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I unironically think I'm going to be filthy rich with my 20k link (bought it years ago when it was trading at like 02-08 cents) already making plans on wht im going to do when it inevitably surpasses $200+

>Move out of my parents home finally
>Quit my job on the spot with style
>Pay off my parents mortgage
>Probably still investing in crypto but in a much larger WHALE scale
>Invest in starting my own online businesses.
>Buy a Tesla

I have never felt so euphoric and happy in my life /biz/ we are finally going to make it.

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Take your meds, schizo

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I have 650,000,000 link.

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peepeepoopoo PEEPEEPOOP!
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>peepeepoopoo PEEPEEPOOP!

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mad linklets detected

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>investing in depreciating assets before passive income producing assets.

You’re going to need a lot more than 20k link if you’re going to use this strategy kek

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20k x $200= 4million

Thats all I need to live a comfy life forever, granted I'm not a conformist I will always aspire to duplicate my money by investing more and more.

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If you know how to navigate passive income sources you’d realize you only really need ~$1m to “make it”. The fact you are looking at buying a Tesla off the bat might be an indication you have no idea how to navigate these sources.

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Literally LARP link has NEVER traded at .2c



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Link at $200 means a Russian scammer and a few literally whos would have $130b worth of premined erc20 shittokens. Take your meds and get a job.

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Could you specify what you mean with navigating passive income sources? Highly interested in this topic.

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2-8 cents? kek, larp. sell high TODAY for UND or you're not gonna make it. It's already basically top 10.

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you just wait and see

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I’ll give you a super simple example with $500k. If you have $500k in liquid capital, you can leverage a $2m commercial property at 75% LTV. At a modest 5% cap rate I’m netting $100k/year. If I can structure my leases NNN I’ll walk home with roughly $65k/year after debt service. $65k/year to literally collect rent checks. Now here’s the kicker anon, I can max out my cap rate by optimizing my per square foot rental rate. To do so, I need to capitalize on inherent supply constraints in my given market. In other words, identify an undersupplied niche space in your real estate market and up charge your space accordingly. Most comparable industrial properties in my market fetch roughly 6% caps. My buildings are at 100% occupancy and I’m getting $9.8/sf with a modified gross lease. This comes out to roughly a 8.5-9.5% cap rate depending on my common area maintenance fees. So now at 8% cap my original $500k is making me $160k/year net, ~$90k after debt service AND I’m building equity in the real property AND my property appreciates at 75-150 points a year AND I have rent escalations every three years for tenants. End of year 6 just take your excess operating capital and roll it into another building. Rinse and repeat. Did you think it was a coincidence nearly every hyper wealthy person has a massive chunk of RE in their portfolio?

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Thanks anon, I have read your stuff prior already some months ago. Can you recommend any good sources to further learn about RE financials?

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This doesn’t even take into account the fact I can deduct my mortgage insurance fully as well as the fact I can 1031 exchange the asset, defer my capital gains tax, then roll the capital into a similar property with higher cash flows. You’ll need to know how to perform a DCF analysis and a partitioned IRR statement to gauge risk but it’s all perfectly achievable.

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>Buy a Tesla
based, this is on my to do list

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>>Pay off my parents mortgage

Buy your parents house and allow them to live there. Prevents them reverse mortgaging and financing cars and ensures you get it back in the will.

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Start on BiggerPockets. If you are smart start watching videos on DCF statements. Stay active on forums and if you are very serious, join a local group. Real Estate Investment Association (REIA) is big where I am. It’s a paid membership group but you can get access to great mentors. My friends younger brother was a shitty student, not very smart but a hard worker. He just joined REIA last year and just finished his first house flip. He had a mentor walk him through the whole process, start to finish. Read, read, read and then read some more. Real estate is capital intensive, if you don’t know what you’re doing prior you can lose a lot of money. Good luck to you anon, the very fact you are asking questions and not just spamming memes and shitposting shows you care about your financial well being. I dont know you but I think you’re going to make it.

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after you make it, continue street pooping to live frugally

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you can already move out with 20k link dude thats like 60k+

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link going to zero
you need to trust

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How? I have 50k link but I sure as fuck can't do anything with it yet. Did steaking get released and I'm the last person to hear about it?

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if you have 50k and link is over 3$

you should certainly start selling as much as you need to live on your own by now

and then work a job and put it back into link if you really care that much about losing some link

i had 40k back in the day but not anymore i gambled it

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Few people know anything. Fewer share if they know something. Thank you Anon, you probably already made it.

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But if I sell then I won't have however much I sold anymore. Silly me I thought you actually knew what you were talking about and had a plan.

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link already mooned bro i was buying it at .30 cents

youre at almost 4$ link youre actually mentally ill if youre still living at your parents

youre like 50% mooned sure there could be much more mooning but live bro

youre going to never sell anything and theres a chance you come out the other end with nothing when you already had everything

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All really based points fren, Cyber truck here we come.

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It has never been 2 cents you filthy larper. And no the flash dump does not count.

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It's not even being used yet, nodes are floating by with the free Sergey tokens. It's always been a make it or nothing thing. Imagine cashing out just to get a 1,500 sqft house and that's all you have to show for it? Retarded, when link moons it will be faster than the interest on a mortgage. I'm buying a historic 6 story building downtown and turning the top 2 floors and adding a seventh for my dream penthouse. A house would be nice but the bar literally couldn't be set any lower. Even my parents managed to get a mortgage for a house. I'm meant for much better than that and I refuse to sell myself short. If you really sold and are never buying back in why don't you share some proof. Sells and whatever stupid shit you bought with it is enough. Until then we all know you're just a liar.

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>i had 40k back in the day but not anymore i gambled it
And we should listen to your advice, why?

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>you should certainly start selling as much as you need to live on your own by now
>i had 40k back in the day but not anymore i gambled it

The absolute cope of this dude. Advising anon to sell his LINK now and shaming him into paying (((rent)))? Top fucking kek

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It was never 2-8 cents you absolute cunt hole.

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I used to have 55k LINK. My advice is to buy as much as possible as long as it's under $10. Why don't I have 55k anymore? I sold at the absolute bottom (about March 2018) to relocate, but now my salary is double what it used to be and I don't live in the shithole midwest anymore. I would've settled for just not living in the midwest, the salary thing was a nice bonus. Got a gf now and living together, never been happier. And yeah of course I still have some LINK left, a paltry 7k but after living in the midwest for 10 years I just couldn't take it anymore. So in my mind it was worth it. Obviously this post is chalk full of cope but fuck it, I had no guarantee LINK wouldn't turn out to be another REQ so I think I made the right call.

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I may seem like a complete dumbass, and maybe I am, but LINK already changed my life for the better. I don't really need much more out of it by now. There are a few things I'd like to have. A Tesla. A boat. Set of steak knives. But all in all I'm pretty happy. So basically, I'll be a linklet until the very end, but I don't need to stare at numbers on a screen anymore to feel happy about my life.

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tesla is faggot cuck car
only betas drive tesla
never saw a chad slayer dirving one

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I'm legit happy for you anon but I have a legit question, how do you plan on cashing out?

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To each his own. What car would you get? Aston Martin? Porsche? Ford Mustang?

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Its not your money till its sold otherwise its just Indian internet farts.

you need to trickle sell if your cashing out or the market will spaz

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maybe he knows and he realizes that he has at least 1mil for fun and he'll still be fine?

When I sold my online business in 2013 I bought a nice appartment for €280k, a bmw for €80k and nice clothes and toys for at least 15k and spent about as much on vacations and parties.

Sure, I could have investend those 400k as well and bought the abovementioned things using the returns, I probably would have been able to do so by now

But why wait? The past 7 years have been ridiculously good and a huge part of this is because I decided to spend some of the money right away to vastly improve my situation. I still have enough passive income to sustain all this forver and on top of that I'm still working 20hrs a week because I want to. Life is good.

Good luck OP!

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Not the guy you asked, but obviously a Porsche 964 Turbo is what you get.

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>people thinking they made it with their unrealized gains
>not realizing that if price does eventually rise it would be a race to sell their bags thus driving the price back down
>celebrating before getting out of a ponzi scheme

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It's up 20x and buying pressure is still strong. If what you said was true the pump would have died at $1. Remember this thread on your deathbed when you wonder why you never made it.

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Then you have the chance to be the first. First it was business venture scams, then became start ups, now it's much easier, coins.

>living entirely off dividends
>not made it

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>>Buy a Tesla
>die or get crippled during the first ride
>makin' it /bizraeli style

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