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Is marrying an old rich woman a good investment?

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Yes of course.

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Lets say you met such a woman, she likes you, and you start a relationship. How do get her to want to marry?

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dont talk to her too much or she'll think you are clingy. Each time she says "I love you" on the phone, reply "I know". Each time she says "I love you" face to face, you reply "I love you too". Just do this, no need to learn why it works.

Tried that on all girls I date, they always end up throwing themselves to me.

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Let's say I shamelessly want to pursue an old rich lady so I can marry her. Please explain to me like I'm retarded exactly what I need to do.

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Op , is she milf old or gilf old?
Anyway, the answer is fuck yes. Sugar mommas are fucking awesome. But, bring lube, the older the pussy, the drier it stays.
all my sugar mommy’s was bossy but generous and rewarding.
Tell me more about your saggy tits your bangin. I can’t help I just enjoy fucking a 50 yr old.

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Fuck her. Fuck her hard and ravage those orangutan titties. Then ghost her. When she starts shrieking on voicemail, wait 3 weeks, and then call her.

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you're talking about witches essentially
they're really into modern art shit (not just meaningless sybol stuff but mostly just pictures of naked young girls or drawing of vaginas), you can find them at museums and they're really into female painters.
this is because they have sold their soul when they were younger and more attractive, so they are perpetually pursuing anything that has a "feminine beauty" aesthetic value to fill the hole in their black heart.
basically what this means for you is that you have to become familiar with the art world, particularly the modern female art shit.
then you just hang around art pieces like pic, and you'll be able to pick them out because they always dress like a modern aristocrat if you know what I mean.
literally any amount of praise or interest in them will make them invested in you, think about who these women are, they were total vampires in their early years and drank the blood of the guys they slept with married and divorced, now they're are older they are "deprived" of that social dominance and will take any scraps of interest you throw at them.
this is all at least in my experience of seeing these kinds of circles, I live in a really posh city so maybe it's also regional idk

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she will make it blatantly obvious for you most likely

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not as good as a young rich woman

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Does she own SUTER? If so, yes.

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only if you love her. dont be a dick.

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why does it work though

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Yes but.
To really make her a ring in your finger you must let her fuck you with a strap-on for once.
You wil thank me later anon , good luck

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Her father will insist on legal conditions. You will end up as the fucktoy of an ugly rich girl. You will enjoy some of the luxury she lives in, but you will have to get used to the unpleasant feelings you will get when seeing your face in the mirror each morning.

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Wtf ew I ain't no faggot. Only qieers love women.

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if you can, do it
and never simp over some vagina in your life or get smitten into oblivion if you ever do or intend to

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