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I'm about to spend 20 dollars on gambling again. It's stupid but I enjoy it... as long as I keep winning. Should I force myself to stop? I never gamble with more than 50 dollar / month

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Just give me your money and I'll give you some adderal. Everyone wins. You get your lil adrenaline rush while losing your money, and I make money.

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How do you gamble? I bet on esports and make $50 pretty much every week, it's not much but it's easy and I enjoy it because I enjoy watching the games

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Go back to Disney.com with your shitty lunch money


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I actually like to try adderal. Where are u from?

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I think buying one lottery ticket a month or every couple weeks is a good investment. I think it's actually +EV because of the fact it's a meaningless amount of money with a tiny change to change your life. Buying hundreds of dollars in lottery tickets is retarded, but I think cutting yourself off from that chance is equally stupid.

I also enjoy sportsbetting and poker but even though I'm definitely net positive over the last 15 years with poker and only a little down with sportsbetting if not break even, I would still highly recommend not even getting into it now.

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it's fine as long as that's all it is. consider it as part of your entertainment funds when budgeting, it's totally reasonable to have entertainment funds and if you enjoy gambling, then go ahead and gamble with it.

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if you keep winning
why do you need to spend anything


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What's your game of choice, OP?

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sport bets and some blackjack if I ever win more