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More Corridors Edition
>More than 1M$ transactions in the USD/EUR channel
>Forte Labs (Ripple Partner) CEO and Cofounder Josh Williams: Blockchain Economics in Gaming
>Go2 exchange runs on Ripple

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Did somebody say XRP??

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What are you guys going to do if after the election it still hasn't mooned and all this was confirmed to be a LARP? Serious question.

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hey friendo good to see the citadel thread. bunker thread yesterday went on forever

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Hold till $10 anyway. ODL will be in the billions in the future anyway; causing a high priced XRP. I heard from ODL alone now, XRP technically cant go below 5 cents

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You realize that you don't have to believe the $2000 schizoid larp to believe that XRP is going to increase in value, right?

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Yes, that was a nice thread, thanks for making it.

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That's not what I said, I also hold some XRP. But there is a huge difference between it moonshotting to $2000 and mooning to $3-4.

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Hell I'd be happy with $200

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Of course there is. But I think it's definitely going to break ATH.. 10-20$ in the next few years wouldn't surprise me, that's still a huge return.

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Hey deluded fucks

Xrpee holder here. With all respect fuck you.

Im dumping new ath and yall will be here talking about 2000$ while this shit crashes back to 0.20$

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>Cryptogang: HODL
>XRPgang: ODL

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>that's still a huge return.
Yep, it is. But you're still missing the point, my question was how will people who bought into the LARP react if / when it turns out to be.. a LARP. I didn't ask what people think of as a good return sub $2000.

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can't wait for the chainlink partnership!

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Oh, yea I have no idea. The 2000$ posts are nice hopium, but I hope people aren't going all in XRP because of them.

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Flare, the platform that XRP is launching smart contracts on
Arthur Britto, the elusive co-creator of XRP

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Some say that Satoshi and Britto are the same person (or organization?)

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Thinking about trading my link for more xrp

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>but I hope people aren't going all in XRP because of them.
I think people are definitely buying in quite a bit because of them lol. But I guess we'll see, at least we can repost them at the end of this year to FUD ourselves with.

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any time friend :)

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i can very much see this happening with interledger

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Absolutely. XRP entire interbank transfer scheme runs head first into the problem of data quality, and LINK's oracle network can help with that problem.

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Should I hold more than 25k to make it?

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500000XRP is 100000kUSD
I have about 150kUSD in fiat sitting on CBP. Been thinking about pulling the trigger on this. The ‘breadcrumbs’ are giving me the FOMO. Most of my net worth is in BTC and ETH. But it does seem that XRP will have a big deal to do with the US Treasury in the near future. Not sure if it’s just the Ripple Network. XRP may not even be used ...

Also, this bullshit about XRP @ 2kUSD is delusional. That translates to a $200,000,000,000,000 market cap. That’s not happening. However, I CAN see at least a trillion. Which would translate to $10.00 XRP

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XRP could go to like 10 trillion if they actually replace swift.

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This garbage can't even stay above $0.30 when everything else is pumping. It's junk

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How does 25 quadrillion sound?

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It's a psyop. Price manipulation so whales keep accumulating. I bought some on hotbit last night. I put in a cheap buy order, and whales would sell literally 1vit above my price, to buy orders that weren't shown. They were trolling me. Ended up paying a bit more to get a stack. But yea it seemed like ((thsy)) didn't want me fucking up the order books.

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Thing is, why would (((they))) inject trillions into this thing when August’s and whales can just dump on (((them))) and run with the money they put in?

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pretty amazing the sheer levels of delusion in these threads, clearly it's going to the moon because someone dumped on me right as I bought, of course

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Thing is, why would (((they))) inject trillions into this thing when autists and whales can just dump on (((them))) and run with the money they put in?

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Because when you realize how much money is at stake here, you understand that most of the "whales" are fucking poorfags in comparison. There's only like 1000 people who hold more than 1mill XRP.

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The only delusional one is you. You choose to fixate on the price and charts, but you ignore all the real world news surrounding the project.

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They dumped before I bought...buying orders that weren't on the books. My buy order was at the top. They sold 1vit over my price to nonexistent orders. I ended up market buying.

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Does not look good.

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Meanwhile ripple only sold 1.75mill worth of XRP last quarter, while BTC miners dump more everyday.

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Ok, so, why would Ripple not continue to suppress or maintain the price of XRP? The whole point of XRP is to provide financial institutions fast, reliable, on-demand liquidity. Can’t be reliable if it’s volatile.

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If Ripple achieves their goal and replaces SWIFT, XRP would be handling upwards of 5 trillion dollars a day in transfers. XRP literally cannot manage this amount of volume unless the price is higher. I don't exactly understand your volatility argument. It's not like the price couldn't be stabilized after rising and value, and XRP settlements process so quickly, that one could argue a volatile price wouldn't even have a big impact on transfers.

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Lmfao you think some faggot chink whale could ‘dump on’ someone putting over a trillion in? They would have to sell positions worth over $100bn just to make a dent.

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Is it possible that xrp will have to increase since inflation is inevitable, especially now with all the fed spending? Maybe it will hit a dollar and sit there for a clue years and go up slowly

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It always baffles me how many anons on here don't seem to realize how small the marketcap of the total crypto sphere is. Basically any major bank could buy out the entirety of crypto right now. Big money hasn't even begun to enter the space.

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Who fucking cares

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>Bases financial decisions off of schizo LARPs
People that want to laugh at them in 6 months, that's who. Copefag.

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I'm honestly starting to lose faith in XRP. I have 6k in it. I regret not selling when it was at 10k.

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you realize (((they))) print money don't you? xrp could get to 2k usd np, but who knows what usd will actually be worth.

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you didn’t buy 2k?!

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Wow it's a sign anon.

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>I'm honestly starting to lose faith in XRP. I have 6k in it. I regret not selling when it was at 10k.
When did you buy in and how much did it cost you originally?

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in plain sight my fren

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i love hearing about all the features fudders say XRP cant do

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it will take a long time like 5 years but will be worth it. xrp has literally zero competition. they're stupidly ahead of everybody else in their lane (i.e. not btc). simple as

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Of course it's a LARP jackass. That's the fun part.

We already agree XRP is a good bet, now we're fucking around with fantastic futures for funzies. Did you never have a childhood, anon?

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>just a larp
fuck yourself

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>Of course it's a LARP
Say that to the retards who believe it then, jackass.
>Did you never have a childhood, anon?
Literal retard tier post.

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