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WTF is wrong with women these days?
You fucking NIGGERS lied to me, again!!!!

Self Improvement my ASS!!! Woman choose literally Human Trash!!
Just be a fucking broke Loser and women will throw themself at you!!!

>Be me
>29 years, white guy, good looking, good body
>mental stable
>sucessful Entrepreneur
>took the self improvement pill
>try to be the best version of myself
>regulary workouts and meditation
>no vidya, no smoking, no drugs, no alcohol
>good health
>no kids, never married
>very good sex drive (can fuck for hours)

i dated a very cute girl for 4 months.
(age 31 / face 7/10, Body 9/10)
Everything was going well and i fell in love with her BUT she went back to her fucking scumbag ex-boyfriend.
It drives me crazy!

>Be him, age 32 (genetic white trash)
>the definition of the absolute Loser Overlord
>bad health, smokes cigarettes and alcohol
>he dont have a job
>he is broke and dont have any money
>he is fat and ugly
>he is lazy and dirty
>he smells bad
>he is a junkie and smokes regulary crystal meth
>he has nasty meth teeth with black spots
>he dont bring any value to her life
>he can not take care of her
>he sucks so much money out of her (she is working and pay for everything)
>he punched her before
>he raped her
>he fight with her many times
>he hurt her
>he says bad words to her
>he abused her
>he yelled at her
>he cheated on her
>he fucks prostitutes without condom
>he gave her STDS

Tell me WTF is wrong with women these days?

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If your story is true then the she probably wants someone she can control. You are a man and she wants a boy or manchild. Or rather a Chad boy. Basically you are intimidating. She wants a man that she can "fix". Same problem in he black community really. Educated black women want either a white man or uneducated Tyrone.

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woman like guys with issues to try and fix and she more than likely felt insecure snd unworthy being around you.

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Those are called "children" but women don't want those because muh career.

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>mental stable

you clearly aren't. This is catcher in the rye-tier cringe.

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Just be yourself mate

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>sucessful Entrepreneur
>can't spell

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Faggot didnt read

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>>he punched her before
>>he raped her
>>he fight with her many times
>>he hurt her
>>he says bad words to her
>>he abused her
>>he yelled at her
Well there we have it. Women love being put in their place by a dominant male.
Also this. You’re probably a boring loser.

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its all 100% true
i am not larping

>she probably wants someone she can control

yeah, i think so
she told me she feel pity about him because he is such a loser and can not take care of himself

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The way you wrote this post shows that you're needy and overly concerned with what others think of you.

You have no game and you're not captivating.

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>dating women above 30
you're a retard

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Anon your self improvement is a good thing, you are programming yourself for achievement.

Her programming is just wack, she rebooted to her low expectation programming.

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i think you’re failing to see reality here. she’s with her abuser because she likes to be abused, you’re a boring safe piece of shit. she probably enjoys licking his asshole. now take the blackpill and kill yourself for not viewing reality objectively

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>Women love being put in their place by a dominant male

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i dont give a fuck what others think about me

it just drives me nuts why she went back to that junkie kek

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>he raped her

this is where you fucked up

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It drives you nuts because you don't understand female nature.

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they want bad boys, no boring healthy boomers like you. I know because it happened to me.

The day i stopped being a dealer and started to get my shit together, girls were not interested to fuck me anymore, while i was slaying pussies and partying all the time before.

My advices :
- snort coke
- buy a nippon bike
- carry a 9mm on you (in your pant just, in front of your cock)
- rant about kikes and niggers at first date
- get an yakuza tattoo on the neck
- get drunk and violent toward girls
it will unironically rain pussy juice on you in no time.

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>Be him, age 32 (genetic white trash)
Older and more mature
>the definition of the absolute Loser Overlord
....but gets the girl
>bad health, smokes cigarettes and alcohol
Is cooler than you
>he dont have a job
A free bird, a rolling stone. Attractive
>he is broke and dont have any money
Doesn't put his worth in currency
>he is fat and ugly
Uses charm alone like Austin Powers
>he is lazy and dirty
Easy going and saves water
>he smells bad
>he is a junkie and smokes regulary crystal meth
Life experience
>he dont bring any value to her life
More than you apparently
>he can not take care of her
Modern man shouldn't
>he sucks so much money out of her (she is working and pay for everything)
She thinks he's worth it
>he punched her before
>he raped her
She loved it
>he fight with her many times
Big dominant alpha
>he hurt her
She loves it
>he cheated on her
Desirable to other women too
>he fucks prostitutes without condom
At least he doesn't kiss them like you
>he gave her STDS
Alpha as fuck

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That's a woman.

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Your judgement is also clearly terrible, i.e. you judged her to be a good girl when she is a piece of shit

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why would you eve want to be with a woman of that quality forget about even marrying her ?

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>business and finance
get a therapist

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Dont get me wrong. There are women out there who want someone like you. Or just go full hedonist and pump and dump. Might as well at this point.

She wants a manchild and the "struggle" life then let her suffer.

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Where did you meet her?

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you posted this before. pasta

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Regardless of what they say, women don't want a stable guy. They want a guy that gives them constant emotional spiking, even if it's negative emotions.
Have you ever seen that compilation of women that hate Trump claiming they've had a sex dream about him? It's all about emotional spiking with women. Everything is secondary to that. That's why love is a passive experience for them.

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It was a bright, sunny day as I as ascended the familiar steps up to the beautiful college campus of
SBCC. I immediately went to the restroom to look at myself in the mirror a few times, just so that I can
feel more assured of myself. "Yes", I thought. "I am the image of beauty and supremacy." I kept saying it over
and over again, as if it was a mantra. When I crossed the renowned bridge that connected the two
halves of the campus, I felt as if everyone was admiring me. As I passed by groups of girls, I pretended to
imagine that they secretly adored and wanted me. After all, that was how it was meant to be. The more
I walked around the campus, the more I tried to convince myself that that was the case.
My first class was sociology, and I waited until everyone was seated before I walked in. I came in
through the front entrance so that everyone could look at my fabulous self. To my utter dismay, I saw
that no one turned their head to look at me at all. No girl tilted a head or lifted a pretty little eyebrow at
my approach. After all that effort, I was still being treated like I was invisible.

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Titless hipless facko belong in kitchens.

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My Story: I remember a night with an old girlfriend where she did something to piss me off at the mall. I instantly became cold towards her and we left. Didn't speak to her in the car. She started looking to me for signs of validation in the corner of my eye with puppy dog eyes, a slight frown, and a submissive posture. Didn't speak to her in the car. I had to get something from the store, didn't speak to her in the store much. We were in separate aisles. By then I had cooled down and we ran into each other in another aisle. I just slowly walked toward her without saying anything and hugged her. Then we walked out the store without me saying anything or showing affection. When we got in the car, she apologized and had some tears. I just put my hand on her leg and said, "shhhh". The conversation eventually turned a little humorous and we kissed. It was the most passionate kiss I ever received from her. She was more kind and affectionate than usual for the next couple days. That was our first 'conflict'. Not exactly as described earlier, but close enough.

Make-up sex is often the best sex. At the end of an emotional roller coaster, is wet pussy. The the cycle of drama brings catharsis. This is where "treat 'em mean, keep 'em keen" comes from. This is why girls 'stay with' (continue to have sex with) boyfriends that treat them badly.

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>compilation of women that hate Trump claiming they've had a sex dream about him
no, please post this.

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>it just drives me nuts why she went back to that junkie kek
Charisma. He's entertaining. You're probably boring. Girls. Particularly young cuties are chronically bored and want to be entertained above all else

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Don't be ugly. Nothing fixes ugly you dumb cunt. This is why guys like me who are unemployed and rarely workout (just don't get fat) get all of the hot bitches. You just have to have a nice face and know the right things to say.

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You are right.

If i thinking logically she is a little piece of shit.
I guess she must also have some mental health issues

>She grew up without a father
>She can not cook
>She has debts
>She lives in a literally crack house

the only thing i miss about her is the sweet personality and the amazing 10/10 sex

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The fact that you are capable of this intense level of copeposting means that at least subconsciously you must be a horribly annoying person to be around. Meanwhile this white trash loser is probably extremely laid back and doesn’t keep a running excel spreadsheet of strengths vs weaknesses from sheer insecurity.

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>improve your life
>date 1 girl
>doesn't work out

>falling in love with a girl who's ex endlessly abused her.
Did you not see the red fucking flags? Did you think you were Richard Geere in Pretty Woman?

The likely situation is that she felt intimidated and worthless around you, if you are actually as put together as you say. Why would a person like you waste your time on a broken piece of shit like her? So she goes back to her shit cunt ex because that's what abused people believe they deserve.

Unless you wanna fucking waste the rest of your life trying to fix her, you should move on.

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If you made this post you’re not mentally stable Kek

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Don't be such an incel, the same most of the time we find guys self-centered and self entitled, also happens on the opposite sex but in hyperdrive due to their appearance, to get to know the right one is harder but hell, is Worth


meanwhile you wasting time nagging

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>> No.19154126

It's not actually true that women want to be treated badly.

You need to be emotionally unavailable in the beginning of your relationship until she develops feelings for you. Then you can show that you care about her and treat her well at the same time holding frame and being stoic.

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Yfw when you do 2 of these and my gf loves me but doesnt worship me yet.


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You and everyone else like you who goes on the internet for relationship advice like this live in a fantasy land. How about fixing this shit between you and her? You obviously have serious communication problems. Have you tried therapy? Meditation?

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LARP kys and keep this trash on r9k

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>women that hate Trump claiming they've had a sex dream about him
You wot?

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the projection ... it's blinding ...

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i met her on tinder

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all women are whores mate. dont fall in love with a dumb roastie like her, you deserve a better 2D waifu desu.

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You are too booring, you don't excite her. Classic nerdy White boi that girls get turned off by.

Just have fun bro, don't take everything seriously.

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That could easily be a man. 4chan better not be a sample of what the future is like. Curveless titless gruesome tattooed skunks without a single redeeming trait sold as goddesses to vax ridden fluoridation sponges who literally don't know how a real woman looks die to traps, photoshop and anime.
Millennials are apocalypse.

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If you’re trying to insult me get a life. I’m able to project this shit because I’ve been through it myself in the past and overcame it and now I see it a million times repeated by others. Maybe op will learn how to communicate better in his next relationship, so he doesn’t have to ask the internet why his ex felt the way she did.

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It sounds like you're not alpha enough to draw her into your orbit. I can't blame you. It's legit hard to love someone and be alpha. Try to put yourself first.

>Just be a fucking broke Loser and women will throw themself at you
Your woman is just weak willed, so drag her back to your place. Don't hit her tho, but act like there is no other option. Don't entertain thoughts that compromise or find another "solution". Yolo.

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Thanks for this good advice, bro.
I will work on it.

> It's legit hard to love someone and be alpha

Yes, thats my problem.
If i dont give a fuck about women. they literally begging to get my attention.

But if i love them and try to be the best i can do for them they start to play games with me

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It sounds like you are just a faggot. Can't change youre just a pussy bitch.

Sound very emotional too. She doesn't need a woman. If you got so worked up you wrote this autistiically emotional post on a nigerian weaving board, you are just an emotional bitch and won't make it. You cant change it.

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Stop being pathetic. You clearly weren't man enough. Remember that anyone with half a brain can see beyond the surface "self-improvement" fixes and deeper into who you actually are. Reflect on yourself and move on.

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>sucessful Entrepreneur
Sells something that is embarrassing or boring or a scam
>no drugs no alcohol
Can't get drugs because he has no friends
>can fuck for hours

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Meeting girls online is the last thing I’d do bro. People use dating apps only as a last resort. Either they’re damaged goods or will leach.

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trips nigga

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False. That loser controls her with his smooth talk and constant demands for attention and help, which breaks her down until she gives in out of guilt or some other fear. The worst thing is, she believes these demands are justified, and simply ignoring him and saying "fuck him" would be unjustified, because that's female/beta logic.

I thought this was a board about business?

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>(age 31 / face 7/10, Body 9/10)
Stopped reading right there

31... why are you suck a granny fucker. do you like picking up pieces fallen off the wall?

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I think whoever enjoys such woman must be a closeted pederast.

>> No.19154808

Saved the thread
I go to bang a MILF in downtown Sofia now
See you biz

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Did you make her cum

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Enjoy your milf bro

>> No.19154887

No problem, bro. Godspeed.

by the way, people work a certain way and mostly people just tell you what you want to hear. So when she says she pities him, I basically don't listen to shit like that. Our brains are hardwired to bullshit and white lie, so she literally cannot tell you whatever the reality is because she doesn't understand it, her subconcious won't let her and/or her feelings for you make it impossible. THAT is why you must take care of her. If that entails not getting too attached for her sake, maybe that's what you can do. If you can. If you believe she's worthy. Or maybe she's just not the right girl to fall in love with. This, I do not know.

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yes, multiple times

She told me she had the best sex with me ever

i dont know if thats true or just another fucking lie

>> No.19154907

just treat her like shit, simple as

>> No.19154934

29 years old writing greentexts on /biz/ to complain about women what's wrong with you

>> No.19155000

>>he dont have a job
Hate to break it to you, but if you talk like this, you're not the catch your brain is telling you.

>> No.19155046

I’m sorry your oneitis didn’t like you back, Anon, I really am. It sucks. There’s plenty of other women to look forward to, though. Let it go, move on. Staying mad over relationships not working out is a bad play.

>> No.19155074

This. If a girl isn't married or in a long term relationship by 25 minimum, then she's trash OP. Either there's something wrong with her, or she tied her horse to the NWO "Muh femininist" ideology, in which case she'd stab you in the back before ever admitting she was wrong.

>> No.19155078

Literally this. nothing else matters

>> No.19155160

Also, follow-up, women who’ve been abused find it hard to leave their abuser. There’s a bunch of psychological reasons for this, but it’s not worth going into. It ain’t your job to save the bitch, that’s her journey she’s gotta take (or not take). Just move on. You can do better than a girl hung up on her abusive ex.

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>goes out with trash tier girl
>she leaves him for trash tier ex
it's almost like birds of feather flock together or something...

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>Tell me WTF is wrong with women these days?
Its you lol. Nigga just, like, learn to be a man. Stop bitching. Stop complaining. Stop judging others. Stop looking for validation. Like, srsly.

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