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how do I unironically short the future of the white race? it looks like the jews have won

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You can't, and there is no such thing as a "white race"

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White people did it to themselves.

No one's forcing them to become degenerates.
No one's forcing their men to chop off their dicks.
No one's forcing their women to become sluts.
No one's forcing them to do drugs.
No one's forcing them to become obese.

If propaganda is all it takes to turn you into a subhuman, then you're weak and pathetic to begin with.

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Very true. The problem is a failed aristocracy that cares more for its own present consumption than the common welfare of its people. Jews are nothing more than an opportunistic infection ravaging a host that fell ill long before their ascent to power.

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OP just read what this fellow anon said >>19296593

People like to behave in dumb ways. Buying stuff they don't need with money they don't have. To impress people they that don't like them. This includes doing stupid stuff and behaving and doing degenerate stuff. To impress said people that don't like them.
Is there a problem with culture you may ask?
I don't know.. we will know in a hundred years. The only thing I',m sure of is that there will be an anon on 4chan in 2120 that will ask how to short the mutt race because of my joose.

Instead of complaining about it and moaning like a bitch. Just take advantage of dumb whites and make money.

your fellow black jewish Anon

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>no ones forcing them to become degenerates
The public school system is mandatory. And it teaches your children to become degenerate
The CDC which is a government organization recommends circumcision, so this problem wouldn’t exist without big government
>slutty women
The public school system again, before big government public schools, teenage men and women hardly interacted and in fact younger girls would go to a more established man
Ok, you’re probably right there

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If the kikes weren't around though...

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jews are white also

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Tbh 90% of jews don't look like stereotypical hooknose jews

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Right. The ashkinazi jews are. But most of the orthodox ones (most of them are republicans) will call themselves jews (not white) as if Jewish was a race.

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Noone is censoring information from people. Anyone can read anything they like on the internet including anti jew shit. People just choose not to because they think it's bs including me. I agree that society is becoming degenerate but I don't blame that on the Jews. They are just part of a larger system that allowed them to gain power. Of course we probably have a disagreement on who is even jewish because most modern sects of christisnity have been accused of being Jews by anti jew shills.

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>what is surgery

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Buy white slaves in mexico and breed them into anti jew ubermen shills. Then after mutts have taken over sell the slaves to the highest bidders as sex slaves.

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Jews don't commonly get plastic surgery. They can't even get tattoos. They can't shave with a blade.

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this, I used to support white nationalism but then realized that the movement is a complete joke and a trainwreck. even supposedly pro WN white anons on /biz/ cant get their own house in order, how can you save a race when even the guys who want to save their own race are busy obsessing over asian women lol. Half of white conservative men IRL dont even have the self discipline to not chase after asian women. WN is basically a non serious movement that feels entitled to having a white country but isnt going to do anything serious about making it happen

t. ethnic anon

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buy (((their))) coin to bring about total control backed by blockchain id and the mark of the beast

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Jewtube deletes pretty much anything that doesn't fit the mainstream narative nowadays. Normies won't find Bitchute, it's not features in google searches. If you actually think the truth or at least alternative info isn't being censored you're delusional.

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jews are white and without them all white countries would be piles of shit no different than eastern europe or the flyover states in america, they are the stimulus that allows the average white boy to speak vicariously as if rheir worth is defined by the efforts of others

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>Noone is censoring information from people

You will literally get banned from every online site if you say of the shit being said in this thread. Even this site barely permits it anymore. The tranny mod will delete this thread as soon as xhe closes the reddit tab.

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short sweden, uk, france and germany.

Then after the dip buy Poland and everything east of long and hodl.

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You can't. Whites are like the BTC of humans. If we die, we're taking everyone with us.

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>those wogs
Those are what we call MED BVLLS, anon.

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jews are white

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Europe was great before the rothschilds paid for jews to be allowed in great Britain again in the 1600s. Then things started going to shit.

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Weak handed loser.
No wonder you buy the top and sell the bottom.

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Go long on bagels.

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You let shitty people lead education because you’re lazy, then you complain about your kids becoming shitty people as a result of the shitty public education system led by shitty people.

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buy more link goyim

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europe is satans head quarters, its trajectory is purely guided by the hands of inequity. The two are practically intertwined, theres no one without the other. Without the secret societies, cabals and people you refer to as "Jews", you wouldnt have any reference of the past to glorify, your pride is that of a den of pigs

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It's our own fault.
Everyone always looks for an opportunity to blame someone else.
Its pathetic, and its why we will never improve ourselves.

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As the white population declines, tribalism will slowly creep back into all the remaining societies.
We are already seeing this now.

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Jewgle hides all kinds of info. Every link leads some adl link. Back early 200s when the internet was less censored it was easier to get info on the jews and their lies

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long mindgeek

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Of course he knows info is hidden. Hes just lying like a typical jew rat

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lolbergs please go; you are out of touch with human nature.


This is the truth right here.

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>Ok, you’re probably right there
No, Jews have completely subverted food to get people eating literal poison.

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This. Long BBC

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>blame the average normie for falling for Jewish propaganda, rather than just blaming the jews
Yeah no.

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this. feral whites do my fucking head in

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been watching a lot of restored WW2 and WW1 footage lately and the sheer amount of young slim and fit white people available to deploy into service and industry at the drop of a hat in those times is just staggering

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Since when /biz/ became so infested with poltards?

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Well actually the little Jewish boys were bankers out of necessity because Hitler and stop asking questions goy its anotha shoah

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biz is pretty fucking gay lately
I got banned for discussing racial behavioral patterns

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America is already reeling from the opening of WW3 and Israel will liberalize within 29 years when soft NYC lib expats flee there.

China and Iran will win.

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You're supposed to buy the dip anon. Whites are in position to make a come-back. All the jewish anti-white stuff while pretending to be white is coming back to haunt them. The far left hates them because they are considered white people being mean to brown Palestinians. The far right hates them for their anti-white militancy. And the jew supporting moderates are shrinking daily.

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Buy Asian projects like Suterusu. Dump the top, then revenge.

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What the fuck do jannies even do? Allowing /pol/ bleed over is degenerate. Literally one fucking job.

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even stupid people wont fall for this post, you have to try harder

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whats untrue about it though

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When covid happened and schools and jobs got shut down.

Welcome to hell.

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Big red herring.

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Only a fool would think the East isn't rising.
I'm in SUTER and a few other Asian coins

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>implying jews aren't white
you whites should be happy about jews, they increase your average IQ

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The problem is the greedy white elite, not the jews. They have divorced themselves of responsibility for their fair-skinned brethren in the working class and ruined the great nation of America for their greed in the process.

Whites need to start being accountable and not blaming others for their problems. They are capable of so much more when not limiting themselves to the framework these comparisons box them into.

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It's both.

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buy japan?