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1) Graduate High School
2) Coding Bootcamp (3 months)
3) jr. dev position making $40,000/ year
4) 5 years later, you're senior making $100k/year@ 23 years old
5) Buy a $150,000 house
6) Buy another $150,000 house 5 years later, rent it out for $500/month over mortsge
7) 2 years later, buy Another one and do the same thing

Congrats. By 30, you have 3 homes, the revenue from the 2 rented out pays the mortgage of your current home. all without a degree.

let your money work for you

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Is drinking his bath water a good investment?

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imagine pushing her under water and keep her there until she panics and you have to push even harder

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or u just follow ur dreams and dont make ur life based on having a rent property which earns u money

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Easiest way to get rich
1) be above average looking and have a pussy
2) exploit internet simps

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>wears underwear and cat ears in the bath
"tee hee I'm so random lol"

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>above average looking

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seething roastie

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t. rentcuck

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Is coffee good for you?

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too old for that ill stick to shitcoins but thanks

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That's a man.

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This is basically my plan at the moment. I want to do freelance work instead of wageslaving though. Not sure if that will get me more or less money, but I will live really fucking cheap either way. My life goal is to retire by 30.

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Why not put it in crypto and 100x your money in 5 years? I don’t mean gamble, I mean buy and hold a basket of the top cryptos.

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Literally only end result matters in terms of being e-thot
Retards paying for used bathwater aren't going to be put off by one 'before' photo

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>live in an area where a coding job pays 100k a year
>implying 150k houses exist.

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That’s not her... is it?

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>be me
>wagecucking at 30k a year
>thinking about learning coding at 33
>slowly accumulating crypto

will i make it in 10 years?

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>I don’t mean gamble, I mean buy and hold a basket of the top cryptos.

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Now that's what I call based

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You got it wrong

>buy houses in Detroit
>soon you own 10 houses that you renovate
>people on government gibs move in
>quit your dayjob

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Sure doesn't stop the beta males from bringing out the credit cards to sniff her sofa cushions.

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desu that's a lot of work.
and the reason they were so cheap in the past was because they needed absurd renovations and paid absurd property taxes. and they were in extremely dangerous neighborhoods that made them difficult to manage. this wasn't some nice suburb where you could rake in "passive income", you had to actually do work. including evicting squatters, which is easier said than done when the Detroit police do not give a fuck. you had to have a lot of money and a lot of patience to actually buy in at bottom.
now they're steadily rising in price, so you cant snatch them up for $500 anymore. and they're still difficult to manage. besides, do you think people leaving off of welfare are consistent rent payers? you essentially have to become your own enforcer

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senior devs in Commiefornia make $150,000-$200,000 a year

senior software developers in BFE make over $100,000/ year

sorry you chose a shit state to live in.

pic related is literally the first job opening i picked in the first midwestern city that came to mind

software dev master race.

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Hopefully, someday, I won't be complete shit at coding. I still can't get out of the tutorial hell where doing my own original project is impossible. I'm just doing what youtube instructors show me.

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what language?

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He wrote his post in english.

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Just buy chainlink lol

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>all without a degree.
good luck getting a developer position for $40K with a bootcamp degree.

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I took the colt steele web developer bootcamp which helped me understand html, css and javascript. I'm trying to learn php but I'm having trouble with php because I find no personal use for it, in my life. My sites look like shit, but I can find personal value in html, css and javascript. Should I just learn WordPress, or is that just avoiding javascript and php (I'm assuming most jobs don't use wordpress)?

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can i remote work for a cali company and get the same wage? i dont want to make twice as much as i make now but also pay twice as much to live...

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Making your own apps is 10-1000x more profitable than being a codemonkey wagecuck.

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yea dude she just like 70% of all women look like total shit without makeup
and its a leading reason why muslim men have pushed to outlaw womens makeup in countries where islamic law is the way of the land.
and u know what? they arent wrong.

>most women cant get laid unless they wear makeup

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ive been a freelancer private contractor for about 2 decades.
i started off doing normie work, repair man on call 24/7 stuff - so i could have side income for my real job as a ghost writer.
i make about $65k/yr and i work kinda hard at it but i only do 4 day work weeks.
a 3 day weekend makes your like way more enjoyable. 5 day work week was invented by jews to make men find an early grave quicker.

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sphincter says what

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>"Sorry you choose a shit state to live in."

Ya'll can't even afford 5 days of school.

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It isn't, no. This is. It's a shame she doesn't stick to this amount of makeup (or even a bit less).

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apostrophe goes between the Y and A

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pffttthahahaha are you 10?

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I think i just realized im on the spectrum.

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I am fucked in the head for laughing at this so hard

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i know this ladys address from when it was leaked ages ago and i saved it even though im not a simp retard who cares. how do i profit from this? are there reddit homos out there who would pay me to know this info? i'd probably give them fake info anyway because it feels morally wrong to provide a service to reddit homos.

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how anon?

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You can if you get a job with the federal government. If you get a cybersec position with an agency sponsored security clearance, you will be drowning in money once you get a contractor position.

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make a profile on some kinky dating site and message guys, tell them your fantasy is for someone to break into your house and rape you and that no matter how much you fought you want them to keep going because it is your fantasy. Convince them to do this then give them the address anon.
Look at the police reports for that area, until you see the results of your actions and you will feel immense power.

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that's fucked man

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holy based she should be the queen of /biz/

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not everyone can code. you need a highly functional left brain personality. you'll work 60 hours a week debugging code and if you don't have a passion for it you will literally hate life. then a pajeet comes along and steals your 100k job for 40k. then you have zero skills and no passions to fall back on. good luck.

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>2 lip bites in that short amount of time

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>highly functional left brain personality
you mean paying attention in class and working at it until you realize its just math and philosophy with some annoying syntax and compiler nuance

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/biz/ only likes girls with cocks

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> choosing an obvious strawman by looking for an edge case
The devs at my company make ~$90-120k/yr for early to mid-career. There's a pretty hard cap in pay around $130-140k/yr, but houses are about $250k-350k for a 3-4 bedroom 2-3 bath in a decent area.

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That's her bro who also takes all of her pictures and videos ;)

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tutorial hell is for people who dont learn the fundamentals, learn C properly then it doesnt make a fucking difference what language you use.

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he's israeli, its ok.

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until the economy crashes then you get laid off and cant afford your morgages and lose everything.

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My former boss said he learned C by reading "The C Programming Language, 2nd Edition". I just downloaded the pdf. Is this the book you'd also recommend?

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George is a based ass dude

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> Not being born rich.
You're never going to make it.

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>congrats. By 30

Fuck outta here grandpa, lmao. Im either making it before 25 or taking a $100k loan, maxing all my credit cards and killing myself in bangkok coked out inside an 18 year old brown thai ass.

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i learnt it at uni but really just did projects like command line tick tack toe and implementing linked lists, and pointer binary trees.
The only c book i had was this
didnt really like reading from a book
id recommend something like this
but i think the bestway is to go on a discord channel that is noob friendly and just ask questions when you get stuck.
i spend a decent amount of time just asking people for help, if you ask your question to enough people someone will help,
also there are autists on discord that are really helpful.

Most programmers are arseholes to beginners, just ignore those ones

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explain how you're going to get a $100k loan

i want to hear this so i can laugh at you, even though i know you're not srs. i want to hear your bumfuck dumbass zoomer logic as you attempt very hard to appear like you know what you're taking about

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What would you recommend for learning coding to an Europoor?

>> No.19214145

Thanks for the help.

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Not him, but I got 800 credit score and can go get a $100k unsecured loan from my bank rn.

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bullshit, with what collateral?

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>reading comprehension
>not even once

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no thats not her

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I'd check out Torrenting Udemy courses too.
It's how I'm spending the lockdown. Don't think I can go back to bartending.

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>3.7 gigs
lmao holy fucking based

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wrong. as long as youre not retarded you can learn how to code. I learned in 3 month


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>no nudes
how have all her nudes not leaked yet?

what is this slut up to nowadays?

>> No.19215636

somebody needs to get busy with photoshop. No idea how the nudes, if any, haven't been leaked. anon from pol dropped this link.

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how did you learn anon? College courses or self taught with youtube or something?

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coding bootcamp
9-5, monday thru friday
3 months

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>implying "senior" code monkeys make anywhere near $100k/yr outside of coastal cities and other areas with high COL
nigger, most development work is being outsourced to India. The only IT work that pays well is in systems analysis, which doesn't require much coding experience. Some helpdesk work is coming back since people have rightfully become massively prejudiced against hearing tech support from an Indian accent. Good luck making six figures doing that.

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What a fucking curry job jesus fucking christ

>> No.19215703

pick a state, any state

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Do people actually think this ethot is a 10/10? she looks like a 10 year old girl. She is not ugly, she is slightly attractive yes but not sexy. What does the average incel simp who gives her money look like?

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Was this enough to get you jobs in this field?

>> No.19215733

I really want to learn but numbers are not my thing because I hate math.

>> No.19215745

see >>19215723

>> No.19215752

Getting interviews are harder (compared to college grads) but once you get past that you're fine

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>> No.19215766

kek, meant >>19211845

>> No.19215806

cool, I was teaching myself a bit with publicly released college lectures but never pursued it very far, been thinking about getting into it again so I can work remotely abroad.

>> No.19215810

>tutorial hell
I never understood how people learn coding from videos, it's so inefficient compared to learning out of a book. Read a programming book from cover to cover and you won't be having these problems.

>> No.19215941

I haven't been on 7chan in ages, but last I checked, their /jew/ board said this pretty much.

>> No.19215964

Any particular book?

>> No.19216000

For Dummies tend to be good. You can also take a risk with In 24 Hours, but I've had mixed success with those

>> No.19216046

for anyone seething that I didn't say K&R or one of the other meme books, he's an absolute beginner and needs something to get him off the ground more than give a deep understanding

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they have a /jew/ board?

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>Have rich parents
>Be born female


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Looking through all these images makes me sad. How can people spend money on this? Do they just jack off all day, every night? Unbelievable.

>> No.19216205

>$150,000 home

in what world?

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I pretty much figured this out on my own. 25 now, work as a software engineer, bought my first duplex last year and about to buy my next this year. Should have 4-5 by the time I'm 30 if all goes well, at that point I can decide if it's for me to turn into a bigger enterprise or leave it at that.

It's not really enough though. I'd love to start my own bona fide business.

>> No.19216222

what city do you live in

>> No.19216225


>> No.19216236

buy in small towns with key workers and government jobs, where rentals are scarce.

>> No.19216243

pftthahaha leave this thread

>> No.19216254


More specifically: just look at the price/rent ratio of the city. Places with a large college/young adult presence are great as well since they take up a lot of rentals.

>> No.19216294

me tooooooooooo

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I’m black, will I be discriminated in the programming industry?

>> No.19216639

hopefully yes

>> No.19216651


Yes, positively. Racism is working in favor of you for the time being. You can sit there and do jack shit and be the token black programmer.

>> No.19216656

better be behind 7 proxies if you do that shit. you'll go to prison for rape even if you didn't do it. saw a law and order SVU episode about it so i'm an expert.

>> No.19216661

you'll get diversity hired and retain your job with minimal effort because everyone is afraid of lawsuit. that's going to change in the next couple years though so milk it while you can

>> No.19216675

:( I hear you though, makes me happy I was born in a time where I could live long enough and be taught to read, so that I could better understand stand the sheer greatness the Aryan man has produced.

Makes me sad though to see them be pushed around and told of their inevitable extinction.

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lulz, you were fucked from the beginning. JB Hunt.... 'nuff said

here ya go

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How attractive are the women in the programming industry?

>> No.19216715

I'm pretty sure she's professionally managed.

>> No.19216723

Pay a property management company 6-10% of your rental income plus a 25% markup on repairs and they do all of that shit for you, all you have to do is collect the rent.

>> No.19216785

other programmers/ developers are literal zeros BUT if you get in with a large enough company you'll have hot project managers and accountants. the company i work for even has a department dedicated to writing documentation

>> No.19216803

Nigga if you can fizzbuzz there is probably a 6 figure salary waiting for you with bulletproof job security.

>> No.19216899

thanks I just blew a load to this

>> No.19217034

there are two joggers on my team. one is borderline retarded and i have no clue how she got the job, the other is smart and does a good job.

not many joggers are can code. you'll be hired to meet quota.

but if you're retarded and can't contribute to your team, they'll hate you for it and you'll know it

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>> No.19217898

what does the department smell like?

>> No.19217920

Why wouldn't she start panicking right away?

>> No.19217929

Because then normies will realise that it's a guy

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>be me
>finish highschool
>go to university bc that's what everyone says i do
>do nothing and have no direction but graduate with zero debt bc my parents pay for it in full
>"look" for job but don't actually know what im doing since i never did any internships and don't have a passion for much anything
>don't take up any low level job at something like a target or bestbuy bc of anxiety about graduating from a big university and needing to fulfill some expectation
>go unemployed for maybe a year after college
>finally decide i'll do real estate, spend an entire year getting certified and working
>one day stop going in bc i suck and am going nowhere
>2 years after graduating i've done nothing and spent 6 months working in real estate
>i start to flip shit on craigslist mainly electronics. make small amount of money and mainly keep distracted by doing daily things whether it be mailing, packaging, or buying
>decide i will code
>sign up for pre bootcamp coding, waste a bunch of money on that and never apply to bootcamp
>year and a half go by and decide i still want to code, sign up for prebootcamp again and then go to bootcamp
>spend next 6 months in a bootcamp sucking ass at coding but still getting by
>finish and apply to nowhere because i have nothing keeping me accountable.
>5 months after bootcamp i apply at a major retail company as a ground level worker essentially doing monkey work
>realize i should've just jumped into retail right out of college because i would've been managers managers by this point if i just kept with it.

yea i made all the wrong moves

>> No.19218001

I lold when I realized George and I go to the same church.

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because you pay her

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anon, based on all of this, you would not be retail manager either. Sorry.

>> No.19219173

i mean i've been with the job for two years and actually moved around to different positions slowly moving up the totem pole. this summer i think i'll apply for a leader role and have a team beneath me. should probably get it no prob

>> No.19220011

I went to college to study accounting. Flunked out. Did real estate. Went back to college. Flunked out again. Worked as a car salesman. Quit. Worked as an insurance salesman. Quit. I did my CompTIA A+ and am going to do my CCNA. I'm working as a security guard now for fuck sake.

Maybe I'll get some bullshit IT job and try to go back to college. Need special permission from the dean though. I fucked up worse than you. Don't feel bad.

Stay in school you retarded dipshit anons. Don't fall for the college is a meme meme. It's not a meme.

>> No.19220035

/biz/ really became Reddit

>> No.19220104

tryhard instagram models make me vomit

>> No.19220161

Accounting is so boring holy shit.

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Are you an accountant?

I did payroll for a few months as a temp.

>> No.19220592

Huge folder!
Doesn't even have the leaked glass dildo anal video.

>I'm pretty sure she's professionally managed.
If she is now, doubt it, she wasn't in the begining and yet she didn't slip.

It's the new zoomer generation. They know their shit. They know how to use the internet.
And as much as people don't want to admit. She is very talented in thotery.
She really rode the ahegao wave.

The hit or miss chick could have done good and she choked.
Bonbibonkers could be huge but she doesn't have Belle's talent.

Bell Delphine is very talented.

>> No.19220610

Bonnie is 15 years old though

>> No.19220648

Honestly pity your existence if you get turned on by fake manufactured shit like this lmao

How pleabian can you get

>> No.19220666

And then she shits and pisses herself with fear

>> No.19220720

I'm too empathetic to understand this joke.

>> No.19220753

>women selling their body
>need talent
lmao you white knights are hilarious

>> No.19220773

Useless diversity hires always get put on the list first in large layoffs.

>> No.19220789

yeah... joke.

>> No.19220828

Sure, but it takes a huge amount of time to become an actually good programmer, unless you want to become a frontend web developer, but otherwise there's just so much to learn to write software that isn't garbage.

>> No.19220902

Keep it in your pants, Satan.

>> No.19221090

Bullshit. Coding bootcamo and studying ~80 hrs a week for 3 months? If not, fucking BULLSHIT. Even then, you probably just got the basics down at best.

>> No.19221155
File: 40 KB, 720x671, F3405862-F49C-4AB2-844D-FB53DCF21E5A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ya, I fell for the meme meme too. I'm royally pissed. Similar situation. Did a 2 yr degree in the dumbass electrical trade. Shit. Did 3/4ths a ba (business econ). Had to take some hard classes like intermediate accounting (im retarded as FUCK and only passed due to a curve. Somehow got a C+. I was actually studying too. It just made no fking sense).
Too depressed to finish and dropped a yr ago. Didnt flunk out. Just burnt out. Also, barely had a 3.0 cumulative gpa. Like a 2.4 major gpa.

THAT SAID, I wish I did some easy ass sociology degree now. Why? My sister did stem. Her friend did psychology (fluff). She has a better paying job than my sister AND my sister only got her current job BECAUSE of the psychology major one so long story short, hard degrees really ARE a meme unless you are 120IQ. If less, you're better off with a fluff degree. Now she works from home while Im 25 and stuck with a shitty ass security guard job too. Very depressed. I live in california too which means shit wages.

Honestly my only plan now is to TRY to be a teachers assistant and eventually move to sign language stuff. Possibly a tesol cert to teach esl from home. Pretty fucked life. Its actually worse if you look at a personal problem I have.

>> No.19221304

Get a job with the city if you can. Security at certain ports can make ~70k to start at basic position while you look for other shit.

>> No.19221325

Ive tried looking at gov jobs and city jobs. Ive applied to the ones I qualified for, but I dont get responses. Idk. I always apply if I see something, but I lost hope

>> No.19221691

>Doesn't even have the leaked glass dildo anal video.

>> No.19221798

>how have all her nudes not leaked yet?
maybe she doesn't have nudes?
I know I know

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Help me anons. Soon i will be graduating high school and i still don't know what i want to do in my life. I've been thinking about either economy or going into coding. What do

>> No.19221868

look into trades
I was trying to get into welding before everything got locked down

>> No.19221890

well here's my story: >>19221155

I'd recommend just going to a fluff degree if you know youre not a genius. First 2 trs at a cc, take max units (18 in the fall, 9 in the winter, and 10 in the summer). You can also do what I did once and go to 2 different districts to surpass the 18 unit cap (I passed 26/28 units at once. If it was for a fluff degree, I probably could have handled 30 in a single semester).

>> No.19221904

The trades are extreme trash. I did an associates in one. It's just filled with rednecks. Cockfest. Verbal abuse. Shit pay outside a union. Even in a union, very physically demanding which is both mentally and physically draining. Extremely fast paced. Kills libido due to stress.
Its just shitZ

>> No.19221915

yrs (years)

>> No.19221933

>to a
for a
I should sleep

>> No.19222048

thats a big cheap house vs where I live.

>> No.19222179

massive COPE

see >>19211845

studied an additional 15 hours/ week outside class

>> No.19222234

Then ya. This is fucking bullshit. 3 months no degree and you got a coding job? Ya right.

>> No.19222278

massive COPE, I type this as I'm about to get out of bed and walk 5 feet over to my desk and begin my /comfy/ work from home job

all from a BOOTCAMP lolololol

what, are you going to say that little piece of paper is fake too? massive, galactic amounts of cope

>> No.19222333

well for one thing, that screenshot isnt real life. Its a screenshot of whats on a computer. Even if you coded that, that doesnt actually show me you have a job as a coder.

>> No.19222417
File: 466 KB, 694x1174, 20200520_073421.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you think im going to post a clear image of the fucking source code on 4chan for my company? are you 10 years old?

here you go, here's a clear screenshot of the original, unedited

>> No.19222466

Why cant you just post proof you are actually hired as a coder?
Do you have any fucking idea how unbelievable this sounds?

>> No.19222486

Code in a computer screen doesn't prove shit fyi.
It's not that I dont want to believe it, it just sounds unrealistic as shit.

>> No.19222528

honestly just sounds like you're in denial/ wanting to dox him out of jealousy

>> No.19222556

The before picture is cuter.

>> No.19222590

Nope because I actually did consider coding bootcamp in the past. I just never went with it because I heard you have to study 80+ hours a week outside of class (you basically cant work while doing this) and that its harder to get coding jobs without a degree.

I see college as immense and utter dumbass BULLSHIT. Most classes are inefficient, focus too much on theory fucking crap, huge time sinks (4 years for a bachelors), having to take dumbass GE classes, etc.
Thing is employers being jackasses want degrees even when they barely (if at all) teach any skills needed to be employable. College doesnt teach you how to be employable or an employee. I can safely say that after taking 150 college units.
I do see coding bootcamp as being more efficient and related to the working world, but they lack credentials to be seen seriously

>> No.19222605

more cope

ive provided proof i went to a bootcamp and screenshots of code on a super unique system that if you'd have spent 5 years in the biz, know about.

LOL @ thinking anyone can "fake" an AS400 environment

both you and those other 2 morons are coping teenagers more than likely in school to do what i do and are assblasted you could have gone a cheaper and faster route

>> No.19222626

lulz so >>19222605 was correct

>> No.19222650

people that rent houses are the people from the lowest rung of society. they have no respect for your property and will end up causing thousands of dollars worth of damage that you will need to repair before you can rent the house out again

renting houses is a meme

>> No.19222683

home renters pay upwards of $1,300/ month for a $150,000 home

I'd be willing to bet thats more than you make bi-weekly lmao

>> No.19222686

Ya, I am assblasted. I know some people do indeed luck out with less effort.
Also, biz hardly talks about code in general, retard. Dont bullshit me. No one here knows what the FUCK an AS400 is unless they are coders, bitch.

Idk why youre being such a pussy with showing proof of actual employment as a coder. You know what I'll take though, jackass? Let me see how your checks look like. Screenshot it from your bank account. That will suffice. Dont pussy out here. You can easily censor shit.

Also, I cant even fucking see what coding bootcamp you went to. Do you have a degree? How long did it take after graduating? Internships? Were the interviews related to the actual coding bootcamp? How the fuck would you even get your foot in the door?

>> No.19222703

Illiterate retard. I even said I would WANT to believe it so I can look into coding bootcamps again.
"lulz" at you back for not being able to read properly :)

>> No.19222798 [DELETED] 
File: 76 KB, 576x1024, 2012-04-21_15-03-03_540-576x1024.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I know people with meme degrees making $60,000. I'm stuck making $13 lol. Should have just finished.

Any anons know if getting a CCNA is worth it? I already have my A+. I'll take any job outside of security this bullshit sucks.

>> No.19222806
File: 565 KB, 1242x2208, AAFE16AE-983C-4020-8874-0D0F2B0538D6.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

more fud that makes me think it's bullshit

>> No.19222809

so you, some dumbass kid who has never worked a day in his life as a programmer, is going to tell me, and actual programmer, that I don't really code? pffttthahahaha wow you're low-IQ and ngmi in this field. im being dead srs.

>No one here knows what the FUCK an AS400 is unless they are coders
then maybe you should have kept your mouth shut

>Also, I cant even fucking see what coding bootcamp you went to. Do you have a degree? How long did it take after graduating? Internships? Were the interviews related to the actual coding bootcamp? How the fuck would you even get your foot in the door?
hahahahahahhaha you think I'm going to help you now? wow, you really are low-IQ. kiss my ass kid

>> No.19222862

for you:

>mouth shut
how the god damn hell was I supposed to know you were referring to an AS400 (and how the fuck would ANYONE know that is something apparently only available to employers????? Idiot).

>help you now
Dumb faggot. Im probably older than you too. Also, nice job being a pussy and not showing your check. Unironically kill yourself.

>> No.19222880

hahahahahahahaha why doesnt the dumbass coder post his check? Dont be a pussy ass bitch lmao

>> No.19222897
File: 71 KB, 1280x720, morptrix.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

1) buy FLETA
2) stake FLETA
3) when the time comes you won't even need to sell your FLETA

>> No.19222926

seething boomer assblasted about wasting $40,000 when he could have spent 6 to get his foot in the door

comp. sci. degrees give you foundational knowledge of how computers work, generic data structure concepts, and low- level computing concepts.

college does not make you a good programmer. on the job real life work does. the difference between me and the college grad is I got my foot in the door 3.5 years before the college grad.

and I know SQL ;)

>> No.19222941


lol, filtered

>> No.19222953
File: 524 KB, 1242x2208, 050DE927-C620-43C2-9439-7048CC19F684.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this bitch probably doesnt actually code and just does web design

Why cant this pussy just post his checks?

>> No.19222976

>whaaa he caught meeeeeeeee whaaaaaaaa
Bitch. You can put me in my place just by posting a check from your bank account, you absolute pussy beta male bitch made faggot.

>> No.19222982

>web design on an AS400

>> No.19223011

>Im not posting my checks whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Oh also. I thought you filtered me :)? What happened? Kek

>> No.19223028

so far you want
>source code
>name of bootcamp
yeah, you're a little doxxing bitch. kys

>> No.19223037

Lmao calm down faggot. Your seething and coping is making me cringe

>> No.19223048

You can use javascript for Node JS.

>> No.19223117

How the fuck is a check going to dox you? Dipshit. Also if youre a scared little bitch, dont post your employer then.

Stop being a cock sucker please :)

>> No.19223143

>dont make fun of my internet friends!
>he lets me watch him fap, you cringy cuck!
Why are you so on his dick? Calm down. He's not your boyfriend (is he?)

>> No.19223168


Yikes. Sorry anon. You should have done helpdesk or something anon. I can't code worth a shit, but make 6 figures as a software apps engineer - solely due to my work experience starting with a basic helpdesk

>> No.19223190

Wait wait whoa whoa whoa. I barely noticed you have the same writing styles. Fucking samefagger. Fyi my ban runs out next month so thats why Im changing my ID. You on the other hand are just samefagging, arent you? It is possible a bunch of cock suckers are defending you too though.

>> No.19223203

there's something seriously wrong with you

i need to remember that there are a lot of weird fucks in the world. whenever I see a handicapped but coherent person irl i remind myself they have internet access and easily could be who im devoting time and energy to online.

I'm about 40% sure that you're one of those people. post face, I want to know. I'll be able to tell how retarded you are by your face

>> No.19223215
File: 347 KB, 500x500, B66A6F73-9B34-423F-BB12-A29F40F10E15.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>Just buy ChainlInk
Literally it is just that easy. Even when it’s $25 dollars it will still be that easy.
When it’s $50, $100 it will still be that easy.

These tards will still fuck it up though despite having the simple “just buy chainlink” and the very complex and detailed laid out for them.

Thus why the 85 IQ brainlets and the gigabrained Chads will make it. 100 IQ big boys will be sitting around holding shitcoins de jour.

>> No.19223232

>Fyi my ban runs out next month so thats why Im changing my ID
that doesnt even make sense

>> No.19223267

You first :). I wont pussy out like you. Goes both ways, retard

>> No.19223287

It does, dipshit. I turn on my normal internet when using it normally. To post here, I have to use mobile data. Every time I do this, it changes my fucking ID, genius.

>> No.19223305

I keep toggling it basically. How the fuck did you not get this? What a retard.

>> No.19223322

she's so pretty, to bad she always does ugly poses and faces, with shit cosplay

>> No.19223328
File: 4 KB, 129x250, 1575339423351s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

my man

>> No.19223367

why is the coding pussy too scared to post a goddamn check as if that could even dox them?

Bunch of idiots. Anyways, I read very mixed things about coding bootcamp as a whole. On one hand I see experience coders say its dogshit. On the other, the stats dont look miserable https://www.monster.com/career-advice/article/coding-bootcamp-lead-to-job

>> No.19223408

Fukken saved.

>> No.19223653

have game and exploit rich girls

>> No.19223672
File: 205 KB, 713x715, 20200520.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

LOL @ the amount of research you're putting into coding bootcamps right now. so far you've dug through reddit, spent 2 solid hours here trying to get OP to *prove* with physical evidence that he not only went to a bootcamp but also is a programmer and when you get that out of him demand proof of pay. now you're scouring the internet for anecdotal career advice on bootcamps. you're definitely having cold feet about college. its why you're so emotionally invested ITT. its why you want OP so badly to continue engaging with you, you are hoping to get more information out of him as you are deeply considering the bootcamp route now. maybe next time dont be a fucking prick?

>> No.19223883
File: 851 KB, 1242x1248, 5395BB66-2E01-4E98-8B77-F22E0D41784A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>LOL @ the amount of research you're putting into coding bootcamps right now.
How is that funny?
>so far you've dug through reddit, spent 2 solid hours here trying to get OP to *prove* with physical evidence that he not only went to a bootcamp but also is a programmer and when you get that out of him demand proof of pay.
Ya, to not look like some larping bitch
>now you're scouring the internet for anecdotal career advice on bootcamps.
Yep. And your point here is...?
>you're definitely having cold feet about college.
I did 150 units, asswipe. This is me: >>19221155

>its why you're so emotionally invested ITT. its why you want OP so badly to continue engaging with you, you are hoping to get more information out of him as you are deeply considering the bootcamp route now.
Yes. I see 0 problem, you ugle mutt.
>maybe next time dont be a fucking prick?
Im a mirror. Faggot responded to me as a "coper". Oh, I forgot. It cant go both ways, right? Bitchass.

Anyways, Im surprised you posted a selfie. 2/10. At least you have more guts than me in that regard. Sorry, no fap material for you

>> No.19224010

not even going to lie either. I dont have the work ethic to be a coder. If anything, id be better off finishing the shit ba degree I was doing. Im not willing to put in 80 hours a week for 3 months (dont believe it could be done with 15 hours only like what op claimed, but then again, he could be one of the lucky gifted ones which hurts his argument that "anyone can be a coder" as realistically, most people cant. Even work ethic aside, not everyone has that kind of brain).

>> No.19224058

You will only benefit from college if you're not an antisocial creep which is most of you. You go to school for the connections, extracurricular, and academic projects.

>> No.19224101

Thing is my sister can hook me up (to an interview), but only if I finish the 4 yr degree.

>> No.19224126

Im also obviously not THIS much of an asshole in real life or else obviously I wouldnt be able to find a job, period.

This is fucking 4chan. Not the fucking real world (where you have to be FAKE).

>> No.19224297

>id be better off finishing the shit ba degree I was doing
>was doing

lmao it all makes sense.

you're a college dropout who spent years and tons of money in college and see this thread where somebody didn't go to college and got a better job than you

now, a normal person would have just shrugged it off and understood that there are no set rules in getting a good job and some people are able to jump through some hoops to land a decent job with less schooling. but you..... for some reason you just couldn't process this. you couldnt IMAGINE a scenario where someone goes to a """bootcamp""" and gets a job. so you sperged out. full blown autistic screeching. went through the entire Kubler-Ross model in a matter of hours. it was honestly interesting to watch. probably due to the Dunning-Kruger effect.

>> No.19224364

he wasnt speaking directly to you, you absolute nutcase

>> No.19224413

>Dunning-Kruger effect.
Do you even know what that is :)? You used it wrong, retard. I never claimed to be an expert so fail.
Also, I know people luck out. Illiterate mutt. Plenty of people do less work for more. I know people without degrees in union jobs while im getting assfucked. People with fluff degrees that act like geniuses just because they lucked out with a good job even though they dont use shit of what they studied. Etc.
Im not saying what happened to op isnt real, I said it sounded highly unrealistic. Possible, but unrealistic.

Learn to read. Also, get fucking raped. I keep destroying your logic. All you have is "haha you are having autism attacks lolol". Fail.
Let me guess, bitch. You just want the last word here, don't you?

>> No.19224464

It was implied I was one of the ones being referred to, you dumbass mother fucker dipshit. Holy shit, youre retarded.

>> No.19224486

blah blah blah, look at you explaining yourself to me lmao. showcasing your lack of self-confidence for everyone to see. pathetic

>> No.19224508

>1 post by his ID
>no quoted post


hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah SEETHE

>> No.19224523

> blah blah blah, look at you explaining yourself to me lmao.
Yes yes. Try to "lmao" your way out of a roast. Get fucked.
>showcasing your lack of self-confidence for everyone to see. pathetic
Says the retard doing the exact same shit. Down syndrome incarnate
>NOOOOO, you cant just correct my shit "logic". YOU CANT DO THAT WHAA

>> No.19224547

Why does everything descend into incel posting

>> No.19224563

Huh? He said "anti social creeps". My posts are anti social as fuck so obviously it WAS implied. Kek. I keep destroying your ass

Also, whats this? "explaining yourself to me"?? Oh, I guess you lack self-confidence ;( hahaha, retard. Youre roasting yourself at this point.

>> No.19224629

Do these roasts feel good? Are you a masochist? Weird fetish.

>> No.19224657

you're an absolute cretin my dude, improve yourself instead of being bitter and resentful online

>> No.19224684

>My posts are anti social as fuck
cringe. easy on the edge

believe whatever you want to believe. you're so assblasted right now. and extremely low-IQ

OP was right, you really are one of those weird little fucks.

before I go, what exactly do you do for a career? (you wont post a single shred of evidence)

>> No.19224718

hahahahhahahhahahhaha based

>> No.19224833

Low iq despite me quite literally destroying you point by point. Literally point by point kek. Fucking LOOL

>weird fucks
Angry = weird apparently

Read. I literally posted how fucked my job prospects are with what I have. Just a shit security guard job despite all that bs I did. Let me guess. Youre a coder too?

it isnt about being "edgy", dipshit. It is obvious my posts are anti social due to how aggressive they are by nature. Fucking hell, you really dont think youre low IQ?

>he's on my side so BASEEEED XD
I got under your skin, kek. Personally, im always like this (fake it in real life). With you though, I can tell I definitely got you fucked in the head Lol.

>self improve
such as?

>> No.19224873

I also noticed you ignored the second paragraph. KEK I wonder why? hahahahahahaha

>> No.19225226

dude, you're so unhinged it's sad. at this point it's like kicking a disabled person.

here are the facts: you're a college dropout who now works as a security guard. you can seethe all you want but it will never change that.

>> No.19225370

>self improve
such as?

you're a fucking dropout security guard...... does he need to spell it out for you?

>> No.19225395

>kicking a disabled person
Dude, get real. Your arguments consist of the equivalent to "youre retarded lololol". Mind consist of actual critiques of your points. Who really is the disabled one here? hint: it's you. I throw in insults too, but the difference here is I actually have valid critiques. Sorry, bitch.

>college dropout
>security guard

And your point is... WHAT? Fucking idiot. Look, dumbass. It is BEYOND obvious you just want the last word. Im leaving so you can have it. Have fun talking to yourself, kek. Fucking loser.

>> No.19225418

I did 150 units. Do I need to spell THAT out for you? Dumb bitch. I probably have more college units than everyone here (not saying im smarter, just that I invested a fuckton of effort).

>> No.19225497

>And your point is... WHAT?
that you're a loser and any and all """crtique""" coming from the mouth of trash. you act like there is some more scope to our conversation other than me calling you a garbage human being.

if for one moment you think being a college dropout/security guard isnt garbage then LOL @ you

>> No.19225498

*mine (before retard actually corrects this to try to get a leg up due to flailing about with his failed attempts of an actual coherent argument).

>> No.19225526

kill urself ahmed

>> No.19225541

you unironically think doing 150 "units" of college, but having nothing to show for it, is something to be proud of? lmao you literally wasted money dumbass

>> No.19225589

>that you're a loser and any and all """crtique""" coming from the mouth of trash.
Down syndrome logic, kek. That's like saying if you say 1+1= 53 and I say "no, you dumb bitch. It's 2" you will say it's automatically wrong just because you dont like me. What a fucking child. Again, it seems you are the one with the disability. This is sad shit right here.

>you act like there is some more scope to our conversation other than me calling you a garbage human being.
Because there is :). You say some points (rarely) and when you do, I correct the retardation with actual logic. Sorry, bitch. Saying ONLY insults is not a coherent argument. Saying flawed talking points also doesnt count. Sorry :(

>if for one moment you think being a college dropout/security guard isnt garbage then LOL @ you
Let me guess. Youre a coder? Or maybe youre an unemployed bitch? Secondly, that is irrelevant. Read above. Doesnt matter what my background is. Facts are facts. I could be an engineer or a fucking homeless guy for fucks sakes. That has NOTHING to do with me correcting dumbass logic. You failed yet again.

>> No.19225599

Nah bro you’re just posting cringe

>> No.19225623


LOL seethe

>> No.19225630

>l-let me just disregard all that effort!
Kill yourself, bitch. What even is YOUR college education and job? Or is everyone here a fucking stem expert? Also, it is god damn retarded to down play any accomplishment. No, I am not "proud" of this, dipshit. Learn to read, cock sucker. I even said myself I find college to be bullshit. That said, I did invest effort which was my fucking point, ass clown. Fail

>> No.19225653

Nah bro. Youre just a cock sucker.

Tl;dr you have no argument :(. Keep chugging cum down your throat though.

>> No.19225656

look at you genuinely trying to dissect this conversation. take your fucking meds you absolute nutcase

>> No.19225683

>Whaaaaaaaaaaa!!! He is using logic instead of JUST insults!!! He needs meds because of that WHAAA
Kill yourself

>> No.19225691

hahahahhaha SEETHE

a degree is an accomplishment. you wasting money on college classes is NOT

>> No.19225714

Stop being a pussy and state your job title, faggot. If your a cs guy, just fucking say it. Why avoid this? Why not state your college degree either? Say it.

>> No.19225718

kek, so much anger. such is the life of a security guard dealing with niggers all day lmao

>> No.19225757
File: 10 KB, 187x250, 6DAFBD1C-D1E3-443C-AFB9-5F06479EA890.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>SEETHE you SEETHE hahaha I used the word SEETHE lololol SEETHE
Nigger. What the flying fuck is your background?
It is an accomplishment btw :) (a shit one Ill admit since college is mostly bullshit). Keep crying how its not though. Effort is effort, bitch

>> No.19225784

Aww, bitch is too scared to state their college degree and job :(

>> No.19225821

The second thing is the actual important part

>> No.19225839

Also, I do have a degree. That said it's retarded how a sociology degree is seem as a "real accomplishment" to you just because its a "degree" yet say doing 99% of every degree ever is not just because the "degree is not finished". Youre actually part of the problem. Focusing on degrees only is actually partly what fucked the job market so badly

>> No.19225948

Aww, bitch ran away. Hey bitch, why can't you answer two questions? Let me guess?
>whaaaaaaa, you are low Iq and dropout security gard and uhh, fuck you. You have a disability and uhhh... uhh.. AUTISM ATTACK. I dont need to tell you shit ;(. Stop bullying me whaaaa

>> No.19225954

someone have decryption key?

>> No.19226096

Alright, faggots. I know you dumbasses have nothing to say really other than "u didnt invest enough effort!!" or basically this green text: >>19225948

You retards can have the last word since I know your egos BADLY need it. Be happy. Im giving you dumbfucks your cookie. I have to go now. Have fun being retarded and thinking random ass insults is > than logic. Ive had it bad, but at least im not you dumb mother fuckers, kek

>> No.19226122
File: 50 KB, 322x279, D517660C-E15D-4C79-9B0A-4DB46052657E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I did coding bootcamp and cheated my way through. I couldn’t meet the deadlines without cheating, it’s just not something everyone can grasp. It’s a great career for guys who love destroying their back staring at screens all day and somehow have critical thinking skills under pressure, but I’m a fucking retard guys. I just don’t get it, won’t get it

>> No.19226230

cringe lmao literally nobody cares

>> No.19226586

you're mentally ill m8

>> No.19227151

How the hell do you guys get a coding job with just a 3-month bootcamp?

I have an applied math degree from a Top30 ranked school globally, and the hiring manager wanted a list of all of the CS courses I'd taken in university to get a job (I'd taken 7 courses including courses in machines learning). This is a job that pays less than 50k in leafbucks.

The market is completely and utterly flooded.

>> No.19227229

I should add that my manager doesn't have a CS degree either (He has a civil engineering degree), but he mentioned so many applicants had one, that he felt wary of hiring someone without a CS degree in this day and age.

>> No.19227986

same, I did a coding bootcamp too but struggled with it. Found out later that I had severe ADHD which caused me to be unable to understand the material

>> No.19228511

Mapleland is definitely different the the US. if they have enough candidates to not just care if you can code but what classes youve taken, you're gonna need a degree.

I live in BFE and there are over 30 open dev positions within 30 miles of my city

>> No.19228547
File: 18 KB, 637x588, 1589441139740.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Holy shit you are fucking dumb

>> No.19228886

>I live in BFE and there are over 30 open dev positions within 30 miles of my city (Toronto)
There's 30 openings posted today, the issue is each of those openings gets 1000 applicants.

There's an oversupply tech workers here. Why? Because businesses cried for years that there's a tech labour shortage so they upped the immigration quotas for people with these skills.

Here's an example. This guy was unemployed for 2 years before he landed a job at Google.


I don't understand where people get the idea that you can just sit on your ass and government will give you gibs in mapleland. The vast majority of gibs goes to business owners. For everyone else it's a cut throat world just to stay employed here.

>> No.19229185

at least you've got more a work history than me, how's the comptia thing? was it an online class or something? im honestly looking at going back to school and getting an MBA so that i can apply to a job at EY or something doing a regular job that nobody would think twice about and probably get paid double what i do now. i really see taht as my only fucking option out of retail i feel like im at the bottom of teh barrel.

college is only a meme if you have no drive or aspirations. if you actually know what you want or are proactive after completion you can be a regular part of society.

>> No.19229544

there are so many jobs and so few applicants that employers are willing to hire degree-less people willing to learn.

also some employers realize college is a scam and nothing more than a filter. for 2 years and thousands of dollars, you take bullshit classes like English, history, sociology, psychology, """speech""", intro to music, etc. its absolute bullshit especially when tuition alone for each of those years is over $15,000 on average.
I have no doubt "bootcamps" will be the solution to this problem. colleges have long had a monopoly on employment. the greatest thing about capitalism is it breeds competition. I have no doubt we will soon see "accounting bootcamps", engineering bootcamps", "architecture bootcamps". if money is to be made, these bootcamps WILL exist, and coding bootcamps are proving concrete evidence that a degree doesn't make you smart.

>> No.19230117

My suspicion is that the tech bubble is going to collapse in about a year or so. The people who purchased these bootcamps will have spent 15k to learn a bunch of useless web frameworks that will fall out of favour within a year.

>if money is to be made, these bootcamps WILL exist, and coding bootcamps are proving concrete evidence that a degree doesn't make you smart.
A 3 month-bootcamp can only produce code monkeys that can crank out something with "Reactjs". This is really all the knowledge you need at many startups because startups are essentially scams.

>there are so many jobs and so few applicants that employers are willing to hire degree-less people willing to learn.
No there really aren't that many jobs. I have a coding job now but I'm hanging onto it for dear life.

>for 2 years and thousands of dollars, you take bullshit classes like English, history, sociology, psychology, """speech""", intro to music, etc. its absolute bullshit especially when tuition alone for each of those years is over $15,000 on average.
I never took those classes and I was shit out of luck after graduating. I took 1 humanities elective.


>> No.19230744

how long have you had your developer job

>> No.19230893
File: 199 KB, 696x994, SmartSelect_20200520-140407_Chrome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>My suspicion is that the tech bubble is going to collapse in about a year or so.
been hearing that since 2015 pal

>No there really aren't that many jobs. I have a coding job now but I'm hanging onto it for dear life.
pic related. sorry about Canada. maybe you should have researched the job market before spending 4 years and tens of thousands of dollars?


>> No.19230913

I've had 2 developer jobs. Last one I held for about 6 months. Guy who replaced me had a CS degree.

I've held my current one for just under 2 years. My co-workers have CS degrees. We hired 1 UX guy that came from a bootcamp, but everyone else has a degree. The only other exception is a 50 year old guy that's been with the company for 20 years. It isn't that bad of a place to work all things considered, almost no office politics. However, the pay is below-average and the work is unlikely to lead to anything that could be called a career.

I should point out that I'm basically just working with legacy systems. Very few businesses still use the tech that we work with.

Why? Any advice how I should proceed?

>> No.19230976

>pic related. sorry about Canada. maybe you should have researched the job market before spending 4 years and tens of thousands of dollars?
Well I believed the rumours that there was a Tech labour shortage. Turns out that was just businesses crying for more cheap labour/subsidies, as usual.

>been hearing that since 2015 pal
Well I hope you're right. I do have US citizenship as well so after things clear up I could move to Burgerville and make those big bucks. I suspect it won't survive coronachan though.

>> No.19231884
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>Hit it big time with a top 10 channel on youtube, started really early when they weren't a mainstream thing, got a really good voice actor who wasn't robotic like all the subsequent top 10 channels
>Ad-pocalypse happened, overnight channel earnings gone
>Had experience as a tech journo before that

Anything I can do with my skills? I've been out of the game for nearly a decade now. What are the sites everyone goes to these days, fiverr?

Writing is obviously the main one: I used to come up with unique titles that didn't need to be sensationalised on youtube... and spent time researching and writing the scripts for the videos. First 3 videos I uploaded got 15 million views each after promoting them to get 10,000 views each via google ads, then it went viral

Can I do anything with my experience or shall I just start learning coding? thanks...

>> No.19232922

There was no nudity, fuck you to whomever deleted this image.

>> No.19233924

Coding is not a get rich quick scheme.

If you have a talent for writing stories, you could try your hand at developing a short video game with a good story line. At the very least you could put it on your resume, if you have some kind of gap you want to fill.

I'm not familiar with game development but things have gotten a lot easier the last few years. I would look into the Unity engine.

Anyone have any advice for this? Is my career basically a dead end at this point? >>19230913

>> No.19234457

>arrive at interview
>HR person is a 30 year old ebin quirky cat lady
>appeal to her fucked up psychology and world views
its not hard brehs
improve your looks instead of trying to become some computer genius guy
the office only needs one smart guy to do all the work everyone else just rides that guys back and socializes

>> No.19234673

70% of the value of a degree is that it's a legal iQ test for companies. the other 30% is a mix between the networking with other smart people who are passing the test with you (and will be seniors at companies in 10 years time and you all can hire each others kids etc.) and the actual knowledge. Uni actually is good for teaching you high level engineering concepts that a bootcamp doesn't have time to teach you.
If you think you'll pass this 3 year intelligence + time management test then yeah do it but dont think it's going to be easy.
A common sentiment among graduates who are working is "haha i dont even use half the shit i learned in uni" but if you ask them if they'd go back and trade their degree for a bootcamp, 9/10 will do things the same way because they can see the avenues it has opened up for them

>> No.19235196