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You hear that, it seems a central bureaucracy is better at allocating resources than a free market after all. Libertarians btfo.


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only 1 bil, why not just print more and buy all the throw away food from farmers

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>“Starting early next week, at my order, the USA will be purchasing, from our Farmers, Ranchers & Specialty Crop Growers, 3 Billion Dollars worth of Dairy, Meat & Produce for Food Lines & Kitchens. 'FARMERS TO FAMILY FOOD BOX' Great news for all!" -Trump

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Holy mother of based. We love our socialist bailouts don’t we pedes?

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>only 1 bil

Wrong, 3 bil.

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money is still involved though. your garbage ideology shills a "moneyless society"

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lol you because your wrong.

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>it’s not socialism when my team does it


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Mold and mycellium do not have central authority

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money still exists in communism. it's just a means of exchange. it has to exist until a central AI computer is put in charge of allocating all the resources accordingly.

>inb4 but it's human nature to want more than others
you'll be shot for that. It's gonna take some time to reprogram people but it must be done. the planet isn't some infinite expanse of resources. it's finite in size and it can't support capitalism long term. the resources must be managed and properly allocated. humans must establish an equilibrium with this planet or they will die.

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Boomers only hate socialism because they know they already have their own personal version of it.(Social security/Medicare) Expanding socialism to everyone means the boomers have to take a hit to their standard of living. That's why the speak out so vehemently against it. Irony.

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>still no healthcare

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Interesting to see what happens with all these people loosing their healthcare because it's employer based.

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>seems a central bureaucracy is better at allocating resources than a free market after all
but thats wrong.

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Its still socialist

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Not if I shoot you back, faggot.

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Why would i shoot back? I agree with it.

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It's amazing that you ignore the fact that it's a government induced shutdown

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You're in luck because the problem will be the exact opposite as we continue to expand government.

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A central authority is of course the most efficient for resource allocation. When countries declare war and are threatened with annihilation they mobilise a full planned war economy. They don't wait for the market to sort things out lmao

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A system can only go to "thermodynamically" equivalent equilibrium without the imposition of artificial barriers

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>the system is so successful that food is plentiful to the extent they have to dump it to stay profitable
How is that bad? In communism you wouldn't have food.

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Yeah, keep saying that as you get in line for the bread.

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> Libertarians
Modern libertarians: Based
Neolibs: Retards

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This is correct and there will need to be barriers. Barriers in the form of one child policies and other breeding control methods. As i stated before. The planet is not infinite in size and neither are the resources that reside within it. Not sure why free market weenies find this FACT so difficult to grasp.

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Everyone is already misallocated and over leveraged because central planning and government fuckery. This is only going to make matters worse.

Because given the option most people wouldn't go to war. The resources are taken for someone elses war.

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Look up O'neil cylinders, once we get our foothold into space there will be room aplenty for everyone.


>This is only going to make matters worse.

You think people starving will be better than breadlines?

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There are going to be far more starving in the future as food prices 2x or more in a couple years.

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Did i miss something? Has lightspeed travel been acheived yet? If not then your entire argument is invalid.

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your understanding of the world is shit.

they are doign this because the states are fucking retards, thanks to democrats who demanded the unemployment stimulus from the CARE act be rolled out by the states, people still havent gotten their unemployment becuase the states are fucking slammed. Trump knows the feds are the only ones who can do this logistically because if it was up to demoshits to hand out food people would literally starve

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>There are going to be far more starving in the future as food prices 2x or more in a couple years.

Well good luck with that.

>Did i miss something?

Yes. And that is our Solar system is fucking big, and there are enough asteroids to sustain our growth for thousands of years.

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And who declares war? It’s not the free market.

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They found plenty of money to bail out big businesses and individual investors.

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Sure it's an opposing government for war. But the point is most efficient resource allocation. If you're dealing with an enemy state, a pandemic, climate change etc doesn't matter

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It's also the least efficient because it's the only option in your scenario. Superlatives don't mean anything when there is only one option, Sport.

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>Well good luck with that.
What do you mean? This is going to effect us all.

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Why is it the only option? Governments could let the free market design and build the guns and the tanks etc. But they don't because the free market is great until you really need to get shit done

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Central planners are good at getting very narrow, very directed results. They suck dick everywhere else, and theres a reason why everyone ditches the central planning outside of wartime.

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Every single time i have this argument with people it always ends the same way. you never address the facts. it's like there is an army of paid shills that are reading a script. you just ignore the facts that the nearest habitable worlds are light years away. like the time it takes to terraform a planet.

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Did you miss that I was referring specifically to space habitats, not habitable worlds?

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>You lived to see literal breadlines come back

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Hoovervilles are next if something isn't done about rent. Except called Trumpvilles.

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based commie chads
forever living rent free in the minds of the capitalists

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>Purchase 3 billion dollars worth of land to grow food that will take months to actually reach people plus costs of transportation

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I'm doing keto.

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They'll limp along until they actually get sick. Then they'll die, because they can't afford treatment.

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>Government only does well when it declares another useless war

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Will the government buy directly from farmers? Or will they buy from corporations?

Will the government buy only from red states? Or from blue also?

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Wasn’t the internet technology we’re using right now invented by a central government? Free market would never have invented the internet, there’s no profit in a neutral protocol

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LARP, commies don't like centralisation they see it as a necessary evil to be thrown away then their pipedream becomes reality.
But of course /biz/tards are falling for this obvious bait

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We basically already have those, they're just tents now instead of sheetmetal shacks. In a few months we'll probably have colossal tent cities springing up absolutely everywhere.

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Read my posts again carefully retard

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What about Radio and TV?

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Well think about the following.
making 1 bread is expensive.
Making 1 million breads is cheaper.
Making 1 billion breads is cheapest.
Is centralization more efficient at allocating resources?
Technically yes.

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>making 1 bread is expensive
>Making 1 million breads is cheaper
>Making 1 billion breads is cheapest
What's your reasoning, that makes no sense.

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Its called economies of scale
When you mass produce you invest on expensive machinery that lowers the cost instead of doing it by hand.

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hey retard why are you here? people won't work in your world if that's case you utter mook. you gonna shoot people who read books and go to the gym too? sorry you were born a manlet with a thin neck, retard. you just should just go all in on chainlink already and leave some money to spare for a rope.

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That's not exclusive to central planning though, businesses do that all the time.

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>let's waste resources that could last until the end of our sun in 10 years. Because why learn from earth?
Humans truly are astounding creatures. How about you stop licking bezos' ass instead?

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>what happened in 2008 when there was massive unemployment?

already watched this movie. you need to be 18 to post here btw

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but businesses don't have access to as much capital as the government

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Maybe in Cuba

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>there are no other planets, asteroids, or moons for resources
>innovation in solar technology won't provide energy which allows you to do and make anything

you might as well say the planet isn't able to support horses for 7 billion people so we will have no way to travel except by walking. innovation will continue to support us with an infinite expansion into the stars.

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farmers will over product again. up until covid they were struggling due to low prices

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>citation needed

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>what is the opportunity cost of making 1 billion breads when demand is for 500 million breads

yes it's most efficient but not efficient at meeting demand. also government would never innovate. why try to make bread cheaper when youre the cheapest game in town?

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Right, money printer never went brrrr.

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Only because the government steals a percentage of our wealth at gunpoint.

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I dont know about you but I will be calling them Maralagoes

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Government services paid with taxes are guillotine insurance.

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>Modern Caesar III city building.jpg

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>there was massive unemployment in 2008
Lol check the numbers kiddo, its not even fucking close.

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Dude, assuming that future tech will solve all problems really is not a good argument. Do you understand how unimaginably difficult it would be to construct even one of those things in any reasonable future?

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It's only surprising because we live in a civilization that doesn't really believe anything bad can happen to it on a large scale. I have normie friends who think they are going on a trip to Vietnam in June. I always think about that stupid "End of History" book.

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This, I have been watching documentaries about the 08 recession lately and it's actually hilarious in hindsight how bad and dramatic they try to make it look in comparison to this.

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People fell a long way in 08. It's good to remember that people have been struggling since 08 and Obama and then Trump only kinda brought back a bunch of low paying jobs rather than actually saving the economy as it was before.

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>libertarians btf
>political thread
Jannie tranny is useless.

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I would agree, a lot of metrics that actually track how people are doing seem really bad especially in regard to debt. The news about auto-loans pre-corona seemed really strange to me.

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Better than anime girls shitting everywhere.

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>anime girls shitting everywhere
>actually a board of thotposting and coin shillers
I agree, faggots and cucks shilling their ideology is a huge improvement for this board

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stop being a whining poorfag and buy this pennystock

Puregold mining.

If and when u hit it big buy one of your fellow poorfags something nice and worship capitalism

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