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Is it stupid to try to negotiate salary right now? I'm an archaeologist which isn't a well paid field anyway but even by those standards I'm underpaid. I could get the same money going back to just digging holes, whereas in this job I supervise jobs and use surveying equipment, take on some project management and do pretty advanced GIS work.
I argued with them over it in January and got an extra £500 (to £20.5k, fucking lmao) but was told to raise the matter again in the summer, so now it is summer I feel like I should bring it up again.

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Yes, it's worth bringing it up again, but the best way to get a raise is to change jobs.

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Depends how good you are. If you're easy to replace they can just fuck you off and get Sanjay in to do it at 80% of the costs

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I'm good. I've also got the broadest skillset in the department in terms of fieldwork (surveying equipment as well as being a quick digger) and office based stuff (using GIS mainly), though I think that's actually hurt because it's meant they can just put me on any project and do it cheap

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£20.5k?! I don't know much about the salary amounts for archaeology, but damn that's super low compared to even basic finance roles in the UK.

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I've been doing it for three years now as well. I actually took more when I was just a digger and was paid hourly because I was usually the one driving the van and so got driving time paid, which meant I had 50hr weeks as opposed to the flat 37.5hr I'm getting as a salaried worker

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If you want to make any money and become well known, you need to become a Mason. All the greatest archaeologists were Masons and you won't find anything if you aren't.

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You've got wuflu going against you. Universities are likely to cut budgets in the summer due to lower foreign suckers/students, plus archaeology is not exactly a necessary job.

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>I'm an archaeologist
Tell me more about your job please. What do you do? In which country do you work?
I was dreaming about becoming an archeologist when I was in school. But unfortunately I didn't implement my plans (Also, I live in a country with no actual history and education in this field and if you want to become an archaeologist you have to emigrate)
>to £20.5k
Is it below average in the UK? Are there any well-paid specialists in your sphere?

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>archaeology is not exactly a necessary job.
In the UK it's legal requirement as part of the construction process, we have nothing to do with university excavations (though some universities do own commercial archaeology companies). We conduct various pieces of work for clients of all sectors, usually starting with a desk based assessment and recommendations on how to mitigate damage to heritage that would be caused by their project. That can then go onto trenching which is an evaluation to detetmine if archaeological remains are present, and then if necessary a full excavation before construction begins.

For example, pic related was a medieval cellar we excavated under an old brick yard which was being turned into student accommodation

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Damn, do you enjoy your job though? Life becomes easier if you actually like what you do every day.
Maybe think about other roles that your skills are transferable into. Hope you make it mate!

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I posted above with a potted version of what we do, but you can just work for a firm and just dig which is how I started, it's much more enjoyable even on shit sites.
And yeah, it is a below average wage, especially in a field that usually requires a degree and if you have some experience. It's only 20% above minimum wage.

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It's too late now if you have been working there for 3 years and haven't got much of a raise.

They basically already know you are a bitch.

I asked for a 30% raise the first year of my job (software engineer) and said I was leaving if they couldn't do it.

If you ever basically give in and take a shitty raise (say less than 6%) in a year they know you are a sucker basically.

This is why you always need to ask for raises 10%+ and get 5% AT MINIMUM or just go find a new job.

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To do this though you actually need to be

1. Hard to replace.
2. Worth the increase.
3. Luck. Yes it's just luck if the management is retarded or doesn't like your attitude it doesn't actually matter they won't give you the raise out of spite.

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Huh, the more you know. You still have wuflu going against you though, slowing down construction, plus a likely recession will slow down demand even more. You were lucky to get a raise before this whole thing started in January but I wouldn't expect another one now.

>flat 37.5hr I'm getting as a salaried worker
Kek, salaries are one of the greatest tricks companies ever pulled, especially convincing people that they will get paid more when they actually don't compared to the amount of time/work they do.

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I've been with this firm for 18 months, been in the sector for three years. I'm inclined to agree though, I think moving on might be my best option if I don't get anywhere with it this year.

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Dude ffs, become a site engineer for construction

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Probably a good idea, one of the lads I play rugby with is a surveyor as well so I might drop him a line

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Hey anon, fellow Brit bong here. Change fields and go into Forestry. If you can do GIS well, you'll be on a £40-50k salary, the sector is crying out for GIS experts. Trust me, forestry fag here.

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I work in construction as a Buyer, even if you need the cert you can get one in a week for sub £1k.

Construction pays well, sadly it's probably not the best industry to be getting into RN

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Also if you play Ruby you'll do well as they are the truly the only chads in this world.

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Yeah, my current boss is one of the leading users/developers of GIS in archaeology right now and I'm already working at an advanced level with QGIS. Might have a look, cheers man!

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I have a bone for you to examine

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>Kek, salaries are one of the greatest tricks companies ever pulled
Aren't salaries the older form of the two tricks though (hourly vs salary)

Honestly I just wish we could go back to a time without money. I'm hoping ARPA and other MPC efforts can help propel us there. I want to be a NEET