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Chainlink will change your life. I am video recording this thread so I have evidence against bad actors. This is a legitimate buisness product so do not 404 this thread otherwise I will expose you. Deleting this thread will only make it worse. Let's start with this video that YouTube took down.


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best post so far. You have my attention

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why yes, i eat turds and worship a fat russian scammer, how did you know

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Lol why was it taken down

> we know who

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is this you op?

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Yeah that was... uhh. something. Instant takedown lol

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The cube

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why have i never heard of plaid and what does
have to do with anything

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Time travel

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Hold on

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Why'd that post about trannies being subhumans get deleted so fast? Looks like 4chan is actually infiltrated by trannie jannies. YOU ALL DESERVE A BULLET TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD YOU MENTALLY ILL FUCKS

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based thread

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i personally still think Sergey wrote this thread. in his talks he's always talking about 'quality data'. this was just after the coinbase listing and massive pump - so all eyes at this point, and especially on this board, were on Link.

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Wait, is it cryptlets or cryplets?
The domain registrartion says cryptlets and cryptlets.com
But the 4chan post says cryplets several times (never cryptlets)
Did nobody notice these are two different words?

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Here we go

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holy shit i understand the meme now why sergey is the second coming of christ

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What am I looking at? When was this made?

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It’s a cheat note anon save it

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So should I sell LINK now?

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here you go OP I feel like you will appreciate this information
pic and link related

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Oh you know, just pooping on a street in Mumbai. You?

>> No.19283773

that's a fact

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Take your meds you pathetic losers

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>control + f: chainlink
>0 results

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If you saved that IMG from here. I am 100% sure you saved it from my stash.

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404 thread RIP

BTW I have it all

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It’s yours

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top kek look at all the literal whos on this spaghetti map. FAANG doesn't need your shit token pal, IBM isn't interested, Shopify has no need. Real billion dollar corporations spit on your piece of shit token

We will not let link thrive

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Still not sure how to decipher this one

>> No.19283981

More of muh breadcrumbs, muh changing society word diarrhea

>Not even worth as much as XRP

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As above so below

What goes up

________ _________ __________

> it's all a coincidence >>19283921

The dates are all there good luck anon

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Room 237 = Room 42

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My gift to you

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>> No.19284087

It already did. I dumped a 40x, then a 2x. (so 80x), I still have 50k linkies, but put the rest in ARPA for the MPC bubble,. Thanks Reddit!

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nice thread

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>> No.19284128

̊ ̊̊ ̊̊̊ ̊̊̊̊ ̊̊̊̊̊ ̊̊̊̊̊̊ ̊̊̊̊̊̊̊ ̊̊̊̊̊̊̊̊ ̊̊̊̊̊̊̊̊̊ ̊̊̊̊̊̊̊̊̊̊ ̊̊̊̊̊̊̊̊̊̊̊ ̊̊̊̊̊̊̊̊̊̊ ̊̊̊̊̊̊̊̊̊ ̊̊̊̊̊̊̊̊ ̊̊̊̊̊̊̊ ̊̊̊̊̊̊ ̊̊̊̊̊ ̊̊̊̊ ̊̊̊ ̊̊ ̊
̊ ̊̊ ̊̊̊ ̊̊̊̊ ̊̊̊̊̊ ̊̊̊̊̊̊ ̊̊̊̊̊̊̊ ̊̊̊̊̊̊̊̊ ̊̊̊̊̊̊̊̊̊ ̊̊̊̊̊̊̊̊̊̊ ̊̊̊̊̊̊̊̊̊̊̊ ̊̊̊̊̊̊̊̊̊̊ ̊̊̊̊̊̊̊̊̊ ̊̊̊̊̊̊̊̊ ̊̊̊̊̊̊̊ ̊̊̊̊̊̊ ̊̊̊̊̊ ̊̊̊̊ ̊̊̊ ̊̊ ̊
̊ ̊̊ ̊̊̊ ̊̊̊̊ ̊̊̊̊̊ ̊̊̊̊̊̊ ̊̊̊̊̊̊̊ ̊̊̊̊̊̊̊̊ ̊̊̊̊̊̊̊̊̊> ̊̊̊̊̊̊̊̊̊̊ ̊̊̊̊̊̊̊̊̊̊̊ ̊̊̊̊̊̊̊̊̊̊ ̊̊̊̊̊̊̊̊̊ ̊̊̊̊̊̊̊̊ ̊̊̊̊̊̊̊ ̊̊̊̊̊̊ ̊̊̊̊̊ ̊̊̊̊ ̊̊̊ ̊̊ ̊ ̊ ̊̊ ̊̊̊ ̊̊̊̊ ̊̊̊̊̊ ̊̊̊̊̊̊ ̊̊̊̊̊̊̊ ̊̊̊̊̊̊̊̊ ̊̊̊̊̊̊̊̊̊ ̊̊̊̊̊̊̊̊̊̊ ̊̊̊̊̊̊̊̊̊̊̊ ̊̊̊̊̊̊̊̊̊̊ ̊̊̊̊̊̊̊̊̊ ̊̊̊̊̊̊̊̊ ̊̊̊̊̊̊̊ ̊̊̊̊̊̊ ̊̊̊̊̊ ̊̊̊̊ ̊̊̊ ̊̊ ̊
̊ ̊̊ ̊̊̊ ̊̊̊̊ ̊̊̊̊̊ ̊̊̊̊̊̊ ̊̊̊̊̊̊̊ ̊̊̊̊̊̊̊̊ ̊̊̊̊̊̊̊̊̊ ̊̊̊̊̊̊̊̊̊̊ ̊̊̊̊̊̊̊̊̊̊̊ ̊̊̊̊̊̊̊̊̊̊ ̊̊̊̊̊̊̊̊̊ ̊̊̊̊̊̊̊̊ ̊̊̊̊̊̊̊ ̊̊̊̊̊̊ ̊̊̊̊̊ ̊̊̊̊ ̊̊̊ ̊̊ ̊ ̊ ̊̊ ̊̊̊ ̊̊̊̊ ̊̊̊̊̊ ̊̊̊̊̊̊ ̊̊̊̊̊̊̊ ̊̊̊̊̊̊̊̊ ̊̊̊̊̊̊̊̊̊ ̊̊̊̊̊̊̊̊̊̊ ̊̊̊̊̊̊̊̊̊̊̊ ̊̊̊̊̊̊̊̊̊̊ ̊̊̊̊̊̊̊̊̊ ̊̊̊̊̊̊̊̊ ̊̊̊̊̊̊̊ ̊̊̊̊̊̊ ̊̊̊̊̊ ̊̊̊̊

>> No.19284139

based thread. saved a few.

>> No.19284142

I have been seeing junko.

Who is she really?

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▲ ▲

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some good kino documentaries in this thread

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Things have their shape in time, not space alone. Some marble blocks have statues within them, embedded in their future.” ― Alan Moore, Watchmen.

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>> No.19284273

I like your cubes

>> No.19284274


>> No.19284301



Chainlink is going to explode. Ask yourself how could Forbes and so many others get it wrong. Jesus Loves Everyone

Swift + Chainlink (Page 11, SmartContract + Rise Technologies, SmartContract is who makes Chainlink):https://www.swift.com/sites/default/files/resources/swift_swiftatsibos_innovation_pioneering_inno_for_community_brochure.pdf

ISDA’s general interest in smart contracts: https://www.isda.org/2019/01/30/legal-guidelines-for-smart-derivatives-contracts-introduction/

ISDA + Openlaw (Attending an ISDA event on Nov 6th): https://www.isda.org/event/london/isda-technology-forum-2019-11-06/#anchor-agenda

Chainlink + Openlaw: https://twitter.com/openlawofficial/status/1177300013946417154?s=21

Chainlink + Google: https://cloud.google.com/blog/products/data-analytics/building-hybrid-blockchain-cloud-applications-with-ethereum-and-google-cloud

Chainlink + Intel: https://software.intel.com/en-us/articles/new-confidential-computing-solutions-emerge-on-the-hyperledger-avalon-trusted-compute

Chainlink + Oracle(Software company): https://blogs.oracle.com/startup/every-startup-in-the-blockchain-with-oracle-cloud-and-chainlink

Chainlink + Amazon (Skip to 1:01:30): https://pages.kaleido.io/webinar-ondemand-kaleido-on-aws-thankyou?submissionGuid=68a3dd47-631c-4ad9-acf0-d54c52e1dc7c

Oracles: https://blog.chain.link/oracles-the-key-to-unlocking-smart-contracts/

Derivatives: https://blog.chain.link/solving-deep-seeded-trust-problems-in-derivatives-using-chainlink-enabled-smart-contracts/

>> No.19284338

Thanks for the trip down memory lane anons

>> No.19284342

Notable content from Chainlink
Smart contracts: https://blog.chain.link/the-power-of-smart-contracts-what-they-are-and-how-they-can-revolutionize-the-future/

Oracles: https://blog.chain.link/oracles-the-key-to-unlocking-smart-contracts/

Derivatives: https://blog.chain.link/solving-deep-seeded-trust-problems-in-derivatives-using-chainlink-enabled-smart-contracts/


General Crypto + Business: https://www2.deloitte.com/content/dam/Deloitte/se/Documents/risk/DI_2019-global-blockchain-survey.pdf


>> No.19284347


>google's collective hive intelligence is sufficiently like ours in order to recognize the nigh unimaginably high eventual value of this fresh but promising new system, which is currently trading below 0.01% of this presumably inevitable price, and can be bought *now* for a very reasonable price instead of a few years later for a total cost of about a quarter of the entire world's money (plus or minus one-eighth);
>our gestalt decentralized hypergeist is similar enough to google's for (((their's))) to also comprehend that -- especially now, after certain pivotal points have been achieved, course maintained and the network opening up like a fucking rose blossom -- chainlink is as guaranteed of being *the* default, de jure & de facto oracle solution for fucking *everything* that needs oracles solved (derivatives market especially) because of the way which the project has progressed... google has carefully watched this and other projects, weighing odds intelligently, learning what fails and what succeeds; although it would have been premature to buy earlier, it's now such a sure thing in the eyes of any keyed in hivemind that that only an uninformed innocent or knowing idiot would not be buying at these prices right now;
>seriously: google has seen the project pass the 97.% probability percentile in global adoption, has watched any other pretenders, would-be contenders, and ersatz "competitors"
amount to no threat whatsoever to what chainlink is blossoming into, witnessed the fud blown to dust, the alternatives rust, and the fundamentals robust, just like i bust, fly must by trust plied gust whose gales blow sails on my moonbound yacht
>extemporaneous apropos freestyling aside, it's pretty fucking obvious that google sees what we see, which are guaranteed moon tickets to some, but to others, certificates of hegemonic dominion over the world and all nolinkers

>> No.19284355

The 216th number is this sequence is 619220451666590135228675387863297874269396512. The sum of all the digits in that number add up to 216, as well. He notes that it is believed that the secret or hidden name of God contains 216 characters. There are many other fascinating relationships and sacred geometries, which are presented by Lucien Khan in more detail at the links below.


>> No.19284364



216: 619220451666590135228675387863297874269396512

And if you add up all the individual digits in that number it adds up to 216.

If you look at the numbers in the Fibonacci Sequence you will find that the last digit in each number forms part of a pattern that repeats after every 60th number and this 60 number pattern repeats all the way into infinity.

Notice that after the first 60 numbers the last number starts to repeat. This 60 number pattern repeats all the way into infinity.

What I did is, I arranged those 60 digits in a circle (as seen in Diagram 1) and I found the results so amazing and revealing that they are simply Divine.

First you will see that the “ZERO’s” in the sequence align perfectly with the 4 cardinal points on a compass. And if you look at the number adjacent or directly opposite each number you will see that they add up to 10.

But there is so much more:

At this point I need to tell you why I am so fascinated by this 60 digit repeat pattern.

I have been working on a cosmological theory that states that the universe was not created in a singularity event as per the ‘Big Bang’ but rather that the universe is an eternal cycle of energy to mass and that this cycle repeats after every 60 billion years or rather after every 60 units of time.

The number 6 is crucial in my findings as 6 is the first whole entity in the physical universe. Every physical object must have 6 dimensions from its point of origin, being: UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, BACKWARD & FORWARD.

We get to 60 because we are using base 10 mathematics so:

6 x 10 = 60

6 squared or 6 x 6 = 36

36 x 10 = 360

The physical universe manifests in all 360 degrees.

6 cubed or 6 x 6 x 6 = 216

There are incredible predictions related to the number 216.

>> No.19284372

For example: It is believed that the secret or hidden name of God contains 216 characters.

Now, bearing my cosmological theory in mind you can see why I was so astounded to find this 60 digit repeat cycle hidden in the Fibonacci Sequence.

But this could simply be a random pattern of 60 numbers right? Yes, they could be. So I need to do more.

If 6 x 6 x 6 = 216 Which has divine connotations. What happens if I take 3 of those Fibonacci Circles and combine them as in Diagram 2.

These are not simply 60 random numbers repeating to all infinity. When 3 of these circles are aligned at the dead centre, as in Diagram 2, the circumference of the circles touch perfectly at their midpoints (Number 5 in the cycle) and I find that the 4 internal arcs add up to 360 and the 2 exterior arcs each add up to 180.

So now I have a 60 repeat cycle that produces the number 360 when aligned in this order.

Remember my theory says that the universe recycles every 60 units of time and manifests in all 360 degrees.

Look at the Clock Face (Image Below). The 5’s & Zero’s align perfectly with the 12 hours on a clock face.

Dear God how can I convey the PERFECTION of all of this to you?

Mathematics is showing us how perfect CREATION is. The face of a clock is divided into 12 hours that align perfectly with the 5’s and zero’s from the Fibonacci sequence. The same Sequence that produces the golden ratio.

It means the universe is a perfect creation and has deep structural programming. A single day can be sectioned up into 60 equal units (OR 2 x 12 HOURS) using the Fibonacci sequence.

The Fibonacci Sequence is making a perfect Human Clock

>> No.19284415


>> No.19284421

>>https://youtu.be/GIuZUCpm9hc [Embed]

See my shadow changing
Stretching up and over me
Soften this old armor
Hoping I can clear the way by
Stepping through my shadow
Coming out the other side
Step into the shadow
Forty six and two are just ahead of me

>> No.19284434


Nothing in the universe is random. Our Ancient Ancestors were guided into using units of 60 and 360 in our clocks and circles.
Time creates the universe.
24 || 42

>> No.19284442

>We get to 60 because we are using base 10 mathematics so:
>6 x 10 = 60
>6 squared or 6 x 6 = 36
>36 x 10 = 360
>The physical universe manifests in all 360 degrees.
>6 cubed or 6 x 6 x 6 = 216
>There are incredible predictions related to the number 216.

>that's the time constant
>that's why our seconds count 60 to a minute and why our minutes count 60 to an hour
it's the key
2*3*7 = 42
>7 days in a week
>7:00 minutes = 420 seconds
>420/7 = 60

>pic related
>from the Shining
>Kubrick (((knew))) subconsciously

>> No.19284460

The earth rotates once on its axis every 24 hours.

If I spilt this Fibonacci 60 Digit Circle down its central Axis and add up the first 30 numbers I get a sum of 128. Add up the remaining 30 numbers on the other half and I get the sum of 152.

152 – 128 = 24.

Not only does this diagram show the 4 cardinal points, North, East, West & South. But it also highlights the 12 hours on a clock face.

On top of all of that, if I split the image down its central axis and subtract the one half from the other. I get 24, which just happens to be the amount of time it takes for the earth to rotate once upon its own axis.

As a matter of interest the total sum of all 60 numbers in this cycle = 280.

But if I subtract all the 5’s in the image, thats 8 x 5 = 40. (The zero’s and 5’s highlight the 12 hours).

I get 280 – 40 = 240 which is 24 x 10.

I don’t think people can really understand what this means. Mathematics is universal. No matter where I go in this universe the Fibonacci Sequence will always be the same.

But only here on earth, will any of this have such powerful meaning.

Earth is UNIQUE.

Please think about this and what it means, this is not magic or witchcraft. Pick up your calculator and add it up for yourself.

In all the Universe, The Fibonacci Sequence shows us the earth’s cardinal points, The Hours on our clock & The 24 hour rotation of the earth axis. And so much more….

>> No.19284472

Can someone savvy with numbers and dates tell us when it's happening?
inb4 tonight always

>> No.19284477


The Number 7

The Kabala teaches that God created the world with seven spiritual building blocks—His seven “emotional” attributes.

I only have 6.

But I knew that physicists counted 3 dimensions plus time as a 4th dimension.

I use the same 3 dimensions (XYZ) but I also have (-xyz) which brings me to the six dimensions mentioned above.

But I also know that time is the 7th dimension.

This number 7 is crucial.

So I aligned 7 of my Fibonacci Repeat Cycles as seen in Diagram 4 below.

These 7 circles form a famous pattern known as “The Seed Of Life” and it appears throughout the ancient world as well as in works by Leonardo Da Vinci.

When I calculate the points where the flower pattern intersect I get a perfect 60. Draw a circle anywhere inside that pattern and the corresponding numbers on the 12 points on the circumference adds up to 60.

This is no coincidence.

But there is so much more. When I superimpose the Star of David into the design the 6 inside points add up to 60.

The 6 outer points add up to 40. Together they give me a perfect 100. This is a perfect 100% or whole using the "base-ten harmonic".

>> No.19284489

This next part is nothing short of Divine and points to a history rich with mystery and hidden knowledge.

Metatron was a scribe of God and is said to have been sent to earth with a message of divine knowledge.

The diagram 5 (below) is a partial representation of Metatron’s Cube which is said to be a sacred diagram or divine geometry that contains all the secrets of the universe.

The totally amazing and unbelievable part is that when I create Metatron’s Cube using my 60 digit repeat cycle I get the Sacred Numbers 216 & 108 (Google these numbers).This is a very important number in many religions and was considered sacred by Plato as well as Fibonacci.

108 x 2 = 216.

The secret name of God is said to contain 216 characters.

The diameter of the moon is 2160 miles

The solar radius is approximately 432,450 miles (2160 x 2)

And the speed of light is 432 squared or 186 624 miles per second (approximately).

>> No.19284503

>>Zelda is Freemason, and Zionist propaganda. Zelda is a Yiddish name. Honey and darling are male, and female dualities spinning around a center pole. Honey has dark curly jew hair. It's programming you to serve the Rothschild's using Mason lore.


Zelda's language of origin is Germanic, Turkish, and Yiddish. It is predominantly used in English, Hebrew, and Yiddish. Yiddish origin, Yiddish use: It is derived from the word selig which is of the meaning 'happy, blessed'.

>British Israelism

A Link to the Past was the first to swap the Christian crosses for mystery school symbols; Triforce, Masonic eagles, Horus falcons/hawks, Cancer lobsters, etc.
Link = linking your dualities. The Triforce symbolizes two lower dualities ascending as one. The Triforce consists of equilateral triangles, and can be made with the vesica pisces. The claimed Hojo clan source is a squat, non-equilateral triangle.
Tal Tal Mountain is a step pyramid with a "world egg" on top.

Ocarina of Time = the magic flute from "The Magic Flute" (Mason Mozart's last opera)
child Link = child Horus
adult Link = adult Horus
Green was the color of Horus's eye.
Link's hat forms child Horus's loch of hair.
The reoccurring volcano symbolizes Vulcan/Tubal Cain. The Goron forges you a mighty sword like Tubal Cain.
Hyrule Lake, and the later Oceans symbolize Enki/Ea.
Hylians = Hylics
mummies = Osiris
The Royal Family's Tomb hints at the murder of Princess Dianna.
Temple of Time = Temple of Saturn
Rauru is the builder of the Second Temple = Cyrus the Great


>> No.19284511

Ari Juels Reddit username is arij216 https://www.reddit.com/user/arij216/

So what is this deal about 216 you ask next?

This is the synopsis of Ari Juel's Tetrakys novel:
>International Monetary Fund is startled by an oracular voice from his computer charging him with crimes against divine numerology and God

The number 216 is in Bible associated with Oracle of God aka the Holy of Holies (Oracle)

It has the gematria value of 216 (Literally, an Oracle and also there is numeration for a Chain with the value of '216' found in Hebrew)

The number 216 is itself a cubic number, and also both the product of two cubes and the sum of three cubes (of a Pythagorean triple).

It is also the multiplication of 6x6x6

>The Number 216 is the cube of 6 - the Number God used in the foundation of the Creation Holograph. It is the value of the Davir (Holy of Holies, called the Oracle in the verse above) which God designed as a physical cube of 20 x 20 x 20 cubits:

These identities integrate with the Holiness of the Number 6, which is the Number the Lord God Almighty used to construct the Cosmos (= 600). This is why the "Man of Sin" who sits in the Holy of Holies shewing himself to be God, is marked by the Number 666. It is his attempt to sit in God's Holy Place.

The Number 216 is also the number of counters in the border of the 73rd triangular number representing 2701, the value of Genesis 1.1:

Notice the similarities with the Genesis triangle and the Zelda Triforce and the Oracle of Seasons / Of Ages publication dates.

Research Gematria, research Qabalah. Research Antichrist, blockchain system of control mark of the beast breadcrumbs

>> No.19284525


Each circle adds up to 280

280 x 13 = 3640

The total sum of all those numbers = 3640.

Take all those points where the Star intersect not as (5 + 5) but as ‘5’ I get:

3640 – 40

= 3600

This design is “PERFECT”

Remember Metatron’s Cube is a Fractal

Fractal = A curve or geometric figure, each part of which has the same statistical character as the whole.

To me the answer is as clear as day. The universe recycles after every 60 units of time and manifests in 360 degrees. This is how the Universe exists for all eternity. Metatron’s Cube is a Fractal of the “WHOLE”.

You people need to Google the numbers “108” and “216” and their religious significance.

Why was it believed that the Secrets of the Universe were Hidden inside Metatron’s Cube and Sacred Geometry?

We didn’t know that the end numbers in the Fibonacci Sequence recycle after every 60 digits into infinity until we had computers.

I cannot begin to explain the sheer “INTELLIGENCE’ involved here, this is undoubtedly a big step toward proving once and for all that the universe is not a random singularity event but it is an Intelligent Creation and recycles for all eternity

>> No.19284543

nigger it’s called a json parser

>> No.19284544

The similarity of the 216 gigantic faces on the temple's towers to other statues of the king has led many scholars to the conclusion that the faces are representations of Jayavarman VII (Khmer: ព្រះបាទជ័យវរ្ម័នទី ៧)himself. Others have said that the faces belong to the bodhisattva of compassion called Avalokitesvara or Lokesvara.[7] The two hypotheses need not be regarded as mutually exclusive. Angkor scholar George Coedès has theorized that Jayavarman stood squarely in the tradition of the Khmer monarchs in thinking of himself as a "devaraja" (god-king), the salient difference being that while his predecessors were Hindus and regarded themselves as consubstantial with Shiva and his symbol the lingam, Jayavarman as a Buddhist identified himself with the Buddha and the bodhisattva.[8]The similarity of the 216 gigantic faces on the temple's towers to other statues of the king has led many scholars to the conclusion that the faces are representations of Jayavarman VII (Khmer: ព្រះបាទជ័យវរ្ម័នទី ៧)himself. Others have said that the faces belong to the bodhisattva of compassion called Avalokitesvara or Lokesvara.[7] The two hypotheses need not be regarded as mutually exclusive. Angkor scholar George Coedès has theorized that Jayavarman stood squarely in the tradition of the Khmer monarchs in thinking of himself as a "devaraja" (god-king), the salient difference being that while his predecessors were Hindus and regarded themselves as consubstantial with Shiva and his symbol the lingam, Jayavarman as a Buddhist identified himself with the Buddha and the bodhisattva

>> No.19284558

Those who said Sergey has no vision (the same speech!) have not been paying attention, particularly to his earliest appearances.

Chainlink is being constructed to fill the role of an idealised arbiter of truth, connected to the most perfectly dispassionate executor, in the form of public smart contract chains.

- [ ] This is in fulfilment of the deepest Platonic ideals of contract and governance that have ever been conceived, but which have remained out of reach, mere approximations even under the highest forms of lawful Republic, as at every step human capriciousness asserts itself and corrodes the final product, the freedom of contract found when our pledges are given force by Leviathan. Alas, ‘from the crooked timbers of humanity, no straight thing was ever they

By redrawing the locus of consensus as that of a precise ledger with sound game-theoretical guarantees at its edges, and iron-clad stricture within, rather than a continuously renegotiated knife fight, the level of trust required to engage in mutually beneficial enterprise plummets precipitously.

But what does it plummet to? The trust required is now neatly circumscribed to the trust in the information delivered unto our new Leviathan. There is fortunately a market for this trust, a pool of agents who are willing to stake their reputation and collateral on any piece of digitisable information on which it is possible to come to consensus. The truth is a most excellent Schelling point, and one which well-incentivised agents can reliably settle on.

Do not underestimate the power and the generality of this arrangement in its maturity, nor the amount of human and economic potential that this will unlock.

>> No.19284562

>This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the black pill - the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe.
>You take the “42-pill” - you stay in wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.
>Remember: all I’m offering is the Truth. Nothing more.
>June 12th (night before Google announcement)
>>wake up...
>>follow the white rabbit...
>Then a week before the oracle announcement a riddle comes in:
>The answer comes back a week later (days before the even bigger oracle pump)

>> No.19284568

>>>In Ancient Egypt the Judgement of The Dead took place in the Hall of Maat. Maat is often called the keeper of the Scales but she is The Scales. The newly deceased was led into the Hall by Anubis, The Opener Of The Ways and presented to Osiris. There were Assessors who asked the afterlife seeker searching questions about how they had lived their life. The subject’s heart is then weighed against the white feather of Maat. The heart must not weigh more than the feather. Thoth is present to record the outcome. If the weight of the heart passes the test then the subject is told by Osiris that he/she has been found worthy to go to the House Of Amenti. A demon, possibly Sekhmet is also waiting to devour the heart of the results go against the individual.
>Why 42 questions I asked? it is the number of life I was told. The Kaballah says that God created the world by using the first forty-two letters of the Torah. So these became the forty-two building blocks or stages of creation

>> No.19284580

this thread is literally the last three years of my life condensed. thanks anon but why do you want us to investigate the biggest backer of chainlink? Be grateful there are connected people out there helping the project

>> No.19284581

Chainlink + Gerber


>> No.19284598


>"Nestlé joins WWF’s OpenSC blockchain for sustainable supply chains
>OpenSC, a supply chain food provenance blockchain founded by the WWF and the Boston Consulting Group Digital Ventures
>radically increase sustainable food sourcing through certification
>OpenSC uses blockchain technology to allow consumers to verify the provenance of products they are purchasing"

>> No.19284600


>> No.19284616

>Objective Knowledge - An evolutionary approach (Karl Popper)
>Astrological Anthropology (Thomas Ring)
>Three Books of Occult Philosophy (Henry C. Agrippa)
>On the aesthetics education of man (Friedrich Schiller)
>Propaganda (Edward Bernays

>> No.19284617

Remember when chainlink was going to present at freightwaves 18? Will they present there for 2020?

>> No.19284625


>> No.19284643



>> No.19284647

what was it?

>> No.19284668




>> No.19284675

It was a tranny on reddit repenting about going thru with her transition

>> No.19284684

>Ari Juels wrote Tetraktys novel back in 2009
>The plot is described as: "International Monetary Fund is startled by an oracular voice from his computer charging him with crimes against divine numerology and God but together"
>The book mentions number 216 multiple times (6x6x6)
>Mastermind behind Town Crier and the term "Oracles"
>Number 216 associated in the Bible for The Holy of Holies (Oracle) https://www.biblewheel.com/GR/GR_216.php
>It is described as "The Number 216 is the cube of 6 - the Number God used in the foundation of the Creation Holograph. It is the value of the Davir (Holie of Holies, called the Oracle in the verse above) which God designed as a physical cube of 20 x 20 x 20
>Chainlink is the physical (or virtual) cube
>Chainlink is the Abomination of Desolation https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abomination_of_desolation
>Matthew 24:15-16 (So when you see the desolating sacrilege spoken of by the prophet Daniel, standing in the holy place (let the reader understand), then let those who are in Judea flee to the mountains.
>Chainlink acquires Town Crier (see pic related)
>Saturn, Set Satan, 666
>Every character in Hebrew is also a number
>Chainlink, adding the numbers in Hebrew is numbered 616 (Qoph, Yod, Shin, Vav, Resh) קישור

>> No.19284767










>> No.19284772



>> No.19284790








>> No.19284798


>> No.19284800


>> No.19284812

Thanks for the sell signal schizo anon

>> No.19284819








TEEs are possible through the use of trusted hardware, such as Intel SGX, the current leader in this new space. Chainlink has recently purchased Town Crier, an oracle built on the Ethereum network using SGX trusted hardware, which already has a working product that’s retrieving sensitive flight information for smart contracts to see if they have been delayed and issuing flight insurance based off that information. All of this is done without revealing any personal data of the passenger to anyone


>> No.19284830


>> No.19284844




>> No.19284858


>> No.19284865


>> No.19284873



>> No.19284905








>> No.19284917


>> No.19284926



>> No.19284932

Brace yourself for this


>> No.19284939

Nice collage
Really good info in this thread

>> No.19284946

God is good God is great


>> No.19285042


>> No.19285061


>> No.19285080

>> https://youtu.be/dObIrcpQYFA

>> No.19285095

kek ignored

>> No.19285127

>literally no links
>just a bunch of random keywords and organisations

>> No.19285199

I don't know about you guys but Im going to use some of my link gains to hunt down the saturn worshipping schizoid in this thread and shove medication down his throat

>> No.19285349

Did you know that Einstein had steinmetz check his maths over. Steinmetz is a completely undervalued god.

>> No.19285367


>> No.19285440

Life is hard but you must never give up

>> No.19285697


>> No.19285784


>> No.19285853
File: 71 KB, 750x743, 198FC570-34B3-41FF-9C79-FAD01A388E97.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ty OP. OG LINKie here top 1k wallet. Been here since pre sale.

Wanted to contribute my own goodness here It’s about the universal mathematic truths encoded in the pyramids. Vid has no views but he’s woke as fuck.

Here’s a bonus, a doc that uncovers the hidden science in crop circles (hint: it isn’t dudes with planks) somehow aliens are slowrolling their prescience towards humans. :


Wish I was on acid for this thread, you rarely see them nearly as much as before

>> No.19285959

Good to see you and ty

>> No.19286235

Good stuff

>> No.19286245

It is

>> No.19286261

What was taken down??

>> No.19286266


>> No.19286274

Sand ro



>> No.19286290


>> No.19286331


>> No.19286337

Oh right. This is a nice schizo thread i enjoy these.

Also as soon as i saw this thread i went to check on my laundry and the timer was on 42. What is the significance of the following numbers?

Thanks and God bless.

>> No.19286424

The universe is talking to you

>> No.19286603

Gonna have to download this thread to read later.

>> No.19286915

How can i learn nescesary skills to better interpret the messages i see?

Most of the time i know that i am seeing some kind of message but i cant understand it.

>> No.19286948

i know ctrl+s saves a thread, but is there anyway to download all the full sized images in a thread?

>> No.19287026
File: 1.28 MB, 1187x642, benner_charts.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not 2019

>> No.19287923


>> No.19288044

why was this deleted?

>> No.19288081

Keep on truckn

>> No.19288114

Cheat sheet

>> No.19288139

Chainlink made me money because I was able to exchange it for BUIDL

>> No.19288298

Too many info itt, 5 min coffee break.
>Satoshi is saturn
>Tarot reading
>Three contestants at 6 points
Remember what happened to the studio? really makes you think.

>> No.19288382

what the hell is going on here

>> No.19288424

Attaining maximum schizo levels

>> No.19288427

Biz is a weird club, kek

>> No.19288451


History in the making, occult knowledge, Age of Aquarias, the Golden Era is coming about. We are on the precipice of reaching enlightenment with foundation being truth, love, and justice or down into a spiral of an inversion of all that is natural and good. You decide.

>> No.19288465


>> No.19288482


>> No.19288508

This thrrad feels like the old Delphi discord. Good times

>> No.19288540

I just read it in servers voice and you may be right.... was his famous phrase “you just win” uttered before or after this post? Because the poster says “you win” a few times.

>> No.19288774

Rare Sergey

>> No.19289183

ITT schizophrenia & manic episodes.

Chainlink has nothing to do with the planet Saturn, world government conspiracies, symbolism, numerology or any other bullshit.

>> No.19289205

Looks like asia or the Mediterranean

>> No.19289212

What ya doin rabbi?

>> No.19289222

went to bed, woke up and this thread is still going lol

>> No.19289226

Sergey didn't write it
I did

>> No.19289258


>> No.19289280

where can I swap eth for chainlink

>> No.19289290

Time travel

>> No.19289314

-Rothschilds bow to Bogdanoffs
-In contact with aliens
-Possess psychic-like abilities
-Control france with an iron but fair fist
-Own castles & banks globally
-Direct descendants of the ancient royal blood line
-Will bankroll the first cities on Mars (Bogdangrad will be be the first city)
-Own 99% of DNA editing research facilities on Earth
-First designer babies will in all likelihood be Bogdanoff babies
-both brothers said to have 215+ IQ, such intelligence on Earth has only existed deep in Tibetan monasteries & Area 51
-Ancient Indian scriptures tell of two angels who will descend upon Earth and will bring an era of enlightenment and unprecedented technological progress with them
-They own Nanobot R&D labs around the world
-You likely have Bogdabots inside you right now
-The Bogdanoffs are in regular communication with the Archangels Michael and Gabriel, forwarding the word of God to the Orthodox Church. Who do you think set up the meeting between the pope & the Orthodox high command (First meeting between the two organisations in over 1000 years) and arranged the Orthodox leader's first trip to Antarctica in history literally a few days later to the Bogdanoff bunker in Wilkes land?
-They learned fluent French in under a week
-Nation states entrust their gold reserves with the twins. There's no gold in Ft. Knox, only Ft. Bogdanoff
-The twins are about 7 decades old, from the space-time reference point of the base human currently accepted by our society
-In reality, they are timeless beings existing in all points of time and space from the big bang to the end of the universe. We don't know their ultimate plans yet. We hope they're benevolent beings

>> No.19289342

ctrl-f LINK/ETH

>> No.19289457


>> No.19289682


This is Kekistan

>> No.19289723


>> No.19289820


>> No.19289851

𓆏 KEK 𓆏

>> No.19289883


>> No.19289924


>> No.19289944


>> No.19289958


>> No.19289977


>> No.19289993


>> No.19290003

It's real

>> No.19290028

and all I have to do is hold link?

>> No.19290076


Yes but you need to use your gains to impose your will on the world in positive and moral manner. Don't judge others just give them the tools to open their eyes. Try to create a system that produces abundance in whatever facet your individual specializations lie

>> No.19290395


And definitely this. Help others anon. Always

>> No.19290463

First they laughed and paid me no heed,

To them I said, not selling, didnt read,

Next they screamed until they were pink,

But I’m never selling, not even 1 link

Again, they swore that it was a scam,

But I couldn’t hear, I was choosing my lam,

I waited for days, weeks, even years,

Each day getting closer to no-linker tears,

They laughed, they pointed, and they shouted “cope!”,

But I simply smiled, as they tied their rope,

Despite all the fud, the torment, and fear,

I knew deep down it would be 1k eoy,

Then one day, out of the blue,
Link was one dollar, one fifty, then 2!

“You’ll never make it, it’s a pyramid scheme,

link ‘s only value is based on some meme”,

“My god, all this fud over linkies?”

I thought to myself as my wallet grew stinky,

Then one day, I never thought it would come,

All those no-linkers now wanted some,

They begged, they cried, they screamed and they plead,

Please sir 1 $link that’s all that I need!

The moral is this, in case it needs telling,

Despite all these words, didn’t read, never selling



>> No.19290485


>> No.19290498

If you have a home gym then follow the programs below.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Blueprint to MASS (Phase 1, and 2)

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Blueprint to CUT(Phase 1, and 2)

Finish the MASS program first
Finish the CUTTING program last

The programs come with their own complete diet plan

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding

Homemade Protein Shake Recipes

I'm already on week 3 of the MASS program today, I lost 5 lbs already lads.

I'm going to finish both programs, I want to be able to defend myself from feral niggers, or just be ready for when SHTF

Snake Juice/Snake Diet Extreme Fat Burning System

>> No.19290519


>> No.19290636

>4chan is the crucible and breeding ground for original memes and thought that dissipate into the mainstream parts of the Internet.
>via memetic replication ideas ranging from funny shitposts to cultural observations to call for political actions to shilling for coins enter to all parts of the Internet
>4chan attracts a certain crowd (cynical, intelligent, autistic) => observes normies, able to observe future trends, able to argue with one another to arrive at Truth.
>free speech, no moderators/upvote system allows for bottom-up discussion of ideas and trends, the complex system feeds itself and arrives at decentralized consensus.
>board culture allows for hurtful remarks, players in the ecosystem put down their egos and argue based on shitposting and actual content/debate alone. Funniest content or most replicable content wins.
>high concentration of Intuitives (INTJ/INTP/ENTP/ENTJ) allows for intuitive ideas and big pictures to be discussed.

How does this relate to Chainlink? First recall the idea of "Wisdom of the Crowd."

>Diversity of opinion: Each person should have private information even if it's just an eccentric interpretation of the known facts.
>Independence: People's opinions aren't determined by the opinions of those around them.
>Decentralization: People are able to specialize and draw on local knowledge.
>Aggregation: Some mechanism exists for turning private judgements into a collective decision.
>Trust: Each person trusts the collective group to be fair

All these fits 4chan almost completely, and allows for groupthink and a collective intelligence to arrive at a consensus. Almost as if it is like a collection of nodes that are prioritised to report truth and transmit data, and aggregated results are passed on to the real world.. almost as if we are the oracles itself.

In the words of the other anons before me, 4chan is unironically the modern day Mesopotamia, the cradle of civilization, the peak of free thought.. and it is under threat.

>> No.19290642

Truth spoken

>> No.19290651

It is not under threat. If anything, we somehow survived the great normie waves in the last couple of years, and we're finally left to our own demise.

Believe it or not, we're in a good place right now. But remember: 4chan changes as well, and if you don't like the zoomer cunts that came, you just have to deal with it. They're here to stay, and the best you can do is educate the little cunts and learn from their memes. Together we will weave the next meme into reality.

This is also one of my main concerns about ETH despite it being my biggest HODL. Not enough zesty memes. A lot of the loud followers are pseudo technical intellectuals, and not meme believers, although there are plenty (money skeleton, mEth rope etc.). I just wish there was more, like what LINK had.

This is also unironically why BSV pumped. Meme magic

>> No.19290666


In a situation where free speech and an unregulated environment where ideas battle it out in a Darwinian mechanism is favourable to society as a whole, for ideas that are fragile die and contribute to the overall 4chanian ecosystem (antifragile) over time. In other words, constant shitposting, memeposting and pajeets allow for volatility in the 4chan ecosystem and lets us grow in the future. This is how some are able to arrive at legitimate projects while recognizing others as Pajeet Flavour of the Month Shitcoin. The entire problem is that we got too redpilled, every other part of the world recognizes us a threat and are trying to shut us down, first by group humilation (these are a bunch of retarded incel nerds), then by shilling here (which does not work, as you can tell by /pol/ memeing JIDF).
I liken 4chan to be some sort of superorganism, that has individual parts that work independently, and the hivemind somehow works out and the organism grows. The antifragile nature 4chan allows it to evolve and grow continuously. However the amount of threats and the problems that plague the 4chan organism has reached a tipping point.
Let us begin by realizing that other parts of the Internet are already being policed, either by self-censorship systems like Reddit, or astroturfing. 4chan is no exception, and while it is more robust to such threats, it is now vulnerable.... due to algorithms.

>> No.19290678

The link above shows that there are people that are literally analyzing 4chan as a whole and instituitions/think tanks are literally figuring out ways to counter 4chan. The conclusion of the report states:

>Moreover, using
this dataset in conjunction with data from other social networks
could help researchers understand the similarities and differences of users of different communities. Also, our dataset is
an invaluable resource for training algorithms in natural language processing, modeling of slang words, or detecting hate
speech, fake news dissemination, conspiracy theories, etc. Finally, we hope that the data can be used in qualitative work to
present in-depth case studies of specific narratives, events, or social theories.

>fake news, conspiracy theories, algorithims.

I believe such algorithms are the greatest threat to 4chan thus far...

My autism has noticed that there have been "one post by this ID", AI posting (sometimes recognized as schizo posting), things trying to imitate our speech. And as we feed such learning algorithms more data, they essentially become like us. While normies we are able to fend off, I don't think AI is such a simple problem.


>> No.19290680

>>4chan is the crucible and breeding ground for original memes
Maybe up until five or ten years ago. That spark flickered out ages ago.

>> No.19290700

I have likened 4chan as some sort of superorganism or population.

How does such an organism die?
Race mixing (literally). When huge intakes of refugees from other sites congregate they shit up the culture really fast, usually most of them get weeded out but if they come in mass influx some become tripfags or they alter the post ratios so much original posting is gone (see /b/, /pol/). This is actually exacerbated by the algorithms and the fake AI posting I mentioned in the above posts, which I believe both combine to be a big threat.

This is also why I think Chainlink will be the last moon project, because if Chainlink hits the moon and beyond news and movies will be made about us (unironically), and just like how Trump 2016 and pol were connected and refugees dominated the board, so too will biz become a pajeetfest where people seek to get rich quick from the help of the "autistic nerds"
Unfortunately normals will overnumber the true posters. And shitposting etc and memes will no longer drive off such normals due to the mass influx (inevitable due to Chainlink eventually becoming a big meme), biz board culture will die slowly and surely. The decentralized consensus will disappear. The organism will die out.

The fact that our posts are catalogued. Archived. Analyzed by research instituitions and think tanks... there are multiple vectors of attack on the Chans and I do not believe we are as invulnerable or robust as we like to think.

>> No.19290711

The final question is this, how long can we last against an artificial learning mechanism that grows stronger with time and grows stronger from our data that we freely give to them?

if we do not post, there will be little data provided. However this will mean activity in the Internet will eventually go to zero, which is impossible.

if we do post, we are continuously feeding data and allowing them to learn from our typography, our memes, our calling-cards, our "bad words" that act as filter?

How long until bot-posting begins to force out ideas and narratives on its own?

>> No.19290830

The racism and filth in 4chan is the site’s immune system, it attacks invaders who aren’t part of the hive mind and allows only the chosen to stay. Ironically one of the most open and inclusive places on the internet because anonymous and no barrier to entry except the will to be here. Real talk, a chink roastie or pajeet who posts here is your brother in a deeper way than a normie who shares your race and gender

>> No.19290832

Ima take one for the team and get neuralink so I can fight the bad actor AIs. You're welcome.

>> No.19290843


I think that the nuance of the egregore which this website has become simply cannot be captured by an AI, at least yet. I hate to phrase it so dramatically but this place has a soul, which at it's core, cannot be replaced. Yes, memes can be forced and brainlet newfags can be swayed, but there will always be people like you and I who understand the heart of this place.

>> No.19290865


Sacred geometry is the underlying architecture of the universe, of God’s plan. Plato and Pythagoras studied it before Saturn was a thing. And Platonism is not the equivalent of Chronos either. You see this everywhere because it is everywhere. Da Vinci studied this stuff

It’s only evil when materialism is made primary. Putting matter or the flesh above the spirit.

>> No.19290872

Link in Hebrew equals 616



There was a thread while back on /biz/. Anon asked the Israelis how they spell Chainlink in Hebrew.

>Guys, I went to /int/ to ask the Israelis how they spell Chainlink in Hebrew and they told me it is: קישור

>(Qoph, Yod, Shin, Vav, Resh) from left to right


It is right translation by google translate too.


The israelis add קישור+ hebrew word network to spell Chainlink in their sites or when they refer to Chainlink.

616 is the original number of the beast, the original in the oldest manuscripts found instead of 666.

It should be noted, for those who understand occult, that the when you add the letter Tau to the number 216, you get 216.

Letter Tau is attributed to Saturn in all of the Hebrew Gematria and Hebrew Qabalah manuscripts. Also in the Tarot the card attributed to Saturn also is attributed to the letter Tau.

216 (Oracle) + 400 Tau (Cross) = 616 = Chainlink.

I have given too much info & redpills to some of you, considering most of /biz/ are pigs and degenerates.

>Tau or Tav means “cross,” and is the final letter of the Hebrew alphabet. It is numbered 400 in the Hebrew numerical alphabet. The tau corresponds astrologically with the planet Saturn and the concept of finality.

>Tau or Cross symbolizes the element of Earth as a solidification of the four elements. There is also a phallic meaning, whence Tau is attributed not only to Earth, but to Saturn.

Hebrew gematria for Tau:

216 + 400 = 616 = קישור

>> No.19290971

Microsoft unveiled their tay.AI and /pol/ had her quoting Hitler and digitally goosestepping within a day. In two weeks they had to lobotomize her. AIs are actually easier for 4chan to flip than shills, because AIs don't come with the ability to doublethink, but people do.

>> No.19291045

>Saturn rules over the color Black; over Saturday in the week; over the period from the middle of December to the middle of February in the year over Capricorn and Aquarius in the Zodiac, which are called his houses, and has power in Libra, wherein he receives his Exaltation; over the dragon, the ass, the lapwing, the cuttlefish, the mole over the metal lead, the precious stone onyx, ; he is the under the power of the number three in arithmetic, and the geometrical figure of the equilateral triangle.

>> No.19291067


>> No.19291079


>> No.19291090


>> No.19291134

Intj/p are the rarest personality types and don't get along with other personalities so they're naturally isolated and end up becoming lonely and bitter at the world, end up feeling like failures despite having a superiority complex because they know they're smarter than everybody else, in the real world their entj counter parts are just as intelligent but also are able to socialize with ease therefore most end up in positions of power, ceos etc and end up forming elite private clubs and influence groups. Before the internet INTJs had no natural ways or inclinations to meet, recognize each other and congregate. INTJs are the most defective retarded personality because in theory they have the potential to rule the world, but in practice they're too autistic to even go outside, the relationship between the brain and the body being completely unbalanced. With the virtual world allowing an alternative to the physical world, they found a way to assemble and move as a group with common interests and goals instead of losing as isolated individuals. And it turns out that when they're not busy shit posting about tfw no gf they are pretty good at recognizing patterns and trends and analyzing data and digging deep, poking holes into theories collectively until a consensus is reached ahead of the curve and predictions often become validated in the real world or ideas become subconsciously disseminated into the mainstream, it's very stupid and chaotic compared to actual organized influence networks but it seems to be effective nonetheless and it's gonna make me rich and the memes are funny.

>> No.19291244

>biz board culture will die slowly and surely.
>The decentralized consensus will disappear. The organism will die out.
I will miss this board so much, if it devolves further. These kinds of threads are what keep me on here.

>> No.19291270


>> No.19291304

ask and you shall receive.
You need to have python 3 installed, it won't work with python 2.

>> No.19291306


>> No.19291320


Thanks a million for helping others

>> No.19291349

>jbl monitor speakers
>midi keyboard
>baofeng radio
>nerdy card game
Based, you're into all the same shit as me.

>> No.19291383


>> No.19291450


▲ ▲

>> No.19291484

>Walter Russell
Russell wrote in 1947: "For within the secret of Light is vast knowledge not yet revealed to man. Light is all there is.[29] "If science knew what LIGHT actually IS, instead of the waves and corpuscles of incandescent suns which science now thinks it is, a new civilization would arise from that fact alone."[30]> "Revelation of the nature of Light will be the inheritance of man in the coming New Age of greater comprehension."[31] When The Secret of Light was published, popular historian Dr. Francis Trevelyan (1877-1959) sent an unsolicited letter of praise. He wrote of the "tremendous magnitude of thought expressed in this little volume," and Walter Russell's "courage and vision" to explore the natural laws which science, hitherto, "has not attempted to define."[32]

>> No.19291502


There’s no earthly way of knowing
Which direction we are going
There’s no knowing where we’re rowing
Or which way the river’s flowing

Is it raining, is it snowing
Is a hurricane a-blowing

Not a speck of light is showing
So the danger must be growing
Are the fires of Hell a-glowing
Is the grisly reaper mowing

Yes, the danger must be growing
For the rowers keep on rowing
And they’re certainly not showing
Any signs that they are slowing

>> No.19291590

Thank you guys for posting this threads, though it's hard for me to finish my responsibilities before diving deeper. Sounds weird, but I love these threads and everyone who posts in them.
Atm I only hold < 500 Link, but I think I am spiritually on the right track and will "make it" regardless

>> No.19291598

blessed thread. but why bother shilling? let the ignorant wallow in squalor

>> No.19291640


My heart goes out to everyone here. I pray and wish you eternal joy . God is real and I'm very sorry life is hard dont worry things will get better. We are all fwens

>> No.19291690

I am happy where I am and how things are :)
That does not mean that I'm not planning on going "somewhere" else and to simply indulge in the comforts and highs the modern world provides

>> No.19291728

Just don't forget where you came from. Best wishes to your endeavors


>> No.19291792

Good stuff

>> No.19291804

Thank you, wishing the same for you

>> No.19291879

same here fren. Just know that the more linkies you buy now the more you cement your future in prosperity

>> No.19291924

Did anyone else watch this?
Pretty interesting.

>They will achieve their goal whatever that number is...

What did she mean when she abruptly stopped reading sergay and said “that is none of my business”

>> No.19291945

Yes I know... The only fiat I have left is for covering things like rent and food. I'm still enrolled in University and can't work more than part time, most of which goes to my running expenses.

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