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Pivx being scammy aside and I know it's getting addressed in other threads, you do know the white paper never mattered, right? As long as Ghost does what it says it's going to do it's still going to be the best privacy coin on the market and thus eventually taking Monero's market cap. Whoever bought the dip, congrats. Exchange announcement tomorrow you can expect $2 in a few hours.

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iron hands brother
people honestly expect a coin to be pumped for weeks on end without any kind of dip lol

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PIVIX gets the rope

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all the noghosters are trying to say the original PIVX WP is the stolen one. They used their tokenomics yes, but the coin serves a completely different purpose. 2 different coins.

The WP they released recently, the 3rd one btw, is the fake one they have claimed was copy pasted. But now links have been removed off PIVX website and devs are playing dumb including the cofounder.

BTFO PIVX FAGS, no one wants to dispute the fact PIVX released their 3rd whitepaper in 3 years right after GHOST whitepaper? The original PIVX whitepaper and GHOST are not copy paste as they claim. ESH is a PIVX fork so of course ghost will have similarities. People are so dumb.

Reasons why PIVX is playing dumb on twitter and the links got all removed lmao.

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This should be posted in every thread.

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Nice reverse FUD.

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THE PDF was literally just uploaded recently after ghost WP. PIVX is a dead coin and have been silent for 2 years. Oh but now after a new PDF whitepaper AND DELETION they came active again? lol ok

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I picked up a couple hundred more because I don't give a fuck but I don't trust McAfee one bit.

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This. As soon as my transfer clears I’m putting the last of my RSR scraps in. I went all in as an accumulation from $.38-$1.15 mostly.

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Fucking dip shits that are not buying this dip.

Every coin is fucking plagiarized, open sourced means open sourced. Every white paper sounds like the same bullshit.

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>it's still going to be the best privacy coin on the market

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With ESH almost about to reach $1, anyone plan on getting some bags? Or is this whole thing over with

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It's dead and exposed

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i told you ESH faggots this shit was going to drop like a ten pound rock. i don't even feel bad for you losers that bought at $2 or higher. all of you faggots looking for the next get rich quick shitcoin pump. some of you holding since 4 cents and not selling at $2 because you got greedy. it's going to go even lower before the airdrop because everyone now realizes ESH is going to be completely worthless as soon as the airdrop completes.

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seething mad that people aren't filling your sell order lmao

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ahahaha $0.98 on coinmarket cap RIP

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Idiot your portfolio went to ESHes

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Alright thanks for letting me know

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But that value is going to be converted to ghost which is on track to the moon... Right?

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>lower lows

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why would it moon?

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Euro fag here
Bought Stake at 3.5 $
Sold Stake at 1.7$
loss 17k$

Just went all in Ghost at 0.047Eth
pls pump this shit to 0.12 so I can make up my losses

at this point I don't care if I lose everything
screencap this and you can laugh at me next week

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Sold the majority of my ESH. Still have some to sell when we pump with the exchange announcement. All in all, i made ~120 ETH profit with the ghost train so far. Took out my initial Investment a few days ago and sold a little over 20k a few minutes ago. Why? Because the Whitepaper has a section where a grafic is described that is not in there. This tells me that the Ghost team is incompetent and they will not be able to solve the privacy problems that pivx is trying to solve for months already. I am still glad for my profits, gonna keep majority of my ETH and invest some into Monero. Low caps are like roulete, you can win big but also loose big. Cheers guys

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>Just went all in Ghost
you’re going to make it, anon

ESH is being tested until the 30th. If you think people on this board will care about the white paper in a week, I don’t know what to tell you. FOMO will kick in as the hype cycle for the token goes into full swing. We have dinguses here still buying ANJ for fuck’s sake, and that was revealed to be less than nothing.

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Yeah nice job. Was the graphic the fuschia thing?

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Cheers brother.
Bought for 500$
Was at ath last night I had 13k.
Just sold at 0.006 for 6k.
Still up on my 500$ investment so im happy

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we got scammed didnt we bros? this is going back under $.10 isnt it?

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I told you fags to shill it on Reddit since the 10th and not rely on John's twitter.
Honestly the fact it didn't do another 10x after the white paper released was very telling.

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Yes, and also the denominations which aren't used with the upcoming new privacy protocol in pivx, so ghost has forked old tech. Pivx did go to the new privacy protocol because there was an inflation bug in zPiv. I was invested there during that time and sold because of that bug. Ghost basically has copy pasted it and named it zGhost in the Whitepaper. This tells me that they don't have the expertise to pull this of. I would not trust them that the privacy works, and that they can solve the inflation bug. I wish you all luck, this was a crazy two weeks but everything comes to an end.

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fuck me it really is ogre

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Seeing people buy in even after it was revealed to be a scam is just sad. It's a fucking scam you morons.

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well let's start shilling anon

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Based anon

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chart has already been ruined, this huge dump today is going to discourage future bagholders so were not gonna see anymore crazy big profits anymore.

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So many people still buying. Thank god retards like that exist. Was able to get my bags out still in the green.

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You're scum

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Mcfee betrayed us all, we were all supposed to be in this together

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on the pivx amon and 1up train in a big way rn

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In case anyone even cares to know at this point what we're talking about - this is one of the most bizarre instances of actual copy pasting. PIVX has a graph w/ a key and lists a fuscia color for the master node. GHOST WP references a graph with a fuscia colored master node (funnily enough, the GHOST WP forgot to include the graph). Obviously this would be much too specific to be a coincidence. Incompetent plagiarism.


Page 17 of GHOST WP.

(I remember originally reading the GHOST whitepaper the first time and had no idea what they were talking about when referencing a fuschia color for a graph that they were referencing but forgot to include).

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May Mcafee burn in hell for this, straight up.

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He honestly probably had fuck all to do with this besides selling the use of his name so the team behind it can dump on your heads

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Gonna laugh my dick off when it hits $5 in a few days. Good times!!

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How the fuck is it going to go to $5 when there is definitive proof that they ripped off the whitepaper and most likely code too.

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This. Anyone can check PIVX's twitter. The screen shots are pretty damning.

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Where/how are ghost tokens even going to be used? You hold on to them in the hopes they appreciate in value?

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They are going to trade on the mcafee dex, which is also just a shite ethdelta fork he probably paid $500 for.

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It's most likely going to be a meme coin if it doesn't end up on the floor, it may even be a big hit, who knows. But I doubt we'll see a lot of faith in new/big investors when another team's WP was so explicitly plagiarized. And this is coming from someone who acknowledges that no one cares about use case anyways. I'll also be watching PIVX price action - should be interesting to see where that one goes.

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Has the team or McAfee responded to anything yet

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The only way I see McAfee salvaging this is if he throws the team under the bus, says that he fired them and starts working on his own protocol from the ground up but he’s too much of a boomer drunk meth head to do that.

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Hm yeah that’s pretty bad. I’m still bullish because Bitcoin bsv is an even more obvious scam and it’s multi billion dollar. I think mcafee can outclass Craig Wright. But I only threw in $4k or so

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The evidence is incredibly damning I don’t know how you come back from this.

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the dream is over. fuck this i'm out.

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who cares? I don't understand. If this is a carbon copy of a good underrated coin due to their lack of recognition, isn't it fine? Shit like this happens all the time.

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bagholders are capitulating again. sell now or forever hold this shit.

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I'm not buying back in until someone either shows me proof that PIVX is lying or the ghost team actually makes a statement in reply. Them being so quiet is bothering me.

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nobody is going to buy this shit dude, plus if they lifted the whitepaper who knows what else they are lying about. they could be lying about the airdrop as well. all the hype for this coin is gone, its slowly going to zero. get out while you can, don't drink the koolaid.

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>AAAAAAAAAAnd we're pumping again

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McAfee is a fucking nigger, once again the eternal Hibernian has fucked me over.

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>THE PDF was literally just uploaded recently after ghost WP.
It wasn't. There is a copy in archive.org from 2019.
But get scammed, I don't care.

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