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buy LINK you fools

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It's literally about to tank. Wait for $2 in June/July

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This is what biz has been for the past 3 years

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it's about to dump so hard

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My hole village being say this two.

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Thanks, i just sold!!

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It's about to break the parabola. Historically, when a asset brokes the parabola it goes for a 90% correction in the price.

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If i buy, that meme line is going to be broken downwards. Trust me, I'm doing you a favor.

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i'll be here when you redraw the line next month

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uh it's about to break that line, retard. and when a parabolic advance fails you can expect ~80% retrace

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I am genuinely concerned about this. But...
With steaking so close, and general bullish post halvening sentiment, I don’t think it’s going to break the parabola.
If it does break the parabola it would be a good idea to swing

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>it's going up forever
>if that magic meme parabolic line doesn't hold, it's not going going -80% down
Oh boy, a lot of people will lose a shitload of money.

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they are actually right, rising wedge is closing. shit is going down hard.

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if you knew how to trade you wouldn't still be living with your village, patel.

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Guys I’m actually scared what if it breaks the parabola and it’s bjtcoin crashing from 20k all over again??? I can’t cope. Please someone do TA and tell me it’s going to be ok

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kek, it’s not.

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You just said there was a rising wedge

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>Please someone do TA and tell me it’s going to be ok
It's not.

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>rising wedge
pick one

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no buy oil you niggers. genXers dont know what to invest in with trump killing apple. and boomers think oil is supposed to be invested in

go all in on oil futures you niggers. the boomers have social security checks they are dumping into oil futures

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i have a 20k stack i've been holding since 2017.

I think we are due for a recession here. Bulls are delusional. But Im starting to wonder if BTC is the buy here. Im about to offload 50% of my stack into BTC just to play the odds. What do.

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yeah but why would link suddenly drop out of the top 15 and down to rank 100 again lol? the top coins don't just dump 50 ranks like this

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you do realize most of these support lines have bots on them right? If it breaks, it will trigger an automated sell off

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>you do realize most of these support lines have bots on them right? If it breaks, it will trigger an automated sell off
take your meds

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It doesn't necessarily need to lose a lot of positions on coinmarketcap.
If BTC shits the bed again and lose a -50% or -60%, all the alts will do the same, especially LINK that was in an uptrend for two years and has no intrinsic value considering that most of the supply is held by Sergey himself that occasionally already dumps 700k LINK here and there.

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>the top coins don't just dump 50 ranks like this

Pic related is from 16 May 2015

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lol the dump will be epic

Exit scam is near

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This thread reeks of pajeets.

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Very obviously

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That's called a shitcoin shakeout.

Link doesn't even have Version 1.0 out or crucial parts of mainnet and we are top 10.

I know half of you fudders hold Link, but come on... the days of fudding are over. You aren't making anyone sell their Linkies.

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Nice triple top. Just sold all my linkies

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The LINK token is literally worthless right now. They have a centralized network and no roadmap whatsoever for staking or anything. The only purpose for the LINK token is for Sergey to dump on Binance for big macs and to pay his centralised price feed gas costs.

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I sold all my link and ill never look back, bought some real stocks today and made a few hundred dollars. link is just a scam, go to stockmarket and make real money

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>Link doesn't even have Version 1.0 out or crucial parts of mainnet and we are top 10.

are there ANY breadcrumbs as to when we can expect 1.0? seems like mainnet came out and it's just been nonstop onboarding of users, but threshold signatures, staking... feels like waiting for mainnet all over again.

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No idea brother. My guess is with the Q1 2021 larpers. After holding 2.5 years it doesn't matter to me anymore. I can wait another 2.5 years to get where I want to be. I'm sure there are going to be plenty of nice surprises between now and Q1.

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same, been holding since 2017. Q1 2021 feels far out enough to be realistic. hopefully oracle corp or some other big name drops some bombs before then.

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Probably q1/q2 next year tbqh. I'm all in but the team is undeniably slow as fuck. Still, more time to buy.

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Sergey has been mentioning steaking in the new presentation
Getting the feeling it’s close
Remember Chainlink drops bombs from out of the blue could be coming this summer if I had to guess
Combine that with the post halvening alt run and you gots a recipient for $100 stinks

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Anyone can see from the github that there's still a fair way to go. Mentioning staking isn't particularly notable give from the start it's been an important future feature.

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no thanks i like to keep my money

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you're fucked breh

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fuck this chink scam token.
that's it.
lets outta here frens.

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whoa. 120k really isn't a meme

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Literally vaporware coin. Not sure why it hasn't dumped at this point. Centralized garbage, no actual use case. But whatever. Keep holding your linkies link marines.

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>Not sure why it hasn't dumped at this point.

Oracle, Docusign, AWS, google keeps the price up and will make it moon in the near future.
Your life is vaporware for missing out on chainlink.

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why didn't I buy, bros?

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u W I N