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oh shit here comes the big dump

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If this doesnt convince you that this is a scam then im afraid you are a certified retard

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fucking people bought this shitcoin, they HAHHAHAHAHAH
literally put their hard earned money into a scam!
shitcoins are shitcoins!
people fell to bitconnect, and they keep falling to shitcoins scams

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damn I should have held some lol

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Josh is the switch founder brainlet

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>fucking people bought this shitcoin, they HAHHAHAHAHAH
>literally put their hard earned money into a scam!
>shitcoins are shitcoins!
>people fell to bitconnect, and they keep falling to shitcoins scams

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didn't he say he was the leader or something? this is a shit show of epic proportions

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It’s not very nice to laugh at others misfortune, fren.

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he probably got booted and is holding a stack way too toxic for the project which is smart hes going to become a 4chan meme otherwise

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First it gets delisted from Bitcoin.com, then this!

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Actual project confirmed.
Strap in for launch.

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He admitted he was not a dev, I don't get why its a suprise he is not on there. What the fuck is up with this aggressive fud, this is more than just people who lost some money this is crazy.

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If I ever see this nigga Josh in the street im gonna deck his ass in the fucking chin.

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im not fudding I want ghost to succeed its a good thing hes not part of the project going forward

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isn't the egghead nigga esh's founder? he's got nothing to do with the ghost project. He is just helping with the airdrop, faggots

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I am talking about op not you.

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No no
he's trying to spread the delisting FUD
He's a piece of shit too

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check the ID again nigga, you high as fuck or what? two different anons.

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epic ID fren we gonna make it

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It's not. There is enough that can be said about Esh without making shit up.

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Ah shit yeah.
similar green IDs
My bad >>19298297.
mistakes were made.

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Richard here.

I understand why you might think this is a ponzi so let me give you a little bit of backstory to see if I can change your mind. I traveled to Moscow a while ago and ended up blacked out after an expensive coke and cheap slav whore spree. They also have this shit called Krokadil but I didn't take that much.. but either way, I woke up fucked up... and I mean, FUCKED UP on the streets and these sickly looking gopniks were trying to set me up for some shit and taking advantage of my situation. I didn't understand shit because i don't fucking speak russian, so i tried speaking in english and they started pummeling my face and spitting on me. Outta the blue i heard this weird buzzing sound from a distance and this big black van shoots over the curb and run through these motherfuckers like cockroaches. It opens its doors up and i couldn't believe what my eyes were seeing. It was one of the crazy russian guys i met back in Panama when i was blackmailing judges and lawyers forth and back. Crazy how this world can bring you surprises. We cleaned the sidewalk up and they invited me to their crackhouse to talk about to good ol' times. Y'know, the differences on how tighter or looser panamanian and russian whore pussies were. Shit like that. I showed them some magic tricks and they laughed out loud. Fantastic talk. Aleksander, the ruski i talked the most with back in panama told me that he was now into some type of crazy scamming shit with cryptocurrencies and making mad fucking money. I got his contact, we laughed, talked about whores a bit more and parted ways.

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Anyone who understands github care to vet the GHOST team?

i'll tip you some eth for your DD

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yikes, im not the one in the red bro, youre the one coping hard, i never bought this piece of shit scam from a loser like mcaffee who didnt work in 17 years

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>cant trade ESH on bitcoin.com, only can see the price


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*punches you in the face* stfu

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I am convinced that people are being paid to fud this project.Am I down? yeah, but I am holding this piece of shit to zero or to fifty dollars, I invest what I can lose and I will not be manipulated by discord trannys.

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you should derisk into BTC since it's cheap now

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I know he needs to sell now! Sell now! Now! Now! Please sell now! Please!

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Did you not just read my fucking post? You stupid motherfucker why do you care so much?

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>PIVX fud happens
>volume doubles for the next 3 days

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agreed,same thoughts here.
I sell in green or not at all.
I'll get my money back through esh's monthly 10c dividends if I have too

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people like you are why this space is shit.
you buy retarded tech and promote it, but you dont know jack shit about it

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I just DCA'd down a bit. This thing is too polarizing, it's either going to zero or it will turn legit and shoot back up. I would rather be on the side that could make money instead of being a useless piece of shit, sitting on the sidelines harassing anons who are just trying to make it.

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Would you say... He Ghosted you?

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t. If it sounds like a duck and it quacks like a duck, its probably a broke, mad piece of shit with low T and an even lower iq

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>that 25% gap between buy and sell


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Hahahaha. You're funny anon. I can't wait to read more of your hilarious posts.

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I will pay you 1 eth to share screenshots from your discord

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Wasssa wasssaa wassa

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Talk on discord and I'll vet the github, though if there isn't much code it doesn't mean they are shit programmers, it is more important how high quality the code is as some programmers don't have much time for side projects.

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Particl looks pretty legit desu.
And the TG isn't full of trannies

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The physicist guy is a fucking beast, the dev team might be okay.

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I'm looking forward to the roadmap.
I'm sure the price is gonna bomb regardless but decentralized privacy marketplaces for legitimate business really get me hot and bothered.
They just don't seem to take hold very well.
Still have a bag of Apollo waiting on UAS.

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This one?

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I think I'll buy ghost rather than ESH, ESh won't hold value but I think ghost will take hold, McAffee is the exact right person to shill it. I can buy some when its cheap, sell a bit legit, keep a bit for me to buy things with when its nobodies business. I am honestly surprised Monero isn't more valuable, a new silk road is in order and will eventually be made I reckon.

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>McAffee is the exact right person to shill it
Have you ever heard of a McAfee shill that actually worked? FFS he has a Skycoin tattoo on his back. Have you seen the reaction to that when he got it? Price dropped like crazy and never recovered. Do some more research moron.

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The dev team is legit though, hes the right personality, we all know hes a PnD king but that doesn't mean he doesn't understand the tech or have potential to make good tech.

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>dev team is legit though
Are we talking about the same dev team here? The ones that can't write a whitepaper or know the difference between zerocoin and zk-snarks?

>understand the tech
once again, are we talking about the same person here? The one that doesn't know how a basic MIT license works, or the one that once to sue PIVX for something he admitted? That crackhead?

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Leader of esh retard

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Did that team write the paper? I am surprised as their github work is good. Are you fudding or just trying to get me to see another perspective? Why would he even care considering he is on the lam, what's gonna happen to him and the project? Are they gonna get called naughty devs for disobeying licensing rules? Fuck man, decentralised privacy coins really care about licensing, thats why they are so easy to shut down. He is a crackhead tho.

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That team didnt write the paper.
the paper was outsourced and written before they even had a team, this esh - ghost switch blew up bigger than they expected. Most of the dev team have only just signed on as far as im aware

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i pumps as we speak laaaaads

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That makes sense.

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i was the fudder. i bought the dip.

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if not LARP,
The dip came with my paycheck.

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bitcoin.com at $0.73 on ETH pair and $0.44 on BTC pair

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And you're supposed to trust a project that just threw together a team and released and outsourced whitepaper before even coming together to begin developing? I don't understand you lunatics.

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Unironically bullish, fuck that retard

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Re-read things I have said, going to get into Ghost when they release it, if they do. No need to be a no hoper either.

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Josh was the fall guy. Coin gets dumped and now Ghost has enough money to hire good developers. How much more obvious does it really have to be.

The fact that josh looks like an abject retard and is easily memed fits as well. This is unironically bullish.

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Punished Josh
A Man Denied by his Coin

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so it turns out /biz/coin aren't giving up, there white paper is actually pretty promising, using my esh profits to ride this. Longterm /biz/ lurker, I'd love to be able to use /biz/coins on my youtubes or even for patreon.

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Have you seen the switch DEX? It fucking sucks

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you people are gonna roll into the greatest Recession in American history as the poorest motherfuckers on planet Earth

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The DEX sucks balls. So bad

>> No.19300415

im stackin bullion this is just a i dont fucking care anymore adventure

>> No.19300429

how do we avoid that? dont you fucking say silver.

>> No.19300449

gold and silver :)
and lead

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thread hijack


McAffee stealing ass, buy BUCC, shooting up tonight!


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Ive been laughing this whole time, we called it for days. No one here listens, muh Mcafee hahahahahahahahaahaha

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Paid to fud? Give it up guys, Bucc is the only real private token ever!


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Enormous green flaggu

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Fuck off poomper

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Ghost scam v2 in full swing
>Bigger & Better Edition
Sour Ghost tried to steal the Buccaneer code, didn't work, promised that he would hire devs, took a bunch of money from you poor anons and disappeared. He deleted the entire discord to cover his tracks. Josh was in that discord. Josh took the idea and brought it to Mcafee while having even less to work with. The scam is playing out the same way. This time a bunch of devs behind screen names with fake credentials.
ESH will pump and dump like you've never seen. Make your money and get out when it does. If you find yourself caught on the sinking ship, there is still hope, Buccaneer is back from the dead.
Your Captain has returned to the land of the living.

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Holy shit man every FUD somehow involves Bucc now, the absolute state of this board

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We live in a clownworld. This shit is all linked and that fat fuck Josh is the key. Why do you think he ghosted from the main page? Ditched his profile pic? This is damage control. You don't even know how deep this rabbit hole goes.

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Good. Josh is a fucking nigger.

>> No.19300867

You have to be mentally challenged

>> No.19300883

Truth is
Josh never existed from the start. Just some soiboi picture they found on reddit.

>> No.19300976

It doesn't matter who Josh really is. He's been in every discord since the first Buccaneer airdrop. The timing of all of this very suspect.

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thats called the spread brainlet

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Meet Luna

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>> No.19301229

he still is you retards. holy shit you're all so dumb. This entire thing is his project, all these people are Josh's poeple not mcafees. why would he hire up a team for mcafee and not mcafee hire the team himself. They bought mcafees name for the project, that's it. Mcafee get's paid to talk about it and shill. mcafee has a company that sells his name, he doesn't even know half the time what projects are going on. source:


>> No.19301330

Guess who founded mcafee antivirus then sold it u idiot

>> No.19301368

ghost is going to be worth at least $10/ghost and you faggots are going to miss out because you dont want to spend 95 cents/esh jesus christ you're fucking retarded. Just buy the coin, get the airdrop, and then sell whatever remains of the skeleton of esh

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This guy gets it. Ignore pic related

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bucc or die niggers

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full stack 7 years backend here. vetted, complete shit. good luck

>> No.19302210

This shit is a scam. I dumped a 7x for more LOKI. Enjoy your scam John.

>> No.19302257

Farm shitcoin to get bitcoin.

A classic

>> No.19302297

Good thing im not american

>> No.19302387

Ghost main net to launch June 22nd. Check the website fellow ghosties.

>> No.19302397

What's the problem exactly?
The lead dev contributed to Monero.
Were people really expecting McAfee to be a dev or are people just pretending to be stupid?

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meaning what retard? he has a new company that basically shills mcafee the meme and makes bank https://team-mcafee.com/

>> No.19302523


>june 22cnd
lmfao imagine thinking a fake team that was thrown together yesterday is gonna have main net up in a few weeks

>> No.19302640

Since everyone who loses money in this PnD was planning to unload on other anons, and knowingly backed a known scammer degenerate and promoted his obvious next scam, I have absolutely no sympathy or empathy for those getting rekt here. Fuck you, good for you.

>> No.19302792

wtf this shit looks worse by the day

>> No.19302947

based gambler

>> No.19303065

Josh was never in the ghost team

Try harder fags

>> No.19303096

josh is still in the ghost team. half the people on the list there are in his telegram group spamming normie rocket memes and banning anyone fun. get fucking rekt lmfao the cope is going to be so funny

>> No.19303132

imagine dedicating 3 hours on a single /biz/ thread to instill fud.

Nice try Matt, but you're still gonna eat a dick

>> No.19303320

oh fuk bros Josh ESH dump incoming 5min

>> No.19303327

founder and head 'dev', even though in his blurb following the PIVX whitepaper he says 'Im not a dev, I have nothing to do with them and let them get on with it'.

Because thats what I would do if it were my company, having absolutely no involvement in the core USP and product.

'Yeh, im just trying to make groundbraking technology, but naturally that means being completely uninformed in my business'.

>> No.19303362

are you retarded? he was the guy posting everything related to Ghost the past 3 weeks. the one who responded when PIVX tweeted about the plagiarism. of course he was supposed to be in charge of Ghost.

i don't know how this worked out but he got forced out somehow. didn't realize mcafee even had enough power in this to do that, figured he was just a figurehead. what a shitshow. if you still have money in this you're a retard. cash out now before it's worth pennies.

>> No.19303391

how exactly is he denied?

He brought 3 businesses off the back of you lot:


Were all acquired by Switch on the proceeds of the pump.

>> No.19303597

Does "Josh" really exist? serios question.

>> No.19303716


>> No.19303761

What wallets are you using for the ghost drop?

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He's still holding ESH !

>> No.19303943

Don't m8 I bought in at the ath after watching the gringo documentary

>> No.19304011

im sorry to hear that bro, I gotin at 50c and then managed to sell at 1.60 the main amount and then after it crashed I got red of the rest at 1$.

This shit is going straight to 0 by tomorrow, get out if I were you.

>> No.19304026

What if they’ve completed the snapshot for GHOST in advanced and insiders are selling off?

>> No.19304117

Shit. it actually coincides with the Ghost contract which was made 7 days ago. That’s when there was a big dump. Esh team and insiders have dumped Esh before everybody else.

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>> No.19304131

you sound surprised anon-chan

>> No.19304224

Listen, there's enough shit to fud this coin with, you don't need to be an absolute retard about it. Let's use some common sense:
What you are proposing would not work. If the snapshot was already taken then anyone who acquires ESH today, would not get ghost and it would be quickly apparent what happened. And before you argue "They don't care if you know it's a scam! They made money!" Then why bother with an early snapshot for ghost when ghost will be worth nothing cause it was a scam.
Now maybe they are coordinating a dump for team insiders and devs, but I think that would be pretty easy to check by going through the wallets and seeing if the big ones are dumping and leaving. Also this would imply ghost is a scam coin (which it is), and would again negate your retarded snapshot theory.

>> No.19304450

These. The Fudders are not accumulating right now to keep the price low. They are spreading fud instead. Once the price is at what they believe to be the bottom, which they are trying to time out to just a few hours before airdrop, they will buy like crazy, cause fomo, and then dump ESH and GHOST at a profit. Or, they have some indiser info and really believe that GHOST will be huge, they just want as much as possible; in that case they will keep the ESH and just sell right after GHOST drop, but either way, the FUD works to their advantage.
Breadcrumb??? https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/ghost#markets

>> No.19304489

Fuck you, good pun.

I appreciate the attitude, anon. At least we are in on this together.

>> No.19304503

Your full of shit, keep holding this scam coin down to 0, nobodies buying your bags lol

>> No.19304519

Share the Ghost project on this underrated crypto server - PstAyj

>> No.19304594

ESH is dumping again.

going to keep dumping in the next 24 hours because ESH will be worthless (sub 10 cents again) after the snapshot. if anyone actually believes in Ghost (which i don't know why you would at this point) then just sell ESH now and rebuy it at 20 cents half an hour before the snapshot or if you don't hold it just buy right before the snapshot.

>> No.19304619

This is such an obvious shill post. It's like someone is literally paying you $8/hr to FUD ESH and act like you fit in here. The spacing, the picture, the simple homophobic file name, the LOLs, the fact that you are only replying to people that are on the same side as you (except for when you're shilling Bucc) in order to bump their posts. You are a sheep pretending to be a wolf in sheep's clothing. Kill yourself.

>> No.19304655

who gives a shit who is here for what.

ESH is still getting dumped on and the entire thing was a shitshow. Black and white, end of story.

>i was in from 0.10 to 2$ with 10k then dumped because of the lack of experience in the TG group + PIVX drama.

>> No.19304754

Because it's coordinated shilling.

>> No.19304940

you are wrong but at least you are being intellectualy honest. This shit is going to zero though

>> No.19305015


you fucking retard Josh is part of ESH not GHOST

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