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I remember a couple years ago how the chainlink hype was built off the confidence that this space was going somewhere and smart contract adoption was inevitable, following the EEA and enterprise interest, big firms and enterprise people entering the space etc

Consensys is still bleeding money and tightening the belt, fired 100 people last month (15% of its staff) and abandoned Kaleido - which was supposed to be their big shot Blockchain as a Service platform to onboard big businesses to use ethereum and their other services like Openlaw. It turns out they're not generating any business, enterprises are simply not interested in blockchain it seems and all the EEA stuff was always just a sham. Now Kaleido is opening itself up to Corda to try to remain relevant but it's pretty obvious they'll just quietly go bankrupt and shut down in a couple of years. Remember Clovyr too? Haven't heard of them forever, despite supposedly being the other big BaaS competitor, by the former JPM blockchain roastie... Keep seeing the same patterns, like Masters also leaving DA and DA firing staff and pivoting to DAML, going nowhere... AXA shut down Fizzy quietly, there's been zero adoption of smart contracts in the insurance field, and on the legal side Openlaw is also not seeing any adoption besides worthless eth community meme like the LAO, meanwhile Accord's law firms haven't done anything besides a couple of unused prototypes, and now they pivoted to """digital contracts""" ie non blockchain related dumb contracts. And JPM itself abandoning Quorum, letting Consensys have it... But just like Kaleido, Consensys won't manage to do anything with it. Baseline is their last hype attempt, let's see what happens but seems like a lot of fluff and not much results. Wolpert supposed to unveil big partners soon, we'll see.


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Chainlink has been hyped so much on this board that you’d think it had Eth gains. It’s gone 10x in a space where 1000x was normal 3 years ago. Link holders, kys

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You're too try-hard with your fud

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>he thinks going from $0.30 to $3 is a moon
>dash went from $9 to $1200

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>i dont know what a bearmarket and what a bullmarket is
kys now worthless pathetic scum

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Damn I made this meme sometime last year. I sold all my link now unironically. Was a fun ride.

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Damn, I made this post a few months ago. Unironically sold all my LINK and went all into PNK and ESH. Funny how things change.

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you're just mad your shit token hasn't given you the life changing 1000x gains biz suckered you into

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LINK has been resting near ATH for a long time though, that's pretty unusual in a market full of literal PnD. Even the 'best' projects of 2017 are sitting at a fraction of ATH, most are actually defunct and worthless.

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Nice post anon. i finally exited my link position at $4. A lot has changed from when I was picking up stinky linkys at $0.30. I remember Swift on the chain.link site and the microsoft cryptlet crumbs. I along with many others were certain enterprise was just waiting on chainlink. Fast foward to a few years and we have chainlink main net out for a whole year and i'm embarrassed to say that they have to give price feeds away to some shit defi products. I was always under the impression that when Chainlink was going to subsidize the network it would have been to enterprise, not for some shitty defi services that aren't even willing to pay full rate. I also thought If I just stacked my link i could stake and run a node. Those dreams aren't happening, not even sure they still pursue staking at this point. they better find some real usage so they don't have to keep selling 500k every 2 weeks like they currently are.

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ops like this one make me laugh and yawn at the same time
i call it yaughing
why do i do it?
because link is unfuddable
you don't understand how everything works.- while you can't live everyday without thinking about my chainlink wallet, team is moving forward, meetups, fireside chats, conferences, collaborations, endorsements and partnerships doesn't matter anymore, nothing matters anymore
chainlink is accepted as a standard platform developer for oracles and smart contracts, digital signatures on blockchain. nothing ever matters anymore chainlink won and OP is just an echo to latecoming faggots as a reminder that they missed the cheap train
you will buy chainlink at 17.50 dollars, it's a fact.

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Cant break $5 senpai

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Post sells post shorts

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cope, you didn't make it 3 years later

this is correct. anons used to post breadcrumbs about amazon, microsoft, docusign, and swift. none of these are real. sophisticated p&d

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I’ve always felt adoption is a meme, why would legacy enterprises give up centralized control? Think about it, why would the insurance industry adopt a mechanism that will replace them? A disruptor will first have to create a trustless and decentralized flight insurance, or fire insurance, or earthquake insurance, etc.

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Post your sells

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you never even bought in in the first place - go on, show us your babydick buy order if you have one - if you can't even do that you should stop simping after the wallets of your betters
for now, but i have infinite patience
i have no doubt you'll be panic buying at $5+ when it does come around though

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I know you already know this, but Oracle Blockchain implementation is a big deal. Successful enterprise usage of the chainlink oracle network will be proof positive to every CTO around the world that chainlink solves those issues.

Ian Keane a couple weeks ago said these big firms 100% focused on buidling their smart contracts. If you didn't see the tweet, he said that once they focus their attention to the input/output & security issues related to those contracts, it'll take them about 30 seconds to understand chainlink.

If the tech works and Oracle proves it with actual enterprise usage, then this sh** is gonna take off. We can't move any faster than the broader, off-chain industries do.

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For me, it's Chainlink. The best cryptocurrency. I even buy extra in the smallest dip and the price increase just keeps on its spirit to oblige.

One time I bought Chainlink for 50 cents. I said, "Chainlink for 50 cents!" and the nice friendly Binance worker laughed and said, "Wow, Chainlink for 50 cents!".

Now the Binance staff greets me with "Chainlink for 50 cents" and ALWAYS give me three extra LINK over a purchase of 100 or more. It's such a fun and cool atmosphere at my local Binance currency exchange, I go there at least 3 times a week for buying the dips and accumilating in lower price periods, 1-2 times for buying more LINK on the weekend, and maybe one extra time when I'm in a rush but want a great cryptocurrency exchange that is fast, and can match my daily cryptocurrency needs.

I even sold my BTC for CHAINLINK, it's amazing! What a great cryptocurrency.

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keked and checked

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>let's compare the golden bull run to a bear market

fuck off retard.

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