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first for energy big gains tomorrow

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Answer the door, anon.

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Futures movement very interesting

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>Everything is fine.
>Just keep buying.

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I got fucked today, biz... and not in a free way...

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It looks like a lack of confidence in fresh highs tomorrow. We'll see how things shape up when europe opens later.

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not really, nothing is happening

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I want to start a public company just so I can have the ticker CUNY. Maybe a bank? Credit Union of New York?

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Tomorrow will be blood red

>> No.19190524

When do euro markets open

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Why would my daughter and her friends be trick-or-treating my house? This is too early for them to be back.

>my daughter's friend

Well the Nikkei is fucking mooning.

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Does anyone know why the market is crashing on the futures website. I thought we were mooning. Someone look at the futures website and compare to the market website and see what is happening rn.

>> No.19190541

Are you all ready for TSX wackyness tomorrow morning?

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Jews are sociopathic
Niggers are super impulsive
Gays molest kids
Trannies also molest kids

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>ding dong edition
Like a BBC? Just say BBC next time ya cucks

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When futures open at 6pm EST, they zero out at 0% beforehand.

So the s&p500 is like 3% gain minus whatever red it is

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woop woop

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It's called hentai, and it's art.

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I think he means the difference between market watch and investing.com

>> No.19190611

When I have kids I'll never let them be around adults who like anime

Itll be a screening question I ask casually. I dont want to deal with manslaughter charges.

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>oil is still rising
Is there no rollover tomorrow? There's actually enough storage?

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Seems it's a little too tight around the legs.

>> No.19190648

There's settlement tomorrow and there's no storage leftover as far as anyone is aware (in fact much worse than US has reported). Holders have between June 1 and 30 to accept delivery. By June 1 we should know how many retailtards were caught offguard and didn't realize they had to take delivery.

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The speculars on the stockings are super impressive. Everything else much less so.

>> No.19190670

Pls explain the deadlines for oil roll over please

>> No.19190683

tanker trash general will be fucking hilarious tomorrow if it doesnt 404 and they go into hiding in south america

>> No.19190690

Where's fbi1?

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who /wmt/ here

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what to buy tomorrow lads?

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Sanofi puts. Get ready for it. Thanks Trump!

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obligatory PepeScared

>> No.19190747

USO or Futures? Because I know a couple of brokers have had an early rollover and now trade the July future.

>> No.19190757

an anon lives close to the place that was in the news so he decided to larp it up, why is this special?

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>>19188491 (Cross-thread)
>>19188491 (Cross-thread)
from last thread btw

>> No.19190770

Why? People who bought tankers arent holding oil futures.

>> No.19190789

Because they've been playing tomorrow up as a second super contango that will moon tanker stock to all time highs. The meltdown will be fun to watch.

>> No.19190792

Yea, it was even on Investing.com
Has that ever happened? Why did they do that? Is it some sort of trick?

>> No.19190800

Tankerchads were banking on another contango to really start up the rockets, and the absence of such is only further proving that tanker market is too manipulated to ever go up. Thus making them sorry bagholders.

>> No.19190808

This leftist comic is literally 100% unaware arguing for slippery slope.

>> No.19190811

>buy it after it went up 400% this week already
people who fall for this crap deserve to live in a box

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>MNRNA goes up 40% in a single month
>next month goes another 40%

>> No.19190868

Just because we wont see negative oil prices like last time doesnt mean tankers stopped making literal boatloads of cash though? I dont understand why people think increased profits means they are worth less? Tankers are down because of profit taking and weak hands, this year will be the best year ever for tankers and one of the few stocks that have increased dividends.

>> No.19190884

What if you refuse to take delivery?

>> No.19190886

>then it goes down 90% in 1 week

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This market
Anyone? Banks knew for a month and a half GDP was royally fucked on the order of dozens down, now fed says they agree, unemployment expected at 25 and we're still here?
I don understan

>> No.19190899

>Tankers are down because of profit taking and weak hands
>Just because we wont see negative oil prices like last time doesnt mean tankers stopped making literal boatloads of cash though?
These two together are the issue. There should have been insane movement on tankers after all these record-breaking numbers, yet nothing happened. No organic and no pump. So it's fully manipulated. So if the manipulators won't let it go at the next trigger point, it's fucked. They'll keep tankers to ridiculously low prices until they all go bankrupt.

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>By June 1 we should know how many retailtards were caught offguard and didn't realize they had to take delivery.
I can't. I refuse to believe there are enough retailtards to both not know enough that they have to take the shipment AND pump it to over $30. I just can't anon. Monday's pump is less retarded than this despite the market falling for the vaccine news for the Xth time.

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>tankers trade on fundamentals
I hope you're not holding bags. Also the dividends hurt the share price, they don't help it.

>> No.19190912

where have you been the last 3 months?
literally every stock is doubling or more after the crash

look at this shit

>> No.19190918

There is literally 0 institutional holders of oil futures right now. Even the ETFs are tracking months out (july and on, as well as having gone multi-month to hedge). The volume throughout all this confirms.

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Dont make me say the magic seven words, Anon

>> No.19190924

You get sued for breach of contract. Problem is, whos going to sue a thousand of broke retards for buying contracts they couldn't afford? It will be a disaster. Brokers might have to pay up for letting retards buy that shit.

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>2019 revenues are 60M
>2019 earnings are -514M

>> No.19190936

Dividends don't normally hurt a share price because the share goes up between quarters. On ex-div it goes down to 'adjust' of course. Many tankers are doing buybacks instead of divs.

>> No.19190953

barely related but mildly entertaining
>At midnight, Shah got the devastating news: he owed Interactive Brokers $9 million. He’d started the day with $77,000 in his account.
Spend an extra buckaroon on the broker if you're gonna snipe futs
Shey it ya hooah

>> No.19190966

You didn't buy yesterday, did you, lads?

>> No.19190967

yes buy a stock that's up 140% in two days and has already been mostly dumped.

>> No.19190968

dividends hurt not just because of ex div but because they're throwing that money to boomers and not using it to increase the share price, its lost money especially in a sector that doesnt grow

>> No.19190970


98% of new unemployment is an artifact of covid and should reverse once covid is done

>> No.19190978

it might be dollar weakness.

>> No.19190993

what do you honestly think a bubble looks like before it pops? logical? Rational?

>> No.19190998

Id argue nothing would happen
Way more trouble than its worth for the common autist
Acquire the lower prices, you gay person.

>> No.19191000

Depends what's used to support the div. Usually it's associated with a company that is naturally unable to grow by spending more anyway. For example, you know, tankers. As such, this is 'priced in', which is why the stock goes up over time overall, usually as dividend payout potential increases.

>> No.19191003

Not to mention the people that are on unemployment are retail and service trash that are probably making more now than when they were working.

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Rate my holdings lads

Yes I am an oil piggu

>> No.19191007

Finally someone with a brain. This "Recession" was basically forced, yet people think it's going to act like a normal recession. I think people are starting to not give a shit about coronavirus too

>> No.19191022

Yes, but money isn't the main problem, its where does all the physical oil go?

>> No.19191031

I hope you sold all your green shit today

>> No.19191039

Found the literal inbreds.

>> No.19191042

What weakness though? USD/EUR always dances around the same values short term. Up a %, down a %.
If anything the dollar is really strong right now.

>> No.19191049

>people will just get their job back
This has literally never happened in the existence of time.

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Bought some puts today to cash tomorrow since it's going to be the same old shit again this week
>Moon Monday
>Tumble Tuesday
>Crab rest of the week

>> No.19191068

>which is why the stock goes up over time overall
Nah most dont, they spike with random events like contango but the stock price does not go up. Look at DHT. It's only increases in the last 5 years came from the tariff boogaloo and contango. It will quickly find its way back down to $4 and $5.


>> No.19191070

Just stay in the pipes until theres a real buyer I guess. Some less oil production next month.

>> No.19191073

except for all the small and large businesses that are being forced into bankruptcy/closure by the democrats? The jobs will come back, a lot of places are literally just waiting to open their doors fully again and are being supported to some extent by the government.

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Jerome better get that printer brrrrrrrr’ing tomorrow. I wanna see some fuckin GREEEN

>> No.19191077

why doesnt coinbase add some stocks, mvis, spce etc a lot of people would buy them if they did

>> No.19191082

You forgot about the Thursday unemployment rally.

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Oh on Jamal and Stacy flipping burgers at applebees might not get their jobs back? How will the economy ever recover?

>> No.19191094

Yes, you have shown us that FB post for the fifth time today. Good job.

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Then I'll buy ITM calls after cashing in my puts tomorrow.
My current stack atm.

>> No.19191101

I'm talking about dividend stocks anon, not tanker stock. Tanker stock is a rollercoaster, but almost none have good/consistent dividend, so mentioning that in the mix is pointless.

>> No.19191103

>just keep it in the pipes
bruh... what about all the oil coming for the next month?

>> No.19191110

I don't watch this. Just speculation.

>> No.19191115

>no USO

>> No.19191120

The economy relies on Jamal and Stacy to take out subprime auto loans and buy iPhones. They'll need money to do that from somewhere.

>> No.19191132

become an boomer, get divs, dab on the libs
I've been buying but I feel like a dumb asshole every time I do it
That's valid I guess but the impact is not going to go away as soon as businesses reopen, there is now a shit ton of friction
Ex. if you had a job and now you and 30m others don't, and your employer went out of business, you're hitting a nuked job market with 30m other applicants. That's not going to change on the flip of a switch.
Powell acts like 2021 is a long estimate, does anyone believe this shit will be cleaned up by eoy? It's straight comedy
And if states go through with their talk about closing businesses down again when rates inevitably pick up, we get that nice whiplash economy of feast and famine but literally

>> No.19191133

Thered be less of it. Its not like the gouvernment forces you to drill... At least not that much.

>> No.19191148

No, every month has futures, your broker decides which ones they want to offer. Having an early rollover basically means they stopped trading June futures and shifted to July, usually crediting your positions.

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>> No.19191158

When was the last time a complete economic shutdown/lockdown happened 'voluntarily' for a country backed by the printing of trillions of dollars of cash airdropped directly to the affected workers?

>> No.19191161

>businesses going bankrupt means they can afford to hire people
Did you know it took a decade to get back all the jobs lost from 2008? Did you know we've lost way more than ten times that? So even if 90% of people got their jobs back it will still be worse than 2008?

>> No.19191162

You bought the high.

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What would stop the U.S. from smuggling a couple of nuclear warheads into Taiwan? Taiwan already has the cruise missiles for them, and the W80 nuclear warhead is so small you could, theoretically, take it aboard a commercial flight.

>> No.19191172

Not FB, I’m gonna be a millionaire

>> No.19191174

Ah sorry the discussion started about tankers not dividends.

>> No.19191177

no I don't think it's gonna come back to like where the economy was at the beginning of the year with the DJI touching like 29k, but I think we'll see it gradually return, I don't believe in another great recession from this. Being recovered completely by the end of the year? No way, you can say goodbye to like 20% of our GDP already.

>> No.19191183

>crediting futures contracts
So what the fuck are brokers going to do with millions of barrels of oil and no where to put it? You know future contracts involve the delivery of a physical good?

>> No.19191186

Yeah, we'll see about that. I don't expect a quick recovery. Consumer sentiment and consumer confidence are both shot, less travel, dining and spending.

Do you think that money came out of thin air? Don't you think it bears a substantial degree of moral-hazard as well?

And to both of those, there's a significant amount of drawback. If/when PPP dries up there will be more unemployment if we don't go back up to 100% capacity immediately. Cashflow is absolute necessity these days and businesses the world over have had their tap shut off for months. It may remain at a decrement for months to follow. It may be ripped out again.

You're right, it's not a financial sector issue, it's a real-economy issue. All the cash flow for all the bills for all the businesses and all the collateral backing it, it's all still in the air. Fed policies, government response, and proprietor responses have all been grossly negative. There's a lot of shit that has yet to hit the fan, but the trajectory is set.

>> No.19191188

Naw I held em all day. Bought last Thursday

>> No.19191191

Jamal and Stacy are literally making more money from unemployment than they were at their jobs, their disposable income will be fine and the local mcdonalds will always have turnover for retards like that.

>> No.19191198

I said EXCEPT for the bankrupt businesses brainlet, but in a lot of cases bankruptcy allows companies to continue operating normally

>> No.19191202

>oil pumped so hard today that even the tankercucks got a little green candle

>> No.19191206

they cant shut it off without added cost and shutting completely will damage the wells. Short of a long term subsidy no corp, nor country, has incentive to stop pumping. It's building up on the coastlines.

>> No.19191209

in todays financial institutions? lmao you're about 100 years late on that

>> No.19191219

Yea, its called an emergency. If these things were actually beneficial for the economy why weren't we already doing it? (Hint: because its not actually good for the economy)

>ignores the rest of the post to nitpick
ok fuck face, nice job addressing the actual issue.

>> No.19191224
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what are some <$15 stocks to buy into? I have my standard long term holds but grandma gave me $300 for no reason today I wanna buy some meme stocks

>> No.19191225

I want a tiddy monster

>> No.19191237

Again I don't claim to be an expert, but for the broker I use, it just means they close all positions at the current price, and reopen the same buy/sell positions on the new front month contract. When I said credit, I refer to the swap, which keeps our floating pl the same. What happens on the backend I don't know, and doesn't really concern me.

>> No.19191252

The administration in charge from 2008-2016 had a very different way of treating businesses. There was a lot of anti-big business sentiment and the government's policies choked them the fuck out, and that's why the recovery was so slow. I don't think that's going to be the case this time, I think Trump will do everything in his power to get the economy and specifically the market to recover because that's basically his achievement that was wiped out because of this shit. It haunts him every day.

>> No.19191257


>> No.19191267


>> No.19191269

Yeah its funny that he hinged his reelection on the market and then the lockdowns happened. He's not going to stop pumping until he's out of office.

>> No.19191272

Redpill me on GUSH

>> No.19191273

I'm gonna fuck a chick tonight and her pussy is gonna squirt. Hopefully this shit dips tomorrow.

>> No.19191283

Moral hazard in individuals applicable to receive unemployment, and maintain their collection of it for as long as possible. People did it before stimulus, but you can exploit UI for up to 26 weeks.

I won't pretend I know if CARES extended it or not, or if it's applicable for the 26 weeks, but that isn't money that's coming out of nowhere, and there are many people willing to exploit it, even at the original rate.

>> No.19191299
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I don't understand how quarters work. So if I bought stock in the last three months, I can expect dividend payouts to start when, in July, which is the 3rd quarter?

>> No.19191305

Gold futures going back up.

Bearish for stonks tomorrow. I hope you took profits.

>> No.19191310

>futures -0.12%
Mumu on suicide watch.

>> No.19191327
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>the market can stay irrational
Too many words...
>fed put/brrr/negative rates/fed buying equities/deflation
Too few words....
>I only respect cunny bros
Only 5 words!
>the market is forward looking
>stocks only go up
that’s not it...

I’m at a loss here

>> No.19191350

>down tomorrow, down wednesday, with a bit of a bump near close
>up large on thursday
I hate how easy this has become to forecast.

>> No.19191374

tell me /biz/ whats considered "making it"?

>> No.19191384
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Perhaps all the retail tards heard every fucking financial podcast or newspaper reporting on this, or Cramer on the morning show, and thought it was free money? Enough retailers with real brokerages went short?

>> No.19191391

Never having to be a wagie again.

>> No.19191408

Honestly? I don't believe it will get up to 1500 bucks anytime soon, but if it climbs to 100 bucks a share after the oil boom then that'll be great.
But I wouldn't suggest buying a lot.

>> No.19191413
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Yesterday's at least
a word on this topic. I'm in banking, seen the ppp rounds, relationships with businesses blah whatever.
There is significant potential for mh both on the end of unemployed workers but also businesses taking stimulus. These loans are /not/ funded by the institution at all, 100% of the funding comes from SBA, the role of the institution is to use its existing compliance competencies to prepare applications and financial infrastructure for borrowers. So our role is not to determine the amount that is appropriate based on a borrower's risk factors, but to get them the maximum amount the SBA will approve. How the funds are used is fairly tightly controlled... the scheme most banks are using is to open a standard checking for the funding to land in, then eventually they'll need to prove to the government that every tx on that account was a qualified tx. I don't know who is going to audit that, IRS? Banks are supposed to be doing dd to make sure they're not complicit in misappropriation but, you know. It doesn't always happen.
Businesses that got a ppp have been telling us that their employees are actually pissed off about it because of the provision that an employer must rehire their workforce to be forgiven of the debt. Which means people who are on unemployment getting a raise, or treading water without working, will have to come back to work. It's a very perverse set of incentives.
Personally I am a little worried that businesses who took loans may fail to rehire for this reason and that could leave them stuck with the bill. They're at 1%, but still.

>> No.19191417

making a time machine and going back in time to play viddy games with all my friends
or death

>> No.19191426

I suppose thats consistent with your beliefs. Trump is definitely a business guy. I don't think that congress and the president have that much of an affect on job growth though. Job growth is built up over time: consumers buy stuff > hire more people to sell stuff > consumers buy more stuff > and so on. And because companies are already leveraged up from rapid growth, its even more difficult to get new loans to not only pay new people but to continue operations despite a lack of revenue. This results in the same downward spiral: people don't buy stuff > businesses sell less stuff > people have less income to buy stuff. Its the doubled edged sword of how a consumer economy works. Growth will be slow during a deleveraging.

>> No.19191430

waiting for a simulation to live in

>> No.19191438

This. Not having to slave to Shekelstein & Toilberg Inc and just being able to watch paint dry is what making it truly means.

>> No.19191445

The extra 600 is initially for 13 weeks. The bill the house just passed wants to extend it to the end of the year.

>> No.19191456
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The truth is, you can never make it.

>> No.19191472

For me right now, it would be to make enough to just write covered calls/cash covered puts every week and make a living. So If I could make 80k from that each year I'd be happy.

>> No.19191474

Whats a safe, first time options bet so i can get my feet wet?

>> No.19191486

Buy a put and a call on the same stock that you expect to move fast but you don't know which way.

>> No.19191510

That bill is doa as it stands, there is more to it than just stimulus. Doubt it gets through the senate without revision
No one making more money on unemployment is going back to work unless they're dragged by the hair, biz only has until eoy to get them to come back before they realize full liability for ppp debt
Every day = further from god
>what's a safe, first time 100x leveraged bet
Is what you just asked, read it twice
Whatever you do just make sure you're buying and not writing.

>> No.19191521

I mean no they don't really have the power to directly change policy for the most part but the sentiment of the administration makes a big difference. Remember all the protests and shit against the 1% constantly during the obama years?

>> No.19191548

>first time
Put credit spreads on tesla. You can either make $600 each or lose $800. All that Tesla has to do is stay above your strike price for one week.

>> No.19191599

Covered calls on your favorite dividend stock.

>> No.19191600


>> No.19191617

Sure, but that didn't stop the government from handing out bail outs. I think that companies learned that they could do whatever they want. The age of "too big to fail" accounting. Companies started pumping up their valuations by getting loans, then did a stock buy back, which caused more people to buy their stock. But now the honey stopped flowing, we saw a preview when the market tanked when the Fed tried to raise rates, which means no more cheap loans. Fed is desperately pumping out money again to prevent these bankruptcies because, just as companies gambled on, government had to save them because "too big to fail." However you may have noticed banks and financials haven't joined this "recovery" and thats because this isn't a recovery. We are on a bridge to nowhere held up by toothpicks, who knows where the bottom is.

>> No.19191626

That's absolutely brutal. I could see that causing some material damage while employees deliberately attempt to get terminated. Be pretty bad for the business to get choked like that, too.

I thought the available amounts were based on present employee base though? So if they laid off and couldn't recall they'd only have the $x for the 90% of staff.

Could they just give their staff any missed payroll as a temporary raise? Or lay off more staff and give the remainder similar compensation to what UI is offering?

>> No.19191652
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Anyone else blaze it when their portfolio is green?

>> No.19191654

I'm not sure if I agree with the current stock prices of banks/finance/REITs and whatnot because people are kind of betting that no one is going to be making their mortgage/rent payments, yet all of the people who went on unemployment are getting their state unemployment + $600/week. I'm currently on it. I'm doing fine.

>> No.19191691

Long cat is long

>> No.19191707
File: 682 KB, 1400x1300, 1589509375515.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bitcoin is dumping.

You know what that means, friends :^)))

>> No.19191713
File: 9 KB, 196x220, sick and tired of your shit nigger.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

for dividends to finally become my friend

>> No.19191719

Buy UAL puts tomorrow

>> No.19191724
File: 138 KB, 297x333, bobo-red-candle-background.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Can you feel it?

>> No.19191730
File: 147 KB, 1270x1030, bear 190827691234.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.19191746

Hey now, atleast overnight repos are down to 500 billion.

>> No.19191755
File: 19 KB, 620x413, im-180662.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sell covered calls. Find stocks with a value of X and you can sell a call at strike X + premium. Find stocks with a premium (the price of the option) thats a high percent of the stock. Then repeat every week/month. I am doing this right now.
Bought HPE at 9.74 and sold covered calls at 9.5 for 0.55, this means I make money if the stock goes up (capped at 10.05) which is 3%. But I also make money if it goes down up to 5%. So if it ends the week -5% or above, I make a profit up to 3%.
Also bought FL at 27.5 and sold calls at 25.5 for 2.66. That means I make a profit if it ends the week -9% or higher and make up to 2.4%.

>> No.19191768
File: 1.92 MB, 280x211, 1588248838215.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>options bet

>> No.19191818
File: 7 KB, 251x201, bobo-sleeping-cap.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

See you bulls in the morning

>> No.19191826
File: 40 KB, 950x221, SuicideWatch.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Based and Bullied
Very Bearish

>> No.19191857

Is Trump trying to kill himself now?

>> No.19191870
File: 1.48 MB, 307x298, 1588921125098.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Banks are down because the interest rate is down and all the people/businesses they gave loans to aren't paying the interest. This where infinite QE comes in, banks give out near zero interest loans to companies in hopes that they will return to generating revenue to pay off interest. They will remain low until the uncertain fate of these business become apparent and if banks will be forced to foreclose and default loans.
REITs are just an absolute cluster fuck. They beyond fucked because they basically take out billion dollar loans at special rates that are designed never to be paid back. This money is used to purchase/build buildings and then collect income from them, using that income to pay off the interest and distributing dividends (which they must by law). If they don't get rent, it means they can't pay interest and because these loans are so massive, they become a huge potentially unrecoverable liability for the bank. This is why you'll see massive abandoned facilities. The company could no longer pay and now the bank owns it. The bank obviously isn't going to do shit with the property but they still want to recover some money so they just hold it until a buyer shows up.

>infinite QE

>> No.19191877

he's just being sarcastic again, the guys a real kidder nowadays

>> No.19191883

Illicit drugs are degenerate.

>> No.19191894
File: 268 KB, 1010x1315, Tenchi-Muyo-Ryu-oh_and_Washu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thanks for answering anon.

>> No.19191905

I blaze no matter what colour it is.

>> No.19191915
File: 1.02 MB, 2822x1555, CB.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Champignon Brands

>> No.19191917

You become a millionaire in a way that your net worth generates at least $20,000 of passive income every year.

>> No.19191934
File: 795 KB, 2398x2398, 970529_30128.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If you earn dividends, how long do you need to hold the stock prior, to be eligible?

>> No.19191943

institutions own the actual contracts for various months. they're not going to diddle with ETF products that change up their holdings on a whim. the anon you're replying to is retarded.

>> No.19191944

thats very bullish, JPow will take over as president

>> No.19191958
File: 19 KB, 567x405, bobo-face.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Who sold the top?

>> No.19191959
File: 52 KB, 500x315, 4runner.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw don't know what stocks to buy

>> No.19191966

Looks like I have more research to do then.

>> No.19191975

>inb4 he starts injecting disinfectants next

>> No.19191996

i suggest you stay away from oil as a commodity itself. it's a complicated market. google contango and backwardation. wanting to hold oil related companies is a safer, albeit still risky bet

>> No.19192023

Is anyone buying SHRM tomorrow at Market open?

>> No.19192026

Sure, but business cashflow is dry. Responsibly ran businesses will be okay. Anything that was close to the end of their credit line, and is dependent on cash flow (commercial REITS) are going to have troubles with financing. And as we were in a 10 year bull run, it's well within the realm of possibility that businesses were leveraged up in a heavy capex cycle. Razor margin restaurants for example - big traffic losses. They can't pay their mortgage/rent/bills so they default.

And UI will only last so long, eventually people are going to get thrown into a hyper-competitive job market. >>19191445 if you take that +$600 stimulus out, would you still be okay? And mind you, you're an anecdote, and exceptional in the fact alone that you're browsing 4chan /biz/ so to expect you're the normative is wrong. Plenty of people are levered up to the titties in their $40k truck and their $250k house - and they lost a much better paying job which may not return.

>> No.19192034

Fuck I’m jacked for another Green Day tomorrow bros FUCK

>> No.19192037

Kek, gotta give thanks to the virus. yeah it sucks and whatnot but if it wasn't for the virus there would be no cheap stocks, no free govt money, maybe no cheap gas, no "free vacations" from work. So good bits to it not just bad. Hell I'm getting paid to sit on my ass at home in full and still got a job to go back to which I hope is after next monday (memorial day;paid day off). Before this I'd have had to use my own personal vacation time to take a vacation, still get paid for it, but still my time though would be used. Gotta milk it for all it's worth.

>> No.19192077
File: 64 KB, 618x648, 1399743145263.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bros I started taking Kratom again and I feel great

>> No.19192084
File: 33 KB, 898x192, uhohmay19.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.19192094
File: 34 KB, 480x360, CtHhfN9UMAAbMQf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I am staying away from it. Last month was more than enough incentive. This is more out of curiosity and schadenfreude. Thanks for the pointers though anon.

>> No.19192095


I'd suggest selling those immediately when the market opens man

>> No.19192105

How can anyone take that shit? I'm a heroin addict and I can't ever find the perfect amount of kratom to take. I always take too much and feel like shit

>> No.19192110
File: 30 KB, 300x400, abeface1.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>they didn't buy puts

>> No.19192112

I'm thinking about putting some more in SHRMF, either at open or during the midday slump. I was hoping today would be a pullback so I could load up on the cheap, but obviously that didn't happen. It's like, "it has to cool off a bit sometime after all this action,right?" except who the fucks knows that it's never going to fall below where it is now again.

>> No.19192130

uhhh guys
is this bullish?

Trump threatens no WHO funding forever with a pretty fire letter

>> No.19192132

>every time I take a small ass speculative position I make a sizable profit
>every time I take a larger position with more basis to it I get wrecked

How do I fix this?

>> No.19192138
File: 210 KB, 640x988, SmartSelect_20200518-150023_Photo Editor.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.19192169

I don't know where you'd be coming from as I've never done any drug harder than alcohol or weed, but Kratom is really easy to dose. I bought a bottle of 75 500mg capsules of white maeng da, took 5 of them two hours ago, another 5 one hour ago, and right now I'm very alert, energized, and happy. I might take another 4 right now.

I don't use this shit often, but when I do it's great.

>> No.19192196

Stop making positions with any basis and just think like a total mouth breather. Only then can you make moves like the rest of the market.

>> No.19192235

top kek

>> No.19192244

I sold my cyclicalls and industrials and some tech and fin
Kept my tech healthcare credit cards and insurance brokers. Oh and auto parts and CarMax

>> No.19192260

Analyze what's going on first of all on a technical level (are you taking more risky bets on your large positions?) and then on a psychological level (what were you thinking in bet 1 vs bet 2).

>> No.19192287

And kept the refineries

>> No.19192297

TQQQ is literally the only stock actually worth buying.

>> No.19192315

>insurance brokers
why the brokers? sure they get the commissions, but where's the revenue going to come from?

>> No.19192324

I have 100 dollars, is that enough to start with stock markets?

I thought about risk buying with the vaccines

>> No.19192343

Why is the US500 different from futures on investing.com?

>> No.19192354

No. You'll want 3 to 5k at least. At that point, 1% return will be from 30 to 50 dollars.

Right now you will get $1 per % return

>> No.19192370

King Crab all week.

>> No.19192371

If he can only spare $100, $1 gains might be a windfall

>> No.19192376
File: 451 KB, 1080x1029, 20200518_233625.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

They are Canadian (mfc and slf). I actually want to divest by selling 2/3 of mfc and half of slf. And eventually sell everything once they rebound. They have good FCF and great asset management though.

Rate my holdings guys

>> No.19192380

Fuck China.

>> No.19192385

>+1.5% by market open

>> No.19192387
File: 34 KB, 640x480, 1584751374131.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

TQQQ is an ETF, not a stock.

>> No.19192399

500 is probably the bottom line for investment, but it's enough to get ur feet wet

>> No.19192405

I forgot to mention that Canadian market was closed today. The reason I have so many mfc and slf is that I've been averaging it down. That's why I look to divest. I might buy more ma and v with it or just more healthcare.

>> No.19192420

But what song?

>> No.19192433

i can't read it all, but i think you're very overweight on big tech. I'm super biased, however.

>> No.19192471

Buy one share of VYM and a few cheap memestocks of your choice.
At the very least, you'll be able to learn while you save up more.

>> No.19192476


>> No.19192480

Oh fuck off doomer. The banks will get bailed out too. We learned in 2008 you can just pass their toxic debt to the tax payers and their children because the average person is fucking retarded.

>> No.19192488

I actually believe that futures basically don't even matter. All the action happens in pre market where we just gap up or down and then crab the rest of the day.

>> No.19192494

4 years. sorry kid. that's why we speculate on non dividend yielding shit.

>> No.19192495

Guys what's happening to July Oil futures, it started tanking. Worth less then June Futures and August Futures.

>> No.19192501

Why not VOO or VTI?

>> No.19192509
File: 177 KB, 1280x720, Harukana-Receive-01_07.44_2018.07.05_19.27.19.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Unless your portfolio is very large it's not really worthwhile to spread this thin. Especially not if you're a leaf and paying some form of fee on your trades. Better to do something like 15% Amazon, 15% Microsoft, 70% S&P (2x leveraged if you want).

>> No.19192521

He can't afford a share of either.

>> No.19192525

>The banks will get bailed out too
Yes, thats what I said. We live in the era of "too big to fail." How is stating the obvious "doomer"? Bailouts are obviously bad though, otherwise why wouldn't we just constantly "bail out" every company? Its just simple deduction.

>> No.19192542

My ID color is the chart color tomorrow

>> No.19192543

Kid, you can just fucking Google basic shit like that. If you won't even Google something so simple you might as well just give you money to someone else.

>> No.19192547

Nobody thought of the consequences of this, or at least it doesn't show in policy. Workers absolutely will not go back to work for the same amount they're making on unemployment, especially when going to work could get their family sick. The 100% replacement booster will severely delay a return to work, causing even more damage to businesses as they find out they can't get labor at previous prices. So we're spending a shitload of money to screw ourselves. Par for the course in government, but this is especially egregious.

>> No.19192559


>> No.19192563

watersports market

>> No.19192569

Well it's the norm in just about every country these days. Maybe someday the dumbfucks everywhere will wake up and realize their governments have fucked them over and are holding them hostage.

>> No.19192600

Kratom is shit bro and tastes like crazy. The high is barely noticeable.

>> No.19192605
File: 163 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20200518-225435.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anyone not making money right now is retarded

>> No.19192616

Idk what options are.

I'm going to just hodl my kos, mro, eman, and mark.

>> No.19192628

It depends on how large "very large" is. If that's from today, his value's almost $12k at the very least.

>> No.19192629
File: 1.38 MB, 387x480, 1580954986401.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

leafbros, what Canadian stocks should I buy tomorrow to make a quick profit? I want to move a few thousand around but I don't have any good info sources on Canadian shit yet

>> No.19192634

It's also a shit tier comic

>> No.19192639

Only 20,000?

>> No.19192645


>> No.19192653

You only need to hold it before the ex-date, but you're just buying dividends if you purchase right before that, which is stupid because you walk away with an immediate tax bill.

>> No.19192654

On normal days I agree, but it seems like if there’s any movement outside of 1.5% or so either way it tends to stick. On the other hand, there’s usually a reason if it changes by that much in futures so maybe that’s the reason

>> No.19192658
File: 25 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Owning this many puts
>those expiration dates
You're gonna get a pie in the face dude. I sold puts and calls to retards like you.

>> No.19192666
File: 418 KB, 1600x1600, heavy_metal_cover.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What is an acceptable ETF expense ratio to you?

>> No.19192674

>Workers absolutely will not go back to work for the same amount they're making on unemployment
So government makes it harder to get unemployment or reduces the amount?

>> No.19192677
File: 9 KB, 249x243, 504B51D1-9EE0-4540-8A4D-75E5A6CCA060.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

OoOoOoOoOoOoOo midnight reversal starting

>> No.19192678
File: 162 KB, 800x1091, 21c9d89defpg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You could day trade the dude weed if it decides to pump again. Or just say fuck it and all in Air Canada cause, ya know, they PROBABLY won't go bankrupt???

>> No.19192690

This answer depends on what style/category you want to be in

>> No.19192703

less than 0.1, but also depends on the dividend

>> No.19192714

Some repubs did, but they caved in the end. Dems knew exactly what they were doing though as it can all play towards a push for 15 and then whatever the next "living wage #"/hr is

>> No.19192715

Do Canadians have a brokerage without fees yet? Why is it other countries including like India have options for extremely cheap (or free) trades but we don't have anything?

>> No.19192717

I pushed the 2 on my number pad instead of 5.
My current div yield is 9.9%, so it's not like I even need a million to reach my target if I can keep that up.

>> No.19192776
File: 27 KB, 480x435, 1589854571486.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Tomorrow will be blood red. Check em

>> No.19192787

The government will only make it harder for whites to get unemployment and other welfare.
And an amount reduction isn't going to happen.

>> No.19192792
File: 68 KB, 1122x817, 1586459430600.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bobos will be fucked as usual

>> No.19192817

>they PROBABLY won't go bankrupt
they got any debt in the secondary market, and is it denominated in CAD or USD?

>> No.19192822

I plan to go for two things. The first is multicap value across large, mid, and small cap stocks. The second is dividends for passive income as well as to have some control over how my return on capital is reinvested.

>> No.19192825

I have no idea about Air Canada's fundamental situation.

>> No.19192826
File: 189 KB, 755x687, 1519951251327.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.19192834

Did you mean SQQQ?

>> No.19192841

> less than 0.1
That's what I was thinking so it's good to read it from someone else.

> depends on the dividend
I guess that this depends on how good the yield is as well as the total return?

>> No.19192844


>> No.19192847
File: 209 KB, 658x1000, 52efc3d3216d1ceb965e714011dafadea55c27022f853fa3fa4d60a342a652fc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>the magic seven words

>> No.19192861
File: 2.78 MB, 354x163, nice.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.19192910
File: 184 KB, 1400x933, D0E6BEB6-FBD5-4927-8BAE-D0A7B7B203EE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Tomorrow morning
>9am Pacific Time
>Coinbase Pro

Easy 2.5x from Coinbase effect. You can thank me later.

>> No.19192917

Get out of here filthy cyrptotard

>> No.19192932

It launches on Coinbase tomorrow. Buy or don’t. I literally don’t give a shit. I’m just giving advice

>> No.19192942

whats the target?

>> No.19192952

hasnt it been like 4 years now
has this piece of shit done anything?

>> No.19192990

>Businesses that got a ppp have been telling us that their employees are actually pissed off about it
This is me. All of my employees(front line middle management) are part-time as needed and make like 16/hr. None of them will clear more than 30 hrs a week, but still make too much to qualify for UI. Yet we're insisting on putting them back to work because "wE hAvE tO dO wHaT wE cAn FoR tHeM"
We're fucking all of them out of UI, and the worst part is that we're a contractor, so all the work we're doing isnt making money for the govt. It's literally just busy work.
I feel like we're either exploiting our employees or the PPP for the company's gain.

>> No.19192998
File: 170 KB, 750x888, 4DFB0AFA-58D7-443C-9085-FF81CC244453.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Was up to $24 two years back. Now it’s at 97¢ lol. I’m going to gamble and buy heavily into tomorrow morning. Wish me luck

>> No.19192999
File: 147 KB, 731x787, korean-agent.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw born in the wrong investing era

>> No.19193003

I just wanted my gold to go up :(

>> No.19193004

*market sells your favorite stock*

>> No.19193029

Yamana Gold. All the money printing will inevitably lead to a rise in gold ,leading to a rise in the gold mining stocks. Shit is going to be cash once the gold bull run begins

>> No.19193040

youre an idiot
there are better stocks tht more recently went from 300-1k down to the current 3-100$ value in the past 3-4 months alone that will boom back to normal in the forseeable future

2 years?
fucking kek

>> No.19193041
File: 81 KB, 840x506, 1585244783328.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>entire market is green
>except what you bought
nothing personell kid.

>> No.19193042
File: 114 KB, 500x500, DxfDNsHWoAUjiGf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.19193064
File: 64 KB, 600x574, 03A1053E-EDFE-4AA3-972F-CD7C7C390E39.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thanks fren. I’m going to be rich

>> No.19193080
File: 122 KB, 1136x814, 1589773617302.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>crude futures green
oilbros RISE UP!!!!!!!!!

>> No.19193088

>his 50 share market sell doesn’t even effect the spread by $.01

>> No.19193095

stocks today rallied based on one single vaccine trial that studied the results in only 8 people. 8. 8 fucking people and the dow rose 4%.
The entire thing is one emotion-driven charade.

>> No.19193104
File: 17 KB, 495x362, 1EF46EFD-2E12-4995-ABD8-EC4F528F9BAF.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

but i’m a tanker chad that bought DHT at 7.55

>> No.19193106
File: 1.26 MB, 1169x768, All Powell does is lie.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.19193117

I hope they release more news tomorrow so it happens again

>> No.19193122

what makes you think there are already nuked placed in strategical locations all over the world

>> No.19193148

the CIA already stopped them from making nuclear weapons in the 80's. the US position is to not have a nuclear capable taiwan.

>> No.19193152

markets were closed today in Canada
how will this affect us when US gets a pullback tomorrow while the good news weren't priced in yet?
I need my air canada to moon +10% so I can dump it and invest it into *canadian* REITs instead

>> No.19193172

A single vaccine trial by a company that reported its findings on a Monday and plans on putting out an additional $1.25 Billion in a secondary offering*

>> No.19193195

Canada gets cucked, you missed the pump and now you’re gonna get the DOOOMP

>> No.19193197

mRNA vaccines have also never worked since its discovery.

>> No.19193224

Nobody cares if it works. What's important is whether the majority of people believe it works.

>> No.19193225
File: 104 KB, 600x750, 1589230485110.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

oh shit someone is starting to learn something

>> No.19193264

Didn't it just dip the last couple of hours?

>> No.19193279
File: 14 KB, 326x272, ayyy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Glad I hung on to a few SPY calls for tomorrow, whew.

>> No.19193296

It was pretty average today. I was very surprised

>> No.19193315

This. In order to make money off the stock market you have to think like the majority. Even if it goes against what you believe in.

>> No.19193322

not really surprising, it outperformed dow and sp500 since inception by a wide margin, sometimes things just equalize a bit

>> No.19193337

Kek whered you steal this from? It’s excellent.

I think it’s more about it being POSSIBLE and that so far it hasn't killed anyone.

You think we’re the only ones who know that coronavirus vaccines have never been done? I mean shit, how long have we been throwing shit at the AIDS virus, there’s never been a damn vaccine.

>> No.19193339

S'gonna get Gilead'd

>> No.19193351


>> No.19193371

Fucking this and it's why I'm a shit trader.

>> No.19193374

Puts are gold right now with all the weak stocks literally being at the "bull trap" on the meme graph chart. I had a 500% winner last week shorting $ALL from $102 down to $93

>> No.19193378

Midnight pajama traders at it again. Full reversal in an hour or less, guaranteed, or your next OOOOOOOOOOOO/AAAAAAAAAAAA day is on us!

>> No.19193380


>> No.19193381

Just means I have more watching to do before jumping in. Or I should change my plans over to SOXL since that seems to grow regardless

>> No.19193387

Always ride good news for a day, maybe two. Buy the rumor, sell the news for a reason. You're trying to scalp off people buying the rumor and selling before everyone else does. And even if it is a miracle and rockets, you still made some money up anyways.

>> No.19193395

No, stocks rallied for no reason.

You're implying there was a reason. There was none. Institutions bought up stocks on low volume to push prices up and then everyone proceeded to not buy stocks during open market hours.

>> No.19193404

Tell me about 2960. Why is he so strong?

>> No.19193411

I can't wait to short the new ATH

>> No.19193412

there's been nothing to suggest that corona can have an unusual latent reservoir like HIV can.

>> No.19193427
File: 8 KB, 218x250, 1587059328520.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.19193430

gj fren, diamond hands pay off

>> No.19193449

Based booyah boomer

I won’t pretend I know what that is, and I’m too busy learning about the Bank of Japan to read wikis about virology right now.

>> No.19193476

Where do I find the average D/E ratio by industry?

>> No.19193491


>> No.19193501

You should read up on pleistocene north America. WAY more interesting than bank of Japan. North America used to have lions

>> No.19193595

Megafauna of New Zealand and Australia before the arrival of man was also pretty badass.

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