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Uhhhh so the Top 100 holders own 95% of ESH? hahahhahahhahahhahahahhaha

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Mcafee, his team and a few whales buying everything they can to pump this. I'll be surprised if they suddenly dumped it.

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Based. I’m in top 40.

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absolutely based.
t. top 100

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basely based, top1 here

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all me btw

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almost made it to top 100

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Top 50 here
Keep seething

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of course, they got in early at super low prices and saw the writing on the wall. It's 83% for LINK, after all those years of Sergey dumping

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>I'll be surprised if they suddenly dumped it.

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And when are you planning to dump Mr.Top 50?

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McAfee and his team won't dump till the end. Other whales might dump around or before the 23rd even. At this point, suggesting upcoming new fags to buy FOR GAINS would be pathetic advice. Can still buy and retain GHOST though.

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>Top 100 holders
Hello peasant poorfag, top 100 here. Sorry I don't have any change for you I only carry $100 bills

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>McAfee and his team won't dump till the end
Oh yeah I forgot that's how it works. Devs hold bags all the way to the bottom and biz boys sell the top. That's the way this works, right? Apex scammers hold bags and biz sells high? Right? That's is, isn't it anon? It's not the exact opposite where insiders dump on you. You dump on insiders. I sometimes forget that's how it works.

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forgot your meds?

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Feels comfy being top 100

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I'm just making sure I have it right, that I understand the way theses things work.
Devs and insiders hold bags, biz sells the top. That's always the pattern. Devs post pink wojacks on twitter "oh noooo! how did I let those biz boys dump on meeeeeee!!!!"

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Okay, I legit was rolling on the floor laughing. Anon my point was that while the team could still dump on bizlets, they have many things in mind such as when GHOST rolls out, they wouldn't want a mob of burnt investors giving bad optics for future investors. I believe they might dump gradually to let anons sell partially or somenthing.

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they won't dump till normies get their hands on GHOST, which would be mid june

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under 5000 holders for ESH btw.

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June? I'm confused. Wasn't the initial offering till 25th may only?

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Also, this thing has stagnated isn't it? It'll probably crawl to $3 till 25th and that's about it.

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A week ago there was under 2k wallets.
Your still so early.
Ghost air drop 25th, at least $30 eoy.
Even buying in at 2.50 its 5k for a 2k esh suicide stack.
Thats 60k come june. EZ MONEY

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>I believe they might dump gradually to let anons sell partially or somenthing.
Hahaha I can't wait to see a gigantic - 60% candle

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There’s better options and less risky now

Good for all of you mooning and makes money ...
But no point for us to buy in now

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Well XIO proved earlier today that's it not a pump and dump so I would personally suggest new fags to throw 4-5 ETH in XIO now instead of ESH. They can then use those gains to buy way more GHOST later on down the line.

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Where to buy XIO?

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I'm not sure they will either desu if its anyone who isn't McAfee then it will absolutely get dumped....but idk, maybe its worth it to him to throw a few million away just to brag about his token. seems fucking crazy to me though

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XIO won't pump for a third time today, XGM looks way better

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if you've made profit with ESH, you might want to start looking for the next multiplier and make your own conclusions


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Anon XGM might be legit but the non-stop spamming and those memes past few days were definitely not organic. I'm highly skeptical about XGM though people have made gains there so good for them.

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Going up at the same pace it has the whole time desu

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Yeah, just looked at the graph and you're right. It hasn't stagnated but given that the dump's 6-7 days away, at best it might go from $2.2 to $3.5 or such.

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All these newfaggots.
ICOs always have a 50%-80% dump after exchange announcements, then slowly recover. That's when you are supposed to buy in.

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Your loss sir

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It's okay anon. I threw a dozen ETH in XIO. Let's see where these things go.

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>I believe they might dump gradually to let anons sell partially or somenthing.

Why? Why the fuck would they give a fuck about your sorry ass bag? Retard

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I'm selling my ESH on 20th may. That's what I'm doing. You're right in that them dumping on us on 23rd/24th is very much possible.

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Dumping before getting airdropped 1:1 ghosties. Not gonna make it randaleejeesh

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