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>make trades all day
>win some, lose some
>in the end, just break even

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It is all about the friends we made along the way!

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T-thanks, my fellow gangstalkers and bots

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Yeah. A select few will make it and everyone else dies to the Ponzi scheme. Decentralized or not, money is an eternal problem.
Seen Zeitgeist yet?

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kek yup.

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The adventure is the prize

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Unless you start big dick swinging on uniswap.
XIO was a goldmine.
Now its time for XOR.


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>make good trade
>don't set up sell orders at x3
>get royally justed and watch my profits slip away
why am i so fucking greedy and stupid
never again

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thanks for playing.

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[internal screams]

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We're coming for you, anon. We've already compromised your body with our mind influence and remote kill implants while you were sleeping.