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Should I FOMO into this? I'm late, obviously, but it's only been 72 hours. Seems like it can fly past 1 ETH in the next week or two.


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Nowhere to sell it tho, uniswap has no liquidity

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redpill me on the slippage warning

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If it's anything like MKR I won't have to sell. Just let it hang and I'll collect rewards.

Fuck it, I'm going in for 30 ETH

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You don't buy or sell on MKR for like 4-6 months anon. This is for holding, and its clearly still early as most do not understand.

C ya on tha other side

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Lol, u can never be late for this. read the tokenomics.
Firstly it's designed to only go up as u can see the linear bonding curve. (The earlier u join the better)
Part of generated revenue is shared to token holders .( No need selling ever)
A part of revenue is used to buyback tokens from secondary market (This will start once more exchanges are added)

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How much do I need to make it. I bought 35 at .25 and am regretting not getting more

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This is purely a ponzi scheme

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100 is a good make-it stack

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This is a high quality ico for a project that can scale and become huge
Next maker here

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>Firstly it's designed to only go up as u can see the linear bonding curve. (The earlier u join the better)
Checked, but this wrong anon. It can go down. All the bonded curve means is no tokens will be minted if there is not demand to pay even more for more tokens. This is a deflationary distribution / minting model, but it does not mean the market value for an already-minted DxD can't go down

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You think anyone will sell this under $100, ever? Very, very doubtful. Best to get in before we crack 0.5 ETH and the real FOMO begins. It's literally only been 72 hours.

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I'm not fudding the project, I own 60 of the bad boys myself, but saying shit like "it's designed to never go down" is not only incorrect, it makes it sound like this is some Hex type scam. It's not. The correct way to say it is, "no new tokens will be minted if the price is not increasing" which is extremely bullish and means a stalled market will never get dumped on and a booming market will still not get dumped on.

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Did I get ‘jeeted on? I bought 14 of these on Sunday and watched it crawl from .25 to.45 on Uniswap and now it’s been crabbing between .26 - .31. I know there have been some issues with the transition between V1 and V2. Explain like I’m 5 why I shouldn’t bail out of what feels like another scamcoin that I could’ve (and should’ve) cashed out on yesterday at the peak.

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Jannies clean up this scam project

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Pretty much...u should sell.

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>Price can only go up.
>not a scam.
Choose one.

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JanJans priorities are questionable. I got banned a couple days ago (which just ended today) for driveby-posting in a “””dox thread”””. Every single night someone posts scat pictures that stay up while I’ve seen other threads get deleted in the same time frame.

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Please dump your entire bag so we can buy it.

If you want a serious answer though, the uniswap pool is so illiquid that nobody can buy or sell on uniswap right now. No one wants to add liquidity either since itd mean sacrificing their moon bag for pennies

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Never ever make a trade if it says high slippage warning. Or just do it once like I did

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>I got banned a couple days ago (which just ended today) for driveby-posting in a “””dox thread
Same bro that was some retarded shit

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I did yesterday at .4 eth, will likely do some more. This project has actual legs, but it's not going to be a quick flip. There is no liquidity. Don't buy more than you can hold for a year or two.

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I’ll happily hodl onto a couple of these as it’s always been solicited as a long-time hold but I would like to know the exit price is constantly dipping and that I can’t do anything with it. Just let me get my original investment of Monopoly money out, sirs.

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WANT TO DROP YOUR BAGS? FEELING HEAVY? SELL ME YOUR DXD: https://app.deversifi.com/otc/trade/250

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In fact, once the DXdao gets more ETH in its reserves, people dumping their stacks will burn DXD, making it even more scarce.

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The tokenomics behind this are the best I've seen in quite a while. Zoomers are going to panic realising they can't instantly sell their bags and will try dumping, burning the token due to slippage and selling for cheap prices. I'm trying to snipe as much as I can, this coin is a strong contender for serious revenue in 6-12 months.

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The "exit price" is just people trying to get your bags for cheap. You should take someone up on an OTC trade for it if you wanna limit your price.

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how do you "check the tokenomics" of dxd?

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just buy it or you will regret once the FOMO really starts

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Makes sense. I just wanted my easy 2x gains.

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wes k from TG here. I sold this scam yo ya heard fah real. I traded for a loss on uniswap and put it all in esh. Stupid ICO won't give me a refund da shit is wacc yo. Peaaaycccce bitches im out finna jogging

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>revenue in 6-12 months
can you elaborate a bit more on this. how will rewards be distributed exactly?

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