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ive done all of the research and i will be a billionaire by 2030 with just a $100k investment

even holding just 1MM tokens will put you at a networth of $56MM in USD by 2030 and that would only cost you just $3k right now to make happen.

if you have to ask about the crypto im talking about then you're not allowed to know what it is.

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Hell yeah bruh sit back and sip

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even with the token burning having 1 mill will certainly not get you to a networth of 53mill thats peak delusion.Remember this is only in a couple of 3rd world shitter countries and arbing wont save you brother.

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Memes aside, it seems that it's one of the most promising projects in all crypto sphere. Why it doesn't moon?

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Because it’s only gonna be used in SE Asia

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I don't really think that RSV will be used anywhere in the real world (just because it's 100 times easier and more reliable to just hold usd), but it has big potential as a crypto stablecoin

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>no one tell him about the market analysis report that costs $1k to read that he overlooked bc hes such a shit tier newfag investor that he doesnt follow the big dog crypto hedge funds...

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When the US implements capital controls after the rebuilding of its industrial base, RSV will moon as it will provide exposure to USD.

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You would have to be certain and not just assume growth and if it’s exponential. You can’t just say smart money smart contracts staking and so on and expect to have fuck off money. Anyways just buy HEX

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dude we're all gonna be billionaires by 2030 with just normal USD inflation

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Token or currency?

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I received a copy of the report for free, at least the first one. They mention a second report that reveals more about the simulation process but I havent managed to get a copy of that.

I've seen the "burn price", what you are referring to. I think it's important to note that the number in question was just one of the various price predictions, which vary quite a bit as I'm sure you're aware

I will be honest a lot of the report went over my head so i won't pretend to understand all of it. But I saw the yearly figures. Though the second report probably reveals more info as to how they got those numbers.

Regardless, I have myself a bag. And I hope it all plays out for us like we hope it will.

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Where can I find this report?

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Care to provide a link then?
Or should I just take your word that it exists Mr.Somalian Rug wearing enclave tradesmen?

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Delphi Digital.

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Thanks ranjeet

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I'm a brainlet. Can you give me a quick run down of that article and explain how rsr can increase in price and why rsv will be better than current stable coins.

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