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what do i buy everything is green

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So, negative WTI isn't happening again right?

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Should I buy SPY puts? It's looking like it's stalling out at resistance again and fall back down to 280

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I got fucked today /biz/... but in a very good way

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Jpow is a criminal

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>the shills spill into /smg/
this is going to be very interesting

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Zoom is going to crash when social distancing is over.

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Already regretting my chegg and wayfair puts I bought this morning why am I retarded

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Accooooomulate cash and wait to pounce on the next dip, fren.

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Wait a day, market doesn't know what it wants to do today.
very boring day

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market might unironically be watching oil contracts.

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Trump is conman faggot just using china to get elected just like he used mehico and all is forgotten about the wall.

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Is this still a forced meme?

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this is literally no different than microsoft skype or even discord
american market is a joke driving zoom stock to $200 for a shitty webcam app

>> No.19202430

watching this live stream is making me want to short the fuck out of this zoomer shit that's been marketed to boomers.

>> No.19202438

oh thank fuck.

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Where my /animebros/ at?

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RIP Luckin. Be delisted.

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this, I cant decide if I get off this ride now that im breaking even or hold on

>> No.19202508

is this guy seriously upset at jpow for fucking over his shorts? lmao

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>Hollen about to breakdown

>> No.19202517

I almost bought a SRNE call at 4.94 but I decided against it
guess I'll be sitting this one out

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Sell today, or hodl?
China FUD getting stronger

>> No.19202543

I was asking this few days ago, some wannabe knower of zoom tried to convince me theres as much zoom compatible eco system devices as there is for skype and its literally better than MS product bundle
Im still waiting on examples of said tech

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is it already time to buy mREITs?

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fuck anime

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When is powell talkerinooo?

>> No.19202572

That Trump border wall is never getting built, is it

>> No.19202581

I myself i'm trying to break even to get on the cheap ETFs. I think I made an impulse buy on RTX

>> No.19202591

As long as the dems control the house, no way

>> No.19202592

Has already been for an hour dumbfuck

>> No.19202599

Dead wrong friendo. Zoom is infiltrated by China and has crippling security vulnerabilities ( like claiming encryption they don't have at all)

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What sort of routine do I need to do to get as strong as this 2960 resistance?

>> No.19202609

same, idk what I was thinking putting 5 grand into RTX. I bought the hype and learned my lesson.

>> No.19202621

It costs too much money unfortunately

>> No.19202622

??? wtf is this 90 year old boomer saying
literally inaudible

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>They didn't buy REFR at 1.66

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It's been under construction. The only news media you will find reporting on it are border papers complaining about it, while the MSM tries to hide the fact he managed to bully funding through and start building.

>> No.19202637

SHRM is love

SHRM is life

Another massive green day. Where's the dump the boomers keep talking about?

>> No.19202638

Kek, Fool article on RTX;should you buy the dip now? They said yes. Dumb asses, the real dip happened last week, your late to the game.

>> No.19202643

10k here and I bought the RTX stock at 67 per share. I have literally long ways to go. I doubt I'll see it raise to that price this week but i'm hoping.

>> No.19202648

what they are constructing isnt a wall

>> No.19202656

Anyone else just dumbfounded and literally nothing looks good to be bullish or bearish against at this point? Nothing looks like a buy to me. We have entered the absurdist art phase.

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>very boring day
Very boring in the sense of you can see that storm cloud on the horizon and it keeps getting bigger and darker but hasn't arrived yet. The scariest thing going on lately is random garbage mooning. That is usually a sign of trouble.

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No because both neo-cons and neo-libs are committed to fucking the american people with unlimited illegal immigration for muh businesses.

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Ok then, shifted goalposts

>> No.19202688

>Very boring in the sense of you can see that storm cloud on the horizon and it keeps getting bigger and darker but hasn't arrived yet.
yup, and theres like no wind at all smfh

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> t.kike

try again, jew. right is what is going up, the left is what is being replaced.

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Im not arguing with you Im just pointing it out

>> No.19202694

>wah wod wa wa wud wa
Let this senile fucks get COVID

>> No.19202699

wouldnt matter anyways, most illegals come from migrant workers overstaying visas, something which trump has expanded

>> No.19202709

wait until friday. the fed pumps on monday, crab walks, falls over a a cliff on friday. bought all back up to prop it up

>> No.19202718

what is the desk tapping noise whenever he talks

>> No.19202721

English must not be your first language, things not pictured in this image; Walls

>> No.19202730

Not even. The DARE program cost more. A couple billion for a presidential pet project is nothing.

>> No.19202732

Luckily I am swimming in my shiny rocks right now and will watch from the sunny side.

>> No.19202734

Anybody else NVDA chads here?
I feel so dumb I fucked up the other day and sold my 350 calls to fund some dumb shit I was doing. I got back in with 400 calls but still, I'd be ITM and not giving a fuck right now if I still had my 350s.

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I can't conceive of a reason why anyone would take the minute to type that response unless they had some level of investment (positive or negative) in sounding that out. I mean, it's a wall. It's getting built. He successfully navigated funding through the DoD where Congress refused. They tried to stonewall him in court and he won those contests as well. It's actually low key brilliant.

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right here anon

>> No.19202757

>he didn't buy NNDM an hour ago
Must feel terrible.

>> No.19202758

its not a wall sorry, its a fence

>> No.19202760

schizophrenic lawyering. he wants to add ORDER ORDER OR

>> No.19202761

I like how the democrats manufactured a pandemic crisis to crash the economy and put all their constituents out of work. Way to fucking go democrats. Now there's no money for real problems like the illegals that come into this country bringing their diseases.

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my portfolio is 50% into REITs and i'm slowly up.
Things are going good. That's 10% div yield with payout ratio of ~60% too. This is my "safe" stock because Trudeau is being very generous on business wage subsidies and corono NEETbux.
dunno what the situation in US is like for REITs, i'm curious if anyone would like to shed their thoughts

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It is, Im happy its being built. I voted for trump. Its not a wall

>> No.19202813

who was the greek philosopher who refused to take place in arguments because the meanings of words were constantly changing

>> No.19202814

Is the CMO (Janine Pelosi) of zoom related to Nancy Pelosi?

>> No.19202817

anything good?

I had to take a break from the Jews and powerless congress members acting like they can steer fed policy at all.

>> No.19202820


82 Trillion. This number is a joke alone. How can anyone justify that?

>Don't read the full article, it is garbage.

>> No.19202838

SOXL has topped out at $144.50 for a month straight. Think I might sell here.

>> No.19202841


Marketwatch is the Daily Mail of finance.

>> No.19202843

When your bored as hell watching Training videos, ticker watching on google becomes an interesting past time. As such I bagged RTX at 53.21 a share. Also bagged WFC as well. Bagged GE yesterday. Half off sales are good indeed.. Double the profit with very little effort, just sit on my ass and wait. If it goes over half, hey works for me.

>> No.19202846

>china bad

>> No.19202848

I mean, its not wrong necessarily. With currency leveraging, were going to spend that easily

>> No.19202863

Anyone selling call options on round two of Trumpbux?

If the house & senate can agree on something, SPY will finally blast through 300. But I think we're just going to bounce between current support and resistance levels without another airdrop from the fed.

>> No.19202865

priced in faggot, kill yourself

>> No.19202866

Probably. She loves that chink dick and zoom is owned by the chinks

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How badly will the coronavirus pandemic impact the economy? Does $82 trillion sound not good?

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>no wall shilling
Wow, I thought they gave up on this angle? Everyone knows the wall is being built despite the constant media lies. Why bring back this talking point? Are shills just that desperate after impeachment blew up in their face and the virus didnt stick?

>> No.19202895

Is this strength achievable natty?

>> No.19202904

>china good

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>> No.19202929

I want one of those happy ending massages

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To the bottom we go

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"please to buy the SAVA, sir"

>> No.19202940

since trump never got the wall done should we vote for joe? he can get it done right?

>> No.19202942

>you will get another chance to buy the bottom

>> No.19202947

That's the 1st thing I'm doing when lockdowns are restricted

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>> No.19202953

They seem like they are likely to recover the slowest and risky short term, with huge upside potential.

>> No.19202965

They’re great. I can’t wait until my governor Wheels McChaddington allows jerk off parlors to open back up.

>> No.19202969

Fuck china they need fire bombed.

>> No.19202976


Instead of border control and deportations we will get a deluge of millions who will be offered free taxpayer funded healthcare and a driver's license

>> No.19202975

whats the meme behind SAVA? looks like it already dumped last week and could go another dollar down

>> No.19202982

Can anyone explain to me the difference between owning VUG and MGK?

>> No.19202983

if by "done" you mean bulldoze the thing over, then yes he will get the wall "done".

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I'm still kind of fleshing out this idea, so it's just a hypothesis at the moment, but does anyone else think this could be another "post WW2" moment for the United States? As in, the United States comes out more powerful than before while all the other countries in the World get shit on (except for China, obviously)?

No countries were prepared for the pandemic and it's taking a massive toll on the whole world. I think everyone's initial reaction was that CHINA were the only ones to benefit from this. But now we're starting to see signs that the USA might have been in the best position to rebound quickly and effectively after this whole pandemic. If some more shit goes our way in the next few years, USA could have its second "post World War" power surge. I think this time China will too, though.

>> No.19202995

Theta’s finna boutta kill my SPY calls. I think next pump I’ll cash out and settle for only 400% gains :(

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>> No.19202999

Just buy small cap tech stocks dumbo.

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China, what should we do about them?

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>> No.19203024

it didn't meet a primary endpoint for its main Alzheimer drug, due to wildly varying biomarker levels in both groups (drug + placebo)
nothing lost, but the market did not like that news
it settled a little above $2 on massive volumes, so i'm feeling bullish now

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>> No.19203037

oil looks like it wants to off itself, but the kikes dont let it.

>> No.19203049

U are a psycho.

Even if the stock market keeps zooming forever, REITs are fucked once debt payments come up in Aug at latest.

Banks are gonna own all that shit by years end, lots of cities are gonna have large sections that look like Baltimore, just too many squatters for police to meaningfully manage.

>> No.19203050

>JPOW issued debit cards
>each is a mini-money printer

>> No.19203060

so the news was bad and theres no expected good news soon? its just a gut feeling?

>> No.19203070

I have a 2% play in REITs. I carefully picked a batch that were primarily residential, steering well clear of anything holding commercial leases.

My expectation is that of the group I picked, 2 will file for bankruptcy in a year. 3 will be flat. But maybe 2 give me a 25% yield a year from now at penny stock prices. It's a risky play, no doubt. Nobody knows the full effect of forbearance and defaults yet. But past financial crises have proven out that MBS, at least the residential sector, get a bailout if it creates a systemic risk.

>This is not financial advice, do your own research and risk assessment. blah blah.

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I got fucked by /biz/ in a tropical kinda way

>> No.19203085

why would you sell not buy calls then if you expect spy to go up

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buy NUMI tomorrow if you wanna make it

>> No.19203116

It's gonna be a post WW2 moment, but anyone short of 10M isn't gonna be in the rising tide

>> No.19203120

Any of you guys still holding Luckin?

>> No.19203126

Hey bears, what flavor of cope are you currently smoking?

1. The Fed is rigging the market
2. The market doesn't understand the situation
3. The market is being held up for political purposes

>> No.19203138

That’s not a ticker

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organic tea?

>> No.19203149 [DELETED] 

US REITs and Canada are two massively different ballgames. 50% is too rich for my blood, but it’s a solid section. Rich immigrants in the GTA continue...

>> No.19203152

WW2 was 4 years of blue balling the economy that resulted in the Boomers. I don’t think we’re there after only 3 months.

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So.. all my predictions for Live Nation came true. Their EPS was -1/share (even before the worse 2nd quarter results), they have effectively no revenue coming in, they have to pay back refunds en masse, and major live events are basically cancelled for 2020. Even pro sports will be played without fans. For a company that was already facing debt troubles this is a potential coup de grace. But it doesn't matter, it just doesn't matter. Still floating up and only down 25% on the year.

>> No.19203154

Being either a bear or a bull is retarded right now. It's not like we are at 295 the first time.

>> No.19203161



>> No.19203164

Everybody is retarded but me

>> No.19203165

Abbo flinging roadkill boiling to ensue is in my pipe

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>0.04 expense
>higher volume
>less concentrated holdings

>0.07 expense
>lower volume
>more concentrated holdings

>> No.19203169

the news wasn't bad, but they'll need to adjust for those biomarker variations.

>> No.19203170

It depends on whether EU can reorganize itself using this pandemic as their chance

>> No.19203177

>2. The market doesn't understand the situation

>> No.19203179

I was bull until we hit 295. Now bear until we hit 280. Then I'll be back to bull :^)

>> No.19203183

Do you guys just make up random ticker names or is it some anime thing?

>> No.19203184
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It's painful to read this fucking shit

>> No.19203192

just woke up from my nap

did the market crash yet

wheres the fucking dump

>> No.19203195

Whoever shilled HUYA yesterday tyvm. Those calls were delicious. I’m selling pre earnings made a nice 60%

>> No.19203207

We're red. I knew I should have bought that 292 put

>> No.19203223

4. Le second wave

>> No.19203230
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>> No.19203237

1 and 3. The market knows full well the situation, which is to unwind overleveraged positions before the dump is allowed to finally happen. REITs are fucked because their model fundamentally doesn't allow them to unwind their positions.

>> No.19203239
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What if i am bullish for all those three reasons?

>> No.19203240

so are we going to crab like this for one year?

>> No.19203243

>That F pump

Noooo not my covered call!

>> No.19203264

then you are me

>> No.19203275

The fed is rigging the market is probably the closest...

Everybody knows stocks are pumping because of the fed. It isnt rocket science. The fed admits it. The numbers prove it.

There is no "recovery"...its simply supply and demand. More money has been created and now you need more of it to buy stocks.

>> No.19203277
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Thank you based Anon

>> No.19203287

It's an ipo. Lists tomorrow. Another mushroom meme.

>> No.19203296

I know. Sucks that the chance to backdoor your way into Amazon is closed. Trading is halted so yeah.. the deal is done. Otherwise why even bother..

>> No.19203297

i feel like I should sold my inverse ETF but can't find a good time to do so.

>> No.19203302

you no longer have to envy Chad
but this goldstonk and bacome a rich Brat
production starts in december : high grade gold , room for expansion , they will reinvest profits for growth.

mmmm juicy stonks

>> No.19203304
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Then you are based, congrats anon

>> No.19203312

Wells Fargo.

>> No.19203331

<10% of people in these threads have actual brokerage accounts, they are all zoomers using robinhood

>> No.19203336
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oops forgot based pic

>> No.19203343

Remember when dope stocks were the cool new meme and then most of them had variations of their stocks turning into penny stocks to going belly up all together? This is the fate you choose mushroom bros

>> No.19203349

Gross no thx

>> No.19203353

I love this Nano Dimension. Got on this morning at $1.40. This thing is going to $10 for a couple reasons... 3D printing, headquartered in ISRAEL, military contracts

>> No.19203354


>> No.19203357

2 of 10 stocks in my watchlist which happen to be the bags I'm holding for today are the ones that aren't + 2.5-3%. Fuck fucking fuck.

>> No.19203368

will people move from SHRM to NUMI tomorrow and will the price of SHRM drop then? any psychics/psychos know?

>> No.19203372

Anyone have that article made some years ago about how QE creates deflationary pressure not inflationary pressure. How reserve requirements don’t actually fucking matter for banks anymore. How he predicted the next economic downturn we’ll need at least $10trillion+ Injected into the economy. Seems to all be coming true. We’re really on an uncontrollable QE trajectory and iim fucking loving it

>> No.19203377

15 red positions here, no move at all

>> No.19203389

So can anyone explain why QQQ is basically at all time highs again?

>> No.19203393

I'm not a bear but all 3 are true

>> No.19203395

Everything is green but those 2 that I happen to have are only 1%.

>> No.19203401

otherwise go bottom fishing in various sectors, start by looking up the various etf tickers like xli, xlf, xly, xlv, et cetera, look up their holdings, and pick your favorites
or just buy long calls on JETS

>> No.19203409

MindMed is the one that has all the retarded share structure and people getting in with private deals below market price

>> No.19203418

theres reason they are bags. Sometimes cheap stuff become cheaper

>> No.19203420

Because tech is more or less unaffected or even positively affected by corona

>> No.19203425

Consoomers must consoom and techshit is the only thing to spend money on besides Walmart right now

>> No.19203433

Good balance sheets, perception of safety in current economic conditions, hopium, and hype.

>> No.19203441

> Through Salvation Labs (a Numinus subsidiary), Numinus has a dealer’s licence which allows Numinus to test, possess, buy and sell MDMA, psilocybin, psilocin, DMT and mescaline. Numinus is seeking to expand the licence to include activities such as import/export, testing and R&D. The expanded licence will allow Numinus to support the growing number of studies on the potential benefits of psychedelic therapies through the supply and distribution of these substances.
Wait so they're trying to heal people's emotion problem using MDMA?

>> No.19203450

It's a cursive V-shaped recovery

>> No.19203452

TQQQ/QQQ has literally been the only stock/etf worth buying for 10 years. Second place is gold etfs.

>> No.19203454

Why talk shit about Robinhood? Free options trading and really good margin fees. Dunno anyone who’s as competitively priced.

>> No.19203471
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>> No.19203491

>t retard

>> No.19203494

Yes, PTSD specifically, and it's promising

>> No.19203501

theres nothing wrong with robinhood. Its the cool thing round here with the gamblers to hate on it because they had an outage that one time

>> No.19203502

because it's buggy as shit? I have had trailing stop losses just disappear and they have crashed several times during large market movements.

>> No.19203507

NNDM - hmm if I get in now I can double my green if hits the 52w high.

>> No.19203510

I went to war and my friend died, I’m suddenly sad where do I sign up?

>> No.19203523

>good balance sheets

>> No.19203550

Name a better time in history to be an Uber or Tesla than during a period of almost limitless free money
You can burn cash forever

>> No.19203554

>tfw was holding energy and infrastructure bags until yesterday and missed the $RTX lows of sub $51, the fucking opportunity of a lifetime

Well, I completely liquidated my entire portfolio to go all in on $FSLY. Bros, we’re all going to make, except for bearfags and fags who invest in companies with dealings in Chyna.

>> No.19203557

Zoom P/E is 1900. Is this a new record?

>> No.19203560

wtf SPY is all over the place right now

>> No.19203564

You wanna telle me Apple, Microsoft, Amazon have bad balance sheets?

>> No.19203571


>> No.19203574

Uber is firing all their staff and stopping their self-driving programs, what are you even on about? Musk is admitting shit's so fucked he's forcefully going back online and getting ready to be jailed for it.

>> No.19203581

>an error occurred

>> No.19203592
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>> No.19203607

Name a brokerage with better margin.

>> No.19203609

>Uber is firing all their staff and stopping their self-driving programs
Well into their 11th year of doing nothing but burn money and only during a crash and they still might survive anyway with easy GIBBS flow.

>> No.19203610

Is that zombie trying to eat that girls brain?

>> No.19203614
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>> No.19203629

4. Toilet paper is back in the stores
And thats a strong buy signal. So I am bullish

>> No.19203631
File: 42 KB, 700x331, Screenshot_2020-05-19-19-36-03-588_com.twitter.android.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I swear Elon is going to tweet the N-word one of these days.

>> No.19203648
File: 35 KB, 550x422, face.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.19203657

295 sharp! not red or green. it is gray!

>> No.19203661

Should be pretty easy to claim ptsd. Retard that killed Chris Kyle was an armorer and prison guard near Baghdad for 6 months, literally did nothing, and somehow got ptsd so bad he killed two people.

>> No.19203662

>Why talk shit about Robinhood? Free options trading and really good margin fees. Dunno anyone who’s as competitively priced.
Because you are limited to boomer stocks that have very limited moon potential. Once it's listed on your app after it 10x's you will all pile into it and I can dump my tenbagger on you

>> No.19203669

they are over 2000 now, must be breaking records

>> No.19203673

Kek, elon is stuck at home doing designer drugs and going insane

>> No.19203676

MVIS doin a OOOOOOO again boys round 2 here we go

>> No.19203682


>> No.19203689

yes you can. better get on board

>> No.19203694
File: 15 KB, 400x353, FireShot Capture 058 - MVIS - $1.04 - Robinhood - robinhood.com.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.19203704

Tripfags are more annoying than the reddit faggots

>> No.19203713

people still falling for this PnD scam?

>> No.19203715

>already has leftists buying his cars because muh electric
>panders hard to righties on twitter so that they start buying into muh electric meme too
If you think this is about anything more than money you're a fool

>> No.19203722
File: 15 KB, 343x351, NONONO.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.19203733
File: 100 KB, 1054x750, pu-sing.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.19203735
File: 494 KB, 526x508, sadcat_007.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Man. Should I just get rid of my SQQQ?

>> No.19203736

You're right about money but it isn't about selling cars; it's about getting a bailout.

>> No.19203745

That still directly contradicts your statement.

>> No.19203748

Dude literally called a guy trying to rescue kids from a flooded cave a pedophile. Im pretty sure its not an act.

>> No.19203750

what did you buy it at

>> No.19203751
File: 119 KB, 1600x871, 1483914876269.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Today is the day of reckoning for oil. We will either be sent to heaven or hell this day, everybody is holding their breath.

My ass is clenched so tight I could sit on a broomstick to type this.

>> No.19203757

How? When has there been a period in history where a company straight up burns cash for 11 years with no hope of ever even breaking even?

>> No.19203770

CNBC is a fucking circus

everyone they have telecalling in gets their mic cut off in 2 minutes and then they just awkwardly sit there, "oh we lost them..."

>> No.19203771

tankers do that

>> No.19203785

Oil has no rights being this high

>> No.19203789

He called a pedo a pedo.Why the fuck are you defending a pedo? You are disgusting.

>> No.19203799
File: 379 KB, 1914x2624, Screen Shot 2020-05-19 at 12.45.33 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It also has no volume.

>> No.19203800

Turns out we were lowballing the price of oil all along.

>> No.19203802

You are maybe just retarded.

>> No.19203803

Hopefully US oil crashes again, my gazprom positions will bounce

>> No.19203807

Is GNUS ever gonna go back up? 40% of my profile is in it. I'm too impatient to wait for June...

>> No.19203810

it got priced in yesterday

>> No.19203812

Every tech startup ever.
Every other non-startup tech company ever.
Every non-ad segment of every big tech company ever.
Also ever heard of that "great" company you said was doing so good and was so in the best position ever called uber?
Not sure if retarded or just pretending.jpg

>> No.19203814

god i wish I could afford some BRK.A

>> No.19203828

Just chill, wait two weeks when it becomes apparent the fed Red Tape Hell'ing most of the funds they get on TV to talk about (and the muni window still isn't open in mid june...) and you are gonna see such a wave of defaults.

All the BLOOD RED posters are just Bulls trying to make themselves feel better

>> No.19203833

>they can just burn money forever!
The age of worthless start ups is over.
If you didnt notice, the money train has derailed.

>> No.19203836

I got 4000 I may dump on KOS. 1.70 a share now. so 2352 shares. The high is 7.xx ish. Hell I'd be happy with 4 a pop. Walk away with 9,408.

>> No.19203848

When the market doesn't know what it wants to do the path of least resistance is down, and it goes down much faster than it goes up, except yesterday... Yesterday was a rocket ship kind of day.

>> No.19203856
File: 16 KB, 339x350, FireShot Capture 062 - MVIS - $1.01 - Robinhood - robinhood.com.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.19203857

The beast has awakened.

>> No.19203858

>duuude everyone's a pedo lmao
>why yes mai favoritu waifu is Mai chan (10 years old) uguuuu
The tortured mind of Elon Musk

>> No.19203860

Just buy BRK.B you retard

>> No.19203862

Now in words that even a brainlet can understand you.

>> No.19203867

CNBC anchor: *interrupts* We have to go. Thank you for your insights.
The same CNBC anchor *holds a two minute monologue before the actual break*

>> No.19203882

reminder that real thread is here

>> No.19203884

no fuck you

>> No.19203889
File: 101 KB, 800x1200, DQLtDi-UMAAHvJv.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]



why do i think of a 1988 VR goggles company when i hear microvision

>> No.19203890

lady turned to me and said "wow things must be getting back to normal" at my rich suburban grocery store when I was in the toilet tissue/paper towel aisle. even had plenty of wet wipes which are the true champs. strong bull signal

>> No.19203891

cnbc anchors would gladly have segments where they just talk to themselves the entire time

>> No.19203892

>Guard at a Bagdad prison
That just about guarantees you've seen some shit.

>> No.19203914

Reminds me of my penis

>> No.19203920
File: 44 KB, 630x459, Zoomcoin.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>ask about time
>get diatribe about other companies
Dara Khosrowshahi shitposting in the thread boys
The age of worthless start ups is only beginning

>> No.19203924

>a company straight up burns cash for 11 years with no hope of ever even breaking even
The entire military-industrial complex is a great example of this phenomenon, although granted they're not quite playing the same game as Uber.

>> No.19203934
File: 56 KB, 599x563, 1588683988635.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No anon we will itll be over soon the red candle cat god has SPOKEN.

>> No.19203941
File: 161 KB, 1168x1212, Screenshot (1214).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.19203960

I bought SLB calls yesterday because of some anon in these threads, was I wrong

>> No.19203981


>> No.19203986

no because both parties like immigrants for their cheap labor and for their votes.

>> No.19203990
File: 63 KB, 1837x516, retards lmao.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

look at this dude on /x/ lmaooooo

>> No.19204000


>> No.19204009

My dad has held NVDA for fuckin years. I wanna say he got in around 20-something dollars, I might have him sell it before AyyMD officially shows off their next cards. #AmpereHype

>> No.19204010

thats bullshit that uber and amazon are losing money

how do you lose money when you take a cut of every drive in the country and every sale of a product taking like half

you cant thats like government tier tax revenue

>> No.19204011

>get btfo
>keep backpedaling
>trips over the held bags
Oh no no no no no! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

>> No.19204015

>it's a wait until EOD to let big boys decide our fate episode

>> No.19204026
File: 47 KB, 759x431, always be checking.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.19204027

>wet wipes
oh really? those clorox wipes? if they are back then the recession is over!!!! they were impossible to find even online just a few weeks ago.

>> No.19204051
File: 50 KB, 429x571, D3A1068B-4562-4B5C-B28E-0C519A09EC86.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You failed at /pol/, now you will die at /biz/

>> No.19204056


It's a complicated situation. Dems as a whole like them for their votes and because many of them are bleeding hearts who think the US "owes it" to the world to let them in. Big business/libertarian Republicans favor it due to cheap labor and freedom of movement.

But when you look at actual polling of the general public they're quite opposed to illegal immigration and mass immigration. This is a situation where the elites of both parties have successfully tricked the voting public of the United States to not demand their interests be respected (in controlling immigration), off of false pretenses like "this is a nation of immigrants" and "muh poor crying kids and mommies."

>> No.19204061

Amazon could absolutely turn profits of astronomical proportions if they chose to. A gigantic chunk of the internet runs on AWS - and AWS is just a part of Amazon's total business.

>> No.19204064

You literally created a nonsensical strawman Dara
Uber is dogshit. They were allowed to stink it up because of unprecedented easy lending of 10 years.

>> No.19204075

keeeek, i was joking with my friends who bagholded ACB that it finally mooned and went back to almost $10

>> No.19204078

Reminder that your government is also losing money. Budget deficit.
They simply spent too much.

>> No.19204079

kill niggers
kill kikes

>> No.19204081

>is just a part
thats like 90% of their revenue

>> No.19204085

AWS has a lot of competition though, everyone is offering it now.

>> No.19204094
File: 263 KB, 1500x1000, everstar_mia-1128161597136916480-20190514_005419-img2 (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

amazon and uber dont have 150 million dependents

>> No.19204095

It never was, even so, he still allows in shitskin workers that pop out kids anyways.

>> No.19204100
File: 57 KB, 862x362, Screenshot_2020-05-19-19-57-46-785_com.twitter.android.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Race War Now!

Reinstate Slavery!

Grimes, go back in the kitchen!

>> No.19204112

ITA is decent for aerospace/defense

>> No.19204116

>Name a better time in history to be an Uber or Tesla
Where's your tard wrangler? I know care workers are under duress at this time but she really shouldn't let you off the leash so easily.

>> No.19204120

who the fuck buys the ATH of nvidia? also didn't something about them fiddling with their earnings last quarter come out today?

>> No.19204127

Oh no no no rich bros we got too cocky

>> No.19204128

Infrastructure usually don't profit a lot. Remember all the ISP stocks from the dotcom bubble?

>> No.19204131


>> No.19204133
File: 123 KB, 639x607, 1584919006219.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

two of my bags are annoying me to look at

>> No.19204135
File: 41 KB, 1061x1301, here.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Most people brushed this off, but it's very important that senator was mentioning that lots of her constituents aren't actually getting the funds they were approved for. Look out for that to become a theme.

Second: Powell was talking about opening a muni window so that munis can borrow, but not coming for several weeks despite that, say, for example 50% of the East Village has fled, collapsing that tax area. That sucks on it's own, but just like 2008, the real problem is gonna be when you can't issue debt cuz you can't sucker investors into thinking your prospects are going up forever.

Just like 2008, the face issue isn't that big a deal really, it's what happens when debt stops being issued cheaply, even for a short period.

Remember, you are here

>> No.19204137

>pajeet is having trouble with google translate

>> No.19204139

They couldn't, you don't know what your talking about, Amazon are only able to hold onto their market share because they're focused on growth not profit.

>> No.19204150

good thing the White House is going after Chinese stocks and having them delisted.

>> No.19204160


>> No.19204161

Doesn't matter, new workstation cards came out.

>> No.19204169

Microsoft's Azure is the only competitor that provides a comparable breadth of services, and they only put out new services in reaction to whatever AWS releases. They literally have no innovation and the only reason people have anything in Azure is because they need active directory.
Other competitors are a joke in comparison, basically just old fashioned colocation providers who are trying to bolt more modern microservice utility on top of it.

>> No.19204173
File: 60 KB, 510x680, EXUDSc3UwAALtpN.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

no u guys dont understand i am a amazon seller they literally take half of everything sold on the entire website every day millions upon millions of transactions

so if you bought a 13$ toothpaste pack of 2 theyre getting like $6 of that

>> No.19204190

post store so I can buy something

>> No.19204193
File: 170 KB, 326x281, 1366D8B1-14CF-45DE-8310-9C03AE857F4B.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Up 10% on RTX, do I sell or keep riding this up?

>> No.19204197

I don't get it? Is the joke he's a scitzo off his meds and invested in pot?

>> No.19204201


>> No.19204206

I just need AAL to recover and all is well

>> No.19204218
File: 104 KB, 645x729, 1589125317108.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.19204235

can you wait a year?

>> No.19204240
File: 83 KB, 1000x1333, 6d6ade0c3fa5328214723edb054f2c3e.jpeg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i am foodseller

buy my gummies
i have over 1000 of them

>> No.19204254

Lol, sorry mate didn't mean to trigger

>> No.19204261

Look at their fiscal report if you want to see where they spent their money.
Also pretty sure governmental budget will still be in the state of deficit even after you zeroized social security payout

>> No.19204263

It's a bit different this time with this new breed of hosting providers - back then the ISPs just have you a connection and by and large you ran your own code on your own machines. Now AWS and Azure have companies by the balls because they have your code, they run your code, and they control access to your code. They really could go with mafia intimidation tactics to keep companies paying up if they wanted to.

>> No.19204282

Hmm got $4000 to use as ammo to make 8000 with in a hopefully quick time frame. Now the question comes what to buy that's good for a quick rebound x 2 in gains.. Now that the fucking restrictions are gone on savings account transfers I've got more green to use.

>> No.19204283

>sleeping on google cloud

>> No.19204286

I'm long RTX so I'm holding. If it drops I'll keep DCAing. I'm way in the green though.

>> No.19204291
File: 179 KB, 1125x857, C8A15818-E366-423A-BBA4-D6B2D72C510A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I was thinking dumping at like, 14 a share.

>> No.19204297
File: 173 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20200519-101109_Robinhood.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.19204312

Nobody runs their docker images on google's cloud.

>> No.19204327

>Uber is dogshit. They were allowed to stink it up because of unprecedented easy lending of 10 years.
Yes and name a easier time to lend money than now

>> No.19204337

Carvana's competitor is about to do an ipo. Save for that. Either it steals carvana sharrs' value or carvana buys it and converts your shares.

>> No.19204383

Same, we’re going to make it fren. How long you reckon you’re gunna hold for? I might stay on till 63

>> No.19204391

> They really could go with mafia intimidation tactics to keep companies paying up if they wanted to.
If that happens everyone will immediately migrate away from it whenever possoble and they would face tons of lawsuit if they're helding people's codes hostage and limiting people's access to them

>> No.19204415

5 bucks for that tiny little bag no wonder you got so many

>> No.19204417

martingale method for life

>> No.19204433

>migrate away from it
How do you get your Lambda Functions with hooks into AWS API Gateway and AWS S3 migrated into Azure?

>> No.19204441



>> No.19204498

Man you should have at least gotten 100 shares. That shit is going to crab so hard and you are going to miss out on all that premium.