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You made the CoinDesk 50, but I would not celebrate this. You're an annoying group of cultists that are celebrating being an expensive shit token

>While the crypto has been tapped by legitimate crypto-native protocols as well as enterprise efforts – including Microsoft, EY and ConsenSys’s business-friendly Baseline Protocol – much of its success (in price) could be attributed to the valiant efforts of the “Link Marines,” who shill the product relentlessly.
>who shill the product relentlessly

Absolutely pathetic

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Imagine trying to get pageviews for your faggot article lmao. kys.

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>Posts CoinDesk 50
Talks about autists being embarrasing

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I'm a racist and I hold Chainlink. And I'm not the only one. I first heard of this smartcontract middleware project when posting in Stormfront. We were brain-STORMING (pun intended) some ideas that we nazis could use to undermine women and minorities and some intelligent anon brought up investing in the project and became the most upvoted idea. What does Chainlink have to do, at all, with opressing women and minorities you may ask? Well, I will explain to you in a way even a pathetic, weak and stupid female would understand, so you better be grateful here:

Because of the inefficiency of modern day contract enforcement, generally dominated by slow and inefficient government owned courts, in the last decades modern society has seen a huge explosion in the number of people employed as white collar workers. The stereotypes about white collar workers, all of them, are absolutely true. They are lazy pieces of shit, doing non-essential make-work while browsing their phones, maybe doing an hour or two at most or real work in the entire day. This is the context in which women entered the "work"force in masse. Women can't do real jobs. Well, maybe 10% can do something useful, but most of you only strut around in air conditioned offices like you're the hottest shit in the world, while men still do 95% of the work.

So, what is going to happen to all that unnecessary administrative bloat? Thanks to our man Sergey Nazarov the days of you paper pushers, lawyers and other parasites are numbered. Within a decade all these jobs will almost be gone. Smart contracts will make all of you go back into the kitchen, where you should have always been because there won't be a Jew megacorp willing to waste its money in hiring you when NEET nodes will do it for a fraction of the price.

Chainlink, the currency for a bright future where women will be oppressed and niggers curb stomped into extermination!


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Much thank, kind sir or madame

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we spent 2 years fudding the god damn project

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Link Twitter is the worst thing about this project

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Acknowledgement that it's expensive means we were right and you're just salty.

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It sucks but the only way it could have been avoided is if LINK had pumped to $1000 instantly. At least the core contingent are frogposting /biz/lets, if not them another group of crypto twitter normie faggots would have become the face of link twitter instead. The only upside is that 99% of the newfag normies will sell early and experience crushing regret.

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I'm not the one who counted on this project making me rich. You would've had to hold 400-500k link tokens minimum to make it, and now price is stable as a cup of coffee.

It took off too late. A "link marine" could be a stacy that spends 20k of her savings and gets way more than she should at this stage.

You "marines" should've been the only ones able to buy 5000 tokens for a couple grand.

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if i ever make it i will have so many stories to tell

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Unironically based.

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> we made the top 50 coins
I'd fucking hope so. Are there even 50 cryptos?

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Neck yourself

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Does the Pope shit in his hat?

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What ever do you mean?

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why does your post smell like black people?

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>product unleashes potential of blockchain by allowing smart contracts to actually interact with real-world data
>growing number of users on mainnet
>several ghost chains and shitty forks still above it
"much of its success (in price) could be attributed to the valiant efforts of the “Link Marines,” who shill the product relentlessly."

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Twitterlords take note. shut the fuck up. you're killing your father, Larry.

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kek, huh?

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