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>0.25 mg Alprazolam
>100mg caffeine pill

I feel like an absolutely confident, rejection-immune sales beast with this combo. This has been my best month so far despite the economy getting crushed by the chink virus. What are your favorite PED combos for making money?

Also, I realize it isn't good to take alprazolam everyday. So I want to drop it/taper it off next week. What are some good anxiety cures?

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bondage is arousing but what are you supposed to do with picrel after you've tied her up

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to answer your question
niacinamide actually functions like a natural benzo. DYOR though. the 500 mg capsules that somewhere like GNC sells are way too large a dose imo. when i take it, i'll pour a bit of capsule into water
l-theanine is also good
i've also seen people say that magnesium can be beneficial. not sure if magnesium citrate is fine or if they were talking about magnesium glycinate
also meditation and/or cbt can be helpful

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Carnivore diet.
Fuck off.
Drug wise phenibut is great for sales as well. But long term you generally just want things that will give you a healthy hormonal profile.

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Dunno lol

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>50mg modafinil
>200mg huperzine a
>500mg ashwagandha

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Fuk it

Based combo but I find trading on a similar combo difficult although I did buy SUTER for the first time at the absolute lowest after a drunken stint with a hooker. Life isn't so bad

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also 200mg testosterone weekly

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Small doses of Phenibut and Valium work the best for anxiety

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exercise, good diet, and healthy relationships is the best way to reduce anxiety. You won't be high like you are on Xanax, but you also won't be a junky poisoning your body.

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>reverse image search

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Imagine tipping her over lol

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leave her in an uncomfortable position for an extended period while you do something else, degrade her, etc

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I vaguely recognise her from my coomer days but I quit porn 5 years ago so the name is long gone from my memory
You should quit too

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BASED and checked

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I’ve been taking adderall and I’m so obsessive over small details at work that it’s actually keeping me behind schedule, anyone relate?

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based heart attack / stroke waiting

xanax and slight caffeine sounds like reasonable but you might get addicted

in general studies show that benzo users are smart. that's why they need to calm down cns that is overactive so they feel better

adhd and stimulant drug users are dumber drug users in general they need overactivate their naturally slow thinking to feel good

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Carnivore diet is for absolute fucking retards who like to take awful shits and just can’t grasp the concept of muscle glycogen.

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>mixing downers with uppers
the fuck are you doing

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Google it, retard.
My basketball explosiveness hasn't decreased overall after months on literally zero carbs, so gtfo.

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Never go full John Belushi

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Name of the slut please

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Will that combo give me drive I’ve no drive to do anything at all I’ve been so alone for so much time and in the dark literally I wish I had a window

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tua sorella

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Drugs are illegal in Japan. I start my day with an Irish coffee and a cigarette while looking out my balcony listening to Google read my emails and favourite coin prices.

Sets me up perfectly, especially if the cutie across the street is doing her laundry

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Real name u cunt

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This treat her like shit they love it. All those disney movies you watched as a kid lied to you.

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Finally get some peace and quiet in the house.

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Nice placebo starter pack ya got there.

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Is your dick able to get up with that combo?
Is your socil confidence improved with that?

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>basketball explosiveness

This is a board for people with money, Tyrone.

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.25 mg xanax? That’s not even a dose, I barely even feel half a milligram with no tolerance

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Bro I have social anxiety with women.. I have always looked for a pill to improve my anxiety but also to be able to cum and get hard (XANAX isn't good if you want to have sex)
What would you suggest guys?

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>5 years

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Go somewhere sunny with lots of foot traffic and take 100mg MDMA
Wear sunglasses and have a gatorade handy
Have fun

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/biz/ will shit on me for this but sertraline unironically saves my life and cured my social anxiety. Its xanax without the memory loss or the obvious psychoactive effect

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>also 200mg testosterone weekly
I don't reccomend this because you'll get prostate cancer
Also if you use it and you are not low testosterone you will get no effect

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It's for storing your woman while you do other things until you're ready to fuck her. After approx an hour tied up like that she'll be dripping wet and compliant.

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Yeah, try modafinil instad

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>100mg MDMA
Will not interfere with my ability to cum?

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this doesn't make me cum

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you’re on too high of a dose if you can’t get hard with sertraline. also not cumming quickly is the best side effect of the medication, I can go to pound town for a solid 30 minutes and literally fuck a girl into submission and then bust.

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MDMA isn't something you can do every day or every month
But one trip will give you the experience of fearless, completely free interaction with women

Imagine you could turn your person over to a true apex chad who KNEW that every woman wanted his dick every second of his life and thought it was funny
That's MDMA in a social setting
You won't be the same after sober

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Irish coffee? Does it help with work?

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It’s hard to find healthy relationships these days, most people are hedonists, and the ones that aren’t, are religious, and religious people are superstitious schizophrenics

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500mg of phenibut with 200mg of caffine, just dont over do it kiddos

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>treat her like shit
How much degrading shit are we talking here?

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>Imagine you could turn your person over to a true apex chad
Imagine believing this. Most likely your jaw will grind to eternity while looking like a crackhead 'cause you 're sweating buckets

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lmao only do this occasions where females are on the stuff too
>autists walking out in public high as fuck on MDMA
the actual state of /biz/

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>only do this occasions where females are on the stuff too
That makes everything clearer

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We only need a name bros. That's all we need

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I hope you don't do this everyday, anon. Benzo withdrawal is fucking hideous..

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Buy covid https://www.saturn.network/exchange/ETH/order-book/0x0c2c5e2b677dea43025b5da5061fece445f0295b

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Just want to add that J. Peterson is a perfect example for how bad it can get. Now imagine how bad it can get having no social/monetary support

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>if you use it and you are not low testosterone you will get no effect
That's not actually true, anon. 200mg of test will still put you above natural levels.

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Exactly why I am scared to try it but I’m so out of options anon,m

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>Is your dick able to get up with that combo?
>Is your socil confidence improved with that?
Yes and yes

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I’m on an antidepressant and I still think benzos are the devil. Seriously worse than almost every other drug imaginable, especially withdrawal. I know people that have almost kicked the bucket from seizures after a couple months of taking them. Also they get my dick hard but if you combine it with alcohol you’ll make the worst decisions of your life. All I needed was my social anxiety cured, everything else fixed itself after that

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Uhm, I am not a weak woman but a very successful and good looking one and I will never ever date a manlet. Why don't you manlets get it? I don't want your short little selves. Leave me alone. You little creeps don't deserve to be happy. No happiness for you ever you ugly little gollum looking disgusting creepy men. Go date a little cunty looking bitch will you. The nerve those guys have. Oh my god!

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You are fucked son, I took diazepam at low dose for just a few months and when I quit it I developed permanent benign fasciculation syndrome. I'm a twitchy mess, I fell down the rabbit hole of benzo withdrawal research and found support communities and it is far worse than any other drug. I would sincerely recommend you switch to opiates + adderall, it is less toxic than benzos. I am not joking.

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I looked, anon. I tried. Fellow coomerbros, I failed you.

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You'd probably be better off with a beta blocker like propranolol rather than any of the benzodiazepenes as they don't fuck with your brain in the long run, just stop the fight or flight response

You don't need to be doped out to be confident and relaxed.

I found Sertraline turned me into Rick Flair though, dunno why.

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I'm convinced anxiety can be treated with breathing exercises. We forgot how to breathe properly and now look to poison as a remedy.
Glad you got off them, fren.

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> We forgot how to breathe properly
Nigger I was breathing fine when I had crippling social anxiety and I breathe perfectly fine now, I do meditation as well. That’s some dirty hippie bullshit and you know it. Exercise/eating right will help more than faggot breathing exercises. There’s also some people that are just social spergs that have to searched outwards for something to help.

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I live with my sister who's still in college and takes adderall so I like to raid her backpack and steal some.

Been trading the linkies super hard

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Janny is gay and doesn't like pics of out womyn.

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thank you man. I gotta try it.
MDMA or coke for best sexual performance?

>> No.19203132

>Imagine believing this. Most likely your jaw will grind to eternity while looking like a crackhead
I also believe this but here on 4chan people likke emphatize things

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>where females are on the stuff too

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Fuck you cunny is based

>> No.19203253

>200mg of test will still put you above natural levels
that's why they are dangerous and the excess of testosterone is turned into extrogens quickly
basically useless

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> test will give a stroke
The bodybuilders who get into trouble are running HGH, dbol and more for decades.

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1 g of cocaine a day. Good coke too.

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Neither lmao, both will kill your dick. People often use viagra with coke but i'd say it's a bit risky given the heart rate coke gives you with dilated blood vessels from viagra is a lot of work for your heart.

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Anxiety cures i find being completely sober even from caffeine helps.

For productivity though i find the opposite: caffeine most days and then once a week or so good amphetamine. There's nothing better than smashing out work all night, getting 2 hours sleep then taking amphetamine and getting a full extra day of work done in a good mood.

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unironically sounds like a great way to have an amphetamine-induced psychotic break

>> No.19203617

Interesting. Thanks for the input. That's why I want to get off of it next week. I've been doing this for about a month. Am I fucked even if I stop now?

Also, what do you guys think of doing a big dose of shrooms to cure anxiety?

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> staying up for 36 hours will give you a psychotic break
Are you 12?

>> No.19203652

>take amphs one time a week
>unironically sounds like a great way to have an amphetamine-induced psychotic break

you need to be 18 to post here

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Ween yourself off, if you take it every day take half doses and then half doses every other day, then stop. Consult the internet to be extra safe, never stop benzos cold turkey.
highly recc shrooms if you’re in a good mindset, best to have an experienced trip sitter or a good friend that you can have a good time with. I’ve never done shrooms by myself, I’d imagine you should start with a low dose (1.5-2g) if that’s your intention and you haven’t tripped before

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THIS I DID carnivore
energy anxiety happiness
Then after 1 month add bulletproof coffee and ur a literal god bc your brain is burning fat and coffee and it goes right into your brain

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Just looked up benign fasciculation syndrome. I definitely already have that actually. Likely due to my mdma abuse when I spent about 6 years going to a music festival every couple of months. I read it's caused by drugs that increase GABA which is what both mdma and benzos do.

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Didn’t read the part where he said he only did it once a week but doing that multiple times a week will fuck your brain up. Adderall in general is not good for your brain, it makes you less functional than you’d normally be when you’re off of it and you hit a weird plateau where it helps with productivity but not lateral thinking, you unironically become dumber. also I know at least 2 people that suffered psychotic breaks on adderall specifically, from getting little sleep, long term use and not needing it in the first place

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I don't buy any real benefit from psychedelics other than maybe breaking depression by just giving you a totally new experience to smash boredom. Your brain just fires off "profound!" randomly at any thought you have and morons unreflectively go on to spout that the gibberish they experienced has changed their lives.

I have however found if you focus on bad habits whilst tripping they can appear particularly disgusting and odd, helping to avoid them for a while. For example if i take lsd or shrooms the notion of jerking off to pixels of women strikes me as so pathetic that i can nofap for weeks afterwards.

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Why don't you go to a therapist to have some supervision at least?

>> No.19203852

It's not that bad for the brain, but i wouldn't recommend using it a lot no. It's vastly better than people using coke to work at least.

Amphetamine psychosis is a combination of high dose, chronic use combined with malnutrition and insomnia. So long as you get the sleep you really should be (i don't advocate intentionally using it not to sleep just pointed out it's fun when you have no choice and can do it easily), eat well and take breaks you'll be fine.

I tend to use it a couple of times in busy weeks, then have a month or so off.

>> No.19203904

It's not going to be a fun month, even with tapering, taper slowly but definitely come off it. Shrooms and similar are a gamble and your environment matters hugely. If you won't be taking them in a supportive safe environment and you're already pre-disposed to anxiety you could have a really fucking bad time and make your anxiety a lot worse. I did exactly that and it fucked me up for years, still dealing with it now. I appreciate plenty of people have a great time and some have long lasting positive effects but it wouldn't hurt to remember the opposite is possible too.

>> No.19203978

I'd agree about shrooms, not that any trip has had long lasting impact but i have had a couple of real nightmare trips, just pure schizo horror. The experience isn't necessarily 'positive' like most drugs and can easily turn dark. Things like LSD or 2cb are much less likely to go bad.

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I heard that pure cocaine (I really mean straight out of the jungle factory-pure) is like drinking a really nice coffee. Like it keeps you focused and aware without the tachycardia and the paranoia that comes with street coke.
Have you or any anon had a similar experience or can attest to this?

>> No.19204191

I don't think asking a cokehead for his opinion on the health of coke is good. I've never tried so can't giver personal experience but cocaine is a strong cardiovascular stimulant, more likely that the purer the more tachycardia you'll get as it wont be cut with random numbing agents and flour.

Plus i can't conceive of it being good for work, anytime i've seen people use it the entire next several hours of their lives are dedicated to the sole pursuit of getting more, thinking they'll finally feel great and be sorted if they just have another line - ad infinitum.

>> No.19204248


>> No.19204274

>thinking they'll finally feel great and be sorted if they just have another line - ad infinitum
Holy shit

>> No.19204382

3-6 g white vein kratom depending on how nuts you want to be

>> No.19204393

Yeah i've never really got the impression they're having fun. Maybe for the first 5 minutes they're dancing and talkative but then it's just a constant pursuit of the good feeling that lasts way after the party is over with a group of 4 strung out people trying to convince themselves the party is just about to get good as they empty all their accounts for more coke until the feeling of how they're not really having fun and it's depressing gets too much to ignore and they go home at 8am.

>> No.19204487

Everything you’ve “heard” is nonsense urban myths. You think people are running experiments and tests to determine how “heart healthy” cocaine is?

People know very little about the human body and how it functions. Cocaine is generally recognized as unhealthy. You just think people are cutting it with cardiotoxins because they want their customers dead? You think they’re going to cut it with some exotic chemical or cheap, readily available, mostly harmless white powders like baking powder and maltodextrin?

Why is it so difficult for people to think logically?

>> No.19204545

>People know very little about the human body and how it functions
This is extra retarded. Good, pure coke feels different, the high is literally more clean, not necessarily the health aspect (although some additives actually do harm, but most of the time it’s b12 or baby powder)

>> No.19204598

You couldn't be further from the truth

>> No.19204612

Exercise and healthy eating are really the only fried and true methods for consistently “feeling better.” Your body isn’t designed to artificially feel good all the time, or to naturally feel good all the time. For example, you expose your opioid system to milligrams of oxycodone when you take a pill. Even the greatest of athletes can only produce endorphins on the order of MICROgrams. Repeated exposure deregulates and breaks your body’s ability to feel good.

The same thing is happening with technology and the dopamine reward pathways (and many other biological processes), but no one will tell you this because you’re just a consumer slave.

Start by spending at least one hour per day outside exercising and away from artificial stimulation. Your body will adapt in roughly 30 day increments. The goal is balance, and everyone is addicted to technological morphine right now.

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>Everything you’ve “heard” is nonsense urban myths. You think people are running experiments and tests to determine how “heart healthy” cocaine is?
That's full speed autism anon, you should check it out.
I am trying to make an argument that the additives combined with the coke itself is what fucks you up in the short term (long term is another story)
You think they’re going to cut it with some exotic chemical or cheap, readily available, mostly harmless white powders like baking powder and maltodextrin?
Unironically, yes. Coke dealers will cut it with amphetamine or any other stimulant, because they know their shit is weak. So why would it not be the effects of the combo instead of coke alone.
I have heard good coke will not keep you up till the morning and you can easily go to sleep after a bump, no problem. Now tell me what your experience with coke has been or fuck off. Fag

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It’s extra retarded? What are your qualifications to make that statement? Some undergraduate bio classes? I do genetic research at a world renown university and R&D for a multi billion dollar private American company.

Cocaine is a highly processed substance in an entirely unregulated market with no degree of QC. If you eat a sour blackberry, do you automatically make a sweeping generalization as to the biological effects of what you’ve consumed? What happens if the next one is sweet? Any cocaine you’ve consumed, I assure you, you know very little regarding the nature of it and why it affected you how it did.

>> No.19204912

You’re trying to make an argument, yes. And there is nothing backing up your argument besides your presumptions. There is a wealth of epidemiological studies regarding the health of cocaine users.

If you want to make an argument that cocaine is as benign as coffee and is only unhealthy because of additives, there is essentially no evidence to back up that claim and I’d imagine the argument is mostly made as a justification for using cocaine which is always <70% pure when it reaches the recreational user (and in fact after manufacture itself).

You’d have a better go at arguing that unprocessed coca alkaloid from chewing leaves or steeping tea is more comparable than coffee consumption.

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>There is a wealth of epidemiological studies regarding the health of cocaine users
Why yes, I do believe that cocaine users are the healthiest bunch physiologically speaking, how could you tell?

>> No.19205092

When referring to the “health” of cocaine users, I wasn’t implying “positive health,” I figured it was clear that I was referring to the negative consequences. I feel like I’ve wasted enough time now that I’ve had to articulate that point.

>> No.19205171

Also, just re-reading this comment, cocaine coming out of “the jungle factory” is 70% “pure” at best. As I mentioned, it is mostly a clandestine process with no QC and primitive equipment. This is easy to grasp even having studied the simplest of chemistry. I’m not trying to be an asshole, I’m just trying to help you think a bit more objectively.

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>When referring to the “health” of cocaine users, I wasn’t implying “positive health,”
But there is could be only positive health in coke heads anon, how are you not getting that?

>> No.19205288

I do 100% pure cocaine (I am a chemist). It still causes paranoia if you use a high enough dose, use it long enough, or push yourself past your sleep limits. But yes, the cuts are often other stimulants, which work more on adrenaline while cocaine works on serotonin, dopamine, and adrenaline. These cuts increase anxiety, heart issues, etc. Cocaine itself is still dangerous and can be problematic. But it makes caffeine look like low grade tweaker pills at the gas station. Tea is alright.

>> No.19205396

>Tea is alright.
Yeah in my experience I've found it's easier to concentrate on tasks when sipping tea compared to coffee. Plus I don't get the jitters and the sour taste that I get with coffee

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All you need is carnivore diet

>> No.19205449

Based Carnivore retard

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