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I'm 28 and i got a 43 yo woman pregnant. She wants to keep a child. Should i kill my self?

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>world domination at all costs
>pussy out after 2(TWO) nuclear devices

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it is rational to poison the bitch first

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a hammer and a few punches to the stomach could also work.

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Post ww2 did that to most participating countries.

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Take some fucking responsibility you degenerate. You fucked and old roastie and she’s going to be raising your child. Fight tooth and nail to make sure they’re raised right.

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Thats fucking hot dude

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Holy shit that’s no good anon

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Imagine when you’re 35 and she’ll be 50. Imagine you’re 45 and she’s 60. You really want to be 55 with a 70 year old? Wew lad that’s cucked

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Just be a single father. No big deal

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The real question is why you fucked such an old lady in the first place.

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Cucked? Dude dont you know how it feels for an old bitch to remove her dentures and give you a good ol sloppy? I take youve never fucked old bitches, though they are fragile, they are much eager to please. I have never nutted harder. Dont knock it till you tried it

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That child is going to have some serious health issues. Eggs are rotten at 43

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why kys? run

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Think about that kids life. Look after them.

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This, sorry OP but you are going to have a money-drain autistic child AT LEAST. Probably a life-time of supporting with nothing in return.

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I read a greentext about this quite sometimes, the women in her 40ties without children seeks for meaning before she can't have children anymore. So she will do anything to get preggo, chances she intentionally got you to get her preggo by skipping on birth control our poking holes in the condom.

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Also i can't find the greentext. The women incisted on having the child, even after the narrator shows her he is infertile.

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lmao yep

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Japan was trapped on his Island before Hiroshima.

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Damn I'm 29 fucking a 42 year old maybe I should start wearing a condom lol

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ayy lmao

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post pics of the bitch and we can go from there

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What a thread kek.

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Why would you kill herself instead of killing her and your unborn child?

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this bruh, if your paranoid blur the face

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Tell her she can keep it but you want to sign away all rights to it and be registered as a sperm donor. This means legally the kid can track you down when it is 18 bit you are not liable for any child support under any circumstance. If she doesn’t agree then kill her or cut all ties and leave.

Assuming you don’t want to be a dad, which you should desu because life is meaningless without having kids, you’re a literal dead end after all the sacrifices your ancestors made. You should kill yourself in this case.

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The sperm donor situation was if you did want to be a dad btw. All men should be registered as their child’s so erm donor and not father.

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put her on child support since it’s statistically more likely that she makes more money than you

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Step up and raise your kid, champ

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Your kid will probably come out retarded, desu. If not, worry about some batshit 43 year old roastie raising your child liberal. Pray to God almighty that it's not a girl. In a word, you're fucked.

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If she's significantly wealthier than you then marry her and become a stay-at-home dad. I'm 23 and its currently my dream to marry a 30 something rich career woman and play Minecraft with my autistic son all day while my wife is at work.

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This child of yours represents the one good thing to come from a the stupid retarded decisions you’ve made. And you want to kill it?

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This desu

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Women are tricky cunts. This was intentional. I can sniff out the baby rabies now, but I couldn't when I was younger. Never let a woman provide the condom and never leave a used condom within their reach. Women with baby rabies that get even a whiff of the fact that you have money, a good job, and are somewhat responsible will sniff you out and have you bare-backing them before you even know what hit you.

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is this the ultimate comfy life?

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Literally every single one of the big doggos on the left either got killed or kys'ed during WWII. Practically none of the japanese soldiers surrendered, so what was left after that was a nation of pansies.

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When I saw this, I read America mid 2000s.

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Thank fuck for that. I enjoy JAVs, hentai, and some of the lower-spectrum animes

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The chances of that child surviving to term are actually pretty low. Maybe wait 9 months then kys.

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Unironically kill yourself. You people are the problem.

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>Stop liking what I don't like
I think if we exterminated people like you that'd solve a lot more problems. Envision a world without people like you for a moment

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Just raise the kid. If you love her stay with her. If not dump her ass. Think about it this way, as a dad you’ll be pulling poon with daddy issues left and right.

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I think hentai and JAV is shit, and I agree with you.

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Dont sign birth certificate and run away

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