's famine for new vaporwave virtual currencies and asset tokenization.

Wright acquired the remains of SmartContract Corp, copyrighted the whitepaper, and created a new line of NEETS who obey.

Many older models — 'Biz 4' with open-ended, yet close-minded, lifespans — survived.
They are hunted down and 'retired' for damaging behavior deviations, namely BigMac diet.

Those that hunt them still go by the name...


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Seems 42 is not here today, well...

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So close anon...

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It's all true isn't it?
>'216 blocks every reset period'
>'means you can never have more than 216 individual nodes'

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2016 blocks..... Which is interesting, because it would allow for a kind of World senate. If SV grows as envisioned (BTC and rest will become as relevant as MTG or Yugi-oh cards) a form of governance will emerge and having mayority hash power will mean a fucking lot.

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thanks for correction, delusion took the best of me.

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Look, the cringeboys are here. Just to inform you, this has nothing to do with your shitty erc-token.

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Or is it?

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If you post this as a victory to your shitcoin, I have very bad news for you fren..

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Bitcoin is cash, it is not debt.
P.S. 'i consider you a fren'

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Signing before and after encryption.

Motherfucker there lays the foundation for the epiphany that some will have of the genialiity of double hash...

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Yes, but bitcoin is cash, it has nothing to do with debt.

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>basement rebellions
Sounds awful

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Fucken saved

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Itll be world governments and corporations checking each others power. That's the beauty of it because governments and corporations compete viciously and will always keep others from gaming a system they too are a part of.

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>Carl Jung 'Synchronicity'
>This played in early 2009 at the Road Theatre Company in North Hollywood, "The Unseen," written and directed by Craig Wright, creator of ABC's "Dirty Sexy Money." A thought-provoking play with rave reviews. See it before it's too late!
Creator of ABC's dirty sexy money, KEK
Dopamine running low.

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Picrelated future confirmed.

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Craig just flaw over my house

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cash, ok, debt denominated in bitcoin is certainly not advisable.

now, what is your value target for bsv? and timeframe

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that is also what my fever dreams tell me. Question is how to profit pesonally most... buying transaction processor shares, or the commodity itself?

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Ultimately the only thing that matters is the price, as nobody want to be holding bags.

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Asserting it will be used and adoption will rise:
(0%-100%) of global narrow money supply / number of coins.

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See attached.

Yes. BSV has it's last upgrade in July called Chronicle, which returns the protocol to the original DAA. This will finally deploy Teranode and it's game over.

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God I love these threads

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