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I sold my link at $2.59... Bobos told me we were gonna get a second dump that would make the first look like nothing...

Are we getting another dump, please I want to buy link again and hold it. I'm having sleepless nights but if I buy in now my stack will be less than when I first started...

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It's not your fault.

Look at me son.
It's not your fault.

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>OP sold
>not his fault
choose one

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>if I buy in now my stack will be less than when I first started...
yea this is what happens when you gamble retard, read Dostoyevsky

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I believe it’s time to buy in now. The past few dumps haven’t lasted long enough to lower its price. We’re having higher lows and I am concerned you’ll be even more miserable if it hits 5$.
I’ve been a jerk to people like you recently, but if you think Link is a good buy then don’t sell. Ever.

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imagine selling this

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Don't buy ever again.
Faggot gamblers don't deserve to make it.

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bearish, all ponzi MUST return to 0

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I think so too. I think we may see $3 again, but the chances are low enough I wouldn’t risk it. OP obviously missed the swinglinkers get the rope meme

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I larp as a swinglinker too!
These threads are the best

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>buying the top of a useless token owned by XRP tier zoomer faggots at the beginning of a global depression

Sounds like a good decision

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It aint for everyone slick, NEVER SELLING

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didn't yo MAMA not tell you NOT to SHORT your LONGS?

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What part of NEVER EVER SELLING MY LINKIES didn't you understand OP

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Link seriously lmao? Get some fund for massive gains

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link posters are faggots but yes you will be able to buy under 2.60 at the next dump
don't fomo

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its not his fault hes stupid

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2.6 for .5 link

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That might be the most accurate pic regarding chainlink

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I bought from 3 to current price. Don't care will buy til 10 united states dollars. Maybe further. But we'll be hitting 10 EOM.

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>I sold my link at $2.59... Bobos told me we were gonna get a second dump
Shoulda bought link and had someone hold it for you on a cold wallet to prevent you selling too early

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Hey retard you will never get the opportuity again unless we have a coronavirus level dump again. Why didn't you pick up the $1.50 link when you had the chance? Because you're an emotional retard. Don't sell only buy.

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>bobos told me
magical internet bears? are you a fucking schizo?

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This. I'm getting pretty sick of all this smartism. We IQ-challenged people can't help being dumb any more than a black person can help being black. Calling us "idiots" is literally every bit as racist as calling a black person a "nigger" We need to put an end to IQ-privilege and redistribute the spoils of intelligence. We DEMAND equality of outcum.

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>.com not .me
This nigger is trying to steal our linkes

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