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Welcome fellow linkies, here are the steps for this thread:

1. sit back
2. relax
3. start this : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MK6TXMsvgQg
4. ENJOY the comedy gold

if you don't know who uncleOldFag is, he is a well known chainlink fudder since 2018, that has slipped and literally admitted he was holding chainlink
>Unironically link
he recently changed trip to UncleOldfag !!zCrZ/jkI3nx


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Really interdasting, almost as if...

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hello fren, enjoy! more quality posts incoming!
make sure you listen to benny hill while reading

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Pls post coinbase bit

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dude has the most link lmfao

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Why do you keep giving this tripfag attention? There is a reason they use a trip. It is to troll fags like you and get attention they don’t get irl

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>calling others spammers

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Fuck off oldfag

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>link will never be added to coinbase

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proof that he's a link fag

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calls conferences useless, yet attends them, see previous screencap

also claims he works for a whale group that dump the price

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claiming that oracle companies will take over chainlink
AKA centralized piece of shit oracle providers

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Thanks, doing God's work, Anon

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>Takes 10 seconds to say what I need to say. There needs to be a record of this. 1-2 years from now I will be known as a wizard for calling it.

thinking he will be remembered as a wizard

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Is this faggot the same one from the ark vote delegate or some shit like that

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Someone post "Unironically, LINK". Where is that one?!

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according to this post he seems to also hate ARK, apparently he got rich off ETH and only believes in BTC and ETH, he's a liar though, see here :

he follows link very closely

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“Unironically LINK” wasn’t even him though, some deranged ponzimarine cracked his trip

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acting bullish

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Lol we doing this today?

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How could we forget his most famous fumble
He's a link holder.

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>september 2018
>fudding link
We all know he holds link. The only question is how much did he lose trying to swing? Hahahaha

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oh but look at him proposing to someone to add more link to his folio KEK

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Holding link changes you
Not everyone takes well to the transformation. Only the select few will be capable of ascending.
>pic related.

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check this kek

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fug you

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I think the
>add link
meme is better than
>Unironically link

i'm fucking laughing my ass off

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got the one where he pulled off the mask for the coinbase announcement and congratulated us? it was at that time that I knew he was a good guy

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is invested in literal scams, yet calls chainlink a scam


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Hi uncle, anyone who's been paying attention knows you desperately "leaked" your trip after the unironically link incident to try to muddy the waters. But your particular brand of faggotry has such a unique stench that it's beyond obvious when it's really you. Clearly you should be proud. In this fetid shithole unlike any other, you're by far the sweatiest, most maggot infested pajeet asshole ever to spew these streets. I stand mouth agape in awe, eagerly waiting to guzzle your next rotten load.

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I bet the fucker isn't even rich and probably fucking larps...

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>Link is the only way forward

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is invested in LTC

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Keep giving me those juicy you’s
It’s about all you’re good for in these threads

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loves traps

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Isn’t uncleoldfag just that faggot astro?
Same as some other trips

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fug you

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This is a good thread

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you are doing gods fucking work anon, uncleoldfag got booty blasted today. literally abandoned a thread he shitted up and is now posting as an anon lmfao.

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comfiest thread on the catalog

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benny hill theme made this so much better, thank you anon

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>plot twist: op was uncleoldfag all along.

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42 — drop some madcap, shroomy doomy numerological archaeology on us, my India-Jones professor

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Im not uncle you fucking schizo

>> No.19273668

No, uncle is a linker painfully fudding link

>> No.19273699

I remember these, keep it going!

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My god I can’t believe uncle has been FUDing for almost 2 years now. Where did the time go?

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kek, half of those screencaps were impostors who hacked my non secure trip. let me check the price of chainlink now


not $1000, $100, $50, or $10. you lose again stinkers

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>kek, half of those screencaps were impostors who hacked my non secure trip.
Better keep a tight grip on your crypto with that kind of op-sec

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tick tock schiffy

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Busy with a few things atm so still mobile posting. If the thread is still up later I’m game.

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it would go something like this:
>kek, half of those screencaps were impostors who hacked my non secure trip

>> No.19274056

even if that would happen, fagfag would just come out with a higher price

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Honestly can't wait for this shit, going to be so much fun posting this shit.

>> No.19274257

Am i suppose to be impressed lmfao! You got bootyblasted bitch.

>> No.19274825

Hes a little bitch

>> No.19274867

Imma save this thread everytime oldbitch posts now lmfao.

>> No.19274982

Rofl look, without fail he jumps on one of his alt trips to sniff his own ass. Hey uncle, you're in a thread filled with proof about how you're basically just a running joke and an absolute retard and you have the audacity to bark in it like some dumb nigger. Just put your muzzle back on and take your meds thanks.

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Uncle is clearly a LARP.
The one who really deserves an assblasting is DetectiveAnon, the actual unironic anti-LINK invalid who boasts about being a smug tripfaggot for 8+ years. He isn't an uncle alt, look into it and you'll dig up some good keks.

>> No.19275513

bumping this. I'm getting tired of this brit asshole

>> No.19275631

how can one retarded faggot be so wrong for like 2 years straight now?
good collection, i'll just post these at him when i see his low iq pajeet threads

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Based uncle as always, how you doing brother? Retards will keep drinking the jonestown punch even as their heart is giving out, its pathetic at this point
I’m patiently waiting, don’t forget
>sergey played a majorly integral role in the NXT exitscam
>admitted scam project MOAB, got an offical partnership on twitter, PR agent fucked up big time sergey got pissed and they scrubbed the tweet minutes later
>too bad we archived it
>sergey gave a presentation at some conference, forgot the name of it, institutional investors galore, not a single person wanted to talk to sergey or even ask a question, he sat alone at a massive table all by himself like the loser kid in highschool for over an hour, pic very related
>pornstar who has no idea what she majored in manages the 300million cayman trust fund
>Rory exposed subtweeting sergey about the proposal to scam some ethereum out of retards by creating an erc20 ICO shit token
>Ellis caught fucking a literal tranny in some $20/night motel
LINK was dead on arrival but it needs to drop to sub ICO for all ponzimarines to set up their ropes and swing, I give it until EOY before the, pun unintended, livestream LINKs start popping up
>still believing me unc and detective are the same person
astrotier omegacope delusion

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Fag-o-rama going full-force itt

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Weekly threads should be a thing.

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Doing the lord's work op. Oldfuck is probably someone as petty as creg w. And everyone knows he runs several trips.

>> No.19276041

How will this one age. Another for the cringe folder?

>> No.19276372

Whoever identifioi this nigger gets 1k LINK as a reward

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File: 1.83 MB, 200x200, CCDD0735-C708-45CE-92B3-4314376F25EE.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>all that text
What did you mean by this?

>> No.19276968

Hes seething

>> No.19277051

cant fucking stop laughing at this boomer hahahahahahaha

>> No.19277443

My lips and face and wallet are ready

>> No.19277476

Keep this bumped

>> No.19277540

No problemo frendo :)

>> No.19277647

Uncle you are seething and most definitely off your meds, Sometimes I even wonder if like the movie split you actually are not aware you are the same tripfag. Except instead of turning into 'the beast' you just turn into another tranny with a different bluttplug up your ass.

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>> No.19279341

kek, imagine thinking me and unc are the same person

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All of your trips are creg wright larping.
> Elaborate and petty fud
> Some technical knowledge
> Identity crisis rivaling discord trannies
Three for three

>> No.19279514

Wat purpose does that cow device serve?

>> No.19279518

bumping for the lolz. namefags need to kys.

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File: 650 KB, 1440x1697, A6E5452F-C22D-4519-8040-B0F424814D8E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Shills btc, eth, xmr
Shills pm’s and zec
Also I shit on btc and eth
Is british and doesn’t even shill anything, just exposes linkfags
>we come together on the fact that link is a ponzischeme and this board needs to be rid of it
>automatically we are all the same person

Explain why one would flawlessly keep up multiple trip personalities who all shill different assets and who all type differently just to FUD some erc20 zero use case shit token? Why not rather just sockpuppet off anon id’s?

Seriously if you actually believe that delusion you are peak schizo who needs help asap, I’m genuinely concerned about the well being of some of you guys. You need professional help.

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This is a good thread

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File: 673 KB, 1196x676, 1538054370545.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Give it up creg you've been exposed in court and on here lmao
The milkshake jew fears the home brew spinner

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For at least 16 months now you reply the exact same thing whenever someone implies you and uncle are the same person. Even if you are not him, you are definitely autistic, deranged and obsessed. Why would you post
>kek, imagine thinking me and unc are the same person
EVERY TIME someone mentions you and uncle in the same sentence? Why would you keep yelling that into the wind? It's not going to change anything, just like your LINK fudding. You are literally the definition of insanity/maniac pasta personified.

>The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

>> No.19280555

Because you're that much of a loser and this is your only social interaction

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File: 2.00 MB, 320x280, 1586418605443.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's a classic shill diversion: claim the other is crazy for thinking such a thing.
> Schizo
> Take your meds
> Et alia
All serve the same purpose

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File: 234 KB, 1080x1514, 27371BE3-3446-474F-AD4D-C7156FCB217B.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Imagine actually typing that all out, I’ll continue copy pasting replies to you madlads, didn’t know it made you seethe this hard
>shill diversion
kek if you truly believe all LINK antishillers are the same person you actually desperately need medication, can’t blame you lads though you’re practically self waterboarding yourselves, that jonestown punch must be pretty lethal

>> No.19280730

That damage vontrol....fucking lmao

>> No.19280755

You're the most nigger nigger I have ever witnessed in the history of niggers, me my self being one of the biggest niggers in history, you sir, are so niggery, that your niggertry niggery niggerness is just a useless attempt at getting linkies to sell for precious metals, to that sir I say fuck niggers, fuck kikes, and fuck you nigger!!!

>> No.19280775

>Imagine typing out 5 sentences on an imageboard while I shitpost the same 15 replies to the same hivemind of "cultists" everyday for years on end kek madlad you got owned, seethe
Aight bud, enough interaction with a legit loon for me today. See you next time. inb4 "copy and pasted" reply

>> No.19280903

Easily verifiable fake. I'm a BTC maxi and despise linkies shitting up this board but why keep posting this? It proves nothing but your own delusion.

>> No.19281031

based trip faggot, but your still a faggot trip user, but you're atleast nigger pilled

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