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Imagine falling for a McAfee pnd. In twenty fucking twenty.

This board is finished.

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Imagine falling for the FUD and selling at 48 cents. It's over $1 now.


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isn't he known for pnds in the past? wtf is the board doing, kek!

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Put a loaded gun in your mouth and pull the trigger.

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this, you'd think people would be smarter. I 2x'd my money in the past few hours on this shit

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Imagine falling for the whitepaper lie, another genius scheme by Chad McAffee to accumulate more.

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hey...i encouraged them to do it. i didn't even have a position. just liked the idea it was btc positive in the long run.....

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It’s Nubiz we got raided by newfags again since btc started pumping to 10k

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imagine selling at 0.002 then falling for the wp manipulation fud and buying back in at 0.01

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did you buy the top? fkn kek
wrong, been here since 2017

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trading volatility is fine, but if you plan on holding this your a retard. you haven't 2xed anything until you sell.

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nigga ofc I ain't holding this shit LMAOO

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