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I just want a fucking royal oak holy shit.

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how do they set the recessed hex screw heads in hex shaped holes? Makes no sense.

looks gay, watches are supposed to make sense.

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Are there any chink-atches that don't look retarded or cost $2,000+

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What the fuck are you trying to say? There are plenty of quality watches below 2k.

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Junghans make some really sleek looking watches for $500-2k

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This watch looks gay. how are you supposed to unscrew the screws in the bezel?

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Good taste, sir. The definitive /made it/ timepeice. However, you now actually want the Royal Oak Chronograph, they can cost ten times more than a regular Royal Oak.

poorfags will never understand horology. stay poor

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Man, $2k for that and it uses plexiglass over sapphire? Guess they had to cost cut somewhere

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NPC tier flex watch. It's good for attracting bitches if that's what you're going for

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I just want a fucking Royal Oak holy shit.

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>he doesn't have a complete set of gunsmith tools to also work on his watches

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A Lange & Sohne master race checking in.

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retard, read what I said. The hex screws are recessed in hex holes. how are you going to rotate the head, You fucking idiot? You can't. It's not rocket science. It's fake utility bought by retarded people.

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They're fastened from the back, the screw slots at the front are for show.
In the original design drawing the slots were randomly aligned, instead of concentric.

>watches are supposed to make sense
The Royal Oak was always supposed to do the opposite of making sense.

It was a steel watch that cost more than a gold watch at the time.
Luxury mechanical watches at the time (early seventies) were getting hammered by watches that did "make sense": quartz had just gone mainstream making mechanicals technically obsolete.
The Royal Oak's one and only purpose was to look good.

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(it doesnt)

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Bitches don't know AP. You need something flashy and with a known brand name to get bitches.
Also AP is absolute shit.

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lmao I got that Royal Oak

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Why? AP and Hublots are nigger-tier.

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that's a nice looking watch, not gonna lie

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Cope: The Post

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>Paying tens of thousands for a watch when you can buy a chink or swiss made replica that looks the same and normies will be unsuspecting and impresses the same

You will unironically not make it.

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Whats the point of watches its covered by your sleeve 98% of the time.

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What's going on in this webm

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>This watch looks gay. how are you supposed to unscrew the screws in the bezel?
With some special skills you can do it.

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Isn't that the fascist brand?

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