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Is it a bad thing to not have the Federal Reserve independent of the Treasury?

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idc anymore, I would fuck this man

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Implying anyone wouldn’t

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She's the kind of girl you crush on for years when you're a kid and then when you see her after graduating you decide to make a move and ask her out and she just laughs at you and makes something up like she's too busy or whatever and then you never see her again for years until one day you look her up on facebook out of curiosity and you realize she's a happy mom with a perfect family and you see her chad husband in her picture kissing her and so you go off to the bathroom and try to slit your wrists with some rusty razor blades you found underneath the sink but you keep leaving hesitation marks like you still want to live and you just cry and cry and cry as you look at your pathetic crying face staring back at you in the mirror in your shitty studio apartment that you have never had any guests over in and haven't gone out with friends in years because they all grew up and have families now and you just work your shit job at a boring office and never getting paid more or promoted and you just spend every night playing video games on your ancient computer alone in the dark and you have masturbated six times in a row already today and there's really no future at this point now that you're in your thirties and you see some beautiful broad's picture some dickhead posted on /biz/ that reminds you of this chick you crushed on so you dig that blade in a little deeper this time even though it hurts like a son of a bitch because death is the only way out of this nightmare

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that's a man

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Holy shit, just kys already.

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Didn’t read
I’m not selling

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high IQ post

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i hope you make it on a shitcoin 2bh senpai you need it.

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based fpbp

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Stop porn and videogames, pick up a club activity where there could be women (not a whore place, search for something more "classical", like a dance club doing waltz or a hiking club).
You're a man, anon. You have no age limit like a woman would. You can still find good woman.

(btw the picture is a tranny)

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How much for a qt gf like this??

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I know this is pasta, but "she" isn't going to be squeezing out any kids out of her simulated vaginal wound.

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Yeah same but that's the only man I would fuck so that doesn't make it gay

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why is this particular tranny so popular here? are they moderating rn?

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The State must not control the money in a Free Market.
Kennedy tried to nationalize the Fed and look what it got him

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That ugly fucking thing is super popular on Reddit which says enough about why the faggot is posted here so much.

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Taf is unironically a biz poster

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I jacked off to tranny porn for the first time today. 4channel is fucking my head up.

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taf is so nice, I don't understand how people can be mean to her. She's completely unlike the other trans on /lgbt/.

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2 independent agencies but they are in bed together OP. It doesn't make a difference. Its an illusion. The FEDs balance sheet will continue to inflate while the treasury asks for fake paper.

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Does she suck big black cocks

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You’re part of the matrix now anon
All down hill From this point my friend

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Shit nigga you need to start writing as a side career. I hate people and I actually felt a twinge of empathetic pain here.

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expand your horizons nigga

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commie filth detected

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Eventually you will be the tranny in the porn. Embrace it

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I'm just another cock getting wired into the global economy.

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Imagine a big floppy BBC slapping against her cheeks

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