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in the background.
I didn't pay for this, and the information is good.
But it's pure kek to think there are normies that went into six figure debt (this school is expensive) for the "college experience" of parties, promiscuous sex, drinking, drugs, and establishing connections, and now they're stuck at home watching Zoom lectures with poor audio quality and built-in CCP espionage, listening to the prof's dog barking incessantly, while all the bars, nightclubs, non-takeout restaurants, and other normie destinations are closed.
Pure kek.

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He looks like Earl's brother, but I think Earl's brother would be smart enough to not double down on sociology.

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Even better, these zoomers know that all of this is being done to protect boomers, whom they despise for not being pozzed enough.

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More like Stony BROKE University

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The irony of all this happening to the Zoomers on an app called Zoom. Divine intervention.

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>Go to university goy
>Don't you want a good job?
>Good goy... you'll pay that loan off in now time!

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I think we should allow graduates to declare bankruptcy on their student loans and leave the universities holding the bag.

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Universities got their money. It's the banks that would be holding the bag. It would be fair, but the politicians will never do it. The banks are the ones funding their campaigns, you know.

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so long as the repo man can take back the degree...sure, why not. works that way with any other asset

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America is pathetic. Bernie was a generational opportunity to really save the people. A whole generation are debt slaves, drug slaves, government slaves, imprisoned slaves. Broke ass slaves. Taking care of Israel and waging wars before their own people. And what's worse half the population has stockholm syndrome and is brainwashed.

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>work experience
>temp job in the 2010 census

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when will they learn?

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now this would be based

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>so long as the repo man can take back the degree...sure, why not. works that way with any other asset
That could work. The uni can take back the degree. Universities will sometimes revoke credentials if they find out someone committed an academic offence.

Similar thing could work here.

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Based. Fuck normies.

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>t. incel

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What is "sociology"?

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I don't get it. Why do people find Monty Python funny? It's like shitty Mad TV ideas.

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$1.5T student loan debt

LOL Trump sure gave you guys a big fuck you with his $2T bailout to the China beer virus

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